Too busy for God?

Are you too busy for God? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you think about what you could do to spend more time with God? I know that we hear about being with God a lot. We hear about how important it is and we don’t always realize that time spent with God is more precious than any time spent with anyone. It is more crucial to spend time with God than we spend time with family and friends. Does it mean we have to stop spending time with our family and friends? Absolutely not. We do need to have one and one time with God as much as possible. We also need to gain an awareness of God being present all the time and enjoying every moment with Him. That is a great way to spend more time with God. A lot of us have busy lives and we bury our time with God under a pile of meetings, appointments, tasks, activities and people. We are very good at occupying every minute of every day with events that keep us away from God unless we work on being conscious of His presence.

For a while when I was praying, I would often hear the Lord tell me to spend more time with Him. I would listen to Him and then I would think about all the things I had to accomplish and I would put the Lord on the back burner. It was not the right place for Him. God doesn’t deserve our second best or our leftovers. He should always be the main dish, so to speak. He should be on the front burner where our priorities are. We should reverence Him and have a burning passion and desire to be with Him as much as possible. After a long period of time, I decided to make more time for God. I asked Him for His assistance so I could see and understand how to best do this. God is so caring and so giving and He cared for me and gave me the best techniques to spend more time with Him. Like I mentioned earlier, being God-minded and God-conscious allows us to spend more time with Him. It allows us to value the present time and enjoy it with the Lord. I take “Praise breaks” during the day when I praise the Lord for being with me. I smile at Him and He smiles back. I am convinced that the Lord is always smiling at us.

I can’t be too busy for Someone who is always smiling at me. Not only is He smiling but He is also comforting and His love is glowing. Jesus has so much love for us. We can’t comprehend it all and can’t fathom it but it is deeper than the oceans and wider than the earth. Why wouldn’t we want to spend more time with the One whose love can move mountains and give us freedom? Freedom is what I experience even more when I spend time with God. There are so many burdens that try to attach themselves to us during the day. The burden of work, the burden of money, the burden of relationships, the burden of failure. You name it. All these burdens aim at bringing us down but I have found that spending time with the Lord lifts those burdens. I could be in the middle of a work project and when I talk to Jesus in my heart, He gives me peace and He carries my burdens. Let’s get in the habit of talking to the Lord and of listening to Him all day long.

Ask the Lord to show you how you can make more time for Him. Ask Him to open your eyes to what you are not seeing. You might be missing a few things that will lead you to a closer relationship with the Lord. “Busy” doesn’t cut it. Things can appear to be daunting but I assure you that the Lord can give you ways to carve time for Him into your day. You will start your day early or you will take a break in the afternoon. You will praise in your car. You will take walks. You will develop your inner prayer voice and your inner praise voice. Where there is God there is a way. You are going to find a way to spend time with God. That precious time will make your days way better. You can make your schedule work around God and not the other way around. Enjoy Jesus all day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 14:23; Luke 11:1; James 4:8

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