What God can give you

Yesterday I wrote about surrender. Surrendering to God is a beautiful offering. It can appear to be a sacrifice. The sacrifice of praise is real especially during trying times but it is a blessing. You see, surrendering is giving in to God. It’s giving Him our attention, our best effort, our focus. We give and we receive. When we surrender, we give to the biggest giver there is. God is the ultimate giver. He is the giver of life, the giver of mercy and grace. He gave His Son for us before we gave Him anything. He doesn’t stop on giving. When we surrender and we focus on our relationship with Him, we receive more than we bargain for. We deal with the giver of the universe. What God can give you and me is way greater than the problems the enemy gives us. The enemy specializes in giving pain. The Lord is an expert in giving relief. The enemy loves to give trouble and cause tears. The Lord loves to give us blessings and cause us to rejoice and find peace. There isn’t anything the Lord won’t give us. We ought to increase our faith in God’s ability to give at all times. We need to increase our faith in His love, grace and mercy. Today I want to encourage you to thank God for what He gives. Not just for what He has given you but for what He is giving you now and what He will give you in the future. Stir yourself up and accept that whatever need you have today and whatever need you will have tomorrow will be met by God Almighty.



If we made a chain of all our needs combined, the chain will go around the world many times. It would be impossible to count how many needs there are. However, God can name our needs one by one. He knows what is needed and He knows how to meet those needs. He has a supply of provisions for all categories of needs and for all people. That’s how big He is. That’s how powerful He is. That’s how caring He is. He wants to give more than we want to receive. It’s hard to imagine but that is the kind of God He is. The ultimate provider can do the unthinkable. Every time we are faced with a need, God has already created the provision for it. He can give like no other.



What does God give? God can give us anything that is good for us. He gives peace that surpasses all understanding. He operates from the concept that He can do all things and He can give all things. We live in a system that makes us believe that we are limited and there is only so much we can get. God refutes that idea. He doesn’t adhere to the impossible. He knows that to Him all is possible and that includes giving us what we need when we most need it. Today you and I can enumerate all we need and believe that all those needs can be met. Now, they might not be met the way we want them to be but they will be taken care of. God knows best and if we ask Him, He is faithful and He will give us the best. Let’s remember that God’s best is not always what we think will give us rest. His best might involve a bit of work on our part but it ends up being the best.



I could make a list for you of all that God can give you but discovering that list with God’s help is much more rewarding. Ask the Lord to show you what He can give you. The Lord said that we don’t receive because we don’t ask. We don’t ask because we don’t always know what to ask. The Holy Spirit will guide us step by step on the path of finding out what we truly need. He is excellent at it. He can weed out the needs that we that can hurt us and He can water the needs that will help us grow and that will bless us. God can give without a problem and learning to receive without a problem is something that we can learn. Ask the Lord for what you need instead of telling Him what you think you need. God will show you a lot more than you can imagine. He will shed light on obscure parts of your life that needs fixing when what you wanted was replacing. I pray that God gives you the desires of your heart as they align with His heart. You are blessed and the blessings that come from the Lord are unlimited! Ask and God will give you what you need!



Suggested reading: Psalm 34;10; Matthew 7:7-8; Philippians 4:19




What happens when you surrender to God

What distinguishes some great people of God is their willingness to give in to God. Those people of faith have dealt with the rebellious spirit and suppressed it in their lives. They know how to yield to the Spirit of God and they live out the statement “Not my will but Your will be done, Lord.” Surrender has become part of their DNA. They have died to self on the inside and their dedication to the Lord shows on the outside. They understand perfectly what it means to submit to God. They live a life of surrender to His majesty. They forget about their ego and they remember the Lord in all their ways. They are led by the Spirit because they embrace Him all the time. They always declare “Whenever You want, Lord” and they wait patiently. My Christian walk changed drastically when I began to surrender and put God first. Not just on Sunday but every day. People have asked me what the secret of a fulfilled life in Christ is. The secret is to surrender. What happens when you surrender to God is breathtaking, powerful and unprecedented.



Free will is a powerful force.
Some see it as a gift and others see it as a curse. We are free to follow the Lord or not. We are free to believe in Jesus or not. Once we do accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, it’s up to us to continue to surrender. Having Jesus as our Savior starts with a confession but it shouldn’t end there. We too often see salvation as a one-time event and then we go on our merry way and act like the Lord is not around. Accepting Christ means denying ourselves and following Him. It is the best thing we can do. Following the Lord should be an everyday event. I used to forget about God most of the week and I called myself a Christian. Actions speak louder than words and our actions should speak volumes about our lives with Christ. There is a constant need to give in to God day in and day out. When that concept dawned on me, my Christian walk was transformed.

Surrendering to God means being God-minded. It means letting God get first dibs on our choices and desires. He should be our filter for life. He should be our one and only option in life. “What would the Lord want me to do?” is what surrendering to God puts in our hearts. It’s like standing in line waiting for the next events of our lives to take place and letting God stand in front of us in line. Allowing God to always be at the head of the line is crucial. How many times have I put myself in front of the line and realized that my ego was getting in the way of my blessings? Too many times for me to recount. Jesus always gave in to the Father’s will. Jesus let the Father be His number one no matter how He was treated and no matter what people told Him. Are we willing to let God be number one no matter how we are treated and no matter what people tell us? I pray that we can all answer yes to that question. This yes will put us over the edge of spiritual victory all the time.

Surrendering to God takes on many forms and they are listed in the Bible. Prayer is one of the key ways we surrender. Walking in love is another one and so is praising the Lord. If you are not sure how to surrender to God today, pray. Give Him your time and pray. Praise. Give Him your time and praise Him. Give thanks. Give Him your time and thank Him. Seek His face. Give Him your time and meditate on Him. Read His Word. Give Him your time and read the Word. Encourage someone. Give Him your time and encourage someone on His behalf. What happens when you surrender to God is just unbelievable but it is true. Your life will change even more, friend when you keep on surrendering. His will be done and not our will!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:21; Matthew 26:42; Luke 22:42

This is how I read the Bible

Every time I read the Bible, I feel comforted, admonished, uplifted, encouraged, challenged, understood, guided, led, motivated and above all I feel loved. The Bible is God’s love letter to each and every one of us. It is the incarnation of the purest love that exists. It is a love that comforts, helps, encourages, blesses and protects. Reading the Word of God gives me more than feelings. It gives me assurance and confidence. It brings forth peace in me. It gives me joy. It gives me the ability to live this life and enjoy it. It tells me about Jesus. It tells me about the God’s reality that is so different from the world’s reality. It opens my eyes and it unlocks the secrets of life. It makes me climb mountains and it gets me out of the ditches of life. The Lord is His Word. Reading the Bible is reading the Lord. It is having symbiosis with the King of Kings. The Word transforms me. Jesus transforms me. Reading the Word of God is a spiritual event that I enjoy daily. It allows me to mingle with Jesus, the best of the best. Who wouldn’t want that?


I can read the Word of God with an intellectual approach. I can consider it a piece of literature and I can perceive it as a historical account but when I do, it loses its significance and it loses its depth. God is not a literary figure and He is not a historical icon. He is alive and His Word is alive. He is not to be leveled up and brought down to a human level. He is no fiction and He isn’t history. He moves beyond the boundaries of time and He supersedes all human beings. He can’t be confined to a few pages. He wrote the script. He made history possible. He made life possible. He is not limited. He is over all limits. Every word in His Word is a piece of who He is. Can we understand Him fully by reading the Bible repeatedly? I do not believe we can. We can understand Him better when we read His Word with the help of His Spirit but He will forever be larger than life. His Word gives us precious glimpses into who He is and it is crucial that we spend time in it.



I need a lot of guidance when I read the Word of God
. My mind can’t fathom the profound revelations that are contained in the Scriptures. One thing that stands out when I am studying the Word is how beautiful the Lord is. There is an amazing beauty that transpires in the pages of the Holy Book. There are words that flow like a melody. The love that is portrayed is directed to you and me. God is singing a love song in His Word and we are the blessed recipients of this love. That is how I read the Bible. I read it with a set of eyes that are filled with love. Love is the filter the Spirit of God wants us to use when we get into His Word. Why? Because He is love and since He is His Word, His Word is love. People have taken the Bible to places it should have never gone. Places where slavery, judgement and bigotry reign. The Bible doesn’t live in those areas. Let’s keep the Bible alive. It is Jesus and it is love above all! I read the Bible with my heart and I let my spirit absorb as much love, wisdom and knowledge as it can. I read the Bible with God in mind. I read the Bible with a thirst for love and hunger for peace. I read the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. I could never comprehend it on my own. That is how I read the Bible.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:1-6; Isaiah 11:2; James 3:17

Your connection to healing

When Jesus walked the earth, He was known as a healer. Crowds flocked to see Him. People came from far to receive their healing. Their faith activated their healing but Jesus was at the base of their faith. He was the cause for the healing. Healing didn’t happen without Him. Today the Lord is still a healer because the Bible specifies that He hasn’t changed and He will never change. Healing the way we see it described in the Word of God is not as common nowadays but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore. What has changed? Faith in healing has decreased tremendously. Healing is not preached as much. People don’t hear about it as often even in the Church. Faith comes from hearing and we can’t have faith in what we don’t hear and what we are not exposed to. The Church just like the rest of the world is a hospital with patients who need Jesus. The healing that is needed is not just physical. It’s emotional, spiritual, financial, situational and much more.


Circumstances need to be healed. Millions of people are going through tribulations that need to be cured. The healer is still available. Faith needs to be increased. This can take place on a community level or on a personal level. We each can dig into the Word and grow in faith. We don’t need to wait for the next big movement to start living out our faith. God is a very personal God and His Spirit has a one-on-one connection with us. That personal connection deserves our attention. That personal connection can link us up to the healer even more. I am here today to promote that personal connection in order to develop faith in healing. Whatever type of healing you might need can be attained through that connection.


Can Jesus still heal today? I believe He does wholeheartedly and I have to challenge my thinking every time my mind tries to dissuade me. Our minds work well with the world. Our minds have faith in the world. It takes very little effort to trust what the world feeds us. We adopt it, absorb it and take it as truth. There is a current in the world that goes against the stream of the Lord, the stream of faith and it is a current we are very used to. The Holy Spirit is not mainstream. He is God’s stream. He follows what the Father shows Him and tells Him. He exalts Jesus and He doesn’t praise the world. Being connected to the Holy Spirit enables us to stay on God’s wavelength. What we need to keep in mind is that we are closer to the healer than we think. His Spirit abides in us but we must hold our end of the bargain. This implies stepping out of the norms of the world and staying centered in the “norms of the Word.”


“Jesus still heals today” is a truth that is a great foundation for our faith. What can He heal? Anything that we believe He can heal. When we pray and He intervenes, a healing happens. He heals our circumstances. He makes them whole. Let’s hear about healing. Let’s study healing in the Word of God and let’s trust that God still heals. Why believe in God if we are only going to believe in a partial God? For lack of better words God is a whole package deal. He comes with all of God. He is not just peace. He is not just joy. He is God and He is everything the Bible says He is. We can pick and choose what to believe but then we really pick and lose. We lose part of the truth and the truth can set us free. The truth that Jesus still heals today can set us free from what is hurting us or destroying us. Friend, you have a connection to your healing. The connection lives in you. The Spirit of the Lord is within you and with you. Take that connection to the next level!

Suggested reading: John 8:31-31; Romans 10:17; Hebrews 13:8


Experiencing a week out of this world

I am not sure about much about this coming week but I am sure of one thing; the Lord is going to be there all week. He is not going to hide and He is not going to leave you stranded. If you embrace the truth that He will never leave your side, you are guaranteed to have a week out of this world. The Lord is here with us in this world but He is a God out of this world. He is above anything and everything in this world. As you and I adhere to His amazing ways, He is going to take us into a week out of this world. Don’t expect mundane and boring days with the Lord. Expect power to overcome difficulties, joy that overtakes sadness, peace that makes no sense to your senses and love that is bigger than life. The Lord is larger than life and with Him larger than life events will take place. Step out in faith this week and expect to have a week out of this world where experiences and situations will push you even farther in your walk with the Lord. Know that today is a blessed day because the Lord is with you. This week is a blessed week because the Lord is with you. It’s going to be out of this world. Learn about what you can expect in the Word of God and let your faith take you there.

Think about the most charismatic, the most caring, the most powerful and the most engaging person you know of (whether you know them in person or not). Then imagine spending a whole day with that person. Imagine spending a day laughing, being encouraged, feeling great about yourself, feeling heard and feeling like you matter more than anyone in the world just because you spent the day with that one person. You can expect all that with the Lord when you keep connecting with Him and keep acknowledging Him in all yours ways. He has the charisma of the universe over and over again. He cares about every single human being who has walked the earth and who will ever be alive. Keep in mind you have a companion. You are not doing life alone. The Lord, the most charismatic One is with you on this journey each and every day.

What does a week out of this world look like? It’s a week where you can deal with life on a supernatural level. You are not going to cope and just barely make it. You are going to rise above your circumstances and conquer anything bad that might come your way. It’s a week where you are going to be God-minded and not problem-minded. You are going to see the solution through faith before you see the desolation through fear. It’s a week where you know you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. It’s a week that doesn’t look like a regular week because you are aware of the Lord who is not your average, regular god but the Lord of lords and the Kings of kings. This week is going to be extraordinary because He is extraordinary. Give yourself a chance to experience life beyond the boundaries of your mind as you give in to the Spirit of God every day. I am excited about this week for you. I know how powerful it is to have a week out of this world and my prayer is that this week is your best week yet in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 4:6; Ephesians 3:20; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Are you saturated?

I was waiting for the train back to Paris from the suburbs yesterday when I started thinking about saturation. The Lord put that word in my heart and a message began to unfold. Saturation is what happens when an object is holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed. It’s the concept of being soaking wet or dripping with moisture. Saturation also describes a state of being full or filled to the brim. It’s a state that we experience when we can’t take anymore and we are holding a lot of pressure inside and we can’t absorb anymore. Why was I thinking about saturation so much? I wasn’t feeling saturated but the Lord took me on a journey of exploration of what saturates can do in our lives. All this happened when I was on the platform waiting for my train at 10 pm in this small French town. Saturation can be against us or it can be for us. Let me explain.

When we are saturated by something, there is no room for anything else to come in. If fear and anxiety is all we know and we are saturated with them, it is difficult to let hope and faith come in. If we are saturated with negativity, positivity will not find its way in. Saturation can be harmful when we are filled to the brim with negative moisture that doesn’t allow anything from the Lord to get in. By negative moisture here I mean all the negative factors and agents that are not conducive to getting us closer to God. I mentioned fear and anxiety as two examples but think of anything negative agent that could keep you away from praying, from praising, from worshiping, from loving, from giving, from soaking in the Lord’s presence. Anything that represents a hurdle between you and the Lord is negative moisture that needs to be dried up so the Lord’s water of life can be absorbed.

It is important to analyze and see what we are made of. How much negative moisture are we holding? How much room are we giving to the Lord? God wants us to be positively saturated and He wants to be part of the saturation process. He wants to empty us of the negative water and replace it with His blessed water. This can take a while but the good news is that the Lord is bigger and stronger than any negative agent. His loving power can infiltrate us and dilute the negative water by tainting it with His mercy and grace. If you feel like you are saturated by agents that are keeping you away from God, invite the Lord into your life. Invite Him back. Call upon Him. Ask for His rain of blessings to drench you. Let Him dry up the negative and get you all soaked up with His goodness.

Don’t get discouraged if you feel saturated by negativity. The Lord is the way out of that mess. He will set you free and He will give you a new lease on life. If you are going through a mixed saturation phase where you are not all the way where you think you should be but you have a foot in and a foot out, there is hope for total God saturation. The Lord will take care of your situation no matter what it is. All you have to do is turn to Him wholeheartedly and desire to be filled up with what He has to offer. Be ready to be saturated with love, peace, joy and an abundant life that will make you forget the old life. Get saturated by the Spirit of God today!

Suggested reading: Colossians 2:9; Ephesians 3:19; Philippians 1:11

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 56)


It takes one word from God to create. It takes one word from God to set things into motion. It takes one word from God to see deliverance. Find the word from God that will create what He wants for you in your life. Find the words of God that will create a big change in your life.


Don’t get lost in the details of your life. Get lost in the adoration of the One who handles of the details of your life. Do not magnify the details. Magnify the Keeper of the details!


Expect good things. Don’t expect the worst and the bad. Be aware of the worst and the bad but expect the good things. Expect the “God things!”


Condition your worries and fears. Put them in the box of faith. Surround them with so much faith that they are quarantined and they can’t leave the box of hope. Don’t give life to your fears and worries. Put them to death every time they flare up.


The truth will set you free. The truth will expose your freedom. It will show you the true you. It will show you who you truly are in Christ. It’s up to you to accept the truth or to reject it. Keep exposing yourself to the truth. Living in the lies of the enemy should not be your comfort zone. The truth will set you free if you accept it wholeheartedly.


Be thankful for your hope in the Lord because it doesn’t rely on your circumstances. Be thankful for your circumstances and know that they will always turn out great because of your hope in the Lord!


With God you can have peace the size of a mountain. So tall and so immense that it overshadows stress and anxiety. For every concern that tries to stand in your way, God will give you peace that will make a way. The mountain of peace is available today. Ask the Lord to bless you that way!


Cutting back on distractions can allow us to make the Lord the main attraction! Define your distractions so you get to know the main attraction (better).


Let God decide if you are going to make it or not. He made up His mind about your decision way before you were born. You are going to make it. Things are going to get better. God decided. Make up your mind and agree with His decision!


When you find yourself in the back of the plane, remember who the pilot is. Whether you are in coach or in business, the Lord is still the pilot of your life. It doesn’t matter where you are in life. What matters is the One who is in charge of your life. Your pilot is taking you places!


Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:11