Affordable living

Do you ever think about what you can’t afford? Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I could afford this and that?” Do you ever think you can’t afford a good living? You can afford a life of triumphs, victory, peace and overcoming. Jesus paid the price so you could afford a priceless life. He paid the price for a life where love wins, peace abounds and blessings are always present. Jesus conquered death on the cross. Jesus made it affordable for you to have an amazing life. Life in Christ is a life of hope and joy. You can afford that life at no cost. The Lord provided salvation and it is the best life you could have. Salvation is for here and now. It is not for later when you go and be with the Lord. The eternal life that was purchased at a high price is available today. You are living your best life now through Christ. You might say, “So how come I am facing so much opposition? How come I have so many trials and tribulations?”

Jesus said that in this life we would have trials and tribulations but we should be of good cheer because He has conquered the world. His life of salvation juxtaposed itself over the trials and the tribulations. Your daily trials and troubles don’t take away from the work that was done on the cross. You are still saved and you are still blessed. It is during those tough times that you need to hold on to the promise of a great life. Your life in Christ doesn’t take a break when the going gets tough. You can still claim victory. You can still claim blessings. You can still claim that you have an amazing life in Christ. You are highly blessed and highly favored. Don’t let today’s trials steal your peace and your joy. They will try. They will make you think that you are cursed or that you have a bad life. The battle is in your thinking. The battle is in your heart. When life wages war on the inside, be sure to speak victory and to speak Jesus over everything. That is when you experience victory on the inside and it shows on the outside.

Keep working on maintaining peace on the inside. Keep praying. Keep praising. Don’t give up. Jesus won. Your victory is here. Those thoughts of defeat and those bad circumstances won’t get the best of you unless you let them take away your faith. The promises of the Lord still stand so stand in faith. Faith is not easy but it is achievable in the worst conditions because during your worst times, Jesus is still your best bet. Rely on Him. Proclaim that you can afford peace. Proclaim that you can afford joy. You don’t have to pay for any of it. Jesus will always foot the bill. The only sacrifice you need to make is the sacrifice of praise. Praise can seem like a sacrifice when it is hard to praise God because of your difficulties. However, you have the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Start praising the Lord even if you don’t feel like it and you will see the beautiful life you have thanks to Christ.  He is the best part of your life. He is your life. He is the affordable life you have and He is not going to make you pay for anything.

Don’t let anyone and anything make you think that you can’t afford a good life. You have Jesus. You have all you need. His love is out of this world and it makes your life a living Heaven. Through thick and thin, Jesus is with you. He does life with you and He blesses you. You are highly loved and highly valued by the King of Kings. Thank Him for the life He gave you. This life is permanent. This life is full of amazing possibilities and great opportunities will always roll in. Stand your ground. Stay strong in your faith. Enjoy life in Christ every day. You can afford the peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy that is your strength. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 1:4; John 14:6; 1 John 5:20


Nothing can break your God

They tried to get rid of Him. They tried to kill Him. They put Him on a cross and they buried Him but it didn’t keep Him from coming back. He didn’t stay in the tomb. He didn’t lose the battle. Our God is indestructible. No one and nothing was able to kill Him. He rose from the dead and He has been alive ever since. Centuries after centuries have not changed a thing. Many centuries later the Lord Jesus Christ is still alive. Have you ever thought about it that way? People come and go but He came and never left. Those three days in hell brought victory. He wasn’t defeated. He is the One who defeated death. Your God is still alive, friend. Your God is still God and nothing will ever change that. No one will ever conquer Him.

 If you are going through a tough season now and your God looks like He is broken because you are in distress, think again. Nothing can break your God. He is alive and well. He is still with you. He is still reigning. God can’t be broken into pieces. You might have that subconscious image in your head but He is not broken. Fears and doubt might be depicting a torn and broken picture of God but God is intact. It’s time you fixed the image of God in your mind. It’s time you realized that He is not broken and He is undeniably greater than all the adversity and the opposition that are against you. God is for you. It doesn’t matter who is against you. The unbreakable God is your God.

Broken dreams and broken promises hurt. We picture one thing and the opposite happens. We are told some wonderful things and then people let us down by not keeping their promises. God gives us dreams and He wants us to dream big. Those dreams can take a long time to come to pass but what God gives us is real and it can’t be broken. God like I said can’t be broken so His dreams and His promises also can’t be broken. He is a solid God. He is the One who can do all things. I know from experience that when some of God’s promises took a while to take place, I felt broken. I felt abandoned and the promises were broken in my head. 

The enemy loves to make us feel like there is something broken in us or around us. He loves to kill, steal and destroy and he does that to our faith and to our dreams. The reality is that God is faithful. The road to our breakthroughs and to our blessings is paved with bad breaks and trials but God’s promises are above all tribulations. God doesn’t give us dreams that He can’t fulfill. God doesn’t make promises and then takes them back. Your worst days can’t defeat your God. Your worst pain can’t defeat your God. Your worst nightmare can’t win against God. Nothing can take God down. He is a wall that no one can tear down. He is a fortress that no one can destroy.

God is our refuge and fortress. No powers of the enemy can go into that fortress. No powers of the enemy can destroy that fortress. God will always stand there in all His glory and there is nothing the enemy can do about it. A fortress is a stronghold. It is also defined as a person or a thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance. God is all of that. He is a stronghold. He is a stronghold of love, hope, peace and joy. He can’t be shaken. He can’t be broken. He can’t be killed. He is the stronghold that will always get you through anything in life. He is the stronghold that not only can’t be broken but He also has the ability to destroy the forces of the enemy. He is a stronghold like no other. 

He has always stood strong. He has always been and He will always be. He can’t be touched by outside influence and disturbance. Find refuge in Him. Stay in Him. Stay within His gates. Remain in Him and He will remain in you. Remember that He can’t be broken. Remove the broken images from your mind. They are lies from the enemy. God will always stand and He will always keep His promises. He is faithful and He loves you. Nothing can break your God. Even your current problems can’t break your God. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 16:1; Psalm 46:1; Ephesians 2:4-6

Put it all in God’s hands

Your fears, your suffering, your anxiety, your doubts, your problems, your shortcomings. Put them all in God’s hands. Go to the Lord in prayer and give Him all the negativity that has been gnawing on your life. All the bad thoughts need to go. All the bad feelings need to go. All the tension needs to go. Give them all to the Lord. Turn them over to Him. Do it every day. Do it when you pray. Do it with your praise. Do it with your worship. Do it with your thanksgiving. Give it all to God. Do not hold on to the “bad gifts” from the enemy. Don’t accept them. Don’t open them and stare at them.

 Don’t entertain the “bad gifts.” Send them back to the sender. Refuse to live in bondage. Refuse to live in fear. Refuse to live with the weight of the oppression of the enemy. The Lord wants you to go to Him and give Him your heavy burdens. God’s hands are big enough to hold all your problems and dispose of all of them. There is nothing you can ask the Lord to take from you that He won’t take. Trust Him. Rely on Him. Put it all in His hands. God has infinitely more than you can expect. He wants your troubles and your difficulties. He can get rid of your troubles and your difficulties. Go to the Lord with your full heart of despair and He will give you a heart filled with hope!

Go to the Lord in prayer. There is nothing that you can tell the Lord that He hasn’t heard or that He doesn’t know how to solve. Your current problems might be new difficulties to you. They might be horrible things you have never experienced before but it doesn’t mean that the Lord doesn’t know how to take care of your situation. Put your circumstances in His hands. Say a simple prayer. Say a prayer of surrender. Say a prayer of trust and faith. Tell Him that you can’t do it on your own and He will own your problems. He will take them and He will delete them from your life. It might not happen overnight but it will happen in the name of Jesus.

The moment you turn to the Lord by giving Him your trials, the victory is set in motion. The cross is where your problem was nailed. Now it’s through your faith in the Lord that you receive the victory. It will come. Your problems will get solved. Keep your eyes on the cross knowing that it is the end of your misery. Put all the heaviness on the Lord. His yoke is light. His burden is light. He will trade your burden for something beautiful and light. You don’t have to live this way. Live God’s way by giving Him what is getting in your way!

Every morning I declare that my life is in God’s hands. Every day I declare that God is in control. Every day I thank the Lord for taking care of my life. Every day I go to the Lord with songs of praise and thanksgiving. Every day I give my burdens to the Lord. His mercies are new every day and so are the burdens of the enemy but his burdens don’t trump God’s mercies. God’s mercies are amazing drops of love from Heaven. Each drop wipes away the dirt put on our lives by the low blows of the enemy. Remember that greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. 

Greater is the love that is in you than the hate that is in this world. Greater is the solution that is in you than the problems that are in this world. Greater are the hands of the Lord than the arms of torture of the enemy. Whatever you are going through right now, put it all in God’s hands. His hands are where your answers are. Trust God with everything and He will bless you in everything. Stay strong. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:8; Proverbs 3:5; Romans 15:13

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 249)

The peace that surpasses all understanding is available to you. Ask God for His peace and you will be able to face anything with boldness and confidence.

God loves you no matter who you are and no matter what you have done and what you do. His love for you is like a million oceans whose waves cannot be stopped. He will always drown your fears with His love. Stay encouraged!

Put God above everything. Put Him above your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings. Let Him tower over your soul and give you peace!

God’s love endures forever. His endless love will get you through anything! You are blessed and you are loved. Thank God for His love!

The Lord’s goal is to bless you and to help you. He is there to assist you and to guide you. You are not alone. God is there to make your life better!

You can do it! You have the Lord. You have all you need. You are going to make it. Stay encouraged! God is with you!

You are in God’s hands. God is keeping you safe in the palm of His hands. You are in the best place you could. Don’t forget that divine protection is all around you!

The odds might be against you but the Lord is always with you. He beats all the odds and He blesses your life with His favor. Trust Him!

Don’t be your own roadblock. Don’t let your mind stop you from walking in the power of God. Remind your mind that God’s power never fails and it is available to you today!

Have faith in the God who knows your future better than anyone else. Your future is secure and it is in His hands!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:6; Romans 8:9; 2 Corinthians 12:9

Don’t spoil the fruit

The other morning the Lord woke me up with this very precious nugget of wisdom. He said “Don’t let anyone boil the fruit of the Spirit in you.” My first reaction was to thank Him. I have been on a thanking kick and it has been phenomenal. Thanking the Lord is always the right thing to do and it transforms you. It changes you before your circumstances are changed. That is an important side note. Please take note of it. Thanksgiving is not just a holiday in November in the USA. It should be an everyday occurrence. We should thank the Lord as much  as we can and for as many things as we can. After thanking the Lord for His nugget, I meditated on it. I had been dealing with an individual who had been trying my patience. I had actually gone to bed the night before thinking about how I could deal with him. The answer came in the morning. The wisdom of the Lord spoke and gave me what I needed. When we let someone get under our skin, we are letting them boil our fruit so to speak. We are letting the situation spoil the fruit of the Spirit by putting it in boiling water. We are letting the situation ruin our fruit.

 I had an interesting visual. I saw the fruit in boiling water and it sat there for a while. It sat there until it looked bad and inedible. It sat there after the boiling process and eventually it got spoiled. It looked rotten. It didn’t look appetizing. Patient and love are fruit of the Spirit and they were completely damaged in the vision I had. God was getting my attention. Something had to be done before the fruit in me started boiling. I wasn’t far into that spoiling process so I knew there was time to fix it all. The nugget of wisdom was what I had needed to hear. I had to preserve the fruit and let it grow. I had to display the fruit and make sure that the young man could benefit from the sweetness of the fruit. I wasn’t to serve him grapes of wrath but I had to show him that he was the apple of God’s eye.

The phrase “the apple of your eye” is from the Bible. It means that you treasure and cherish someone. In Psalm 17, David is talked about as being the apple of God’s eye. We are all the apple of God’s eye. He loves us all the same. He loves us all the time. Love is a fruit of the Spirit. It is the most important part of the fruit. We can say that the fruit of the Spirit is like a huge apple. It is an apple of love that has patience, faith, joy, peace, long suffering and other elements in it. When we preserve the fruit, we maintain love and all its other friends. The fruit of the Spirit is how we become closer to God. We ought to cultivate it and to let it grow in our lives. 

The fruit of the Spirit  is meant to be a blessing not just to us but to others. We should learn to deal with people by giving them the fruit of the Spirit. We should give them some good, healthy and tasty fruit. We can’t spoil the fruit. We shouldn’t let it rot and we definitely shouldn’t let circumstances boil the fruit. The fruit is meant to be in a basket of peace and joy for everyone to see. Let’s not put it in a pot of anger and frustration. Let’s not turn the fruit into a sauce of jealousy, fury and disappointment.  The fruit is meant to remain intact and to display the beautiful colors of the love of the Lord.

I took that message to heart. I repented for getting mad at that person and for starting to boil the fruit. I thought about the behavior I was trying to correct in that young man over and over again and that overthinking was spoiling the fruit. How can we prevent the fruit from rotting? The fruit is given to us by the Holy Spirit and we need His assistance. We need to acknowledge Him in all we do. We need to depend on Him and to rely on Him. We need to pray for others before we prey on them with our anger, if you will. We need to go full throttle with the fruit even when we don’t feel like it. We need to go overboard with love. 

We can’t ever give too much love. We can’t ever pray too much for others. We can’t ever help others too much. When the boiling point is felt, our reaction should be to follow the lead of the Spirit, turn to peace, pray for patience and walk in love. The fruit will grow. The fruit will help. The fruit will be a blessing to that other person. Dear friend, we carry the fruit of the Spirit. The world needs some delicious fruit. There are too many bitter lemons around us. Let’s offer the apple of love to everyone in our lives. May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 17:8; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 John 4:16

When you are weak, He is strong

A few days ago when I got up, I had no energy. I felt weak and very tired. I had had a busy week and my body wasn’t ready for another day at work. I stayed in bed a little longer. I contemplated calling in sick. Then all of a sudden I remembered that when I am weak God is my strength. I started saying it out loud. I started saying it over and over again. God is my strength. God is my power. God is my fuel. God is my help. He helps me when I am weak. He strengthens me when I have no energy. My strength is in the Lord and I can do all things through Him. It is amazing how those powerful words make a difference. 

The more we say those powerful words, the more our mind believes them. The more we say them, the more real they become. God is our helper. God is the One who gives us the ability to do all things. I decided that I was going to be able to do all things that day even though my body was rebelling. I decided that I would make it through the day even though my circumstances were telling me otherwise. God has the final say and that is what was going to happen that day. I prayed and asked Him for strength for the day. I prayed and thanked Him for His strength.

I could have taken a day off and stayed at home but I had some important things to take care of at work. I strongly suggest resting when you are not feeling well. I was feeling ok. I was just tired. I rarely drink coffee so I wasn’t going to rely on that for strength. I took the coffee of the Lord. I drank His words and found energy. Some people call this mind over matter. I call it Jesus over everything. He is able to do anything and He gives us what we need. I needed Him and He was ready and willing to assist. I love how we can stand on Him and not fall. I love how He is always very strong and we can rejoice over His strength and His faithfulness. His faithfulness is what I counted on. 

Come what may, the Lord was going to be faithful and I could count on Him. He didn’t disappoint. He didn’t let me down. He made the day go smoother than I had imagined. He has His ways and they are always better than ours. He knows how to line up good breaks and make a way where there seems to be no way. I held on to His help and I had a good day. Was I tired? Yes, but I had support and I knew I was not alone. God is our daily support whether we feel great or we feel tired. I needed a crutch to get through the day so to speak. He gave me a lift!

God lifted me up and kept me high up there. He put me in a place where I was able to rise above all things. When you are tired, you get irritated easily. Try making it through the day with hundreds of kids when you are exhausted. I was tempted to lose my cool but the Holy Spirit came to my rescue. I don’t want to compromise the fruit of the Spirit because my flesh is weak. It is a struggle but with the Lord, we have won all battles. God is extremely good at making us win all battles when we stay in faith. I had to stay strong in my faith that day because everything seemed to be against me. That is what usually happens when I am tired. I feel like the world is out to get me when in reality the Lord is there to help me.

God’s help seems more apparent because the adversity is more highlighted when we are tired. Sometimes I wonder if we get to see the opposition in action more so we can see how our God intervenes better. If you are tired and weak today, remember that the Lord is your strength all the time. Remember that He can give you peace and He can get you through absolutely anything. Stay in Him. Declare Him as Savior over everything. You will make it. You will have the power you need to go through the day. Rest on the Lord. He will give you rest and He will make sure everything turns out for the best. The enemy might sound louder when you are weak but the Lord is always, always stronger. Stay strong and stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:26; Isaiah 40:29; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10


A friend was telling me the other day about all the bad news she keeps getting. She also said that we live in a sad world and things are often depressing. I didn’t deny what she said but as soon as I heard it, something went off in my spirit. God wanted me to react differently to what my friend said. He didn’t want me to go with the flow of depression and negativity. He whispered in my heart the word “celebration.” I didn’t explain it to my friend. I just kept the word in my spirit and meditated on it later. Why would God  talk about celebration when the world talks about depression? There might be a recession coming. For the Lord there is always time for a celebration. No matter what is going on in the world, there is a reason to celebrate. Jesus is the reason. Jesus is the reason for the celebration. We ought to develop a celebration mentality and make celebration part of our daily lives. When I became more serious about the Lord, I started to have daily praise and worship sessions.

 I had church in the privacy of my bedroom. I sang, I danced, I had a celebration. I didn’t care what was going on in my life. All I cared about was that I celebrated Jesus for being the best part of my life. I remember singing at the top of my lungs when my mind was in the dumps. The singing and the glorifying of the Lord took control of my mindset and chased the sadness away. There is power in celebrating Jesus. There is power in praise and worship. There is power in standing on Jesus despite what is going on around us and in us. My daily celebrations are still happening and they have a great impact on my moods, on my feelings and on my emotions. Today I want to encourage you to have daily celebrations. Celebrate Jesus. Don’t glorify the negativity in the world. Lift up your Savior and He will bless you abundantly.

There is always a good reason to have a Jesus celebration. The fact that the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever is a great reason. He came to earth and died for our sins. That is another great reason. He brought salvation into this world. Another awesome reason. He loves us unconditionally. That is a reason that will stand the test of time. God’s promises will never change. God’s power will never dwindle. God’s presence will never leave. God’s Spirit will always assist us. God’s Word will always be the ultimate truth. God will never forsake us. The list goes on and on and it reflects God’s unchanging character and His unchanging mind.

 Yes, friend, God will never change His mind about you and me. We should celebrate that. So many people can be flaky and unreliable. God is always reliable and He sticks to His promises. I love that! I celebrate that. I will continue to celebrate that. When we keep on celebrating the Lord in the middle of a storm, the winds get quiet. When we keep celebrating the Lord when negativity gets loud, the enemy gets quiet. When we resist the enemy and celebrate Jesus, the enemy will flee. Celebrating Jesus is always the right thing to do. When you are at a loss as to what you should do, celebrate Jesus.

Celebrate Jesus before the enemy celebrates your downfall. You are not going to lose the battle of faith when you celebrate the Lord all the time. Remember that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Your daily celebration is a daily confirmation of God’s presence in your life. It is a daily reminder that victory is here and love has prevailed. Keep celebrating the Lord, friend. Have that daily celebration and conquer fear, doubt and worry. Celebrate before you panic. Celebrate before you give up. Celebrate and give it all to the Lord. Rejoice over the Lord. Dwell in His presence. Exalt Him above your problems. Keep putting Him on the pedestal where He belongs. Have a daily Jesus celebration and the enemy will go into depression. Stay strong in the Lord through your celebration. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Keep your eyes on the truth. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you! Celebrate Him!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Psalm 92:1-2; Philippians 4:4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 246)

Every day with Jesus is a good day and every day is a day with Jesus. Remember that and find the good in every day because Jesus is with you all the way!

Give moments of your day to Jesus. Give minutes of your day to the Lord Almighty. Don’t keep the day all to yourself. Give some of it to Jesus and He will give you reasons to praise Him!

God’s promises remain the same all day long. They don’t decrease and they don’t increase. God is the same today, yesterday and forever. You have nothing to fear and you have nothing to worry about!

The Lord says “Focus on My supernatural and great things will become natural.”

When the enemy preys on your fear and insecurities, pray for strength and peace. Pray yourself back to faith by declaring that God in you is bigger than the enemy in the world.

There are good days ahead of you. God has planned them for you to make up for the suffering you have been through. Stay in faith. Things are about to change!

Trust the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your understanding. Lean on His love and His power and He will transform your heart!

God restores your soul. He repairs your feelings and He mends your emotions. He gives you peace and He gives you joy. Trust the God of restoration!

Don’t dwell on your problems. Meditate on the Word of God. His Word will show you a way through your problems!

Prepare for showers of blessings. The Lord is going bring the rain of breakthroughs into your life. A great season is ahead of you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Acts 17:24-28; 1 John 1:5; 2 Peter 3:9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 245)

Your present circumstances cannot stop God from blessing you. Expect Him to do something incredible in the middle of what seems impossible!

Jesus came to give you hope and He is still here. Hope is with you every single day. Don’t give in to fear and doubt. The hope of the world is right by your side!

When the world says it’s over, tell the world that God is not done with you. Tell the world that God has a plan to bless you and to prosper you!

Pray before you panic. Pray before you lose peace. Pray before you give up. Pray and God will make a way. Pray and peace will come your way!

Most of the time what you have to do is listen to the Word of God. Listen and take notes. Meditate on the notes and let them produce fruit in your life.

Jesus always does what He said He would do. Do your part and trust Him in everything you do!

God knows what your next obstacle and problem will be and He is not scared and not intimidated. He is going to help you through it all. Keep trusting Him!

Talk about yourself the way God talks about you. Find what He says about you in His Word and speak His truth over your life every single day! You are blessed, you are loved and you are more than a conqueror!

God is going to do a new thing in your life. A new thing that will take you into a new season. Expect a season of blessings and breakthroughs. Stay in faith!

After the storm comes peace but with the Lord you can have peace in the middle of the storm. Put Jesus at the center of your storm and He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:8; 2 Corinthians 13:11; 1 Peter 3:11


Pray before you panic. Pray before you give up. Pray before you turn to anyone else. Those are encouraging words that have traveled through my heart a number of times. Praying is such a powerful tool that we are given by the Lord and we often underestimate it. The enemy puts a lot of negative ideas in our heads about prayer because he knows how effective it is. He knows that prayer connects us to the Lord. He knows that the Lord hears our prayers. He knows that prayer is like a burning fire in his ears and he can’t stand the sounds of praying believers. The enemy is sick and tired of believers who know who they are in Christ and who pray boldly to the God of the impossible. 

Prayer is not what the enemy says it is. It is not a waste of time. It is not in vain. It doesn’t fall on deaf ears. It is not confined to our minds. It doesn’t fall by the wayside. Prayer is power spoken into our lives. Prayer is hearing words of peace, love and encouragement from the Lord. Prayer is making requests that will be taken care of. Prayer is hope in action and faith in translation. Our faith in God is translated into prayer and it is expressed through words of agreement and words of acceptance. When we pray, we agree with God on His promises. When we pray, we accept that God is the way and that He will make a way. Today I am inviting you to pray as often as you can. Pray and don’t stop praying!

I used to panic and lose hope very easily. I used to not give prayer a chance. I would call a friend and share all my misfortune without thinking of the Lord. Things have changed and prayer has become my first resort. There are times when panic attacks and prayer comes second but for the most part, prayer is my default setting. Why? For one thing the Lord tells us to pray all the time. I also find that prayer calms me down. Prayer helps me reach a higher level of hope. Prayer gives me a reason to rejoice. Prayer is a precious moment spent with the Lord and in that precious moment, nothing else matters. When I pray, I start with thanksgiving. 

I don’t give God my requests right away. I give Him praise and then we talk. I say we talk because I do most of the talking at first and then I listen to what He has to say. What He says is comforting and it often sounds like it is coming straight from the Bible. It does and it comes straight from the heart of the Lord. God is the God of peace and when we turn to Him in prayer, He gives us peace. When we give Him the time of day, He changes our day and gives us hope and peace again. It is so easy to lose hope when things are not going well. It is so easy to think that it is all over but if we pray, God reminds us that He has the final say. It is not over so pray!

Pray in all circumstances. Pray when you are in pain and pray when you are happy. Pray when you are lost and pray when you know where you are going. Pray when your friends and family are hurting and pray when everyone around you is at peace. Pray when the enemy is taunting you and pray when you think you have it all under control. Pray when there is no money in the bank and pray when you have more than enough. Every day we have thousands of opportunities to pray and we should use all of them to spend some quality time with Jesus. Prayer is quality time with the Lord or at least it should be. Pray to Jesus and listen to His Spirit. 

Pray in the name of Jesus and you will see things change in your life. Pray with his authority. Pray with hope. Pray with boldness. Pray with the assurance that God always hears you and that He is with you. Pray and make the world around you a better place. Pray and ask the Lord how He can use you to make the world a better place. Pray and submit yourself to the Lord. Pray and sing praises to the Lord. Pray and pray and don’t step away from the Lord. Things will get better. Things will get a lot better. Keep on praying. You are making Heaven collide with earth and God’s glory will save the day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; Matthew 6:6; 1 John 5:14