10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 108)

Devotion, dedication and adoration are friends with prayer. Let your prayer life be a devotion to God, a dedication to His love and an adoration of the Lord. Devote time to prayer every day. Pray with love, pray for others first. Adore the Lord and praise Him when you pray!

Jesus’ love circulates through your heart, passes through the veins of your spirit and spreads throughout your body manifesting kindness and compassion. Don’t let hate and bitterness block your spiritual arteries.

The Lord is breaking the back of what’s been holding you back so give it all to Him. Trust Him with your life. Let Him reshape it and make it right.

With God there is only one way. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He leads the way and He blesses your way!

The voice of God is louder than all the voices of the world but we need to train our ears to hear it. We need to get quiet before God and He will get louder before the world.

Jesus died on the cross for us. His sacrifice brought freedom and should be remembered daily. Thank the Lord for the sacrifice that caused your freedom. Remember the eternal impact it has on your life every day.

There is a celebration that can’t be stopped. There is a prayer that can’t be derailed. There is a shout of praise that can’t be confined. There is a love that can’t fail. There is a hope that tramples fear. Celebrate, pray, praise, love and hope in the name of Jesus!

When you lay at the feet of the Lord, you end up at the head of table. There is a table in front of you that the Lord has prepared for you. Humble yourself and the Lord will elevate you.

Nothing can stop what God has planned for you. Delays can’t stop His plans, setbacks can’t stop His plans and trials can’t stop His plans. Keep your eyes on God’s Word and you keep your eyes on God’s plans for your life.

The Lord gives peace that surpasses all understanding. Understand that His peace won’t always make sense. Do not lean on your interpretation of His peace but rely on His version of a peace that calms everything.

Suggested reading: Job 22:21-22; Luke 1:78-79; Matthew 5:9

Prayers that get God’s attention

I pray every day. I pray a few times a day. It is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle. It is who I am. I need that daily communication with the Lord. I need to hear from Him and I need to express myself. Prayer used to be a memorized text that I would say repeatedly but that meant nothing to my heart. It was all in my head and it was just a mindful exercise that didn’t bear much fruit. Why? It didn’t change me and it didn’t change my circumstances. It didn’t bring me closer to God but it made me feel good about religion. I felt that with my memorized prayers I checked all the religious boxes that I had to fill. It put my mind at ease but it didn’t touch my heart and it didn’t stimulate my spirit. I said a lot of dead prayers. I said a lot of dry prayers and I went through a dry spiritual spell for a very long time. I learned how to be content with very little spiritual motivation. I certainly didn’t find any motivation to explore my life with God through those prayers. It was better than nothing but it also did nothing for me.


I do believe that the Lord heard the prayers from my heart during that time. He heard the prayers that were deep inside the caves of my heart and that needed to come to the surface. The Lord hears our thoughts before they are even manifested. He saw my hunger for more. He saw my weak resistance to dullness. He saw my desire for intimacy and my incapability to express it. It was the muffled prayers of
the heart that got His attention. It was the tears before bed that moved His heart. Friend, the cries from your heart are prayers as well. As long as you keep on trying and keep on seeking the Lord’s face, you will stay in a state of prayer. Learn to pray with your mouth closed and your heart wide open. Trust that God hears every sound that comes out of your heart. Learn the secret language of prayer. Learn that the secret is a surrendered and willing heart. The prayers that come out of a heart abandoned to God are heard all the time. Learn that God hears everything even the things you can’t express.

Sometimes a memorized prayer is the best expression for you. I don’t want to undermine recited prayers. They are good prayers. I was just explaining that they did not work for me because they made me sound too robotic and I didn’t buy into them. I didn’t even believe them and I knew that God could see that. It is when I took a leap of faith and said my own prayers that things changed. I gave up on sounding like the perfect Christian during prayer time and I gave into the Holy Spirit. He is the best prayer coach. He is the best motivator when it comes to prayer. Plug into Him through trust. Surrender to Him. How? Just tell Him that you are letting Him take control and that you are at His mercy. There is nothing better than to be at God’s mercy. There is nothing better than to let God handle everything. There is no greater faith than the faith that is blind to the world and lucid to the Lord. A faith that is not fazed by what it sees but that is moved by who God is. Blind faith causes us to say amazing prayers because they come from the heart and they believe that they travel to God’s heart with no interference. Heart to heart prayers with the Lord are the best prayers!

Faith pleases God and when our hearts are filled with faith, our prayers from the heart get God’s attention. He loves our faith and He gets involved when faith is presented to Him. He is merciful and full of grace so He can act anytime but our faith-filled prayers from the heart get the job done. Fill your heart with faith. Don’t fill it with the junk of the enemy. Rebuke the lies. Resist his temptation. Stay strong against his aggression and he will run himself into depression. Have faith that you were made the righteousness of God through Christ. The prayer of the righteous is powerful. Your prayers from the heart are powerful. Let your heart do all the speaking. Let your words be filled with faith. Know that you are being heard because you are always heard by the One who gave His life for you. Prayers from the heart get God’s attention. Open up your heart and you will see what God brings to your attention. Open up your heart and you will see the miracles that fly in your direction. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; James 5:16; 1 John 5:14


Let the light shine in you all the time

When I first started attending a charismatic church as a teenager, I was very uncomfortable because of how much people smiled. Those Christians seemed to be happy all the time. It wasn’t just happiness; they had joy. They laughed and smiled a lot. They were filled with the Spirit to the brim. There was a room with big tables for lunch after church and they would gather, eat, sing, be merry and just express the joy they had at those tables. I will never forget those “merry tables” where the Lord’s light was so present. I didn’t have their joy. I didn’t have the light that they had. At least that is what I thought. I later found out that the light of the Lord in them was also in me. I had the light of Jesus in my spirit but it was covered. It was hard to see it. When I got closer to the Lord, the light showed up but it was dimmed. It would pierce through me at times but for the most part it was faint.

I will always remember the joy I was exposed to in that church and I am glad that it is visible now in me. When Jesus is our Lord and Savior, His light lives in us through His Spirit. The key is not to let it be covered and not let it be dimmed. His light in us is for others to be led into His light. God’s love is a light that can brighten any darkness and we ought to learn how to let it shine at all times. There are many covers that obstruct the Lord’s light. Today I want to encourage you to keep the light shining and let Jesus light up your world. There are many people around you that need the Lord’s light, the Lord’s love. Be the light carrier you are meant to be and let God shine through you every day.

Have you ever walked through an area where the sun was shining but you felt like there was some darkness around? Have you ever been to a place that seemed spiritually dead even though people were rejoicing and were having a good time? There is a light that looks like the light but that is not the Light. The light that appears to be God’s light is an imitation. It is an attempt by the world to reproduce only what the Lord can give. Anyone can be happy without the Lord but there is no depth to that happiness and it is very temporary. That happiness relies on outside stimulation, on situations, on other people, on events. The light of the Lord brings happiness and joy that come from within. It is a joy that is orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. The light of the Lord is a spotlight of His joy. It features God’s traits. His light is full of love. When you are aware of the light of the Lord, you can see through the deception of the light of the world. It is the light of the Lord in you that needs to be spread. His light gets people closer to Him. His light brings the truth and it brings peace. Share the light of Jesus. Remember it and cultivate it. Don’t neglect the amazing gift of God’s light.

To be sure the light of the Lord is bright in you, spend time in His Word. His Word is a lamp and it guides us through darkness. It allows us to see truth, to receive wisdom, to apply wisdom, to impart knowledge and to stay in God’s light. Add prayer to your daily interaction with the Word of God and communion with the Holy Spirit. These habits will keep the light shining bright. People will be drawn to that light. Jesus is a magnet and when His light shines, the broken-hearted are drawn to Him. His light in you has a magnetic power that touches those who need a hug from Heaven or a word from God. With God’s light you can provide that comfort that people need and that reassurance that so many are looking for. Your love for others and your good deeds will also keep the light of the Lord on. Keep in mind that the light of the Lord always conquers darkness so love away. Be generous with your love and keep spreading the light with your joy, your peace, your patience and your kindness. Keep the light on in Jesus’s name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Matthew 5:16; John 1:5

Keep on keeping your hopes up

Do you ever feel like every time you get your hopes up something happens that brings you down? Do you ever feel like the odds are against you? It is not unusual for us believers to go through times of opposition especially when we are being positive. The enemy hates our joy, our faith, our positive attitude and our love for Jesus and for people. He will do whatever he can to steal anything good and positive we project. He hates our optimistic attitudes and he will punch us in our spiritual face until we lose hope or until our faith is weak. It doesn’t mean that we should be afraid and we should stop being positive. When things don’t go our way, we should keep on going God’s way. We should keep our hopes up because our hope is in Jesus and not in people, in fate or in our circumstances.

What happens to us shouldn’t dictate how we react and how much hope we have. Our hope should dictate how we react and how steady we should be in our faith. Today I want to encourage you to continue to keep your hopes up no matter how low you get. Keep your hopes up even when you have reasons to feel defeated. Your feelings will always get in the way of your faith so let your faith rely on the Rock who is above all feelings and emotions. Keep your emotions in check by keeping your eyes on the Lord. God will always make a way. Have faith in that truth. Use it every single day. Say it out loud. Say it to your circumstances. Use the name of Jesus when the enemy uses the wrong names to describe you. You are not a loser. You are not a failure. You are not a prisoner of bad luck and you are not a defeated believer. You are a child of God whose hope is based on the King of kings. You are going to make it!

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic and being hopeful when Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Hope is what you should hold on to all the time. It is a normal part of your Christian life but way too often people discredit it thinking we should be more moderate and not too joyful. They don’t want to jinx things. Hope is a power. It is the power to change your mood and change your situation. Hope is a fuel that we all need in order to stay positive on the highway of life. Hope is a part of God. Hope is the enemy of doubt. Hope is everything. You can never be too hopeful. You can never have too much hope in the Lord. Even if it’s pouring outside and you get so wet that you never think you will ever get dry again, keep your hopes up. When you keep your hopes up regardless of the weather conditions of your life, your hope become your weather conditioner. Your hope will tell you what the weather is like. The storms won’t have a say. The clouds won’t have a say. Your hope will do all the talking for you. It will bring the sun out and it will keep you nice and warm in the winters of life.

Today keep on keeping your hopes up. Better days are coming. A better hour is coming. Get into praise mode and your hopes will go up. Get into praise mode and better times will come. Jesus is the King of hope and you are part of His family. You are entitled to high hopes. Don’t let people discourage you from having hope. You are not part of this world system. You are part of the kingdom of God and His system is like no other. God promises to never leave you nor forsake you. Keep your hope in that powerful promise. He won’t let you down. Keep your hopes high. Keep your faith high. Enjoy your day with the Lord!

Suggested reading: Psalm 146:5; Romans 15:13; 1 Timothy 6:17

Your breakthrough will come

Waiting can be difficult. Being patient can seem unattainable. Hoping can be lost. Pain can be very present. Anguish can be our daily bread and worry can be our late night companion. However, one thing remains true; Jesus never changes. When we can’t see Him and we can’t understand Him, He can show up out of nowhere even though He has not gone anywhere. Waiting for God is never waiting in vain. He is there but the waiting usually has to do more with us than with Him. We wait and wait and think we have to wait until God is ready. God is always ready and always available. The moment we cry out to Him, He goes into action. He knows what we cry about. He has always known but He needs to do a work in us before we get our breakthrough at times. Are you waiting for a breakthrough? Know that Jesus is here. Know that your breakthrough is on the way. Know that pain will go away. Know that hope is here to stay. Know that a miracle is coming. Know that miracles are still around today. Your breakthrough is heading your way. Jesus never changes but He changes everything. He is going to change your situation and He is going to change you as well as you get to your next breakthrough.

I read Psalm 22 earlier today. It is a poignant cry for help. It is a prayer for deliverance. It starts with so much pain and it ends with so much hope and healing. In that psalm, David goes from agony to harmony. He is in agony at first trying to get an answer from God that He can’t find anywhere. Then he gets to a place where he is in harmony with the Lord again and he is filled with joy and faith. Your place of agony is not your final destination, friend. It’s a stop you visit for a while but with God you will get moving again and you will land in the promised place of victory. Your cry for a breakthrough is being heard. Let it out and let God in. God is not going to let you down. Remember that your heart is what He is after so to speak so He is going to work on your heart while you are waiting. He will turn the cry into a shout of victory but there is a process. Go step by step with the Lord while you are walking toward the victory. Let Him be the focus of your heart. Don’t let the agony get the best of you. The enemy doesn’t want anything more than to see you agonize over your circumstances and lament instead of persevering.

Name your breakthrough. Name your need. Name your suffering. Name your lack. Name the source of your distress and give it to God. Like David, cry out and give God the specifics of what is tormenting you. Do it so you can hear it yourself and see it for yourself. Do it so you have more clarity and trust that God will help you identify it all and He will heal it completely. When you try to identify what is going on and what you need, God will take you down the path of inner discovery and recovery. You will be made aware of what needs to be changed on the inside. Sometimes our trials lead to a rebuilding of our spirits and of our faith. Your breakthrough will take place and God will break through the walls that are keeping you from growing or from receiving your victory. If you could see the angels at work on your behalf, you would be amazed. God commissioned them to bless you and help you. They will target your heart and get you to a place of peace when you trust in the Lord completely. Be attentive and be open to God’s wisdom while the breakthrough is on its way. Be still and know that He is God. Your breakthrough will come. Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Psalm 22; Psalm 46:10; Hebrews 13:8

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 107)

Your future is in the hands of God not in the hands of fear. Put your future in the right hands with faith.

Hold on to Jesus and He will always pull you up when you fall. Hold on to Jesus and you will see that He has always been holding on to you!

Change is coming. Today is not your final destination. Thank the One who changes everything. God has a new tomorrow for you. Stay in faith!

Start a love revolution. Revolutionize your heart. Revolutionize your mind. Let God’s love invade you. Let it change you on the inside and you will start a love revolution on the outside with Jesus lifted high on a banner of hope!

With God as the focus of your life, you are heading in the right direction. Step by step you are getting closer to Him, closer to love, closer to the truth, closer to wisdom, closer to who you are meant to be in Him!

Keep dancing for the Lord even when the world wants you to sit down and be miserable. Keep going. Keep praising. Keep loving. The Holy Spirit leads the dance. Let Him make you dance and step over the bitterness and the negativity of the enemy. Keep dancing for the Lord no matter what!

The Lord keeps an eye on you all the time. He never lets you out of His sight. He watches over you and protects you. Keep an eye on Him in return. Never let Him out of your sight. You will see His protection and His love for you.

There is a world around you that needs the Jesus in you. Start sharing the One who dwells in you so others can receive the One who died for everyone including the ones you think don’t deserve a chance in your world. Jesus is for everyone! Share Him with everyone!

The fruit of your love for God won’t fall of the tree of knowledge. With His love comes wisdom. His love is attached to the wisdom from His Word. Don’t dissociate God’s love from His Word. They are One. They are a package deal. God is love! God’s Word is love. Interpret His wisdom through the pages of His love!

There are more people living in mental jails than we think. Everyone faces a life sentence in their minds but the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can bail them out. Renew your mind with their help and you will be out of that cell in no time!

Suggested reading: Colossians 3:17; Romans 12:1; Acts 20:35

God is listening

God listens to us. He is always listening. He listens to our thoughts, our ideas, our hearts, our fears, our requests and our intentions. He is not deaf to our tears and He is not deaf to our prayers. He is there and He is always attentive. One thing we need to be aware of is simply the truth that He does listen. When we don’t get answers to our prayers, we can lose hope and think He didn’t hear us. It’s easy for us to have this perception that there is a whole world between God and us when in reality He is near us all the time. God listened to all of us before we even spoke. How? He heard what we would need in this life and gave us the best answer to all our inquiries; He gave us His Word. The Bible is God’s answer to humanity’s cries and needs. He heard us. He heard what every single one of us will ever say and He replied with love. His Word is the incarnation of love and it is the answer we will need for every situation that will ever arise. If you think that your messages to God are not getting through to Him, open His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you navigate through the Word and to help you find what you are looking for.

It blows my mind when I think about how much God loves us and because He does, He has provided for all our needs. He has even taken care of our needs before He heard them like I said. The chronological order is not us having questions first and Him answering them. The answers came before the questions and the answers are the truth. Truth is always truth and that is part of what makes truth the truth with God. What He says was true thousands of years ago and it will still be true thousands of years from now. God knew what we would request and His anticipation led to a Book that has an answer for every tribulation. What are you telling God today? What are you asking Him? Think about these two questions and believe that the answer has already been supplied.

God listened to your heart before it was even beating. Even though He heard everything you will ever say, He still gives you personal attention and specific answers. The Holy Spirit plays a major role in the listening and answering process. The Lord indicates that we should quiet our minds before Him and listen. When we listen to Him, we get a better understanding that He does listen to us. He gives us answers before we formulate questions. He does it during quiet time but He can also do it at any time. He is God! He gives signs. He gives messages through many venues. He is not limited when it comes to speaking to us. God’s ears are attentive to every prayer. We need to be at a place where we know that God listens. This is a place of faith that we ought to stay in. Trust that God is a listener. Trust that He is not deaf to anything you say. Trust that the answer existed way before you spoke. God promised He would listen to what you say. Take Him at His word and have the confidence that what you have to say matters to Him. Have the confidence that you matter to Him! Keep talking to Him. He has already heard it all and He will show you that He is paying attention.

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12-13; 1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 5:15