10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 73)

Sometimes all you have to do is pray. Pray for peace. Pray for clarity. Pray for inner change. Pray for truth. Pray for wisdom. Pray to be more like Jesus.

There is a train that will depart without you unless you get on board quickly. It’s the train of hope and positivity. The Holy Spirit is driving it. The Lord is always on it and God is directing it.

God will always amaze you. He will surprise you. He will shock you. He will astound you. He will bless you and He will always love you!

A knock on God’s door through prayer is a knock on peace, love, truth, wisdom, joy, faith, miracles and exceedingly more. Keep on knocking. The door will open.

Two is better than one. Make sure you always collaborate with the Spirit of God. When you do, you make an invincible pair. You can’t do life alone!

The Lord gives us peace so we can see Him better, understand Him better and live better. His peace will always remove the chains of confusion, chaos and misery. Let the Lord’s peace be with you!

Once you have tasted the sweet fruit of the love of God, you won’t be able to go back to the rotten and conditional fruit of the world. Savor God’s love. Appreciate its sweetness and its unconditional nature.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you in His Word, you allow wisdom to speak to your heart. It will transform you from the inside out and it will manifest on the outside.

Don’t carry the weight of the world. Jesus carried all the burdens of the world for you. Carry His cross every day and you will carry victory, peace, the ultimate love and the “light burden” of salvation.

Count your blessings one by one. Do it every chance you get. With every blessing comes a dose of love that will help you conquer the world. You are blessed beyond measure!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 53:5; 1 John 4:15; Philippians 2:5


God is preparing something amazing for you

As a kid I was fascinated by the fact that God didn’t go to bed. I couldn’t comprehend how He could do that. It just seemed impossible. Then I became more and more aware of how God can do the impossible with ease. I found out that nothing, absolutely nothing was impossible to Him. I was also taught that God worked behind the scenes and that even when we don’t see anything happening, there was something in the works for us. Combining the fact that God can do the impossible and the fact that He works behind the scenes seemed to be quite a powerful combo. It surely is. Today I want to reiterate that God can still do the impossible and He is working on your situation right now behind the scenes. Take your eyes off your problem and focus your attention on the One who can do the impossible. He is preparing something for you right now. He is working on your behalf and making sure your life is straightened out. He can do anything in no time but the world has to catch up to Him and it might take some time but it will happen for you. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t panic. The best is yet to come. It is being crafted for you. God is preparing the next chapter of your life. Trust Him with the details. Let Him pen your story. Rejoice over what is taking place even though you can’t see it. God is paving the way!



God doesn’t sleep and I used to try to imagine what He did during the night. I pictured a huge factory in Heaven with conveyor belts and blessings being manufactured by angels. I had quite the imagination but it helped me get through some tough times. I was able to go to bed knowing that God was awake actively directing His army of helpers and telling them what to do. Some nights seemed long to me but I was fine with it because God had more time to get done. In reality it doesn’t take God any time to take care of our needs. He actually took care of all of them way before we were born. Like I said before our world system is not on the same wavelength as the Lord’s and it has to catch up to Him. Sometimes if things happened too fast, it would seem so unnatural that it could shock our system. If we get more used to the supernatural, it wouldn’t be a problem but we live in a world where the natural prevails. Anything out of the norms or out of the ordinary is either hard to believe or hard to get used to. I truly believe that if we could work on our mindset and get used to seeing God’s supernatural interventions in our lives more, we would experience more miracles and more signs and wonders. Increasing our faith in God’s supernatural abilities will increase the manifestations of His interventions.



I like the sound of the words “God’s interventions.”  His interventions are the demonstrations of what He has been preparing behind the scenes. When God is silent, He is still with you. He is still working on your behalf and He is still worthy to be praised. My advice is to keep on worshipping God, praising Him, talking to Him no matter what is taking place. When you don’t see any of God’s interventions, keep on going as if things were happening because they are. God will intervene and, in the meantime, you should intercede for others. What does that entail? While you are waiting for answers, answer other people’s prayers. How? Help someone in need. Pray for someone who has burdens and problems. Be the spokesperson for God’s love and speak up through acts of kindness. As God is preparing things for you, you should prepare things for others. Don’t be idle. Get the engine of love going. God is paving the way for amazing things for you. Show Him that you appreciate what He is doing by blessing others. Do what you want to see done unto you. Enjoy every moment of it and be grateful for all the wonders and miracles to come. They will come in Jesus’ name! God is preparing them for you!


Suggested reading: Matthew 7:12; Luke 1:37; Luke 6:31


Going from glory to glory with God

Going from glory to glory is something we can expect when we are in a relationship with God. It’s a perk. It’s a benefit. It’s a promise. When you stick with God, He takes you places. He doesn’t take you down. He takes you to higher levels. You can expect to be in a different place a year from now when you stay with God. The goal is to maintain that relationship. God is all set. He has done all it takes to make the relationship amazing. It’s up to us to hold our end of the bargain. The Lord takes us on a spiritual journey that will increase our abilities to know Him and to live our lives with Him. It’s a question of developing a sensitivity to the Spirit of God. We get to know Jesus better when we acknowledge His Spirit. His Spirit is His gift to us that makes life so much better. The Spirit of Jesus will always direct us toward Him and He will help us go from glory to glory. Expect to have a better life with the Lord. Expect to have more joy, more love, more patience, more peace, more mercy, more abundance. That is what you should look forward to with the Lord. If there is no increase in any of those areas, it’s time reevaluate your spiritual journey and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Ask Him to point out the places that need to be amplified, modified or simplified.



Sometimes all we need to do is simplify our lives to allow God to have a bigger space in our daily spiritual environment. We don’t see an increase because we are saturated with too much clutter. We give too much space to things that slow us down or that burden us. We take on too much. Simplifying things will give God a seat in the front row of our lives. When we overload our lives with events that take up too much time and we don’t have time to pray for instance, it is a problem. It is a hindrance to going from glory to glory. How can we expect to fly with God when we are not even walking with Him regularly? We can fly in high altitudes with God. There is no question about it. That is what He wants for us. He doesn’t want us to barely make it to the finish line. He wants us to get to the finish line with flying colors and be ready to go beyond it. Going from glory to glory means going above what seems impossible. It means going up the ladder of blessings and not stopping. If you are content with where you are spiritual now and you don’t think there is more, you need a spiritual wake-up call that will reset all your spiritual settings. You need that awakening that opens your eyes to what God can do in your life. Don’t let the clutter take away the space that belong to God. Declutter and start going from glory to glory.



Decluttering or detoxing are important steps that enable us to get to the point where we go from glory to glory. Detoxing is the act of removing all toxins and clearing things. That is a nice modification in our spiritual system. Toxins can be toxic relationships, negativity, harmful thoughts, overthinking, poor spiritual habits, lack of gratitude, a prayer-less life and more. The Lord can give us the strength to remove those toxins and His Spirit will replace them with pure elements. Pure elements such as a mind focused on Jesus, a heart full of praise, thanksgiving, joy and peace all make a huge difference. I pray to get the toxins out of my spiritual system but I also take the necessary measures to get there. The Lord empties me of the negative and fills me up with His traits and His blessings. I want to go from glory to glory and I make sure I do all that it takes to get to that place. One thing I have noticed about the Holy Spirit is that He amplifies what is good. He not only teaches us how to see beauty around us but He also augments the beauty in us. Spending time with the Lord always results in an amplification of His presence and His characteristics in us. The more time we spend in prayer, the more peace we get. The more time we praise, the more joyful we get. The more time we meditate on the Word, the more wisdom we get. The more we walk in love, the more love we get. The Spirit will always amplify Jesus in us if we let Him. It is a great way to go from glory to glory. There will always be more to learn about God. We can always be blessed more by the Lord. Let’s continue to be disciples of the Lord and avid followers. We will go from glory to glory!


Suggested reading: Psalm 84:7; John 17:22; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18


When God shows you His face

I grew up with a religious approach to everything regarding God. I was used to rituals that mystified God and that placed Him in an unattainable category. I pictured God being on a cloud far away. I also believed I wasn’t worthy of being close to God. I felt like He was too distant and not interested in me, little me. I thought He had better things to do than to look at me and spend time with me. I tried to be pious and I tried to please Him. As a kid I would pray before bed and sometimes I would cry because my prayers didn’t seem sincere enough. I experienced a lot of guilt when I couldn’t feel compassion for others or when I wasn’t able to show gratitude. I also didn’t think highly of myself and I was convinced that God couldn’t love me all that much. Something tangible and important was missing in my vision of God. I had the wrong ideas, the wrong impressions and the wrong thoughts about God. I was crushed by religion and chained by its mandates and its rules. To me God was not synonymous to freedom. He was hard to satisfy and impossible to reach. I was wrong. I was blind. I was misled.



The face of God I was exposed to was a mask. It masked the reality of who He truly was. I did my best to adore a masked imitation that had no mercy and no love. I couldn’t see the face of beauty. I could only see the face of shame and punishment. Who was that God that the Bible talked about? How come He wasn’t present in my church? How come my church community was more interested in gaining than in giving even though the God of the Bible was about giving His life for us? I set out on a quest for the real God. I made a promise to myself that I would get to know the real God. I was clued in as a teenager about the source of the true God. The source was Jesus. To see God’s face, I needed to search for Jesus. I was 14 when my heart opened up to the Lord. At that age I was vulnerable because of how much I had been battered by life and I was willing to try anything to get out of my misery. Jesus sounded like a good idea. Jesus sounded like a promise of a new day. He seemed to symbolize freedom and hope. I saw hope. I learned that there was much more to God than a series of rituals and shaming principles. I saw hope for the first time in my life. Life was more than I had imagined. Jesus was the One who could give me that something more and I was hungry for Him. I wanted to know Him and I desired to see the face of God.



I do believe that God is the One who came to me. I don’t see it as an act on my part. I was opened but He did the opening. He touched my heart. He knew where to find me and how to impact me. God had mercy on me. God felt love for me and to this day I strongly believe that Love (with a capital L) saved my life. God decided to show me His face. He deemed it necessary for Him to reveal Himself to me. The lies had to stop. The mask had to come off. The truth had to be told. Pure love had to come in and plug the holes of deceit and fear. God showed His face and He changed the vision I had of Him. How did He do it? What did He look like? He did it through His presentation of salvation to me. I saw what salvation was all about. It was first and foremost about unconditional love. The people who introduced me to God introduced me to Jesus, the King of kings. They depicted the portrait of love. Jesus was almighty and powerful but He was above all full of mercy and grace. I was told about His sacrifice. I was told that my personal sacrifices to make myself pious had to stop. I was told that fear had to stop. I was told that there was no fear in perfect love. Perfect love was described to me in a way that I had never envisioned before. It was as if God were telling me that my life was about to change and He was going to give me proof of His love for me.



For the first time I heard “I love you, son.” I heard it every time I opened my eyes in the morning and His presence was there. He showed me that He couldn’t leave me. He showed me that He didn’t punish me. He opened my eyes and He gave me a new eyesight. I started walking by the eyesight of faith and I gave up walking by sight of the natural. I was given glimpses into the supernatural and I was led by the Spirit of the living God. The God I had known before was dead. The God I embraced once I accepted Jesus was full of life and love. I can gladly say that God has continued to show me His face by demonstrating His ability to be God. He will do it for you. He can do it for anyone. He can show you what He is capable of and blow you away by His ways. He is faithful. He is not a liar. He is absolutely amazing! God always knows what He is doing! Seek His face all the time. You will see the beauty of His kindness and the reflection of His goodness.


Suggested reading: Psalm 139:16-17; Psalm 94:14; 1 Timothy 2:3-4

Keep fighting the good fights

You have probably read the quote that says that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. We must deal with battles every day. Every day we are faced with some type of fight but we are soldiers for the Lord and He has equipped up for all sorts of battles. The fights we have to engage in every day are not against people. We are to fight the good fight of faith. It’s a fight that will always exist but once again we have what it takes to win that fight. God has given us His Spirit, His Word and His salvation through His Son. They are all part of an amazing equipment we can use to make it through tough times. When we have the Lord’s protection, nothing can harm us. The Lord says that no weapon forged against us shall prosper. The enemy can throw fiery darts, daggers, knives at us but with the Lord on our side we will not be harmed. Now, there are two other fights we have to fight all the time; the fight for love and the fight in our minds. They are all important. They are all good fights. They are fights for peace and they are fights we can win in Jesus’ name. Let me talk about those three fights more in depth.


The fight for love is the biggest fight and it can be challenging. God loves all of us. When we walk in love, we walk hand in hand with God. Showing love to others is showing God to others. When we love people, we imitate God and it is a beautiful imitation. This implies that we ought to love ourselves as well. That can be part of the challenge. We are too often hard on ourselves or we live with guilt, we focus on our shortcomings, we let past mistakes haunt us. All these factors keep us from showing love to ourselves. Sometimes it is easier to be like God to others more than it is to be like God to ourselves. However, God’s unconditional love is the same for everyone and we should learn to love ourselves because God adores us all. The fight for love starts with the fight to love ourselves. If we are going to imitate God, we need to imitate His goodness and kindness toward ourselves. I pray for love for myself. It is a crucial step closer to loving others in an unselfish way. The fight for love is also the fight against selfishness and ulterior motives. Love doesn’t seek what’s best for itself but it focuses on what’s best for others.


The fight in our minds is another one of those fights that will never stop. It is closely linked to the good fight of faith so I will talk about them together. The fight in our minds helps us keep our faith strong. The minute we let negative thoughts get into our heads and stay there, we get weakened and the good fight of faith becomes more difficult. Our thoughts have so much power. I think they are more powerful than we realize at times. Keeping our thoughts positive and in line with God’s Word is a great way to fight the good fight. If our thoughts are positive and God-centered, it’s half the battle. The rest of the battle is to keep feeding on faith distributors. “Faith distributors” are any elements that keep us in faith or that increase our faith. One of my favorite faith distributors is time spent in praise. Praise makes me believe in God more. It makes me “feel” His presence.  and it gives a great boost to my spirit. What are your faith distributors? Learn what they are and indulge in them. Today I encourage you to keep fighting the good fights. Remember that Jesus won all battles a long time ago so it is always a “win-win” situation for you when you stay in faith, when you walk in love and when you keep your mind focused on Him. Keep fighting the good fights! The Lord is with you!


Suggested reading: Matthew 6:20; John 16:13; 1 Timothy 6:12


Expecting God’s best

I am very excited about today. Not because it is almost the end of the school year but I am excited about today because God has some amazing things awaiting me today. He has great and amazing things for you as well. He just wants you and me to grab those wonderful things with the power of great expectancy also known as the power of faith. There is so much that can happen each and every day and our focus needs to be on the good things. We need to project positivity, hope and a heart that is expecting great things. As you are sitting at your breakfast table sipping on your coffee, be grateful. Open your heart to the beauty of the Lord. Stretch your arms and hug His goodness. Keep looking at His kindness and adhere to His meekness. God has so much more for you and me that the eye can meet. Let’s broaden our horizons of faith and set our eyes on the things from above. There are heavenly blessings with our names on them and they just need to be claimed by the confession of our faith. Instead of expecting the worst this week, let’s expect God’s best.


I have written about God’s best many times before and I will never get tired of it. We all need to hear what God has to offer over and over again. We hear and see what the world has to offer all the time. It is so prevalent that we have more faith in the world’s offerings than we do in God’s promises. God is faithful. He doesn’t break His promises and He wants us to use faith as a premise for His promises. There are mountains ahead of you this week that need to be moved. There are obstacles ahead of you that will try to drive you out of your faith. There are surprises ahead of you that won’t be pleasant but there is a God who is the most powerful One that is with you now. He is going to spend every second of this week with you. He will just not leave you. You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Everything that might go wrong this week can be rectified. God can do that. God can make corrections when we make mistakes and when life is imposing errors on us. There is a strong sweet aroma from the Lord that makes the worst foul situations smell good again. Contribute to this great scent with your prayers as they go up to the Heavens like incense reaching high places. Let your prayers reflect your expectations of God’s best.



When we pray, we are heard. Do you believe that? Do you expect that? I expect an answer from God every time. I have learned to expect an answer on God’s timetable and not mine. If I think it will happen when it’s convenient for me, I get disappointed and I miss the mark. God always knows best and His timing is better than our impatience. Now, another thing I have learned is to pray with great expectations. Pray bigger prayers, friend. Pray with an audacious faith. Pray for the impossible. Pray and expect the best God must give. Pray in line with His Word. Pray all the time for things to change over time. Pray for wisdom. Pray that you acquire the patience to stand the course. Trust that the God who created the universe can create situations that will blow you away. Pray and thank God for His best. Pray and stay in faith. Pray yourself into God’s best. Attach praise to your prayers. Don’t limit your prayers by asking for the best the world can do. God can do way more than the world can. God’s best is on its way. God’s best is here to stay when you stay in God’s will. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Psalm 5:3; Psalm 37: 23-24; 1 Timothy 6:12


Sharing God’s mindset

The other night when I was reading my Bible, one verse stood out to me. The verse stayed with me for a while. I was reading the book of Philippians and I got drawn by the verse that talks about having the same mindset as Christ. As believers in Christ we have access to His mindset. We partake in His thought process and in His ideas. We might not always see it or accept it but it is part of what we are entitled to. Sharing God’s mindset is an amazing gift that requires discipline and faith. It requires discipline because our own minds and our flesh easily get in the way. It requires faith because we need to believe that we can share His mindset. We are strongly encouraged to share God’s mindset in our relationships with others. What does that mean? It means that humility should be a way of life for us and we should always put others before ourselves. It means that selfishness shouldn’t have a say in what we do but love should be loud and clear in everything we do. God’s mindset is recorded in His Word and it is highlighted by His Spirit in us. Today I want to invite you to continue to share God’s mindset and to express His mindset every day. Let God’s thoughts be yours. Repress your flesh, renew your mind and make room for God’s mindset. Make way for God’s ways in all your ways!

Jesus laid down His life to save our lives. It is a truth that will always transcend the laws of life. He died on the cross for us. He put us above Himself. That perfect sacrifice gave life a new meaning. When we share the mind of Christ, we adopt that mentality. We endorse the mentality of putting others before us. We let our desires die so that other people’s needs can be met. It doesn’t sound enticing to our flesh but it is what our spirits long for because they understand what God’s love is all about. If we want to get a glimpse into God’s mind, we better spend time in His Word and spend time focusing on love. Love is the key that opens the door to the Lord’s mindset. It is not complicated but yet it seems hard to achieve at times. We have our own definition of love that can contradict God’s love. His love is void of self and full of “the other.” The other person matters more to God than self. When you yield to God’s mindset, you become blind to hatred and negativity. All you see is love and service. You become a servant to others. You pray for other people before you pray for yourself. You help others the best way you can. You are led by the Spirit and you disconnect from what your flesh wants. All you want is what the Lord puts on your heart.

Sharing God’s mindset also means having a faith mindset. Nothing seems impossible to you. You know that God can do it all. You know that there is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. You have the mind of Christ and there is a million possibilities before you. Your mind expands and it is open to the supernatural. It is open to seeing God in action every day. You start your day with confidence. Your mind gets used to seeing the best in everything and in everyone. There is endless potential everywhere. You are surrounded by hope. You are filled by hope. There is no limit to what you know God can do. Having God’s mindset implies being in a different realm. It doesn’t matter what happens in the natural, your mind is not there. It is above circumstances. It doesn’t get stuck on everyday situations. It sees every situation as an opportunity to exercise faith and to show gratitude. Gratitude is a big part of having God’s mindset. Thank God that you can learn how to partake in His mindset. It’s there. Let faith underline it for you. God’s mindset is in you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 2:5; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:22-32