With God nothing is impossible

Every day I thank the Lord because with Him nothing is impossible. I say it out loud, I sing it, I emphasize it. I make it a part of my day and I keep it in my heart. Why? I need to blast my mind with that truth so it stays in line with God’s Word. I make sure that my thoughts don’t take me away from that amazing truth. I pump up my faith. I feed it all the time so that this truth is real in my mind and stays strong in my heart. “With God nothing is impossible” is a statement that defines the essence of God and that sets Him on a pedestal. He is different from men. He is in a category by Himself. Men have tried to be God. They have tried to copy Him and to create the impossible but it is just not possible. We will always be limited but God has no limits. He can make anything happen. He has no problem creating from nothing. He has no problem reversing any situation. He can do it all and He does it well. Today I want to encourage you and tell you again that with God nothing is impossible. Take your current dismal situations and remind them that with your God nothing is impossible. God is way bigger than your biggest problems. God is way higher than the mountain that is standing in your way. God is way stronger than the thoughts of doubt you are wrestling with. God is way more powerful than the trials that are keeping you down. With God, nothing is impossible!


When I first read that verse, I was blown away by that revelation. I didn’t focus on the other part of the verse. I just focused on how with God nothing is impossible. Jesus also said that with men it is impossible in that verse. Looking at that part of the verse is interesting because it shows that where men can’t go any further, God picks up and takes it to the next level. Where men fail, God wins. What men can’t figure out, God can figure out, God already knows and understands. Men can do so much but the Lord can do it all. The worst situation we can find ourselves in can only be solved by God. The impossible made possible is a concept that is not too familiar to many because we rarely see it happen. Could it be because we don’t hear enough about it? Could it be that our faith is not in the right place or that it needs to be redirected? Faith comes from what we hear. If we never hear about God being the God of the impossible, we will have little faith in it. We have more faith in the world than in the Lord at times and that explains why we stall spiritually and why we make little progress. God can do it all and we need to be informed and knowledgeable about what He can do. Is there anything that God can’t accomplish in your life? The answer is no. It’s time we saw that happen in our lives on a more regular basis.


I mentioned earlier how feeding my mind, my heart and my spirit is crucial. I have to make an effort to feed them the truth so they can embrace it and let it take place. Jesus performed many miracles on earth. People heard about them and that stirred up their faith. It is what they heard that allowed them to believe. They looked for Him and they wanted to see Him because they knew He could heal them or bless them. Now, Jesus would often say “Your faith healed you.” Faith is the link between us and our miracles or breakthroughs. If we have faith in the impossible made possible, we will experience it. It will become a way of life. It will be expected. Find passages in the Bible where the Lord did the impossible. Meditate on them. Absorb them. Accept them and praise the Lord for them. Expect the impossible to be turned into possible every single day. Rejoice in advance. Praise and worship the Lord every day because with Him nothing is impossible. You will see how God will intervene in your life and how your situations will be transformed for the best. With God nothing is impossible! Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27



A love that is for everyone

I have spent about half of my summer in Southern California. I like the change of pace and I like the diversity of people there. I like seeing people that I have never seen before. I live in a small community and everyone is so familiar. It is a bit of a bubble and being outside of my bubble feels so refreshing. I am very grateful for where I live but I also love being exposed to something different. Seeing so many people reminds me that God loves all kinds of people. He doesn’t just love my little world. He loves the whole world. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or what religion you belong to. He loves you. Period. I think that what I call “God for others” or “God with others” is important. How God sees other people and how much He cares about them is something we need to be aware of.



I used to think that God loved me more once I became a Christian. I used to think that God had “compartments” where He categorized people. I was too self-righteous, too self-centered. That is the opposite of what the Lord is all about. He is about others before self. I needed that time away in California to have my eyes opened to this truth again. The people I met in California were all people God loved. God is no respecter of people. We are all the same in His eyes. This revelation is an encouragement to act like God or at least to have the desire to be more like Him. Today I want to remind you that you are loved and so are your neighbors. I want to reiterate that God’s love has no boundaries and no frontiers. It goes into all places and it can penetrate even the darkest ones. It’s not for us to judge who deserves God’s love. He says that everyone does!



Do you ever think about what Jesus’ dinner table would look like nowadays? Jesus had dinner with all kinds of people. If He were here walking the earth like He did in the Bible, who would be His guests? Would He only invite presidents, kings and queens? Would He only allow celebrities to dine with Him? Would He only want to be surrounded by believers? Would He only count on His followers to be with Him? Jesus still welcomes everyone today. He still talks to everyone with love. He wants everyone to get to know Him and turn to Him for salvation. He knows that love is the best thing in the world and that is what He has to offer to the entire world. We need to stop limiting God’s love by rejecting those who are different. We need to tear downs the walls of separation and show love to everyone and anyone. God can’t contradict Himself so He wouldn’t go against love.



It is amazing when you think of a love that sees no color and that has no concept of segregation. The Lord’s love doesn’t know prejudice and discrimination. It can’t fathom hate and it can’t understand treating others as if they were inferior. We are on an equal footing. We are all the same according to the Lord. No one is better than other people. If we could comprehend that and accept that, we would see more peace in our neighborhoods and in our communities. The Lord is all about community and communion. We could build communities on love. It sounds idealistic but it is fundamentally what we ought to do. The Lord’s love has gone missing in the world because we don’t welcome it and we don’t share it enough. Too many ideologies have taken the place of pure love. Jesus’s message is clear; His love is for everyone. No exception.



Today as you go about your day, think about the love message. Think about how much Jesus loves everyone. Think about the basics of your faith. They should be rooted in love. Think about how you can spread the love. Think about how you can spread Jesus. Think about how everyone is worth it and deserves a chance to be loved. Everyone in the world qualifies for God’s love. Anyone can get saved. God can make it happen. Nothing is too big for Him. Next time you deal with someone that you deem unworthy of God’s love, think again. The Lord loves that person. Rejoice over His love and frown upon the hate that is so gratuitous. There is a love that is for everyone and you and I carry it in our hearts. It’s time we gave it away!


Suggested reading: John 15:12; Ephesians 4:2; 1 Peter 4:8

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 82)

Keep your dreams alive and kill your nightmares. God will make your dreams come true and He will squeeze your nightmares out of your darkest nights so His light shines throughout your nights.

Jesus did everything He did on the cross so you can enjoy everything you are in Him!

Plant as many seeds of faith as possible. Water them and let them grow. Faith in abundance is peace in abundance!

Dance to the beat of the rhythm of the love of God. His love has beats that will keep your spirit moving. Keep dancing for the Lord. Enjoy the music provided by Him.

Stay alert because the Lord has daily messages for you. Keep your heart wide open all day long. Keep your heart open to the logic of the Lord which is foolishness to the world!

Your words will make a difference. Your words charged with faith will make a huge difference. Your words filled with love and faith will produce the impossible. Your words mirroring the Lord’s words will bring about miracles. Let your words be filled with hope and trust in the Lord!

Attach yourself to the truth. Tie your spirit with the lace of wisdom and the rope of knowledge. Don’t let the truth leave you. Be in sync with the Lord’s truth and you will live a life of joy and peace.

Indulge in the Word of God. Devour it. Digest it. Feed on it. The Word of God will give you the power to walk through life with assurance and confidence in the Lord.

Jesus heals. Jesus loves. Jesus fixes. Jesus builds. Jesus gives. Jesus mends. Jesus strengthens. Jesus empowers. Jesus cares. Jesus comforts. Receive His healing. Receive His love. He will fix your spirit, build your house, give you strength, mend your heart, care about all of you, comfort you and empower you!

When there is nothing left to say, say that God will see you through everything. Say that you trust the Lord. Say thank you to the Lord. Say that nothing is impossible to the Lord. Say that God has you in the palm of His hand. Let God have the last word through what you say!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 10:28; Galatians 6:8; Hebrews 11:11

Your most successful story

What would you consider to be your most successful story so far? What is the one event in your life that has been the best? It might be hard to pick one or maybe there is one that really stands out. I have had my share of sad stories and those are easy to identify. When it comes to the best thing that has happened to me, I can say without a doubt that knowing the Lord, encountering Jesus is the best story of my life. It is the umbrella to many other great stories. It is the main plot. It is the meat of my existence. It is the core of my life. Before Him I had a poor life. With Him my life is so much richer and fuller. I still have sad stories I could tell but I decide to focus on the best stories of my life. I believe it is important to recognize the best in one’s life. Would you mention your family or friends as the center of your best stories? They are major characters in your life but the main protagonist should be Jesus Himself. He makes sense of your life. He makes sense of everything even when the world makes no sense. Broadcast your best story. Share it. Say it repeatedly and make it known as the best thing that has ever happened to you. Be proud of that story and remember it. Remember it when things are not all sunny and light. Hold on to your best story. Why? It started when you accepted Christ and it is still going on now. Friend, you are in the middle of the best story of your life. It hasn’t ended and it is not about to be over. The Lord is the best Person you will ever meet and this connection you have with Him will always bring on amazing stories you can share with the world for His glory.



I got tired of sad stories. I got tired of feeling defeated and feeling low. I wanted a change with whole my heart. I was craving peace. I was craving joy. I was craving freedom and I gained them all thanks to God. Accepting Christ into my life was accepting life in abundance and accepting Love. When Love found me, I found myself. I found the one I was supposed to be and I loved the one I became. I grew into the son of God that I had been destined to be and I received God’s DNA. My sad stories didn’t mess me up the way they used to. The bad news didn’t destroy me like it used to. My story was more defined. My story became clear. The good news of the Gospel made the headline in the story of my life. Success tasted so good. Peace felt so refreshing and joy became my companion. I never knew that I could be part of such an incredible story. I never knew that God could be the One writing and reading my story. Knowing Jesus was all I had needed. That was success. It was the triumph I had been longing for. I didn’t need millions of dollars. A mansion and ten cars were no match to the treasure I had discovered when I embraced the Lord. He had designed a miraculous story and I was finally getting to read it.



God doesn’t define success the way we do. Success for Him is to know Him, love Him and stay with Him. Today your story can continue. Today your story should continue. If you think that your story ended with your confession of faith and acceptance of the Lord, think again. Your salvation started with that confession but it keeps on going. Your story is unfolding and God is acting in your favor. Your most successful story is taking place as we speak. Thank God for it. Ask Him to reveal more of it to you. Let Him write it and be a good interpreter of the story by telling it to others. Don’t keep it all to yourself. The world needs to hear your story. The world needs to learn what success is really all about. Let people be enlightened by the Love of the Lord in your life. Don’t ignore the sad stories that show up from time to time but don’t magnify them either. Magnify the Lord. Present Him as your main source of life. You are living a very successful life because of Him. May God continue to bless you and show you how precious you are to Him. You are so precious that He will do anything to make sure your story is inspiring, uplifting and amazing. Tell your story today!


Suggested reading: Psalm 71:15-16; Mark 5:19; 1 John 5:11


God’s surprising grace and mercy

You just never know what’s going to happen with God. That is what I told a friend yesterday. I don’t mean it in a bad way at all. God doesn’t give us bad surprises and He doesn’t dump misery and problems on us. He is the One who rectifies them and solves them. What I mean by my first statement is that with God you never know what blessing can come up and what He is going to do next on your behalf. If you trust Him and stick with Him, He will do the impossible and He will bless you in ways that He only knows how. God has taken me on many unexpected journeys and He has been faithful through it all. When I think that life can’t get any better, He surprises me with a change of pace, an increase in various areas of my life or a strong blessing that I didn’t know I deserved.

Grace and mercy are amazing gifts and the Lord is full of them. I don’t deserve what I have gained through the years. I don’t even believe I should be here now but because of the Lord I am who I am and I am where I am today. Unmerited love is what I have received from God and it has changed my life. Knowing that I had a God who loved me more than I thought I could be loved has impacted me in so many ways. I am not alone. I don’t feel alone. I am not rejected. I don’t feel abandoned. I am loved and favored by the creator of the universe. There is nothing in this world that could ever remove the love of the Lord for me. Today I want to remind you that with God your life is always going to be full of great surprises and touched by a love that is stronger than all the hate of the world combined. His grace and mercy will never go away!

I have days when things seem slow and not much is happening. Those days are not wasted days. I can always find something to do that will be spiritually enriching. When things are too quiet, God is not silent. The lack of action in our lives doesn’t mean the absence of God. Those quiet times are precious times. They should be savored and cherished. I have noticed that the moments of little activity often precede times of great “God manifestation.” Those are the times of surprises that I mentioned earlier. Things can seem dull and then all of a sudden the Lord shows up with some unexpected blessings or teachings. I love the teachings of the Spirit of God. God will use anything to teach us and help us grow and when we slow down and take the time to listen to the lessons, we gain incredible wisdom and knowledge. We don’t deserve the lessons and yet God teaches us all the time. The unexpected lessons are nuggets of wisdom that I collect and keep preciously. God can surprise us with revelations when we least expect them and in ways we would never think of.

In addition to amazing teachings and lessons, God will intervene in your life with powerful manifestations. I am not talking about thunder and lightening types of manifestations but I am referring to God’s hand in our lives where we see Him in action. His grace changes our circumstances and transforms the bad into good. God will never fail His children. When we stay in faith, He takes care of us and He helps us. God is going to surprise you, friend. There are wonderful moments in your future. Moments when you will be dazzled by God’s love and changed by His glory. Expect God’s presence to be manifested in your life. Expect good things from God. Let Him surprise you. All you have to do is hang tight and continue to trust and believe Him. I can’t recount all the times when the Lord’s mercy has redirected my life and pointed it into a blessed direction when I had been headed for a disaster. God has a plan for your life that has not been unfolded completely yet. You haven’t seen the whole picture. You know the frame, His love, but you still have to experience more of the photograph inside that frame. You will see what develops in time. Grace and mercy will accompany you all the days of your life. Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: John 1:14; Romans 3:20-24; 2 Corinthians 12:9

Keep your heart full

I have mentioned before that I start every day with meditative prayer. I focus on the Lord or on a scripture and I let my spirit stay in reverence to God. What I find fascinating about that time of prayer, among other things, is that peace, love and joy reside in that moment. I find myself smiling, enjoying the presence of the Lord and getting filled up with love. Yesterday morning as I was in prayer, a beautiful message came. The Lord told me to stay full all the time. He said that it is important to keep my heart full. Keeping my heart full of Him will always be the faith factor that will make a difference in my life. It is a powerful revelation that I am familiar with but hearing it again at that very moment hit the spot. It felt like a quenching drink after walking through a spiritual deserted area. It was just what I needed.

I had not been lost in a desert but I had found myself dipping a toe in an arid place while keeping my other toes in the lavish garden of the Lord. We all have a full heart. The question is, what is filling up our hearts? I would say that it is a combination of things. The problem is when we let the world fill up our hearts with elements that separate us from God we have what I call “corrupted hearts.” Our hearts should be “lodgings” for the Lord primarily and not houses of confusion and chaos. God lives in us. His Spirit is in us but it’s easy to let other things occupy our hearts and squeeze Him out so to speak. Today I want to encourage you to keep your heart full of the Lord. Give Him the space He deserves in your heart. Give Him all of you. Let Him be the main inhabitant of your heart. It will make a significant difference in your life!

A heart full of sadness, full of sorrow or full of pain is a heavy heart. Have you ever felt that? It’s a painful feeling that weighs your spirit down. God wants your heart to be light. He wants to carry your burdens. He says He can do it and you ought to believe that He will. Giving your burdens to the Lord is a freeing process. I call it a process because it rarely happens overnight even though it is possible. To make your heart lighter, you have to rearrange what’s in your heart. You need to purge the negative and let the goodness of the Lord enter and stay.

God wants to fill your heart with what He has for you and not with the junk the world wants to dump in you. It’s time you got rid of the junk that is stalling you. Get rid of the negativity that is keeping you captive. Your heart can’t breathe when it is in a box. Negativity is a box that sucks up all the oxygen and that leaves you with a lifeless existence. It’s a life devoid of peace and joy. When your heart is in the box of negativity, it can’t receive from God. It is in a prison. It is in a dark place and it can’t see the light. God’s light will pierce the heaviest hearts and give them freedom. Claim your freedom today. Give your heart a break by dissociating from all that is not helping you.

Your heart is the core of your being. It is at the center of who you are. The Bible says that we should guard our hearts. We should keep our hearts in the Lord. Keeping our hearts full of the Lord is a great habit. How do we get there? Our hearts listen to our minds a lot. What we believe eventually drops into our hearts and becomes a part of us. It is primordial that we train our minds to accept what the Lord says and reject the lies of the enemy. Faith comes by hearing and we need to hear what the Lord says in order to build our faith. I fill up my heart with God’s Word by reading it on a regular basis and by letting my heart hear myself speak the Word over my life. I am a strong believer in saying things out loud. What I say out loud has a great impact on my spirit. I also spend time praying. Prayers fill my heart. I pray a few times a day. I talk to the Lord a few times a day and He keeps my heart full of His messages and full of His comforting words.

I can’t do all of this without the Holy Spirit so I make sure that I fellowship with Him all the time. That is one of the main ways that my heart gets filled with the Lord because the Holy Spirit always points me in Jesus’ direction. My heart loves to praise Jesus and a heart full of praises is a heart full of the Lord. Showing love and kindness also keeps my heart full of the Lord. It is a very important element of my life. I am working on becoming a better steward of love in the Lord’s name. It has kept my heart in the right place. Keep your heart full of Jesus, friend and you will partake in the beautiful mission of touching the world for the Lord. Stay full for Jesus!

Suggested reading: Psalm 27:14; Psalm 119:1-8; Romans 10:17

Keep God in the spotlight

You have an audience that is watching you all the time. People will remember what you do and will keep your words in their minds for a while. Actions and words go hand in hand but sometimes our actions speak louder than our words. Our actions are on the forefront of our lives and people can get inspired by them or they can be turned off by them. What we do on the stage of our lives matters. God put us on that stage for a reason. He wants us to live out our lives as followers of love, perpetrators of peace and models of joy. He puts us in the spotlight so we can shine His light. What we do should reflect Him and not dim His light. The world needs imitators of the Lord like you and me. The audience is waiting for you and me to be the best versions of God’s image that we can be. We will never be perfect and we will miss it here and there but it doesn’t mean that we should get off stage and disappear backstage.

The Lord is backstage. The Lord acts on our behalf in the back where no one sees Him. He is always doing something for us. He is preparing the way for what’s to come. He is the silent listener who sits in the back room making sure that everything is in place for us. He is the humble King who sets the scene for us. He is the director of our lives and as the director He knows how the story ends. The Spirit of the Lord is our backup. He is the One who whispers the lines when we forget. He knows the script and He can help us run our lines so we are ready to shine for Him on stage. Embrace the best director in the world. Accept His guidance and rejoice over His directives. He knows best. He knows what to do and how to do it. He just wants you to trust Him with your next scene. He has seen it. He knows how it will play out and He will be with you on stage. He is backstage but He is also on stage. The Lord is omniscient. He won’t leave your side and He won’t let you down. He will stand with you in front of your audience. Don’t forget that part!

We all have a part to play as we stand on the stage of our lives. Our part is to stick to God’s script. Stick to the His plan and follow it. His script deals with love and it is a manifesto of peace. People are watching us on stage and they should see us play the role of lovers of peace and agents of love. Your stage presence is important but it shouldn’t dominate the stage. God’s presence must dominate the stage. His goodness is the light that should be highlighting your life. When people watch you on stage, they should be touched by the love of the Lord that is oozing out of you. Make your everyday scenes about God by walking in love. Your audience is craving love. Your audience is longing for joy and for hope. Be the messenger of hope that you were meant to be. Let your audience hear you speak hope and speak faith. You are the role model that will get people’s attention and redirect it to Christ. The stage of your life is a beautiful platform for the Lord. Give Him the spotlight. Always make your life about God. Don’t upstage Him. Just exalt Him. Keep God in the spotlight of your life!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Zephaniah 3:17; Matthew 28:20