God of the impossible

Just like many people I want my life to leave a legacy. My legacy must be about God. One of the messages that can be read throughout my life is that God is the God of the impossible. Today I want to reiterate this message and give you a nice and warm reminder that we serve the God of the impossible. He is not the God of the maybe. He is not the God of the “It could happen but mostly not.” He is the God of the “impossible is not in My vocabulary.” Who can come back from the dead after conquering death if not the One who can do the impossible? If you spend time meditating on what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection you can only but be blown away. Let this be an encouragement to you that the Lord defeated death. He defeated what used to be impossible. He came to earth to buy us back and give us eternal life. I find so much comfort in the Lord and I can rest in Him all the time. Just thinking about how much love He has for every single one of us just amazes me. I have no words. I have often asked myself, “Why me?”  Why would the creator of the universe love me so much that He gave His life for me so that the impossible be dethroned forever? That is exactly what He did. Jesus dethroned the enemy and death. He removed them from the throne they had been occupying illegally. You and I have a right to living a life where the impossible becomes possible. Doesn’t it sound important to have faith in the God of the impossible? It is primordial. Having a God mentality as I like to call it is a beautiful gift. Let’s develop that mentality where we think like God, we know God and we stay on His level of possibilities. According to Him the possibilities are endless.


Every time we doubt that God can do something in our lives, we put a stop to His endless possibilities. We stifle blessings way more often than we know. Our words and our actions can be “blessing stiflers” and we don’t even realize it. God says everything is possible to Him. We limit His promise when we agree with the world that tells us that we won’t make it or we will never get what we need or want. There is a need for us to check our belief system. I have said it before and I know that we can’t have one foot in faith and one foot in doubt and expect miracles. We can see the hand of God move in our lives but it will be pushed away every time we allow doubt and fear to lead the way. Our faith in the God of the impossible should be at the end of the line in our Christian walk. The walk is like a parade. It should be a happy parade and not a funeral procession. Jesus died but He is alive again and we ought to celebrate Him. Putting joy, peace and love at the front of the parade is crucial. Faith and love should actually be in the very front. Together they form an alliance that no one and nothing can stop. As they lead the way, you will see what they can bring to your life. Only great things! They can bring the impossible.



God of the impossible is insurmountable. That means that nothing is above Him and no obstacles can stand in His way.  If we believe with our hearts that nothing can overcome the Lord, we will see that truth come to pass repeatedly. Like I said earlier I am a living testimony of how the Lord can do all things. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Him. He has shown up time and time again and He has removed huge hurdles that looked impossible to move. He is bigger than my fears. That is a fact. My fears have taken a backseat after being subjected to so many reasons to have an increasing faith. The impossible becoming possible has become familiar. That is what faith does. Faith gets you used to things from a different realm, the realm of signs and wonders and miracles. As you stay in faith, you get to experience the reality of God’s majesty and power. Declare every day that God is the God of the impossible. Carry a spiritual banner that displays your faith in what God can do. Ban the impossible from your life. Adhere to the flow of miracles. Flow with miracles in faith. Stand your ground and limit the limitations in your life with faith. Glorify the God of the impossible. With men many things are impossible but with God, all things are possible! Always!


Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27



Fill your days with thanks

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of saying thanks and showing appreciation for others. I had to help conduct an interview yesterday and I needed someone to cover my classes. One of the secretaries tried really hard to find coverage for me and she did. I sent her a simple thank-you email and she replied by saying how much the thank you meant to her. She was so happy. I didn’t think much of it because it seemed like the normal thing to do but “thank you” is not as common as we think. Do we take the time to thank and appreciate people in our lives more than we do? There are people who feel underappreciated because they never hear “Thank you.” “Thank you” is a spiritual phrase that goes a long way. When it is goes to the Lord, it doesn’t come back empty. It comes back with blessings and power to make things better. The Lord tells us to give Him thanks all the time. We can thank Him for all the wonderful things He does and what He gives us but it is crucial to thank Him when things are not going well. It’s not what your mind wants you to do but it’s the right thing to do. Giving thanks when we all we can think of is giving up is powerful. Today I want to encourage you to give thanks to the Lord in all things. Show Him how much you appreciate Him even when there is nothing to be thankful for. Show appreciation for the people He is placing in your life as well. Be a “thank-you machine.” Do it excessively. Do it more than you complain about life. Fill your days with thanks and empty them of all negativity!


Life has a way of making us say things that are against what the Lord stands for and what He provides. The Lord stands for and provides love, peace, goodness, kindness and joy among other beautiful things. Life can drive us to the point where we are constantly saying things that negate our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes we can sound like God is not part of our lives because we focus so much on the bad things that happen to us. Every complaint is a demonstration of ingratitude. I remember having a conversation with a friend who said she had the right to vent about what happened to her but her venting was blocking her blessings. We can’t deny the bad things that occur in our lives but when we magnify them, we alienate the Lord. We push Him away by having more faith in the negative. The Bible points out that without faith we can’t please God. It doesn’t mean that He hates us but it indicates that lack of faith separates us from Him. Complaining, whining and saying that nothing ever goes well in our lives are negative ingredients that poison our daily food. Our daily food is what the Lord feeds us and it is good. It is very good but if we constantly sprinkle the spices of bitterness over it, we will not enjoy it. It will leave an aftertaste and it will not give us the spiritual nutrients we should be getting.


“Thank you” is the way to the heart of many people including the Lord’s. Thank you celebrates Him and shows Him we care. When was the last time you thanked the Lord just because He is God? I know I have to do that more often. Giving thanks to God because He is good is part of Loving God 101. It’s basic and yet it is powerful. We ought to do it wholeheartedly with joy. Giving thanks is closely tied to praise. I suggest you start your day with not only positive declarations but with thanksgiving as well. Thank the Lord for His goodness. Thank Him for what He does but learn to thank Him for who He is. Thank Him for being love. Thank Him for being peace. Thank Him for being joy. Thank Him also for everything that is pure and noble. There is power in saying “Thanks.” It opens the doors of Heaven. It opens doors that have been shut. Thank God every day and remember to thank the people in your life. A simple thank you can change someone’s day. Show people you care. Show people God cares. Thank God for them. Be a distributor of thanks and never get tired of it. Fill your days with thanks!


Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 29:13; Psalm 7:17; 2 Corinthians 9:11


Enjoying the road to recovery

When I accepted God into my life it appeared that having Him as my Savior was the starting point of something phenomenal. I have to insist on the words “starting point” because it was just the beginning of a new life that I didn’t know how to navigate. I needed assistance and I wasn’t sure how the Holy Spirit operated so I mostly relied on people in the church to steer me in the right direction. I was an infant in God’s Kingdom and I didn’t have the maturity to stand on my own or to even feed myself. The Word had to be fed to me and explained in detail. I was always hungry for the Word and I still enjoy that hunger today. It is something we shouldn’t lose because it shows we are willing to learn and we know that we will always be learners. One thing that struck me during my first years as a Christian is that the whole process for lack of a better word, felt like a recovery. It seemed that I had been sick spiritually my whole life and I was going through a recovery phase that is continuing to this day. When you get saved, there is a lot that you need to unlearn and a lot that you must embrace if you want to experience the fullness of the new life in Christ. The Bible talks about renewing the mind. A renewed mind causes our actions and our words to change. We recover from years of living under the yoke of the enemy. It can take a while to be detached from that old bondage on an emotional level and on other levels. When Jesus is in our lives, there is a powerful spiritual deliverance in many areas but some dark alleys must be dealt with in His name. Today I want to encourage you to accept the road to recovery and work with the Lord on getting to a wholesome destination where scars from the past have been erased.


Weeks after my surgery I am still recovering. It is a slow but steady process. The operation was a great success and I can see the benefits from it more and more every day. Now, think about your entry into salvation as an operation. A surgery if you will. Your spirit was operated on, saved and you will continue to see the positive effects of that intervention for a while as long as you keep up with your medicine. What is the medicine you might ask?  Our daily medicine comes in the form of Bible study, prayer and maintaining our relationship with the Lord. That powerful combo makes for a great medicine that contributes to our recovery from our old lives, our old self. Recovery means that things are getting better. You should be heading towards a better life and a stronger way of handling everyday events. Recovery also means a deeper relationship with God. If you are getting alienated from the Lord, you need to revisit your recovery and push the reset button so you can be on your way again. Recovery is a great time. It’s time for reconstruction. It’s time for rebuilding. God does the rebuilding. He puts new bricks on top of new bricks and through His Spirit a new house is built. Take the time to recover from the past and let the process happen naturally in Jesus’ name. His natural process is not like the world’s. His timing is not the same. God’s timing is always perfect timing and He takes the time to do an amazing job. If we are consistent when it comes to taking His medicine, we will see a transformation that will blow our minds.



We are all left with scars from previous experiences. There will always be more experiences that will leave a mark. The difference is that since we now walk with the Lord, those marks won’t stay forever. We are all subject to pain and sorrow but the Holy Spirit assists us in dealing with the hurt and recovering from the suffering. The Lord is the best healer there is. He knows how to take care of us. My plea today is that you let Him do what He does best. Let Him take care of you. Let Him rebuild you, restore you, change you. He is going to lead you into a life you didn’t think was real. He is extraordinary. He is outside of everything and everyone that is ordinary. He marches to the beat of His own drum creating music that doesn’t exist in this world. It’s to the beat of those beautiful tunes that He wants you to walk every day. Going from glory to glory and loving life because you have Him with you all the time. I don’t know of a better recovery than the one where we are getting healed from the misery of a life lived without God. Enjoy your recovery, take your medicine and embrace life with Christ!


Suggested reading: mark 4:19; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:23


When you are met by Love

I do my best to describe God and talk about Him. I will never be able to communicate clearly all that He means to me. It’s huge. It’s immense. It’s passionate. It’s beautiful. It’s bigger than me. He has become my life. He is my lifestyle. I have a God lifestyle. It may sound odd but it is a good depiction of what my life is like. The transformation that took place, the change that invaded my life have had a lasting impact on who I am and all I do. It’s like the Jesus encounter I had years ago left parts of Him that will never leave me. Once you encounter Him, you can’t go back to your old self. He leaves His fingerprint on your spirit and nothing can wash it away. The enemy tries. Life tries. Circumstances try but it is an indelible fingerprint for life. You may choose to ignore it but it is there and it will be there when you are ready to go back to it. Why? Because the Lord is full of mercy and grace. He takes you back every time. He is loving and forgiving.  When I met the Lord and accepted Him, I was met by Love. Love came to me and shook my life for the best. I had nothing, I was nothing and I became His and I have Him. The Lord is alive and well. He is love. Love is alive and well. When I was met by Love, I was met by a new life. Today I want to encourage you to let yourself be met by Love. Let God invade your life. Let Him become your lifestyle.



They say that love can change your life. Human love can make your days better. Now think about how much better it all can be with God’s love. It’s human love times a million and it is perfect love. I understand it can be hard to accept that someone can love us that much. I think so many people have been hurt by (human) love that they become skeptical when it comes to God’s love. So many people don’t know how to receive love and how to be loved so they reject this perfect love. So many people just don’t believe that such a love exists. It’s a shame because God’s love is more real than the chair you are sitting on and more real than the love you have experienced in your life. His love is not tainted by selfishness. It’s not full of bad intentions. It’s pure and clear. It is free of charge and there are no gimmicks and no fine print attached to it. It is a genuine as can be. It is protective and it is caring. God’s love will change your life in a way that is not humanly possible. It happened for me and it can happen for you because God is no respecter of persons. He has no favorites.



When you are met by Love, you are met by the life changer. My life was turned upside down by Love. I didn’t think it was feasible. I didn’t think it would last. I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t think it would stay with me. I learned that Love was a Person and not just a feeling. That person was Jesus Christ. I received His sacrifice. I received the benefits of the cross and it all happened with that one encounter when He showed me, He loved me enough to set me free from what had been weighing me down most of my life. A heavy weight was lifted. A dark cloud was dissipated. A new freedom came in to stay. A new way of life came in to stay. I was met by the King of Kings and I fell in love. I saw Love. I accepted Love and Love took down the walls of shame and the walls of low self-esteem. When you are met by Love, your ego must go, your fears must bow down because there is no fear in perfect love. My prayer for you today is that you are met by Love every day. I pray that you get to know Love more and more each day. I pray that Love changes your life beyond your wildest expectations. May God bless you dearly! You deserve to be loved. Embrace the Lord. Embrace the new lifestyle! May God bless you dearly!


Suggested reading: Romans 8:38-39; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1


Someone amazing is cheering for you

Yesterday I went to see a soccer game about 45 minutes away from my house. 7 of my students were playing against another undefeated team. I was there to show my support and to cheer them on. It makes a difference when you have people cheering for you and encouraging you. I am a pretty quiet guy but I have become much better at expressing enthusiasm and cheer. I yelled some of the kids’ names and I made sure they knew I was there. I could see how excited they were to see me at the game. It all made me think of how much the Lord is cheering us on. He is our number one supporter. His Spirit is the perfect coach and He is there to support us, guide us and lead us into everything. What tends to happen is that we don’t focus on Him in that role. It could be because we were never taught about His functions or we are just not dependent on Him enough. Our goal should be to do life with the Holy Spirit. He should be included in every part of our lives. He can encourage us and change the way we approach life. Like my students we can look back at Him and see how motivating it is that He is cheering us on from the side. The Holy Spirit is with us all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Today I want to remind you that you have Someone amazing cheering for you all the time. He is in you, with you and for you. Learn more about the Holy Spirit and see Him as the incredible Person that He is. Jesus gave Him to us. We ought to acknowledge Him all the time!


There is so much we don’t see with our eyes when it comes to God. Just because we don’t see anything going on doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. One of the things that is always taking place is the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is there to point at Jesus and to take care of us by guiding us. The first place we can see His guidance and encouragement is in the Word of God. In His Word He states what He is doing for us. He indicates that He will lead us into all things. We must have faith in His constant intervention in our lives. As our faith in His involvement in our lives grows, so will the manifestation of His presence. Faith activates the hand of God and the Spirit of God. God is who He says He is and the Holy Spirit is who He says He is. He is our comforter. To comfort someone is to ease his or her distress and to console them. The Holy Spirit as our comforter will ease our distress or our grief. He does that by giving us peace. If you are feeling tense and stressed out today, turn to the Spirit of God. Ask Him for peace. Ask Him to ease the pain. Ask Him to console you. He will intervene and help you. One of my students fell and broke his arm yesterday. He was a real trooper. He didn’t cry at all. They took him to the hospital and he didn’t complain about the pain. When we fall and break our spiritual backbone, the Spirit of God will comfort us and take care of us. Even though we should be crying, His presence wipes away the tears before they come out. We can be strong and have peace in the tough situations thanks to the Holy Spirit.



The coach on the soccer field yesterday was great. He knew how to motivate the kids and how to keep them going even when they were losing. The Spirit of the Lord will keep us going even when we are not doing well. We could be bankrupt or failing at life but the Lord is our success and our victory. He will replace our failures with His victories. He will keep encouraging us and telling us that we can make it and that we will make it. If you ever hear deep down inside that it is impossible or that you won’t succeed, know that it is not the voice of the Spirit of God. The Spirit is the best cheerleader around. He cheers and He leads impeccably. He is always positive. No negative words will ever come from Him. If you have lost your zeal and you need the flame to be ignited again, ask the Spirit of Jesus to give you a boost. Ask for a coaching session. Get into your prayer room and talk to the Lord. He won’t let you down. Remember every day that the Holy Spirit is a beautiful Person and He is cheering you on!


Suggested reading: Psalm 139:7-10; John 16:13; Romans 8:14


Time for a celebration

I mentioned a few days ago how I use dto be weirded out by people raising their hands in church and celebrating Jesus wholeheartedly. It is after I had an encounter with the Lord that I felt extremely comfortable rejoicing in the Lord the way I had seen the “churchy” people do. Celebrating the Lord should be a big part of our being Christians. There is always something to celebrate with the Lord. There is always the Lord to celebrate. Sunday is the designated day to lift up the Lord but like I often say, we shouldn’t wait until Sunday to have church-like moments of celebration. My recommendation is to exalt Jesus every single day. You might be saying, “Well I am going through a lot today and I have nothing to celebrate.” It is in those hard times that we should be celebrating even more. We need to stop the earthquake of problems that is trying to cripple us. When the earth is moving under our feet, we should be stomping our feet in praise. We should be making a joyful noise into the Lord. The enemy hates it with a passion. Let me say that again. The enemy hates it when we celebrate the Lord. He can’t stand the sound of it. He can’t stand the spiritual atmosphere that is created by our praises. He can’t stand hearing the name of Jesus and He can’t stand seeing hope in His name. If you are having a difficult time today, if you are having a great day today, give into to praise. Celebrate the Lord in the bad times and in the good times. Take the time to rejoice over Him. Let your praises be heard right now, today. There is no better day than today to honor the Lord!



I remember a time when I was so deep into my problems that I wasn’t just experiencing an earthquake of problems but it was more like I was sinking in the quicksand of “no way out.” If you have been there you know what I am talking about. Every way you turn all you see is no exit, no hope, no joy, no rest, no love. I didn’t know what to do. When I was reminded about celebrating the Lord no matter what, I didn’t think it was a good idea. Then I gave it a shot because I had nothing to lose. It seemed that I had lost everything. I found everything again once I looked at the Lord and made Him my focus. With Him you will always find what you have lost and more. He adds to everything. He multiplies and He amplifies. I had a Jesus party. He was my guest of honor. He was the One I wanted to commemorate and glorify. It was the best time ever. You don’t have to be in a specific location to have a Jesus celebration. You can lift Him up anywhere and in any situation. Don’t wait until the right moment because the right moment is all the time. The perfect time to rejoice in the Lord is right now. It’s important to stay in the moment and only have eyes on Him and no one else when you have your Jesus party. As you concentrate on Him, He will change you and bless you.



It’s time to rejoice. Stop what you are doing and get into party mode for the Lord. This party is going to break the chains that have been holding you down. There is going to be a change in you that will be noticeable. You can’t celebrate the Lord without “feeling the Lord.” It is going to be like Heaven is coming down and visiting you. You are going to visit Heaven so to speak during your moment of praise. Heaven is always rejoicing and exalting Jesus. Join Heaven with your celebration. Give it all you have. Dance, sing, laugh, and let the Holy Spirit take control. Rejoicing in the Lord is very important because it helps maintain a healthy spirit. It feeds your spirit and it nourishes your soul. It gives you a Jesus boost. It gives you an injection of joy. Think of it as a vaccination against morosity, misery, sadness and fear. It’s time to have a celebration. It’s time to let go of the tears, the fears and the anxiety. Let the Holy Spirit lead the dance. Let the Spirit of the Lord give you the songs to sing, the words to say and the zeal to celebrate. Celebrate the Lord each and every day!


Suggested reading: Psalm 145:6-8; Isaiah 63:7; 1 Peter 1:8-9


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 69)

Never get tired of spreading the Word with your actions, your words and your thoughts. Let your thoughts preach the truth to your head. Let your actions speak the language of the Gospel. Let your words reflect the promises of the Lord to the world.

There is triumph in the name in Jesus. There are blessings bigger than the curses that have plagued you on the way. There is a future brighter than the dark days of your past coming your way. You have Jesus so you have the hope of better days. Don’t give up!

God treats you the way He promised He would treat you. The enemy treats you the opposite way of how he says he will treat you. Don’t fall for the lies. Don’t fall for the false promises. Stick with God’s promises.

You have nothing to worry about, you have nothing to fear. God is still your refuge, your fortress and your shield!

Sometimes hearing “I love you” is all you need to hear. Know that the Lord is speaking those words to you over and over again.

They say that the best things in life are free. God’s best gift to us came at a high cost but He gave it to you and me for free. Cherish the gift of life in Jesus Christ every day!

Where there is love, God is there. Stay open to love, stay open to God. Be prepared to be inundated with His love when you drown yourself in Him.

Revive the joy of the Lord in you. Revive His strength for you. Get the joy moving in you. Get the power of the Lord moving through you. Start your joy revival today and let it touch everyone God puts in your life.

Put down roots in the Word of God and you are guaranteed to become a tree of knowledge with leaves of wisdom, love, patience and faith!

The attitude of praise is the attitude that makes a difference. It keeps you positive, it keeps happy, it keeps you in faith and it keeps you in gratitude!

Suggested reading: Psalm 50:23; Psalm 100:1-5; Lamentations 3:22-24