Living out your salvation

God started something wonderful in you. With salvation, God started something profound and unique in you. He put thoughts, ideas and concepts in you about living the Christian life. When you received salvation, your spirit received a new life and it’s that new life that encompasses all new thoughts and ideas. Motivation, inspiration and hope were birthed in your spirit. You found true hope and you found a new light. Do you remember how exciting getting saved was? It was going from darkness to light. It was a change that was so big that you couldn’t believe how amazing it was. You were thrilled, you were very excited. What happened after was very crucial. How you maintain your hope and how you let the thoughts and ideas grow in you matter. The thing is if we are not always properly educated about our salvation. We don’t realize that we have to work on staying on the right track. The change is so huge that we think that it will always be great and we will remain in that euphoric state. We can feel invincible and we can feel powerful. Salvation is not about feelings. Faith is not about feelings. It’s about following the Lord, staying in love with God, loving others, acknowledging the Holy Spirit and persevering in faith.

I remember after I got saved I thought that life was going to be a bed of roses forever. I felt so great. I had never felt that way before. I felt close to God. I was full of hope. I was filled with love and my faith was on fire. Then problems came and I was taken aback. I couldn’t understand why things were going wrong. I didn’t expect to feel pain again and yet I did. I had been misinformed about what to expect and I fell from Heaven and landed in hell or at least that’s how it felt. God seemed far and hope appeared to be a temporary feeling that went away. I tried to recapture it. I tried to recreate the great feeling of salvation to no avail. I was looking for thrills instead of looking for God. I learned that maintaining faith was a necessity and it involved a lot of practice and a lot of tenacity. The good fight of faith was real and I had to be strong, take heart and wait on the Lord.

I was determined to getting back to where I was high in faith and where the Lord seemed so accessible. God’s Word gave me the answers I was looking for. Prayer was essential and I decided to make it a habit and to develop a lifestyle of prayer. After all Jesus prayed all the time and He was the author of my faith so I had to imitate Him. I personalized my prayers. I noticed that church always started with praise and worship so I did the same thing. I entered the Lord’s gates with praise and my life changed. Praise and worship took my spiritual life to a higher level. I was in full salvation mode. It doesn’t mean that I had stopped being saved and then I was saved again. It means that I was living out my salvation. I became a lot more God-conscious and being in His presence became a priority. Salvation doesn’t end at the altar and it doesn’t pop up one day a week. It is our new life. It is our new way of being and it implies that we are going to be in communication with the Lord every day and we are going to acknowledge Him in all we do. We are His and He cares about us. We walk in Him. We live in Him. We are everything thanks to Him. Live out your salvation, friend. Be a Jesus-centered Christian. Love out loud. Pump up your muscles of faith. Guard your heart. Stay joyful. Your life in Jesus is amazing! Live it up for Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 27:13-14; John 16:33; 2 Corinthians 1:3

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 95)

The world is not black and white. There is some grey matter in between but there are also some beautiful colors the Lord created. Focus on God’s beautiful colors and paint over the darkness of the world with the brushes of love, peace and joy!

Talk to God about life. Talk to God about your life. Talk to God about pain. Talk to God about joy. Talk to God about frustration. Talk to God about accomplishments. Just talk to God!

The name above all names will squash all the names of the enemy. The devil, the opposition, the adversity have no power over the name of Jesus. Have faith that the name of Jesus is the name above all names!

Cruising through life with no problems is what fairytales are made of. Real life has you know it is made of ups and downs. Real life with the Lord is made of downs that become ups and ups that go higher than your wildest expectations!

The light that is shining through you can dissipate all the darkness that is around you. Never doubt that the light of the Lord will show you the way and will remove hurdles on the way.

The water that was turned into wine was a demonstration of the power of God who can transform anything effortlessly. Bring your water to the Lord and let Him turn it into wine. The new wine is coming. Don’t get discouraged when water is all you have. God is about to do something miraculous in your life with the little water you have!

The noise of the world will try to scare you. The enemy will scream at you. His evil agents will shout at you but the peaceful voice of the Lord will soothe you. Find peace in the Lord in the middle of the loudness of the world.

Be still and know that He is God. Be still and praise the Lord. Be still and rejoice in the Lord. Be still and you will know the Lord. Be still and the enemy will run away from you. Be still and stay in faith.

Keep on walking. You are almost there. Sometimes your legs are tired when you are close to your destination. Don’t give up. The weakness you are experiencing is a sign that you are on your way. God will get you to the finish line. Don’t give up!

A mountain of blessings is about to move into your life. It is behind the mountain of trials

and tribulations. Don’t let the negative mountains blind you to the truth. With God blessings abound. Stay close to God and you will be close to your breakthrough.

Suggested reading: Job 5:11; Psalm 27:13-14; Romans 8:28

The power of seeking peace within

I have been getting a lot of messages about peace. I have been reminded of how much peace the Lord gives. When chaos is around me, peace is in me. I have dealt with some unsettling situations recently that have required a lot of strength and faith and it is the peace of the Lord that has kept me centered in Him. When things are wild and crazy but peace is still in me, I see God in action. I see His hand on me. I see His love and protection. I see He cares. I see He is above my desolation. Being able to stay in peace in the middle of the rockiest ocean is a gift from God. Peace of mind, peace in my heart is what I long for more than gold. Peace is a weapon that allows us to stay strong during the battles. It is the tool that we can wield when we need some spiritual comfort and some spiritual strength. When you think about it, God is always at peace. He is always peaceful and being more like Him implies that we are agents of peace. Not only are we promoting peace but we are living in peace. It is possible to have supernatural peace when there is a lot of commotion and confusion. It is an act from God. It is a demonstration of His power. I believe that God is powerful today and that He can still give us the peace we need when we are having major problems. What God can do for you when things are bad, is out of this world. It’s time we considered Him more above anything and everything that is human. We are so conditioned by our human nature that we miss the connection with the One who is not a human being, the One who can do the impossible. Today I want to remind you to seek peace with others and to seek peace within.


I am a very calm person and people say that I am always peaceful. I am for the most part but I have things that get me going and that take me down the path of a chaotic heart at times. I might not show it on the outside but I feel it on the inside. However, I have found a way to have more consistent peace. I have been meditating on the Lord more. Meditation is a powerful practice that enables us to hear from God. The Bible tells us that we should meditate on the Word of God. We should also meditate on God. When I meditate, I open myself up to God. I start by praying and then I let the Lord interrupt me and keep me in the silence where His voice is the loudest. I stay in the moment and I cherish His moment. There is tremendous power in shutting everything down and turning every spiritual sense on for the Lord. When we are in meditative prayer, our spirits are tuning in. They are ready to hear from the Lord and they are ready to receive. I get into meditative prayer twice a day; when I first get up and before bed. Prayer and meditation are my sandwich buns for the day. Everything in between those two buns is secured by the two ends. My day is filled with various events and peace is the main ingredient in between the buns. It makes the day taste so much better. It adds flavor to every hour and it gives me the appetite I need to stay in faith. Peace is my secret ingredient every day.


My prayer today is that you stay confident that God will give you peace again. I don’t know what you are going through today but I know the One who will get you through it. Seek peace within. Take the time to seek God’s face and you will see what peace looks like. God will transform you on the inside and give you a big dose of His peace. He is extremely generous and He can do bestow peace upon you, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace within is like a well-balanced scale. It gives you the balance you need to be the person God intended you to be. You are meant to have God’s peace and you can use that peace as your “superpower.” When the enemy hits you hard, you won’t feel a thing because you have the power of peace. When life tries to bring you down, you won’t drown because peace is your buoy and it keeps you afloat all the time. Take heart. Jesus conquered the world so you may have peace. Guard your peace. Stay close to God and peace will be your close friend. Seek peace within as you seek God’s face and you will live an extraordinary life in the Lord!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; John 16:33; Romans 12:18

The words you say can change your world

I am a strong believer in claiming things and speaking things into existence. It is what God did. It is what He still does. His faith is impeccable and He can speak anything into existence. He can create anything. He can improve anything. He can mend anything. He can do the impossible and all that with His words. There is power in what we say when it aligns with God’s words. The Lord wants us to imitate Him and to follow His example. I want to be more like Jesus and I know that one area I need to work on is my confessions. I am not talking about confessing sins to Him. I do that all the time but here I am referring to what I say all the time. What I confess into the world. The ideas and the beliefs I project through my words. I need my words to echo the Lord’s words. Just like anyone else I can get carried away with my words and slip away from God’s way of speaking. The Lord speaks of victory and not of defeat. He speaks of love and not of hate. He speaks of hope and not of despair. He speaks of joy and not of sadness. God speaks and things happen. You and I have the same ability to speak things into life as we stay in faith. Faith gives us access to the Lord’s realm of the impossible. Faith speaks. Faith is not quiet. Faith sides with love. Faith sides with joy. Faith sides with peace. Faith always sides with Jesus. Faith sides with the Word of God. What side are you on? Are you siding with God through the way you speak or are you siding with the world and your mouth is a source of negativity? I am sure that a lot of us are a combination of both but the Lord’s side is where we should stay.

Jesus spoke sternly against the storm and the storm died down. Speak sternly against the storms of your life. Not just once but repeatedly. Show the storms that Jesus in you is greater than the chaos in them. Stand up and speak against the storm in Jesus’ name. Speak in Jesus’ name. Period. Be a spokesperson for love. Be a spokesperson for peace. Be a spokesperson for joy. Be a spokesperson for Jesus not only to the world but to yourself as well. Speak faith into your heart. Speak the Lord’s words and build up your faith. I don’t see anything wrong with memorizing scriptures and saying them when we need them. I have had desperate times that called for desperate measures and the best measures I have used were the Word of God and speaking faith. Now that I have some go-to scriptures, it’s easier to attack the bad situations with some good words of wisdom. God’s Word is the best place to find wisdom that helps us deal with all circumstances. There is a verse, an encouragement for every part of life and for every day. I have found my source of peace, my source of life. Jesus is the source and His Book underlines how majestic and amazing He is. Keep the Word of God close to your mouth and you will not run out of comebacks when life gives you a punch.

Miracles are created all the time and they come alive thanks to our Lord and Savior. Your next miracle is around the corner
. Your next miracle is coming your way and it lies in the power of your mouth now. You can attract God’s blessings with your faith. Your faith causes them to happen and your words are a big part of the whole process. Keep your confessions positive. Keep your words charged with God’s love and God’s hope. Don’t let negativity take over. Don’t give it any room. Squeeze it out of your mind. Squeeze it out of your heart. When people dump negative thoughts and ideas on you, take their trash and throw it out. Don’t be a dumpster for negativity. Don’t let people unload on you. Respond with love and firmly reject the negative words. Ask the Spirit of the Lord to assist you with this undertaking. You will be able to do it well the more you practice. Reject the bad and replace it with the good. Words matter. Words are important and your words can make a world of difference in your world. Keep on imitating the Lord. Keep on speaking His Word over your life. Stay positive. Great things will take place in your life. God’s words are the only words that can change your circumstances right now. Speak up for God. Speak up and see how God blesses your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 19:14; Proverbs 15:4; Matthew 12:37


God understands you

When you think about how big and how awesome God is it’s easy to also think that we can’t relate to Him. He is from another dimension. He is on a different level and yet He is our Father. He is almighty and powerful and He is caring and close to us. It blows my mind that the creator of the universe loves us all so much. It feels like we don’t deserve His love most of the time but He adores us. Now, when I think about what Jesus did for us on the cross, I have no words. No words can express my gratitude and the awe that I feel. I can’t imagine why Someone so pure and so holy loves me the way He does. It’s just amazing but it is real. One thing I need to keep in mind is that Jesus came as the Son of Man and the Son of God and He was tempted as a man. He was tempted in many ways but He conquered temptation. On the cross He suffered for all of us. He knows how your present-day pain feels like. He knows how tormenting some thoughts are. He knows your anguish and your anxiety. He has seen it all. He has lived it all. He understands your pain. He understands your problems.  He understands it all. He understands you. Today I am here to relate that message again. God understands you. He knows what you are going through and He will get through it. He is not blind to your tears. He is right there with you and He knows He can set you free from your misery.

“Jesus was in the desert forty days being tempted by the devil” (Mark 1:13). 40 days of temptation is a long time. We all go through deserts of temptation and fail after an hour or two. We couldn’t last 40 days. Jesus won over temptation and His victory is ours as well. If we believe in Him and follow Him, He will bless us in the desert and He will help us resist temptation. Temptation is the desire to do something wrong or unwise. How many times have we been tempted to do some unwise things and just gave in? God understands temptation but He is not passively watching us going through it. He is calling us and telling us that He can get us through it. He is stronger than temptation. He is wise beyond anything and His Spirit can lead us through the maze of temptation so we don’t yield to it. The enemy loves it when we fall but the Lord will always catch us when we do. I am not saying that sinning is acceptable and that we shouldn’t worry about it. I am saying that when we do fall, when we do sin, we can be forgiven. We need to take one step forward by turning to God for forgiveness. When you are ready to give in, give God another chance. He will turn things around for you.


You are not alone even in the middle of your season of loneliness. During times when we feel all alone, there is a Savior who loves us dearly and who wants to communicate with us. Times of loneliness call for more times spent in prayer. God will speak to you when you are willing to listen. He will talk to you the best way He knows how and He will comfort you. He will send a good soul your way. He will send a blessing in the form of a friend or He will speak directly to your heart and tell you that He understands you. He has been there and He can deliver you from the darkness and the despair. Your frustration today was felt by the Lord before. The sorrow that is squeezing you into a narrow place of fear was felt by the Lord. The heavy heart you have today was carried by the Lord before. God will carry you and free you. He will give you peace and He give you hope again. You are not alone. He knows you in and out and He has just what you need. Take comfort in how the Lord knows you and understands you. I am excited about what the Lord is going to do for you and how comforting He is going to be once you surrender yourself to Him completely. Great things are on the way. Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:2; John 4:6; Matthew 27:46

God is close to the broken-hearted

I believe that everyone can agree that they have had their heart broken at least once. Not necessarily in a love relationship but life has a way of breaking hearts and making people feel distraught. They say that what matters in life is really how we react to it more than what happens to us. I agree with that idea but I also know that there are times when the hurt is so deep that it is hard to find the right reaction to life. We can be in so much pain that we can’t get out of the hole of despair where we are. Events and people can hurt us so much that we feel like we will never go back to the way we used to be. A broken heart is a heart that is hard to mend. However, the Lord can fix anything and He can take care of any broken hearts. He specializes in healing the sick and healing the broken-hearted. He is compassionate and He is able to do what no one else can. God will mend your broken heart. He will put the pieces back together and make you whole again. Your healing will take place and you are going to feel like new in no time. Call on the Lord for help. Ask the Doctor to heal your brokenness and see what happens.

“The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18). That verse gives me so much hope and it fills me up with joy. Not only because I know God can always treat me when I am downtrodden but I also trust that He can heal and help my family and friends. I love how the verse says that He is close to the broken-hearted. We have the misconception that God is far when we are in pain. He is never far. We can’t see Him when the tears are blurring our spiritual vision but He stands right there. Since God is so close, we ought to talk to Him even when things are bad. What can we expect from God when we are suffering? We can expect Him to save us. The Bible says that the Lord saves the ones that are crushed in spirit. Are you crushed in spirit today? If for some reason you are, know that the Lord has the perfect antidote for your spirit. He has joy and peace that surpass all understanding and He truly has the power to heal. I pray to the Lord all the time and when I am going through a painful time, I double up my prayers. I don’t increase the requests but I increase my time talking to the Lord and listening to Him. I double up the praises and He speeds up the healing.


God doesn’t want to see any of us suffer. When we call on Him, He binds up our wounds. He makes things better. He starts on the inside and works His way out. He is interested in our hearts and He knows our hearts need to be preserved and guarded. Above all things we must guard our hearts. When our hearts get broken, the enemy gets an “in” and he can slip in negativity and bring us down so low that we might contemplate rejecting the Lord. Your heart is precious, friend. Keep it in good spiritual health. Feed it the Word. Cultivate God’s love in your heart. Let it be a generous heart. Keep it strong. Keep it full of Jesus. When something happens to it, don’t despair, turn to the One who can mend all hearts. Believe that healing is happening. Keep your eyes on the healer. Your faith will heal you like Jesus said. God is close to the broken-hearted and He cures them. Stay encouraged. Your heart is going to get a makeover in Jesus’ name! Nothing can separate you from God’s love.

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:18; Psalm 147:3; Joshua 1:7

Greater is the One who lives in you

If your back is against the wall and you have been slapped in the face by life too many times, I am here to tell you that you will bounce back. You won’t bounce back because of who you are. You are going to bounce back because of the One who is in you. Greater is the Lord who is in you than the devil that is in the world. The enemy has taken things from you. He is a thief and he has no mercy but God’s grace and mercy supersede the enemy’s opposition. There is nothing and no one greater and stronger than God’s power and I need you to pull yourself together with God’s help. Don’t let what the enemy has stolen from you make you bitter toward God. God has a plan of restoration for you and you are going to come out stronger from these bad times. I know how it feels when you have been robbed and your joy is gone. I know how it feels when peace is nowhere to be found and the enemy is dancing around claiming victory. He is a liar. Jesus won. Jesus won it all. As this new week begins, claim victory in your life. Take back what the enemy has stolen. Confess freedom and deliverance in the name of the Lord and remind yourself that greater is the One who lives in you than the enemy who roams around in the world.

Being defeated is a horrible feeling and it’s what the adversity wants us to feel. Being joyful in the middle of adversity is hard to achieve but that is what God can do for us. With God your mourning stops now. With God your sadness stops now. With God your sorrow stops now. With God joy is on its way back. With God peace is around the corner. Hold on to God’s truth and don’t adhere to the enemy’s lies. I understand that his lies look so real and seem so true but remember that God’s truth is above all lies. God is in you and He will get you through all hardships. What you must do is call on Him. Let Him carry you. Let Him be the powerful God that He is. Stay in Him. Don’t turn away from Him during the tough times. He has not changed one bit and He is the only who can truly make a difference. The enemy will flee when you resist him. Don’t resist him on your own. Stand behind God. Stand in faith. Stand with confidence. God can do the impossible and He will do that for you. He is going to set you free from the worry and the pain. Do what the enemy doesn’t want you to do. Sing, rejoice, tap into joy, show faith, proclaim victory, embrace God’s peace and the enemy will be stopped in his tracks.

Do you ever meditate on how big God is? Do you ever think about the magnitude of His love and of His power? He has power over death. If He has power over death, He definitely has power over your bad circumstances. Think about that! As big as your problems are, they are not bigger than God. Confront your problems with God. They will argue and say that you are done for but God will take the stand and declare that you are a conqueror. Friend, you are a conqueror. God has given you the victory. He is already in celebration mode so it’s your job to join Him there. He is going to make everything work out for the best. The setbacks will try to make a comeback but God has got your back. I have enjoyed peace in the worst storms in most recent years and it is all thanks to Jesus. Greater is Jesus in you than the hurricane that is around you. Stay in faith. Stay encouraged! God is going to do new things in your life that will give you a new lease on life!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:31; 1 John 4:4; Ephesians 6:12-13