Let Him reign


Sometimes when I am praying or I am in a praise session, I experience so much of the presence of the Lord that all I can do is bow down. It happened to me yesterday. I was in prayer and I felt directed to get on my knees and pray. As soon as I did that I started crying. I couldn’t help it. It was such a powerful experience. I thanked the Lord for His love and for His continued presence and I cried and cried. It is hard to express in words. It is hard to explain what happens  in those moments but it is very real and very powerful. It feels to me like a direct encounter with Heaven. Yesterday what touched me the most was what the Lord whispered to me during that prayer session. He said “Let the trumpets from Heaven be louder than your thoughts. Let the trumpets blow so that people can hear from Me. Let the trumpets blow and let them be louder than your fears, your doubts and your confusion. Let Me reign in you. Let Me reign in you.” That last statement got me crying even more. He is so good. He is so loving and He wants to reign in our lives. He wants total control. He wants total surrender. He wants His words to be our words. His truth to be our truth. His love to be our love. His blessings to be our blessings. His power to be our power. He wants us to wear His Gospel like a glove and keep it on all day long. No matter the season we ought to keep the glove of love, hope, peace, joy and faith. We should handle every matter of life with that glove and not take it off. I loved that image. It spoke volumes to me.

When I came out of this moment of encounter, I felt ready for the day and I felt blessed. We shouldn’t rely on our feelings but this feeling of a powerful visitation didn’t stop. It was just phenomenal. I took a few minutes to meditate on what had happened and like I said before what stood out the most was the Lord telling me to let Him reign in my life. He wants us all to be dependent on Him. He should be our number one source and resource. He should be why we live, why we love and why we keep going. He wants to reign in every part of our lives. He wants to be the dominant factor, the perfect equation and the answer to all our problems. What does it mean to let Him reign? It means that we have blind faith and we trust and believe that He is always in control. We trust and believe that He is in control even when bad things happen. Sometimes things look very bad and then we discover that it was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes things are very bad but then God gets all the glory when He gets us out of trouble. The Lord reigns. He is the King of Kings. However, we have free will and we should decide to let Him reign in our lives. Our faith lets Him reign. Our surrender lets Him reign. I want to be totally surrendered to Him and let Him have His way. He is not just the King of Kings in Heaven. He is the King in my heart and I am working on making it a daily reality.

When you let God reign in your life, you let love take over. It is a very strong love. He loves us so we can love others. His love shouldn’t be kept under a bushel. His love should be displayed as the bright light that it is. It should shine and it should touch people’s lives. It should keep people warm and attract people. When God’s love reigns, miracles can happen. Chains are broken. Hearts are mended. Hope is alive and forgiveness is a daily occurrence. This world needs love. This world needs Jesus and you and I can give Jesus to the world. You and I can let Him reign in our lives so that people are impacted by true and pure love. We can be vessels for the King. We can be messengers of peace. We can be spokespeople for love. We can be the healers, the helpers and the servants of the Lord that this world needs. Friend, let the Lord reign in your life. Give Him all of you. Let Him speak through you. Let Him walk through you. Let Him bless through you. Let Him help through you. Let Him heal through you. Surrender to His will every day. Put yourself last and put Him first. Put Him first and listen to what He has to say. He is good all the time. He is love all the time. He can bless you all the time and He can use you to be a blessing all the time. End the reign of terror in your life by surrendering to the One true King who reigns with love and power. Lift Him up and trust Him with all your heart. He wants to reign. Give Him free rein in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:18; Matthew 22:37; Romans 6:12


Every day God has something for us

God has a message for us every day. He has a word for us every day. He has a revelation for us every day. He has some information for us every day. He has some encouraging words for us every day. He has a whole Book that tells us about Him and that we can read every day. He has a lot to say about our lives, who we are and how we can do life with Him every day. Every day there is something precious from God and if we pay attention and we look for it, we will receive what God has for us. We live in a world where there is a constant flow of information. A constant flow of words and phrases that can be very negative and that can bring us down. Every day we need to choose and decide to go with what God has to say. We need to prioritize and make sure that we listen to God more than we listen to the world.

 We live in this world but we belong to the Lord. What the world says doesn’t apply to us most of the time. We shouldn’t find our identity in the world. It is in Christ. Christ defines us, shapes us, molds us and describes us. We can’t believe everything the world tells us. There is a lot of truth in the world. Don’t get me wrong. However, you and I, believers, belong to a different system. Heaven is our home. Heaven has collided with earth when we accepted Jesus as our Savior and that is how we should live. Too many times we live according to the world and trust everything we hear, see and feel. Faith is what we should use to hear, see and feel. With faith is how we should approach the world. Faith relies on God and listens to God all the time. Faith adheres to the flow of information from the Lord. Faith knows God. Faith follows God. Faith is out of this world. Faith knows the truth.

Faith understands that every day God has something for us. When we get up in the morning, faith looks for God’s information. Faith through the power of the Holy Spirit tells us to pray and communicate with God first thing in the morning. We are led to have a powerful exchange with God right away before the information from the world tries to set a negative tone for the day. I never used to think that way. I used to go with the flow and follow the lead of the world. I used to put God on the back burner first thing in the morning. As the day would go on, I wouldn’t put Him closer to where I was. I would distance myself from Him and then expect to connect with Him as I would be standing a thousand miles away. God has something for us every day but we have to draw closer to Him. 

We have to take that step of faith every day and walk towards God. We have to show Him that we know He has something for us and we love being close to Him. If we don’t spend time with God, we can’t expect to hear from God. We can hear Him in the distance but more often than not, we will miss what He has for us. His words, His phrases, His paragraphs, His chapters of hope are always available. He also has something very powerful, very personal and very encouraging for us. We need to lean in and yield to His Spirit. God has something for us all the time and it is time we paid closer attention to His amazing flow of divine information.

Every day God has something for me to hold on to and to enjoy.  Every day His words give me a boost and encourage me. Every day I see peace, joy, love and hope and God put them in front of me for a reason. He puts them there when I pray. He makes me smile. He shows me there is always hope. He allows me to experience a peace that is out of this world. He gives me joy. He gives me goodness. Then it is up to me to take what He gives me and keep it all day long. As soon as I step out of prayer, the world assails me with its negative flow and I need to get myself under the protection of the loving encouragement the Lord gave me during prayer. We ought to hang on to what God has for us every day. We can find it in His Word and use it to shield us from the bad weather the world loves to throw our way. 

Time with God is time spent in beautiful weather with a great sun. The world wants us to go through storms and tribulations and the enemy will try to steal our peace and our joy. We can resist him by remembering what the Lord has for us. He has something for us for every occasion and for every season. We are highly blessed and highly favored, friend. We have a Lord who has so much for us in every area of our lives and in every moment of our lives. My prayer for you is that you get to know what God has for you every day. I pray that you stay open to His love and to His incredible flow of information. I pray that He reveals Himself to you in a powerful way and that you hold on to what He has to give you every day. Take the Lord at face value and don’t accept the negativity of the world. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 20:7; Psalm 146:3; Proverbs 3:5-6

He will carry you

The other morning when I was praying, I had this beautiful vision in my mind. I saw the Lord carrying someone on His back. I couldn’t see the Lord’s face or any details of what He looked like but I knew it was Him. He seemed very tall and He had someone on His back, someone who was in total distress and suffering. That person was hanging on by a thread. That thread was Jesus. Jesus was his last hope, his last rescue, his last chance. The man on the back was tired, overwhelmed and falling apart. However, the Lord was carrying Him. The man might not have been aware of it but Jesus was holding him. I loved that vision and it brought me to tears. The Lord carries us when no one can do anything for us. When we put our lives in His hands, He holds us in the palm of His hand and takes care of us. Today you might be like that man who has nothing left and who is weary and exhausted. You might be feeling depleted and depressed. I am here to tell you that the Lord will carry you. The Lord is hugging you right now with love straight from Heaven. The Lord is holding you and He is not going to let go. The Lord is with you, smiling at you and wiping down your tears. You are in great company. All is not lost. The Lord of all is going to bless you and to get you out of your misery. Hold on to Him. Let Him be your hope and your solution. He will carry you and bless you abundantly. 

When hope seems like a foreign concept, you have to remember that Jesus is not a stranger and that He is with you and around you at all times. He never stops looking over you and taking care of you and your life. He is concerned about you and He wants you to have the best life ever. Life without Him is very difficult. He never leaves your life and that is something you might need to be reminded of today. No matter how tough things are, Jesus is tougher and He is present. You are held by the most High. He is carrying you as we speak. He has you on His back and He is taking you from place to place. You might be the lost man in my vision. You might be completely desperate and completely broken but you are cared for more than you know. God is on the move in your life and He is taking you with Him. You are not going to stay in this place of despair and fear. You are going to reach a new destination and a new level of peace, joy and hope. Hold on to the promises of the Lord. Know that He has you in the palm of his hand and He is not letting go. You are going to make it and the Lord will make sure of it. Your pain and suffering today can’t compare to the joy that is coming. You will get there. You are on your way there and Jesus is the One who is facilitating your journey.

You are on a great journey because you have the best companion there is. Sometimes when I am traveling, I pay attention to what’s around me. I see beautiful landscapes and great scenery. Sometimes I see ugly scenes. I witness poverty and lack and I see pain on my journey. I see the good, the bad and the ugly but one thing for sure is that I am with the Lord and my environment and what I see don’t define my destiny and they don’t define how I feel. They could but I work hard to not let them affect me. Jesus is the most important part of what’s around me. His presence is sublime and it matters more than the adversity and the opposition. After the vision during prayer, I told myself that I will keep on fixing my eyes on the One who has me on His back. I will pay more attention to Him and I will celebrate His love and His care for me. He carries me. Even in the valley of the shadow of death He carries me. He carries me and He protects me. I shouldn’t fear what I see. I shouldn’t get scared of what’s in front of me because Jesus carries me. He carries you as well and He will keep you safe. Stay strong and stay in faith. You are blessed. You are loved and you are carried by the One who can do all things. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:Isaiah 46:4;  Psalm 34:18; 1 Chronicles 16:11

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 277)

God’s righteousness is like the mighty mountains and His justice like the great deep. God’s love for you is bigger than anything that will ever come against you and He will make sure that His Justice prevails in your life!

God can give you peace in the middle of turmoil. He can give you joy in the middle of your mourning. He can give you hope in the middle of a dark night. God can give you blessings when you think you don’t deserve anything!

Fear not. God is your shield and your protector. He covers you and blesses you wherever you are! You have nothing to worry about!

Your faith in God will open doors that you thought were shut before you trusted God. Keep your faith strong and amazing blessings will unravel before you!

God blesses you! You are blessed and you are filled with grace. You are blessed and you are a blessing to others. You are blessed and you are a fountain of joy. You are blessed and you are highly favored.

God will wink at you and show you what He did in secret. Smile back and thank Him for working behind the scenes when you thought He was silent.

God sees how wonderfully and beautifully you were made. Ask Him to show you your beauty so you can yourself through the eyes of His love!

God can do anything anytime so trust Him all the time. Do not lean on your own understanding but rely on Him in all things!

You will have peace again. God is going to turn things around and you will be on top of the world again looking out on a sea of blessings. Stay encouraged!

Greater is the One who lives in you than the enemy that is in this world. You have power within you to make it in this world and it comes from God Himself. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading:Psalm 34:4-5; Matthew 8:25-27; Luke 1:29-31

The fight against worry

When you are overwhelmed and overthinking has become a part of you, God has something to say about that. When fear whispers its predictions in your head, God has something to say about that. When all seems lost and hope is absent, God has something to say about that. When sleepless nights have become commonplace, God has something to say about that. When worry is your number one enemy and it keeps on attacking you, God has something to say about that. God says that you shouldn’t worry and you shouldn’t fear. You might have heard that God says not to worry about 365 times in the Bible. He means it. He knows it’s important and He knows we need to keep hearing it. God tells me all the time not to worry and to fear. He often says it before something bad is about to happen. He prepares me and He warns me. These warnings started being more evident in 2019 and they have been clear ever since. Our head tells us to panic. God says the opposite. Our bodies want us to shake and tremble with fear. God wants us to do the opposite. God is against all negative thoughts, all negative emotions and all negative feelings. God tells us that there is never a good reason to worry. If we focus on the bad things that are happening, we will always disagree with God and believe that we have the right to panic and to fear. However, the Bible teaches us that we should not walk by sight but walk by faith. Listening to God tell us not to fear is listening to faith. Putting it in action is walking by faith. God says not to worry and He has provided ways for us not to worry.

Now, it is crucial to keep in mind that God tells us not to worry all the time. He doesn’t have pockets of time when He indicates that we should worry. He doesn’t say not to worry when all is fine and worry when things get tough. He doesn’t change His tune. He doesn’t change His mind. We are not meant to be worriers. We were designed to be warriors of God. Warriors of the faith. Warriors who keep fighting against fear, doubt and worry. God has given us an armor to fight the good fight of faith. The Word of God declares, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”* What’s part of this armor? There is the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the readiness from the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. There is a lot to unpack here and God has equipped us well but we tend to forget about this gear of faith. The belt of truth is amazing. We have the truth in the Word. Remember that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We have the belt of Jesus. He is our truth and He promised that the truth would set us free. He says the truth and He tells us we have no reason to worry. He is the reason why we can conquer worry and why there is always hope. He is our eternal hope so no matter how bad things are, we have the truth that reigns over all situations and He tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We can be strong through the power of His might relying on His everlasting truth.

Thanks to Jesus we have been made righteous and we know that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Friend, if worry is attacking you, pray. Pray against it. Pray so you can resist it and to be strong against it. God will give you peace. You will walk in the shoes of the gospel of peace. I often declare the peace of the Lord. I declare it over the situations that worry me and God gives me peace that surpasses all understanding. His peace is phenomenal and it crushes all worries and fears. Speaking against worry is very effective. We have the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and we ought to speak the Word against all negativity. It works so beautifully. Speak the Word as often as you can, friend. Let your mind and your heart hear you speak the Word of hope and worry will have no power over you. I have found that the words of hope and encouragement in the Word are swords that destroy fear and that pierce worry in its core. The Lord tells us to resist the devil and he will flee. Let’s resist fear and worry with the armor of the Lord. Let’s do it consistently. Worry will lose its grip on us. There is always hope with Jesus. Jesus knows that no situation is hopeless and we should be aligned with His line of thinking. We can do this, friend. We are well-equipped and we have an amazing Father. Let’s not worry and let’s not fear. Let’s put all our hope in the Lord God almighty! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Ephesians 6:11*; Ephesians 6:14-18; 1 Thessalonians 5:8

Your prayers are powerful and effective

The other morning when I was praying I kept hearing that I needed to read James 5:16. I knew I had read that verse before but I couldn’t remember what it said. I took a few minutes to read it. The first part of the verse is about confessing our sins to each other and praying for each other so we could heal. The Holy Spirit told me to focus on the second part. It reads, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” I meditated on that verse and I asked God for revelation on it. Prayer is something that I love doing and I can’t encourage you enough to pray. Yesterday I read a quote about prayer that hit home. It said that if you don’t feel like praying, you need to force yourself to pray because there is a force against you that is trying to stop you from praying. I believe that the enemy is against our prayers and so is our flesh. When we least feel like praying is when we should pray the most. Why? We were made righteous in the Lord and the Word of God tells us that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. You see, the enemy doesn’t want the believers to know that. Our flesh doesn’t want us to know that. They will do whatever they can to convince us that our prayers are useless and ineffective. Today I want to set the record straight. Your prayers, friend, are powerful and effective so keep on praying. Don’t give up. You are the righteous prayer warrior that the Lord created and it is time you lived up to what you were meant to do. Pray. Pray every day. Pray knowing that you are heard. Pray knowing that your prayers are powerful. Pray knowing that your prayers are effective.

When you pray in the name of Jesus, things change. When you pray in the name of Jesus, doors open. When you pray in the name of Jesus, miracles take place. When you pray in the name of Jesus, Heaven collides with earth. When you pray in the name of Jesus, hope takes over. When you pray in the name of Jesus, the enemy takes a step back. When you pray in the name of Jesus, nothing seems impossible. When you pray in the name of Jesus, your eyes are open. When you pray in the name of Jesus, seas are being parted. Pray in the name of Jesus. Pray with authority. Pray with confidence. You are righteous thanks to Jesus and you need to remind yourself of that truth every day. Not in a bragging way but in an entitled way. You are entitled to the righteousness of God. Jesus made that possible. You were made righteous by the One who died for you. Praise Him for His righteousness. Praise Him for making you righteous. This means that in His name you can pray and you can expect everything I mentioned above. Do it as often as you can. Be persistent. Be relentless. Be confident in Him. Know what happens when you pray. Know how miracles can take place when you pray. You have the power that changes everything. That power is living in you. You have the Lord in you and greater is the Lord that lives in you than the devil that lives in this world.

You have the power of Jesus acting in your life and prayer will release it. There is so much miracle working power in your life that needs to come out. Your prayers are effective and powerful but they need to be said. Don’t stay on the sideline. Get in there and pray. Join the prayer warriors who are making a change in this world by spending time on their knees every day. Every day people need prayers. Every day you can be one of those people who prays for the world. Your powerful and effective prayers count. Every single one of your prayers count. The only prayers that don’t count are the ones that are never said. Your silent prayers count. They are powerful and effective. Your tears can be prayers and they count. They are powerful and effective. Your prayers in your head count. They are powerful and effective. The prayers that live in your heart count. They are powerful and effective. Pray without ceasing. Pray for anyone and everyone. Pray and give God the final say. Don’t let hopeless situations make you think that God doesn’t answer prayers. He does. He answers your prayers so get to it and don’t quit. You are a blessing to this world, friend. Pray for peace. Pray for miracles. Pray for healing. Pray for people’s needs. Your prayers are powerful and effective and they will bless people around you and they will bless you. Keep on praying! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12-13; Matthew 21:22; James 5:16

There is so much love coming from God

There is so much love coming from Heaven. So much love coming from God. There is also a lot of interference that prevents us from experiencing that love. First there is the enemy of course. He stands in the way and he tries his best to make us think that God is not love. He tries to make us feel like Heaven doesn’t exist and we can’t expect anything from God. Those lies are seen as realities in many parts of the world. The enemy is sneaky. He also makes people believe that he doesn’t exist himself and that there is no hell to be shunned. This lie is linked to the lie that God is not love and that God doesn’t exist. The enemy is the prince of this world and by making people believe he doesn’t exist, he makes them love him, love his appearance. He hides behind a worldly facade. He dominates the minds by displaying a world where there is no evil and no God. It is the concept that anything goes and nothing is bad. He portrays himself as a neutral god of this world. If there is no evil, then there is no need to be saved and that is what he attempts to broadcast around the world. There is a God. There is a Savior. There is evil. There is good. There is a devil. There is a hell. There is Heaven. All these elements exist but the One that matters the most is the Lord Jesus. He is not an element. He is the living God and He is there to save whoever believes in Him. We ought to go back to the basics of who God is and who Jesus is. He is Love. He is the Savior of the world who is L ove. Today I want to remind you that the love of God is powerful. It is real. It is amazing and it is directed to you. 

There is so much love coming from God and you can receive that love. Know what the interferences are and deal with them. Don’t fall for the lies of the enemy like I mentioned before. Fill your heart with the truth of the Word of God. In His Word, you will get a better understanding of His love. He did it all for love. He died for you because of love. He went to hell and conquered death because of love. He came back from the dead so that you could have eternal life. His love for you is stronger than death. Think about that. Death seems so final but Jesus defeated what we knew as the final stage. He took that stage and nullified it. Whoever believes in Him will not go through spiritual death but they will live forever with Him. Next time you are facing a situation where there seems to be a final stage and that stage is bad, think about the power of the love of God. His love saved you and it can save the day again today. You don’t have to suffer and live in mental torment. You can torment those negative thoughts with declarations of victory and of the love of Jesus. Love won and it is with you today. It is always with you. Victory through God’s love is always with you.

There is so much love coming from Jesus but every time you focus on your problems, there is some major interference with the Lord’s love for you. When we magnify our problems, we put the Lord in a box that we close and that is hard to open. That box becomes smaller and smaller the more we focus on our problems. God is an out of the box God with love that is bigger and stronger than any issues we might be dealing with. The love that comes from Him can destroy the attacks of the enemy. No weapon formed against you can prosper when you fix your eyes on Jesus and believe that He has the final say. His love will have the final say. All that wonderful love that is coming to you is there for a reason. You are the reason why this love exists. God sent His Son for you. You are not going to lose with His love on your side. You are not going to be buried under a pile of trials and tribulations. There is so much love coming from God that nothing can stand in the way of His blessings for you. All you have to do is keep going and keep believing. Keep trusting that His love is for you and that it has paved the way for amazing moments and great blessings. There is so much love coming from God and you are the blessed recipient of that love. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 3:16;  Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:19

God thinks about you

I have been in situations that looked hopeless. I have found myself facing predicaments and circumstances that seemed impossible to deal with. I have found myself stuck. I have thought about quitting faith. I have experienced things that were tough to go through. I have almost hit rock bottom. I have had sleepless nights and I have had nightmares during the day. However, I have had Jesus. Throughout it all I have had Jesus. Even when I wasn’t thinking about Him, He was thinking about me. I have never left His mind. I have never left His heart. I have never left His promises. I have never been out of His sight. Friend, when you are lost and you don’t know what to do, find yourself in the Lord. You are always with Him. You are always in His heart. His heart is the most beautiful place to be. Think about it. You have a Savior who is always, always thinking about you. He doesn’t take a break from loving you. You are on His mind 24/7 and you can always find yourself there. It is a truth that was hard for me to understand because every time something bad happened, I thought that God had left me. It is far from the truth. The Lord Himself said He would never leave us nor forsake us and He loves us all the time. When I understood that I could always find myself in God’s heart and in His mind, it changed everything. It changed how I saw my circumstances. It changed how I saw myself. It changed how I saw other people. It changed my mind and it filled my heart with hope. You can find yourself in God’s heart today. You are always there and there is always a solution for you in His heart. His heart is where you belong among great things and blessings. God thinks about you all the time, friend. He does when things are good and when things are bad.

“For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”* This famous verse from the book of Jeremiah deals with God’s thoughts about us. His thoughts are extremely good. He thinks about blessing us and prospering us. He is not mad at us. He is not angry with us. He is not plotting against us. He thinks about us in a beautiful way and He only wants good things for us. When I realized that God only had good intentions for me, it helped my faith. As a kid I knew of a God who punished and who was furious when we sinned. We all sin. We can’t help it but God forgives and God loves us. Our sins separated us from God until we accepted Jesus as our Savior. That is the greatest miracle of all and it was made possible because of God’s thoughts about us. We are on His mind like I said and it is only for good reasons. Know that God thinks about you for good reasons, friend. Know that He has a bright future in mind for you and He takes it seriously. He takes it to heart. You have filled His heart. What a blessing! What an honor! You are who God thinks about. You are loved and you are blessed beyond measure. In His heart you can find hope. There is always hope for you in His heart. His hope can be seen as solutions and answers to every question that is on your mind and to every trial and tribulation.

God thinks about you when no one else does. He thinks about you more than your family and friends. It might be a shift for you to think that way but it is God’s reality. Make it your reality by renewing your mind with that promise. He thinks about you even when you don’t think about Him. That is amazing isn’t it? He thinks about you when you think about making it in this world without Him. He thinks about you when you turn to other people and other things to help you. He thinks about you when you are awake and when you are asleep. When you turn to Him, He doesn’t have to remember who you are. He doesn’t scratch His head and tries to figure out what your name is again. No. God knows exactly who you are. You are the apple of His eye. You are the song in His heart. You are the best thought of the day. You are the one who makes Him joyful. You make Him smile. He is always smiling because of you. You are His favorite thought, friend. You are sitting in His heart and He will never remove you from that cozy place of peace. See yourself as the blessed person that you are. You are so blessed to be so loved by the King of kings. Your situations and your bad circumstances will never remove you from God’s heart. He’s got your back and He always has a plan for you to make it, to succeed, to prosper, to be blessed and to be protected. God thinks about you all the time. Praise Him for loving you so much! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11*; Romans 8:28-29; 1 Timothy 2:3-4

You can rely on God

You can rely on God. You can always rely on God. This whole week you are going to be able to rely on God. You can be sure that God is going to help you and bless you. You can turn to God anytime and you can expect Him to answer you every time. This week might come with some challenges but remember that your God defied death and challenged everything that is going to challenge you. He did everything necessary to make you a winner and to bless you even when life is not nice to you. You have a Lord who is more than reliable. He is faithful to the core and He always, always keeps His promises. You can count on His Word. You can count on His Spirit. You can count on His love. You can count on His power. You can count on His blessings. You can count on His authority. You can count on His peace. You can count on His joy. You can count on His angels. You can count on His strength. God is faithful and He never leaves your side so this week is going to be another amazing week where you will prosper, you will thrive, you will conquer and you will be blessed. You can count on the Lord every second of every minute of every hour of every day this week. The Lord’s faithfulness is unparalleled. Keep that in mind all week!

But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”* This verse sums it all up for you. God is reliable and He is faithful all the time. You see, when something bad happens, the enemy wants you to think that God has left you and that He doesn’t keep His word. He wants you to believe that God is not capable of helping you and that some circumstances are too much for Him to handle. That is a lie. God is not only more than able to help and to bless you but He can do it all the time. There isn’t a circumstance or a situation that is too difficult for God. He is never at a loss and He never hides from life’s harsh circumstances. He is not afraid of anything and He is mighty and powerful all the time. You can count on His might every single day. You can count on Him no matter what life throws your way. You are going to be extremely blessed once you get ahold of this truth and you let it be a part of your everyday thinking. Your mind needs a tune-up every now and then. Mine certainly does. That tune-up is a refresher and a reminder that God can be trusted all the time. A reminder that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God. 

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”** God’s great love is for you. He loves you more than you will ever know and it is His love that will get you through anything. You can count on His love. His love prevails and it conquers all. Go boldly into this week knowing that you have a powerful God who loves you unconditionally. His love won’t let you fail this week. His love won’t let you down. You can rely on God’s love and goodness. Claim them. Proclaim them and embrace them. When something goes wrong this week, declare that God’s love will see you through. Declare that God doesn’t go back on His word and you can always trust Him. Declare victory through Him. Declare joy, peace, love and hope. You are going to make it this week because your amazing God can be trusted. Every day His mercies are new. Every day of this week His mercies will be new in the morning. New hope, new peace, new blessings, new opportunities and new victories. Great is His faithfulness. Count on it. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 2 Thessalonians 3:3*; Lamentations 3:22-23**; Psalm 121:3

The Good Shepherd watches over you

Today God is on your side. Tomorrow God will be on your side. You have nothing to worry about. You will always have God. You will always have the One who came back from the dead. You will always have the One who is the gate to Heaven. Last night, I was reading John chapter 10 and I felt very inspired by that chapter. I was taken into a spiral of hope and bliss as I was reading the chapter. Jesus talks most of this chapter and He explains to His disciples that He is the gate. He tells them that He is the way and that He is the Shepherd and we are His sheep. I am so glad that we have Jesus. I am so glad that He is the gate to eternal life and He is constantly with us. This message about God being present all the time has been a recurring theme in these past few months. I believe it is crucial that we remember that God is with us all the time. It is important that we understand what that means. Jesus, the gate for His sheep is an everlasting presence. The Good Shepherd watches over His sheep all the time. Friend, if Jesus is your Savior, you are part of His sheep and He is watching over you. You have this amazing Lord who takes care of you and who will never lead you astray. He will always protect you and bless you. You might need to hear this message today and I encourage you to listen to it over and over again. The Good Shepherd is your Shepherd so it doesn’t matter who is against you. You have Jesus. You are all set!

Jesus tells us that whoever enters through Him will be saved. I see Him as a huge gate to Heaven. I see and picture a huge gate to eternal life. Now, the gate is not for later when we go to be with the Lord. Jesus, the gate, is a present Lord. He is your Savior today and you are saved today. You are saved and you will remain in His presence. The Good Shepherd is your refuge and your Rock today. You are blessed today. You are loved today. You are covered by the blood of Jesus today. You are favored today. You might be going through a season of pain, trials and depression but that doesn’t change that you have the Good Shepherd. You are the sheep and the Shepherd is here to take care of you so give Him everything that is bothering you. Hand Him your fears, your pain and your anxiety. He is not going to ignore your prayers. Thank Him for being such a Good Shepherd. Trust that He is in charge of you. You are not in charge of your life. Jesus is! Think about that. Meditate on it. It will change the way you approach life and it will bless you tremendously. Your Good Shepherd is the best One there is and He is extremely good at what He does. What He does is love you and watch over you!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”* What a blessing that Jesus came to give back what the devil had stolen. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, did a tremendous job on the cross and through the resurrection. The thief had stolen life. Eternal death was what we could expect but Jesus changed the narrative. He rewrote history and gave us a way out of this dismal predicament. He came so that we may have life to the fullest. The Good Shepherd gives us a good life on steroids. It is not the life that the world provides. It is life from Heaven. You and I can experience a life from Heaven here and now. We can have peace, joy, love and hope galore today because that is what the Good Shepherd supplied. He did it all. He did His job and now He is with us and He wants us to enjoy eternal life with Him. This doesn’t mean that we will not have problems but it means that we have the Good Shepherd to help us deal with any problem. Today you are highly blessed, friend. Today you are highly loved. Today you are more than a conqueror through Christ. Today you can do all things through Christ. Today you are saved. Today you are a blessing. Today you are under the protection of the Good Shepherd. Enjoy your life with Him. Be sure to sustain a life of celebration of the Good Shepherd. Praise Him! His love for your endures forever! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Luke 19:10; John 6:33; John 10:10