God delivers

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.”* This verse from Psalm 34 was on my mind the other morning when I was praying. I start prayer very early in the morning when everything is quiet and my spiritual ears are wide open. It is amazing how chatty the Lord is and how much He is willing to tell us. His Spirit is always talking but we might not always be available to listen or attentive to Him. I want to hear and listen as much as I can. I don’t want to miss out and I don’t want to pay more attention to what doesn’t help me. There are so many thoughts that go through our minds. Thoughts that don’t help us and that don’t build us up. It is dangerous when we pay a lot of attention to those thoughts and they become familiar and comfortable. Overthinking can be an addiction, a negative way of life and a habit to be avoided. It’s not easy but if we make time to listen to the Lord and we hear Him, that negative thinking will take a back seat.

Early in the morning is what works best for me and that is when I get the most messages and the most inspiration. I had just started praying when I heard that beautiful verse. I had known it for a while but at that moment, it resonated differently. It was just what I needed to hear and it gave me a great boost. We, children of God, will have problems in this life and it is possible that we may have a lot of trials and tribulations. It is almost as if once we are saved, a switch of intense events is flipped on and trouble finds us over and over again. We sort of become magnets for problems because the enemy will do whatever he can to discourage us and to hurt our faith. He doesn’t like it when we are connected to God and when our faith is strong. He doesn’t like it when we spend time with God so he will do whatever he can to distract us and problems and difficulties are what he dumps on us in effort to dishearten us.However, the Lord promised that He would deliver us from all our troubles. He promised He would help us and deliver us.

Friend, you might be going through a series of back breaks and difficulties. You might feel like you are not getting a break and everything is falling apart. I know the feeling. I know the thoughts that come with those trials. Tear down those thoughts. Speak against them. Declare that you might have tons of problems but the Lord will deliver you from them all. Thank God for deliverance. Expect it. Know it’s coming. Stand strong against the problems and keep your head up. Keep trusting and believing. Don’t get discouraged. Things will change. God will deliver you and replace your problems with His wonderful blessings. God delivers. That is what He does. Be sure to include that in your vocabulary. Use that phrase a lot. Use that truth a lot. Use that powerful declaration a lot. When things are bad, say that God delivers and He is going to deliver you.

God delivers the righteous and He protects all his bones. You are not going to break. You are not going to be destroyed. You are going to stay in one piece and be blessed. You are protected no matter how bad things feel and look. Take refuge in the Lord and you won’t be disappointed. Take refuge in Him and you will be saved. There are many blessings coming your way. Stay in the Lord. Stay in faith. Those trials and tribulations won’t get the best of you. The God who delivers you is going to do something truly amazing for you. You have seen nothing yet. Deliverance is in your future. Peace is coming back. Trust and believe that you are a magnet for blessings even when it looks like you are attracting difficulties. God’s blessings are way bigger than all the trials you are enduring. Stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:19*; John 16:33; 1 Peter 4:12-13


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