God makes things happen

I once heard a parent say that the best way he could explain what he does for a living to his kids was by telling them that he makes things happen for people. He was a lawyer. He said he helped people see their dreams come true even when things looked really bad. His job was to defend people and make good things happen for them. What I thought about right away is how this man was describing what the Lord does on a much greater scale. He is there to defend us and to make things happen. If you don’t see the Lord as Someone who makes things happen, I am inviting you today to rethink your perception of Him. I am not talking about just having it in your mind as a theory but believing it with your heart and knowing without a doubt that the Lord makes things happen and He can make things happen for you. God made the world happen. He made the resurrection happen. He made love happen. He made peace happen. He made joy happen. He still does make all these things happen. He puts life back into your dead situations. He blows peace into your seasons of chaos. He covers your sadness with a blanket of joy and suppresses your sorrow. Yes, the Lord makes things happen all the time and with your faith in the mix, He will make great things happen for you!


Faith is the hand that makes God’s hand move. It is the hand that we use to reach out and grab our miracles or our breakthrough. Faith believes despite the circumstances. It’s with the hand of faith that we can touch what’s invisible. My hand of faith is getting used to feeling the invisible and it gives my heart a clear idea of things that my mind can’t grasp. When God sees our hands stretched out, He makes things happen. He looks and says ‘Let me give My child what he/she has been waiting for. Let Me fill his/her hand with more than the eye can see.” Our faith activates the miracle process. Our faith makes things possible. God makes things happen and we can see Him operate in our lives on a daily basis with faith. Without faith we can’t connect with God. Even a small amount of faith helps us raise our hand to Heaven and hope for a sign, a miracle, a blessing. Raise your hand today as you are sitting in the classroom of life and ask the Lord for what you need. He is a loving teacher who will answer your questions and give you exactly what you need. He is also your advocate and He will stand in court and make sure you win. He is your defender. He will always make sure that justice is served in your life. Things will go wrong at times but He will right every wrong!


When nothing seems to be working out in your life, remember that the God who makes good things happen can move any mountains that might be in the way. He can’t be stopped and He can’t be conquered but He can stop the pain and He can conquer the mountains. You have the God who is not limited in any way on your side. Think about that! Overthinking won’t make things happen. Wishing for things to change will not make them happen. Talking about the issues over and over again won’t make things happen. God will make things happen for you like He has in the past. Nothing you can do will stop the flow of His love from reaching you. The things that seem impossible in your life will materialize when you put all your hopes in the Lord. He can make things happen within seconds or within years. Be patient but be in faith above all. Ask the Lord for assistance so you can stay in faith. Your situation is going to change thanks to the One who makes things happen. Dream of what you want to see change in your life. Dream big! Dream of the amazing things that God will do. They will happen. God is going to make good things happen in your life. God is your defender against all the attacks of the enemy. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 77:14-20; 1 Timothy 6:15; 2 Peter 3:9




Bridging the gap between impossible and possible

I had a great time yesterday morning during prayer. I love that time alone with the Lord. I love it when He tells me to just listen and I seek His face with gladness.  Yesterday the message that impacted me the most was how Jesus is the bridge between the impossible and the possible. He is the bridge between people and God the Father. He is the bridge between doubt and faith. He is the substance of our faith. We believe because of Him. He is the reason for faith, the reason for love, the reason for miracles. Bridging the gap between the impossible and the possible was made real by the Lord. We tend to stand on the side of what’s humanly possible but we rarely cross over to the impossible, what I call the God possible. The Lord can do far greater things that humans can. To Him, impossible is not possible. When we are only looking at life from the side of the impossible and we don’t dare looking at life from the perspective of the impossible made possible, we are not sharing God’s mind. In His mind miracles are possible and are natural and normal. If you are stuck in the realm of the impossible and you can’t believe it is possible, the Lord has a word for you. His word is that He is the way, the truth and the life. You can reach God the Father and His realm of impossible made possible through Jesus. Jesus is the bridge and your faith allows you to walk over that bridge and get to the other side. Put your faith in the Lord. If He can part the seas, heal the sick, turn water into wine and perform endless miracles, He can bless you today with something that you deemed impossible.


Get close to the bridge. Get to know the bridge to the impossible. Read about Jesus’ miracles. Study the Word of God and meditate on what you find. The Spirit of the Lord is the flashlight that allows you to see in the darkness of confusion. Confusion can make everything so dark and so hard to understand. The Holy Spirit has the light that can dissipate any darkness. He brings clarity. Do you ever pray for guidance and clarity? I do and I also praise because of guidance and clarity. I stand on the promise that the Spirit of the Lord will guide me and enlighten me so what I have to do is thank Him and praise Him in advance. I was telling a friend that once the request has been sent to the Lord, I always expect a response. I don’t dwell on it but I expect it. The answer always comes and sometimes it is a subtle whisper that I could miss easily. Therefore, it is important for us to spend time in prayer. Our spiritual ears are more open when we pray and when we isolate ourselves. It’s during those precious times that we get to know the Lord better. At times I get so deep into it that I feel no fear and no doubt. It is more than feelings. It is a knowing and a recognizing that the Lord is Lord. I get to a point where I am amazed by King Jesus and I see His majesty. He is supreme. He above anything and He can do anything even the things my mind tells me can’t happen.  Anything can happen with the Lord. Develop your faith in that first!


Have you ever walked on a bridge that looked like it could fall and collapse? That is what happens when we walk with doubt and fear in our backpack. When we don’t have that solid foundation in the Lord, the bridge will appear to be frail. The Lord is a solid bridge. He is solid and He will not collapse when you walk with Him. He is the bridge that will always take you to a blessing or a miracle. What He intends for you to be is a bridge for others. He wants you to help people cross over from doubt to faith. You have the potential to touch people’s lives when you have Jesus in your life. You can be that bridge that looks so sturdy that people will want to take a walk to the other side and believe. You can encourage and motivate others because you have the greatest motivator of all in you. There are a lot of people in your life who feel like they have burned the bridges to their breakthrough because of what they did in the past. Be that bridge that reconcile them to the Lord or that give them the glimmer of hope that they need. Be that shining light into the truth of the Word for those people who are lost in the world. Bridge the gap with your prayers. Bridge the gap by displaying your faith in the impossible made possible. Bridge the gap between the world and Jesus Christ!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Acts 4:12


You will find peace again

I remember a situation at work that didn’t bring me peace. It kept running through my mind and I couldn’t let go of some of the things that had happened at work. I kept thinking about the mess that was taking place and I couldn’t find peace. One person was involved in this chaotic situation and I couldn’t stop thinking about the person’s actions and how they were impacting my colleagues and me. Overthinking was in full swing and I knew I had to do something about it. Overthinking takes you down a rabbit hole where all you find is more reasons to think and think and the thinking is never positive. What bothered me the most was that I strongly believed that the Lord should occupy most of my thoughts and it wasn’t happening. It was as if I had given His seat to someone who didn’t deserve it. I was putting a situation above Him and that didn’t feel right and it wasn’t right. I recall how the Holy Spirit tried to bring me back to Him a few times but the misery I was in had a strong appeal. It made me believe that the more I focused on it the more likely I would be to find a situation. Misery likes company so with those thoughts came doubt and fear and a general feeling of being lost. Then during prayer, I saw the Lord as a Shepherd with His sheep. He is our Shepherd and as the amazing Shepherd that He is, He doesn’t let His sheep go astray. He would leave the 99 to go find you if you were the only lost. I was lost and I was uncomfortable in my spiritual skin so to speak. I couldn’t fully embrace my relationship with the Lord and it made me feel itchy in my spirit.


During that moment when I prayed and I had a vision of the Lord on the inside, what I saw the most was a smile. I saw a radiant smile that lit up my mind. It was so big and so strong that I felt comforted. I knew it was the Lord. I was lost and distant but He wasn’t mad at me. He was smiling and inviting. He is not the kind of Shepherd that scolds you and grounds you when He finds you after you have gone missing. His smile brought me back to Him. His inviting kindness drew me back in. He showed me love when I showed Him nothing. Overthinking is like telling the Lord “Sorry I don’t have time for You. Let me brood over my circumstances and spend my energy on something else.” I was giving Him the cold shoulder and He was ready to carry me on His shoulders and bring me back to where He was, to where peace was. I was lost and I couldn’t see Him. He knew where I was and the whole time I was away, He was right there with me. Peace was right there but I chose to ignore it. I chose to turn away from it. I magnified the problem and minimized the solution.


The Lord’s message was clear. His message was that I would find peace again. My mind was foggy but He had better weather coming my way. How did I get out of the fog? How did I get back to peace? I told Him I was sorry I got in my head and got in my own way. I told Him I needed help and He was the only One who could rescue me. I prayed. I spoke and I listened. What I heard was “Peace I give to you. Not the way the world gives you peace but I have peace that surpasses all understanding. Let go of your understanding. Let Me give you what you need.” God always knows what we need way before the need every existed. I was longing for peace. I found it in Him. I had to refocus and reposition my thinking. Praise is what did it for me. The Lord is in our praises. When we honor Him and exalt Him, He comes in with peace that tears down fear and worry. I got my mind to be actively thinking about Him again through praise. I spent time in the Word and surely, I found peace again. I hope my testimony encourages you to go to the source of peace if you are going through a time of unrest. Let the Lord stay on the throne of your mind. The good Shepherd loves you and He will bring you back to Him. You will find peace again!


Suggested reading: John 14:27; Philippians 4:7; Colossians 3:15


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 90)

When you lose followers because of the One you follow, choose to unfollow disappointment and rejection. Those feelings are meant to hurt but the One you follow is meant to bless you. Don’t follow your feelings. Follow your faith in the One who is above all feelings.

When the pressure is on, it’s easy to fold like a chair and fall to the ground. Let God put you back together so you can be sturdy and strong and others can sit on your faith and avoid the fall!

Stay strong in the Lord. You are a pillar for the Lord. You connect His solid ground to His ceiling of Hope. Keep helping people who can’t touch the ceiling and who have no ground to walk on. Be that pillar for the Lord!

The song of our lives should be a song of praise. Let’s ask ourselves every day what our song sounds like on that day. We can change it and bring it back to what it is meant to be.

Jesus paid the price so you don’t have to beat yourself up and pay a debt that was taken care of thousands of years ago.

Pressure and stress don’t come from God. If you are feeling pressured and stressed, remember that those feelings are not from God. Pray for peace to put pressure on the feelings that are not from God.

If you live on “Love street”, be sure to keep hate at bay. Don’t let it roam in your neighborhood and wreak havoc. Hold on to love and hate will run away.

A strong worshipper keeps worshipping through all seasons. Be that seasoned worshipper who doesn’t cease to celebrate the Lord and you will be the voice of wisdom that stands the test of time!

Your next breakthrough is around the corner. Keep walking in faith and you will bump into deliverance when you least expect it.

Relax in the arms of joy. Let the joy of the Lord be your resting place. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Let the arms of the Lord be your place of refuge. Relax in the arms of the Lord!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Isaiah 9:3; James 1:2-3

Change of plans

I have mentioned before how there are different plans for our lives. There is God’s plan for our lives, the enemy’s plan and our own plan. Sometimes two plans are merged. If we go along with the enemy’s lies, we can make his plan for our lives ours. If we follow the Lord and let Him lead the way, we are on board with God’s plan for our lives. His plan is the ultimate plan. Now, we have all experienced hardships and heartaches. We have all been through tough times. Some people more than others. We can’t avoid the tribulations. However, God often intervenes and says, “Change of plans.” He comes in and removes the trials. He comes in and gets us through the trials. He comes in and imposes His plan. This goes back to the truth that what was meant for evil is turned for good by the Lord. It is such a refreshing announcement when He says that there is change of plans. It is an encouragement we can receive when our faith is given a boost. Find ways to boost your faith when God’s plan doesn’t seem to come through. It always does. He has the plan that covers everything. When bad things happen, it doesn’t mean that the enemy won. It is God’s plan for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to get out of the misery. God has a rescue plan that will get us out of trouble. His plan is more powerful than the enemy’s plan. If you feel like you are sitting in the middle of suffering caused by the enemy’s plan for your life, don’t lose hope. God is about to tell you that there is a change of plan on the way.


When things are not going well, we can get conditioned to some pretty deplorable situations. We even believe that these bad things happening to us will be our fate. I have been there. I was at a point in my life where I did not believe good things could happen. I thought that evil always won over good and I had to get used to it. Then God came in with a resounding “Change of plans.” It took me a while to adjust to Him and to His positivity. I had to unlearn some mental habits and my heart had to be repositioned from the place of hurt it had been for so long. It felt as if God was sitting me down and was telling me to erase the bad memories with praying and singing. I discovered that praise did its job. God didn’t have the same plan the enemy had in mind for me of course. He wanted me full of joy and the enemy always wants us empty of joy and peace. He tries his hardest to deplete our joy and to deflate us. God has a plan that puts the air back in our ball of joy. He has a plan for us to recover, to be restored and to share the newfound joy with others. Don’t think that things are going to stay the way they are now. God’s plan will override the enemy’s plans for you. Help is on the way. It’s already done. Just hold tight and you will see how the great plan from Heaven shapes up your future.


God is not scratching His head trying to figure out how He is going to help you and bless you. It was all determined and done way before you were born. Nothing that happens to you will ever take Him by surprise. He has a clear plan laid out for you. It’s when you think there is no way out that He will show up and tell you there is a change of plans for you. What should you do while you are waiting for your breakthrough? Thank Him for being the “plan-changer.” Thank Him for loving you and for having your future in His hand. He holds you in the palm of His hand and He won’t drop you. He won’t let you fall. Get to a place of peace by asking Him to give you peace while you are waiting. He is extremely generous and loves giving all the time. Approach Him and you will get the peace you need to face the next few pages of your story until the change comes. Approach Him and ask His Spirit to keep you strong. There is a lot of joy coming your way and the Lord is going to deliver it to you. His plans never fail. They will be implemented and they will bless you and prosper you. Stay in faith. A change of plans is closer than you think!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Matthew 6:10; Hebrews 13:20-21


Hold on to the power of the Word of God

I was off yesterday which gave me the opportunity to spend more time in prayer in the morning like I do on the weekend. It was an exquisite time. Spending time in prayer is more delicious than the best meals I have. That says a lot because I am quite the foodie but I find that the more time I spend in prayer, the more satisfied I am. It quenches my spiritual thirst and it takes care of my spiritual hunger for some time. Yesterday during that prayer time, I had a vision of myself walking in a snowstorm. I was all bundled up and I was holding my Bible. At first, I thought, “Oh yes Lord, thanks for the reminder that winter is coming and it will be here before I know it.” Then I started digging a little deeper into that message. I had a hat on, boots, a scarf and a big jacket. The snow was bad and it was covering my body including the little bit of my face that was not protected. What I noticed was that despite the storm and the cold I was able to walk. I was making my way through the snow and I was plowing through like a machine that couldn’t be stopped. I felt the cold. I felt the wind but I kept going. The Bible I was holding on to was a great indicator. It indicated that the strength that kept me going was coming from God.


I often hold my Bible when I pray or meditate. It is just a point of contact for me. It’s very symbolic. It reminds me that I have to hold on to the truth and use it as my base and my foundation.  That is what was happening in the vision. The Word of God was my foundation and it was taking me places. I felt the harsh weather and it wasn’t pleasant but the Word of God pushed me forward and helped me through the storm. The blizzards of live can paralyze us easily. They keep us from making progress. They keep us home. They discourage us from advancing and they can even scare us. I was not scared in that vision. I was aware of the danger but I had no doubt that the Word of God was with me and protecting me. I drew my strength from it. It was my motivation. It gave me zeal and it gave me hope. Hope is the ground that allows us to move from place to place. When we cast hope over the grounds of fear and doubt, we can walk on solid ground and we can keep going. The Word of God was obviously the hope that gave me power. Power to succeed. Power to go beyond what I thought I could do. Power to stare fear in the face and walk past it. Always hold on to the Word of God and you will be holding on to power from Heaven!


I love the true concept of Heaven colliding with earth and the vision I had was a demonstration of that powerful collision. In my right mind I would never venture out in a big snowstorm like the one in the vision but Heaven was with me so to speak. I was holding the power that makes anything possible. I was speaking the Word of God against that storm and it created that heavenly collision. The words of the Lord that are in the Bible force earth to yield to the power of God. Earth has to give way to power from Heaven when the Word of God is our hope. It doesn’t matter the size of the storm; Heaven will push you forward and get you where you need to be when you trust in Jesus. If you are in need of a Heaven collision today, go to the Word of God. Read it. Get filled with it. You will get full of hope and hope is what you will speak over every circumstance. Don’t let the winds blowing scare you. Don’t worry about the pile of snow that is being dumped on your life. Focus on the words of hope that are filling you up with power. Stay with the Word. Stay in the Word. Hold on to the Word. Hold on to power. Hold on to the Lord. He will get your through your worst winter storms. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 9:9-10; Isaiah 43:1-3; John 14:27


God will turn it for good

If you are going through a nightmare right now, just know that God is going to wake you up and help you forget about that bad dream.  Your current situation might be very difficult but the Lord is going to turn it for good. What the enemy is doing to you and what his plans are for you will be turned for good. God is going to shatter those plans and turn your situation around. The hardest part is to stay strong and hang tight but God is not leaving you alone. He never said that you would have to fend for yourself. He said that He would defend you and protect you. Today I want to encourage you to develop the habit of declaring that the Lord is going to turn your situation around. Declare it with your words and with your actions. Make that declaration be a part of your belief system. Let your heart grab that declaration and hold on to it. God is not giving up on you and His love will see you through.


Think about some of the worst times you have had and remember how the Lord got you through them. He has a plan and His plan is the opposite of the enemy’s plans for you. The enemy is trying to steal your joy and destroy you. God’s plan is to prosper you, to build you up and to bless you. Prosperity, construction and blessings are what you can expect from God. By prosperity I don’t mean financial bliss although God can provide that. I am talking about prospering in all things. Spiritual, emotional and physical prosperity. Prosperity is the state of being prosperous. Prosperous is usually associated with material wealth but the wealth the Lord brings touches all departments of our lives. God will prosper you despite what the enemy tries to do to you. The enemy’s trap and deceit won’t be stronger than God’s plans to prosper you.


If you are going through financial hardship, God will restore your finances because He is the God of the impossible and He loves you. Faith can get the hand of God to move in your favor and that includes financial matters The Gospel of the Lord is based on love and not on becoming rich but God is a provider. He is Jehovah-Jireh the One who provides our needs and He can give abundance. I don’t spend time praying for financial wealth. However, I do thank the Lord every day that He gives me more than enough. My cup overflows. It runs over because I trust the King of Kings. I have had a few financial setbacks but God has given me a great payback for every time the enemy tried to bring me down. What was meant for evil was turned for good by our amazing Lord!


Construction is the building of something that is usually a big structure. The Lord builds us up and we are often under construction. His Spirit helps us build something big in us. The enemy will attempt to bring us down and tear down what the Lord is doing in us. The enemy’s desire is to shake our faith and remove its foundation so we fall in a pit of confusion. For every brick that the opposition takes down, God has a whole wall ready to go up in its place. Don’t get discouraged when you are feeling defeated. That feeling will go and God will trade it for His victory. You will see victory. Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes a new beginning that will be way better than the suffering of yesterday.


The bad things that take place in our lives tend to make us think that we are cursed or that happiness is not our friend. God is a God of blessings and He loves blessing His children. I say let the rain of blessings come down as you let the power of singing go up. When life gives you a hard time, give God your best praise. Sing yourself back to joy. Proclaim the blessings of the Lord over your life. Don’t let morosity and dullness take over. Take over the atmosphere with praise. It’s in your singing that you will find the joy of the Lord again. The enemy may be planning a time of mourning for you but the Lord has joy, peace and love waiting for you in the morning. God will turn every bad situation for good. You have seen nothing yet. Stay in faith!


Suggested reading: 2 Samuel 16:12; Romans 8:28; 1 Corinthians 1:9