Ten nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 7)

With God there is no plan A or plan B. God has the perfect plan for your life. Trust it with your life!

The light of the Lord exposes what’s in the darkness for restoration not for destruction.

God’s love has been redefined by man over and over again. The enemy even has his own version of it. Stick with the original copy. God owns the copyrights to true love.

Your voice matters to God. Voice your opinion through prayer. God will speak back and give you matters that you will need to voice in return.

Spring is a season of rebirth. God will give you more springs in life than winters. Rebirth and a new start are always available with Him.

A song of praise is a song of adoration but it’s also a song of victory over doubt and fear. Sing your way back to faith!

Life can seem like a series of Olympic Games. When the enemy plays games with your life, remind him who owns your life. Remind him who the referee is and who your trainer is. God is the ultimate game changer!

Keep drinking from the fountain of life and see how God’s nutrients affect your spiritual body. Let Him remove all the toxins and all the negative flow.

God will stick with you through thick and thin. Stick with Him no matter what.

Hope is the flashlight that helps you see the end of the tunnel. It also illuminates the tunnel and shows you the beauty of the path leading to the end of the tunnel.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:10; Proverbs 24:5; Hosea 4:6-7


Are you living the life?

When I became a Christian it was as if I had told my old life that I was going on a walk away from it and I wasn’t coming back. The old ways and the old patterns have a way of showing up from time to time but it is clear that life has taken a turn for the better. I took that walk, I kept walking and I have been avoiding temptation and distractions on many corners of shady streets. I look straight ahead and keep my eyes on the Lord. From Him springs a new life that keeps on giving. It’s by keeping up with the new life that I manage to distance myself from the old life. The “new me” is a process and it will keep on evolving but I have developed some spiritual habits that have guarded my heart and that have anchored me in the Lord. It truly is an amazing life. A beautiful life. It’s not mundane. It’s not boring and it is not sad. It’s a life out of the ordinary. I had to ask myself if I was totally embracing this new life or I was holding on to the old me. I had to cut the old ties. Once I fully stepped into this new way of living, the “on switch” became permanent. The enemy has tried to turn the light off but the Lord emanates a light that is brighter than the sun. I am living the life. Not because of what I possess but because of the One who possesses me.

A splendid life

I am convinced that there is always a higher degree of joy, a higher degree of peace that can be reached. With God, we go from glory to glory. Glory can mean honor but it also means greatness, splendor and magnificence. That is what we can expect with the Lord. We can expect to go from splendor to greatness. What represents greatness to you? What is your definition of splendor? Take that definition and multiply it over and over and that will give you just a glimpse of the glory from God. God is all glorious and splendid. Yes, I like to say that Jesus is splendid and in all His splendor lies the blessings that have your name on them. In this life with Christ, there is plenty of room for glory, splendor and majestic moments. Jesus, His Majesty, has moments of splendor reserved just for you. Don’t settle for less. Claim the best and expect His best.

Living the life one day at a day

A great characteristic of the life with God is that you are entitled to great gifts and great blessings all the time. You might need to be informed about what is yours. Once you know it, you will want to live it out all the time. Peace is a blessing that is rightfully yours, friend. God specializes in peace that surpasses all understanding. You can’t reason and try to dissect the peace that comes from God. It doesn’t make sense. It shows up in the middle of the most nightmarish situations. It lulls you into sleep even though your mind is trying to load you up with worry. It guides you beautifully in the midst of a chaotic event. It is a peace that no human can give you and only the Holy Spirit can bestow upon you. Living the life is about living in the moment, embracing God’s peace and taking one step at a time, one day at a time.

Are you living the life today? Are you enjoying a life where God is at the center and worry is on the outskirts trying to get in but failing every time? Are you living a life where passion for Christ is a daily incentive and your love for Him is continually growing? Do you experience peace even during the worst times? Do you have buckets of joy poured on you over and over again to the point where you get other people soaked with your contagious happiness? If you have answered no to these questions, trust that there is hope and you can be living the life in no time. God is the best provider and His container of blessings is bigger than the world. There is plenty of goodness in it for you to enjoy all the time. I am a living testimony that proves that you can be living the life. Get to know the Lord more intimately. Draw nearer and He will pull you even closer.

Suggested reading: John 8:12; John 10:28; John 17:3

Stir up the fire within you

I know a few people who have an amazing drive for life. They have this inner force that motivates them to devour life and to enjoy every minute of it. What is their secret? They are aware of the Lord who lives in them. They love Him so they love life because they recognize the life they have thanks to Him. They look at life through the filter of God’s presence. Everything they look at is tainted by God’s hand. They see His hand in everything so they are confident that everything will go well.

When things go wrong, they find the silver lining in the cloud above their head. The cloud could produce an avalanche of miserable times but they hang on to the blue sky that is above the cloud. They have the ability to see beyond the natural and get to see the supernatural. Those people are not the norm but they are a good reminder that the drive of the Lord, the fire of the Holy Spirit is still burning and it is available. Friend, you have a fire within you that is either alive or dormant but it exists. Today I want to encourage you to stir up that fire.

When you decide to have Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you enter this new life, you invite the Holy Spirit into your existence. He is anywhere and everywhere but the place He wants to dwell is your heart. He wants to accompany your spirit every day and attach Himself to you so you can enjoy the best convenant ever. As you become the host of the Holy Spirit you become a vessel as well. The indwelling of the Spirit of Jesus is more than a one-time experience. It is an everyday event that doesn’t stop or at least it shouldn’t. The Holy Spirit comes with fire and it is up to us to fan the flames and keep the fire burning. That burning fire is the zeal of the Spirit. It is the zeal you and I need to truly enjoy life. Life is not supposed to be dull and boring. With the Spirit in you life should be far from ordinary.

How do we keep the fire burning? First it is important to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit. You might not feel anything but remember the Spirit of God doesn’t lie in our feelings. Faith captures Him, emotions don’t faze Him. He is with you and in you. Believe that He is there and you will give Him an opportunity to manifest Him. Thank God for the fire that is in you and tell Him how grateful you are that it is available in you. The Spirit will come to the forefront when you take the time to adore the Lord and when you rely on Him in everything. You might need to jumpstart the fire by getting excited about the little things. See the beauty in all things and get happy. Get happy for life, for the simple things in life. As you ignite the fire in faith, more fire will catch on and the zeal will take over your life. Get excited about the things of God and your excitement for life will grow. The fire will burn boredom, dullness and despair. It will keep you in a state of adoration and it will motivate you all day. Keep the fire burning!

Suggested reading: Matthew 3:11-12; Luke 3:16; 1 Thessalonians 5:19

What does God want you to say?

Yesterday I mentioned the importance of giving love a voice. If we ever wonder what God wants us to say we need to remember that He wants us to speak love first and foremost. We know that actions often speak louder than words. Sometimes people will hear what we do more than what we say. Therefore our actions should express love. What else does God want us to say? He wants us to be fountains of worship and praise expressing adoration, gratitude and love towards Him. We ought to understand how to be fountains that are doers in addition to being speakers of praise. God desires for us to speak about Jesus through our words and our actions as well so we can be living testimonies to His glory. Speaking faith and not doubt is another divine expectation and we can attach more fruit of the Spirit to our daily confessions. Let’s look at what we should be saying all the time.

Confessing who our Savior is

In many churches confessing Jesus as our Savior is the starting point of our salvation. I think it is a beautiful declaration, often made in public in front of the congregation but I believe it doesn’t stop there. I love that they often have a system in place to follow up with people. I do believe that this powerful declaration shouldn’t be a one-time thing. I am not saying we should be declaring it every day in church. I am saying that confessing Jesus as our Savior should be what we express every day through our actions. We ought to let it speak to ourselves and speak to the world on a daily basis. Think about what it means to you to have Jesus as your Savior and line up your words and your actions with that revelation. It’s not a Sunday declaration that is swept under the rug the rest of the week. It should be the modality that gives meaning to who we are and what we do.

Speaking in agreement with God

Expressing that God loves us is another form of expression that needs our attention. How often do we say or do things that reflect our lack of confidence that God loves us? I would say it happens pretty often. However, we can be assured that God’s love is unconditional and eternal. Our actions should mirror our knowledge that God loves us. We should be walking around with confidence knowing that we are loved and well-taken care of. Our faith should speak for itself through what we do every day. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by without our expression of faith. Faith speakers are the people that stand out. People who speak words of faith all the time get God’s attention. Faith is a way of life that goes beyond words. It walks among us in our actions and it penetrates our thoughts when our mind tries to take a walk on the wild side of life. What God says about us and about life matters. It’s up to us to speak and act in agreement with Him.

God wants us to speak love and faith into every situation. He wants our actions to speak as loud or louder than our words so that living in Him is a lifestyle and not just lip service. There is so much we can learn about what God wants us to say and the Bible is a great place to find all that we should be expressing all the time. Let the fruit of the Spirit be the fruit of our lips and let our actions bear fruit so God can be glorified in all we do. Let’s speak God’s language each and every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:5; Romans 10:9; 1 Thessalonians 2:13

Being an activist for love in this world

As a child I used to want to be loved by everyone. I couldn’t stand it when I felt that someone didn’t like me. It drove me insane. I also didn’t understand how some people could be filled with so much hate for the world. Hate bothered me. Hate made me sick. Now as an adult I know that I can’t be loved by everyone and that is just fine. Hate still bothers me and hate still makes me sick but I have hope every day that love can always win over hate. Now think about all the people that feel unloved and that fear rejection.

Think about all the people who deserve love but feel like hatred has won over the world. It’s people like you and me that need to be daily advocates for love and bring hope to those who are living loveless lives. As believers we need to be on God’s page and promote His love as the first item on His agenda. God’s love wins. God’s love can win the battle against hate. It’s time we acted like God’s activists that won’t be silent but that will make love loud again. Love needs a voice. Love needs your voice. Make it loud again!

Hate hate not the haters

I wish there would be a day when the news on tv would be all about random acts of kindness, peace treaties, expressions of extravagant love from one country to the next instead of the gratuitous hatred that makes the headline every day. Hate gets the front page way too often and it is glamorized all the time. It is almost expected and it has become a part of our society. It’s easy to develop resentment towards the perpetrators of hatred. It’s easy to start hating those who destroy peace and broadcast hate around the world through their violent acts and their violent words. Getting to a place where we denounce the acts but we still love the ones who spread hate is difficult. When you think about it, we were never called to love the good people and hate the “bad people.” This is something that has been on my mind for a while. For God this is a no brainer. For us this is a real challenge.

Giving love a voice

Hatred has had such a strong presence in this world that it has stifled love on many levels. Love wants to be heard and to be expressed so that people can believe again and have hope again. The Holy Spirit is looking for people who will not be ashamed to show love, walk in love and let love dominate their lives. Those who choose love all the time are the voices of love that this world longs to hear more often. A gathering of believers should sound like the resounding bell of love and not like the gong of shallow love that hangs on the thread of what can be gained instead of the cord of giving. Like I said earlier, I have hope. I know people who are fierce love promoters and who speak up for love. I know people who cover the unloved ones with love when no one else gives them the time of day. I can see God is raising up an army of loud love givers. I aspire to be part of the movement of those who define love the way the Lord designed it.

On January 1st during meditative prayers I had a vision of people receiving love coats that God was giving them so they could be extravagant with love. I saw people tearing down the territories of darkness with the hammer of love and the tools of the Holy Spirit. Let’s hold on to the hope that there will be an army of people who love God so much that their only desire is to learn how to love people as much as He does. Love is the best commission ever. Let’s heed the call!

Suggested reading: Matthew 22:37-39; John 13:34-35; Romans 12:10

How to put life back into your life

When we say that a situation is dead we are saying that it can’t go anywhere anymore. It is done. When we reach a dead end, we have reached the end and we can’t go any further. When we say that “we are so dead” we are saying that we are in big trouble. For every dead situation God has a life situation. The enemy will hit you with dead predicaments but the Lord can bring anything back to life. The enemy will try to rent space in your mind and give you negative thoughts of dead ends. God can give you a new lease on life and help you occupy your mind with positivity.

God conquered death on the Cross. Death looked like it were Jesus’ fate on the Cross but after three days He came back to life. You might be feeling like your situation is dead today. The Lord carried your dead situation with Him on the Cross. Three days later He came back to life and so did your situation. Today I want to encourage you to keep believing that Jesus came to give you and your situations life. His abundant life is for every aspect of your life. Claim life back into your life so to speak. God will put an end to your dead ends!

Desperate situations call for a hopeful God

I can recount many situations that I would qualify as desperate. Situations where I had reached a major dead end. I have found myself cornered between despair and fear. I have given up a few times but what I didn’t know is that God had not given up on me. Even before I was introduced to Him, He had His eye on me and His mercy led me to the biggest encounter of my life. I did cry out to Him for help as a child who didn’t know what else to do and I believe He heard me. He heard me, He saw me and He helped me. It’s often in the desperate times that we turn to God. However, sometimes our circumstances seem so bad that we don’t even think to turn to God. The opposition likes to paralyze us and stop us on our way to God. Oppose the opposition, friend. Confront his dead and desperate predicaments with the life changing power of the Word of God!

Speak life and not death

Our solutions can often be found in our words. What we say can bring life back into our circumstances. The best way we can oppose the enemy is by speaking words that reflect God’s Word, God’s hope and God’s love. Know that God loves you first and foremost and that you deserve His intervention and His help. You deserve the abundant life He bought for you on the Cross and know that the dead ends are not God’s best for you. Speak against your fears. Speak against the tears. Speak against the enemy. Let God infiltrate your circumstances through the words you speak. Remind your mind that God has the final say and the dead ends don’t mean it is over. They may look like they are final but so did the Cross at first. It looked like it meant death, it meant the end but the Cross truly means life. The Lord traded your dead deals for a lifetime deal of hope, love, faith and joy on the Cross. Accept that you are inheriting the dividends of that powerful trade.

This week you are going to have opportunities to practice speaking life back into your situations. You are going to have opportunities to build up your faith and to hang on to hope. The Lord is not dead and neither is your situation. Hammer life back into your worst nightmares with the power of your words of life that come from the Word. God is going to change your circumstances. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Stay the course and stay in faith. Bring life back into your circumstances remembering that the Lord took care of it for you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 20:19; Mark 8:31; Mark 16:5-7

Ten nuggets of wisdom for your Sunday (Part 6)

When your spiritual power goes out, God can restore it in no time. Plug into the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and praise and you will see what God’s generator will do for you.

God wants to show you that you possess more beauty than meets the eye. He wants to reveal it to you so you can show it to world for His glory.

What you order while sitting at the table of your destiny is not what you always get. You can’t order everything that is on the menu. God has a prix fix menu for you with the best dishes for your life.

Seeking God’s face means seeking His truth, His love and His ways. It doesn’t mean seeking our own reflection that projects our fears, our doubts and our religious ways.

Put God in everything and everything will turn out good.

Cooking with the wrong ingredients can be a recipe for disaster. Cooking with the fruit of the Spirit creates the perfect recipe for success.

Peace in the middle of chaos is worth more than gold in the middle of order.

With God on your side, trouble is in trouble.

Staying in the moment can be translated by enjoying what is happening now and being grateful for it. Drinking a glass of water and focusing on the water and how blessed you are to have it is a simple but yet powerful example.

God can pierce your heart with the spear of truth and leave it there for you to marvel at the power of His Word!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:6; Proverbs 18:15; Psalm 119:66