With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible

“This is impossible for Me” is something God has never said, never says and will never say. With God nothing is impossible. He has no limitations and He has no restrictions. Your wildest dreams aligned with His Word are not too far-fetched. When you share the mind of the Lord you share His unlimited visions and His reasoning. His reasoning contradicts the world’s. His reasoning makes no sense to most of us. We think we know but we don’t know. We think we get it but we don’t. We think we have Him figured out but we don’t. What do we get then? Glimpses, cameos of His greatness into our lives and impartations. He is so big and so powerful that we can’t see it all and understand it all and that is fine. What we can pursue is His heart and His love. He has a heart full of goodness and love for everyone and His love manifests in His major acts of kindness toward us. Acts that demonstrate that nothing is impossible to Him. Jesus declared that some things were impossible to men but to God everything is possible.

We all have our own definition of the impossible but God’s definition covers everything we can think of collectively. We could be a big village of thousands of people with thousands of ideas of what the impossible looks like and God would still say that none of these things are impossible to Him. I want to be in the place where the Lord is and from which nothing looks impossible. I want to rest in the arms of faith and just know that God can do anything. I want to be so high up on the mountaintop that I lose sight of the impossible and only see what is possible to God on the horizon of my life. I want to look straight ahead at the visions of faith the Lord gives and never look down at the world of impossibilities that the enemy keeps presenting to me. Will you join me in that place of faith? Will you join me on this journey where nothing is impossible?

I have learned that gratitude opens the door to multitude. What I mean by that is that when we are grateful to the Lord, He piles up blessings in our lives. A grateful and a hopeful heart ushers us into a world where everything is possible. You see, gratitude thanks God for who He is and what He does and it can thank Him for what we don’t see or feel. Gratitude can work very nicely with faith and give us the incentive to look forward to the unseen, to look forward to the impossible made possible. Be grateful to God every day for what you are hoping for every day in faith. Look at the future with the eyes of faith and praise the Lord for what’s to come. If you are not thanking God for the impossible every day, I suggest that you start today. Thank Him. Let your heart and your mind hear you thank Him for the impossible. You will build up your faith in His ability to do the impossible.


Don’t get stuck on your human limitations and on the natural limitations around you. Get stuck on God’s extensions knowing that He can extend and stretch anything. Let Him stretch your mind and your thinking. Get a good dose of faith by meditating on the Scriptures every day and you will see what it does to your way of seeing life. You will start seeing it as a playground for God to do the impossible. You will start to believe that even the sky is not the limit for the Lord. You will start dreaming big dreams and having high hopes. “With God all things are possible” will become the refrain of your life and you will sing it with every “faith breath” you take. Take your problem today. Look at it and say, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Don’t get tired of saying it. It’s the truth. Enjoy the impossible made possible!

Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; mark 9:23

Celebrate your way through the week

Praise and worship are crucial in the life of the Christian. They are the backbone of the Christian faith. They are the meat on the bones of hope and gratitude. They are the expression of the joy given by the Lord. They are the essence of the relationship with God. They are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. They are the reminder that we live by faith and not by sight because praise and worship are to be part of our lives all the time no matter what our circumstances are. Praise and worship are part of the daily celebration we ought to engage in. The Christian life has many aspects to it and one of them is joy and celebration. We are not celebrating because of what we have and what we see but we are celebrating the One who gives us “faith eyesight” and who provides everything we need. We are to celebrate Jesus because He died for us and gave us life in abundance.

We are to celebrate love, the love of God. His love is why we are here, why we live through Him, why we are blessed and why we are a blessing. People celebrate all the time around the world for many reasons that have nothing to do with God. When you celebrate for all the right reasons, God being the main reason, you are clothed with power to face anything. You don’t celebrate to receive that power. You celebrate and power is a side effect. There is power in dancing for the Lord. You can either actually dance or you can have a dance in your heart that glorifies Jesus. A dancing and celebratory attitude is the key to powerful Christian living. Today I want to encourage you to dance throughout the day. Dance in celebration of the Lord throughout this new week. Keep on dancing. Keep on celebrating the Lord. Keep on focusing on Jesus and you will make it through this week with flying colors. Let your dancing colors celebrate the Lord.

Many would agree that 2020 started off as a difficult year. The losses, the natural disasters and the difficulties people have encountered around the world are pretty heavy. February seems to be a month of hope as many believe that it can only get better from now on. The truth is we never know what is going to happen. Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulations. He didn’t say that to scare us or to be negative. He said it because He knew what we should expect. However, He also said that He had conquered the world and we should stay in faith because nothing is impossible to Him. Any bad thing that will ever happen has been defeated by the Lord. For every problem and for every trial, there is a victory bought by Jesus. Our faith is a shield that gets us to the victory. When we stay in faith and we refuse to doubt and waver, we walk under the protection the Lord is giving us until we get to our breakthrough. How should we be walking under the protection of faith? We should be dancing. We should be dancing our way to victory. We should be dancing through the trials and the misery. Dancing here is a metaphor for keeping a heart of celebration or it can be literally dancing while praising and worshiping. The key is to stay positive, to let God’s joy invade our hearts and to keep eyes on Jesus the victory.

I have found that when I get myself into celebration mode despite my problems, I am changed on the inside. The problems are still there on the outside but they disappear on the inside. Praise and worship affect my mind in a positive way. Praise and worship lift up my spirits. Praise and worship warm up my heart and give my spirit a voice.  It’s the voice of triumph. I no longer say all the negative things that the enemy wants me to focus on. Celebrating Jesus is like kicking the enemy in the head. Dancing while suffering is pushing the enemy away and making room for the Savior in every way. Dancing through the problems is embracing love and demonstrating that we believe God’s love wins. Dancing in the middle of the rain of despair is letting the sun shine through the clouds of doubt. Dance, friend. Don’t let the enemy keep you in one spot with a heavy heart. Move. Walk. Dance. Move forward in faith. Give yourself the luxury of accepting God’s victory. Stare at the Lord while you are dancing. Let His Spirit lead the dance. Stay encouraged. Stay in praise. Stay in celebration mode. Your victory is around the corner. Keep on celebrating the Lord!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 63:7; Psalm 47:1; 1 Peter 1:8-9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 105)

God gets you there at the right time. His timing is better than any clocks in the world. He knows the time and the hour and He is never wrong.

When you stay in the Lord, you trust the Lord, you believe in His Word, God is firmly planted in your day!

Don’t let yourself be a prisoner of your emotions. Set yourself free by letting the Lord be the guardian of your feelings and your emotions.

Two truths and a lie; God loves you, God will protect you and the enemy can’t be defeated. The enemy is a liar and he can always be defeated in the name of Jesus.

Finding peace in the middle of chaos and confusion is always possible when you turn to Jesus in the middle of chaos and confusion. He is the regulator that makes all things right again!

God can do more good in a second than the evil the enemy can spread in a lifetime. Trust that God will do good things in your life and trust that it will take Him no time to bless your life!

God pours His wisdom into your heart through His Word and through His Spirit. Open your heart to Him. Let Him enter the darkest parts of your heart with the light of His love.

Rest in the arms of the Lord and your peace will be unparalleled. Rest in the arms of the Lord and your joy will be unprecedented. Rest in the arms of the Lord and your love will be undefeated.

God is a master at blessing and loving. Expect blessings, expect love. Have faith in the blessings and the love and you will have the power to face the adversity and the trials of life.

Find comfort in God’s constant presence. He never leaves you and He never forsakes you. He is with you in the valley and on the mountaintop. You are never alone!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 145:18-19; John 14:27

The power of your testimony

What does your life say about you? What does your life say about God? What is your testimony? Are you aware that you have a testimony? There is a story that is told through your actions, your words and your thoughts. It is a story that is apparent to the world. The sum of who you are is displayed in that story every day. People are watching, people are taking notes, people are listening to what your testimony has to say. You have the power to make a testimony that praises the Lord or that mirrors the world. Choose the story God wrote for you and live it out. You have a powerful testimony and it is time you let the world see it and read it. What happens to you is not what makes you but how you react and interact with what happens to you is what you are made of. You are a child of God that has the DNA of the Father and you can act, think, love, walk, speak like your Father. You can choose to be like Him or you can choose to be your own person and forge a personality that is not what He wants for you. Today I am here to remind you that you have a powerful testimony and you can choose to lean on the Spirit of God and be the person the Lord designed you to be. Remain in God and He will remain in you. Fill yourself up with the Lord and your testimony will give Him glory. Stick with what truly matters and what truly mattes is that Jesus is glorified through your daily testimony.


I love how the Bible reveals that the testimony of two witnesses is true. God has a plan for you and when you agree with His plan and you trust Him, you become the second witness and the plan is true. Your life is powerful lives when it is God-centered. God has already seen how powerful your life was. He is the number one witness. Now, He is waiting on you to be the second witness and to verify that what He said in His Word about you was true. You and I are the second witnesses. We can testify by staying in line with the Word and staying in faith. Friend, let your life speak about how good God is. Let your life echo God’s kindness. Let your life tell the world that God loves everyone and that He can give peace, joy and freedom. Stand up in the court of life every day and be that second witness that confirms what God’s Word says. Be a witness to God’s greatness. Be a witness to God’s holiness!


The word of your testimony allows you to triumph in life. What you say matters. What you say has power. You can curse and you can bless. You can bring peace or you can bring chaos into your life with your words. Therefore, it is important to know that you are constantly giving an account of your testimony when you speak. When you glorify the Lord through your words, power is released into your life. Praising and worshiping Him through your words and actions are very great ways of giving a positive testimony that honors God. The world needs your positive testimony. The world needs your words of affirmation and your words of hope. What you present to the world goes a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of your testimony. Sound the horn of joy with your actions and your words. Be the reflection of the Lord that the world longs for.


You can be under scrutiny and under a lot of pressure when you bear testimony to the Lord. Not everyone accepts what you tell them and how you shine Jesus into the world. However, the Lord warned us and said that it would happen and He also said we shouldn’t be afraid when persecution takes place. You have to stand firm and keep your testimony strong. Life will try to change the narrative but with the help of the Holy Spirit you can continue to speak of the goodness of God and be the witnesses that don’t waver and that don’t faint under pressure. God has an army of angels that will always assist you. When you stay in faith, everything always works out for the best. Let your testimony be seen every day. Praise the Lord and rejoice over Him always! Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Luke 21:13; John 8:17-18; Revelation 6:9

Receiving God’s blessings

Receiving a blessing from God can be a life changing experience. I think it always is but we don’t always perceive it that way. We notice the huge blessings that shutter our world and give us goosebumps. The so-called smaller blessings are not as noticeable but they are also from God. God is a giver and He is a lover. He gives a lot and He gives happily. Everything He gives is good. He gives perfect gifts. Like I said it’s not always easy to see what He gives us and to recognize what we get as a gift from God. God’s blessings are all around us and they should be pointed out, recognized, appreciated, cherished and embraced. I can see how in my life I notice the big blessings and they rock my world. They make me stop and worship. They make me look at life differently and they make me feel good. Those blessings freeze time and give me a re-evaluation of who God is, a new appreciation for God. However, I have learned that I should appreciate all God’s blessings. I should receive them and enjoy them. Big or small they are all from God and they are very good. You see, the point is to acknowledge that all things from God are good, noble, pure and amazing. God gives amazing blessings. Some of the ones that I used to consider small blessings can be giant blessings to other people. The key is to accept them for what they are and rejoice over them. Receiving God’s blessings is a necessity because it is a form of accepting God for who He is. In the natural when we get a present from someone and take it and like it, we are showing that we are accepting the person and accepting their care for us. Receiving God’s present is receiving God’s presence, receiving a piece of Heaven, receiving a smile from the Lord. Today I want to encourage you to identify God’s blessings in your life and see them for what they are.


What do God’s blessings look like? They come in all different forms. A blessing is defined as God’s favor and protection. The favor part comes into play when we get something that stands out for the ordinary. These can be spiritual blessings, materialistic blessings or physical blessings. God pours favor and gives exceptional gifts all the time. When we are in Him and we stay in faith, His favor rests upon us. I have gone through periods of blessings that were clearly a presentation of God’s favor. It’s not because of who I am but because of who He is. I believe that we ought to receive God’s blessings and favor with humility. We have to understand that His favor is because of who God is. It’s all Him. We are the recipient of His love and we are not worthy of it but He makes us worthy. Through Him we receive, through Him we live, through Him we are blessed. We can’t buy how way through His blessings. He is the giver that gives mercifully. His grace is outstanding. Are you aware of His ongoing goodness? Do you see how kind and loving He is in your life? Do you count your blessings? Do you understand what they look like?


There is so much we can take for granted. There is so much that we think is normal in our lives and we don’t even think they are blessings from God because they appear to be part of our lives and they will always be there. Sometimes we don’t see the value of what we have until it is gone or taken away. A few years ago, we lost power on several occasions because of some bad winter storms. I slept in a cold house and it made me appreciate my heating system a lot more. Some people don’t have heat which is just a normal part of life for other people. Heat is a blessing. It’s not a given for everyone. It’s one of those things that we can see as a small blessing but we should really be grateful for it and thank God for it. I like to make a list of all my blessings. I like to count them and to keep them in mind. It is a good way to receive them and to receive God. With God we go from glory to glory so we can expect His blessings to increase and to get bigger. A major blessing, I used to ignore is the blessing of God’s instructions. The Bible explains that when we pay attention to God’s Word, we prosper. God’s Word is one of the biggest blessings that we should be open to and receive. Treat yourself to some quality time in the Word of God and you will receive blessings that will surpass your expectations.

Suggested reading: Psalm 20:4; Exodus 23:25; Proverbs 16:20


Honoring God the best way we can

I have been thinking a lot about how I can honor God better. What does honoring someone mean? It means to regard him or her with great respect. It means to recognize that the person has value and is important. If I want to honor God more, I need to show Him even more respect and live my life in a way that exemplifies how I respect Him. There are times during prayer when all I want to do is be on my knees and be in reverence before the Lord. There is no particular reason other than I think He is awesome and He is so good. He deserves my utmost respect and He deserves my attention. I truly believe that honoring God starts with spending time with Him and showing Him that He is worthy of our attention. Acknowledging that there is no substitute for Him and that He means everything is a great start or a great goal. My goal is always to sustain reverence and honor toward God. Honoring God takes on a different meaning when we constantly remind ourselves of what He did on the cross. His sacrifice is unparalleled. What He did for you and me was unheard of and it will never be matched. Can you think of ways you can honor God more every day?


One way we respect our parents and our elders is by listening to what they have to say and obeying them. It seems like an obvious way to honor them and yet we can rebel against them and do our own things. Ignoring their advice and their wisdom can appear to be an appealing option. Why? Our minds are not always in line with our spirits. Our spirits like to do the right thing, our minds like to have a mind of their own. We tend to go with what seems good at the moment and not always consider what is good permanently. Short term solutions don’t give lasting results. However, we can make decisions that align with the wisdom and advice given by our parents and those decisions can turn out to be the best ideas to follow. The Lord is our number one parent. He is our creator and He has the role of the parent who cares about us and who watches over us. His wisdom and His advice are very important. We can’t ignore them and we can’t take them for granted. Honoring God means taking His Word seriously and listening to it. In order to listen to it, we have to make time for it. It’s interesting how when we listen to a lot of sermons and inspirational messages we feel like we have spent time in the Word. We are exposed to it but we need to invest time in it and read it for ourselves. Honoring God with time spent in His Word is the start of true wisdom.


Spending time in the Word gives us the magnificent opportunity to hear from God in a big way. God speaks through His Word and His Spirit. I prayerfully read the Word asking the Holy Spirit to give me revelation. Cooperating and working with the Spirit of God is a nice way to honor Him. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us. He is an amazing gift. When we work with the Spirit and respect Him, we honor God. I used to live a Christian life that didn’t take the Holy Spirit into account and it was a dull life. Embracing the Holy Spirit is honoring God. Think about that. I also believe that sharing God with the world and talking about the great gift from God is a way we can honor God. We can’t keep Him for ourselves. He is too good to be kept a secret. We don’t have to always use words to share Him. Our actions and the expression of His love through us speak volumes. There is so much we can tell the world about our Father. There is so much the world needs to hear and what we do can guide the narrative and write chapters of praise and love toward the One who died for us. If your life talks about God all the time and describes His goodness and His kindness, it is a great testimony. Honoring God with our lives is powerful. Let’s keep our lives in the sanctity of God’s essence by following Him, imitating Him and presenting Him to the world. Let’s honor God as much as we can!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 6:5; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Corinthians 6:20


While you are waiting

Waiting for a breakthrough, a miracle or a blessing can be a frustrating experience. It can also be a lapse of time when we lose hope and we give up on our answers from God. While we are waiting, thoughts can grow and rob us of the joy of living in the present. There is something special about the wait. It can be especially bad or very beautiful. God sees beauty in the waiting. He is a God of patience and He wants us to cherish every moment of every day and that includes the waiting period. When we are hoping for the best, we must remember that we are with the best in that very moment. Jesus is the best! The length of the wait doesn’t change the depth of God’s love. Many characters in the Bible had to wait for a long time to get to their promise land so to speak. What we are waiting for is a land of many promises where honey and milk flow and where peace is the centerpiece. As you are reading this message you are probably waiting for something to happen in your life. You are waiting for an answer, for relief, for peace to come back or for joy to visit you. I am here to tell you that while you are waiting your Lord is the same. While you are waiting, know that your number one answer is in the waiting. God has something for you now that will bless you and that will help you. Dig into the waiting period and find the treasures the Lord has available for you before your breakthrough comes. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the corner or miles away; it will happen and the wait will give you what you need in the meantime.


I used to get so demoralized when I was waiting for something to happen in my life. I used to get so blue and sad thinking that it would never take place. The wait for me was synonym to the impossible. The longer the wait, the greater the suffering for me. Then I learned that with God nothing was impossible. I found out that God had defeated the impossible and for Him the impossible didn’t exist. The wait started to look differently. It didn’t equal impossible anymore. What did the wait mean? I received the revelation that God was in the waiting. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Where there is patience, there is a fruit from God. I decided to take that fruit and eat it on daily basis. If God was a God of patience, I needed to be patient and develop God’s fruit. I love fruit and that fruit has turned out to be more satisfying than any strawberries and pineapples in the world. If I were to liken patient to an actual fruit, I would say it’s a hybrid of my two favorite fruits, the ones I just mentioned. Patient is sweet and it gives great satisfaction. It can look harsh and prickly on the outside like a pineapple, meaning that it can seem to be hard to eat but once you open it, it is delicious and fulfilling. It is like a strawberry because it is soft and it is seeded. Each seed gives life to more fruit. Patience yields seeds of peace. Once you are eating the fruit of patience, you get the benefit of peace and contentment. I have noticed that peace is a “side effect” of patience when we trust in the process. Patience also works with faith and the seeds of patience can also be described as pockets of faith. You need a lot of them for patience to work. Just the way strawberries have many seeds, the many seeds of faith are inside the fruit of patience.


I have talked a few times before about what to do while we are waiting. One of the things Jesus tells us about fasting, is that when we do fast, we shouldn’t act like we are fasting. We shouldn’t act like we are going through a hard time. We shouldn’t show it to people. I believe the same is true about waiting. While we are waiting, we shouldn’t show it to people. We shouldn’t talk about agony, frustration or how tough it is to wait. We should go about our normal business and enjoy it all. Wait should equate to praise and not to pain. If we see the wait as pain, we have lost the battle before it even started. Wait stands for “while angels intervene today.” I made this up but it is encouraging. God’s angels have been placed in charge of protecting you and helping you. They are working on your situation while you are waiting and they are intervening on many levels that you can’t see or understand and they are doing it today. Today might seem like a normal day in the waiting process but God is acting behind the scenes and He has commissioned angels to assist you and make sure things move in your favor. Praise while you wait. Enjoy every day and work on your passions. Work on what God has given you. Focus on your talents, focus on your God-given abilities and serve the Lord with all your heart while you are waiting. Be active for Jesus while you are waiting. He is active on your behalf while you are waiting. Honor Him. Be God’s instrument while you are waiting for the end of your symphony. Stay positive, stay creative, stay in faith. While you are waiting, life with God is still happening. Make the most of it!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:16-18; Galatians 5:22; Romans 5:2-4