10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 138)

Peace. Jesus has it. Love. Jesus has it. Truth. Jesus has it. Joy. Jesus has it. Freedom. Jesus has it. Hope. Jesus has it. Power. Jesus has it. Healing. Jesus has it. Deliverance. Jesus has it. Everything. Jesus has it. Jesus has everything you need and more!

You will conquer the fear of the world when you give into the peace of the Lord. Let the Lord’s peace enter the core of your belief system. His peace will chase away fear and anxiety. Ask for peace and you will get it in Jesus’ name!

There is only one king and His name is Jesus. Everyone should bow at His name. Every problem, every trial should bow at His name. Don’t be intimidated by how stubborn your tribulations are. Stay in faith and you will see them bow down before the King. No one and nothing is stronger than the Lord.

The fruit of the Spirit is like a necklace you wear around your spiritual neck. Every bead is a powerful fruit. Your necklace is complete. The bead of love is the biggest bead. It always activates the necklace. Wear the necklace of the Lord with pride!

The Lord is the world that your world needs. Let Him become your world. Let Him define your world. Let Him transform your world. Let the Lord be your world!

Evacuate the worry zone. Don’t linger in the fear house. Escape from the stress cabin. Run to the house of the Lord. Dwell in His house. Inhabit the premises of His love. Reside in His presence.

God speaks in a language that defies hate speech. One word from God and darkness dissipates. One verse from God and the enemy flees. One song from God and fear and worry get confused. Speak the language of the Lord and your world will hear love, peace, joy, freedom and salvation!

The enemy’s lies try to bury the truth of the Lord but like a Phoenix coming ouf of the ashes, the truth will emerge. God’s truth is bigger than the enemy’s lies. Stick with the truth and the lies will flee!

Sometimes the best way to describe Jesus is through our lifestyles, our actions and our deeds. Words don’t need to be spoken. Actions need to be spoken. Our lifestyles and our love for others speak louder than words.

There are times when what you want is not what God has planned for you. Let Him decide. Let Him plan your life. God always knows best!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

Getting rid of fear and its family on a daily basis

I see fear, worry, anxiety, stress and angst as one bundle. They stick together, they work together and they live together. As one dysfunctional family they function well in our lives and not in a good way. They have found their niche in our minds and they fill our hearts easily. They are like a pack that travels together. One of them might be influencing us more than the others at some point but they are united and they help each other create havoc in our day-to-day lives. If you scan your thoughts throughout the day you might notice that the negative pack has infiltrated itself in there somehow. The Lord tells us not to fear and not to be afraid. He is not giving us an impossible command. He knows that He can help us fend off the evil pack. He has the power to put that negative family back in its place and He can lock them in a place where they can’t do any harm. It takes work on our part and continued faith. We ought to develop faith in God’s ability to put up a hedge of protection around our minds, our hearts, our feelings and our emotions. That wall of protection can be built and it can stand strong as we put layer after layer and brick after brick around us in the name of Jesus. As this new week starts, I want to encourage you to build that wall of protection. Do your part and God will put in place the hedge of protection that will keep you positive and strong.

I remember when I first realized that fear did not have a strong grip on me anymore. It was after a few weeks of delving in the Word and of having a praise and prayer routine. Once I established that routine and my mind knew to expect it and my heart was on board every day, fear and its family became less powerful in my life. It wasn’t something I was looking for intentionally. It was more of a benefit from living a life rooted in praise and adoration of Jesus. He was my focus and He was the One I communicated with the most. The more I praised Him, the bigger He appeared to me. I had songs I sang every day that got me pumped up. I believe that was a major key; getting excited for the Lord was a game changer for me. Praise punched fear in the face. It put worry in an arm lock and it chased away anxiety. It became my number one remedy. It has been my daily medicine and it is still working wonders today. What I was doing without knowing was evicting the dysfunctional family that had settled in my temple, in my house, in my mind. I had not been aware that they were squatters. To me they had always been there and parting from them did not seem to be an option. It is more than an option. It should be our way of living and operating. The Lord has a very well-functioning and positive family for us. It is the family we should be living with and it is the one group we should be interacting with on a daily basis.

Peace, joy, love, faith, patience, selflessness, long suffering are among the fruit of the Spirit. They form a very positive bunch. They are a family that is always in harmony and that always makes people feel great and be in sync with the Lord. The Holy Spirit generously shares this family with us when we are open to welcoming them. They are the family that never fights and never argues. All they want to do is lift up the Lord and spread the peace and the love that He has for everyone. My praise and prayer sessions were strongly impacted by the fruit of the Spirit. I would come out of the sessions with more love than I had ever felt and more peace than I had experienced. The Holy Spirit is present and manifests Himself when we praise and pray. Doing it every day truly changes our lives and our minds. Add gratitude and Bible study to them and you have a powerful combo. It is the package that can get rid of the negative pack of fear. Load up on the fruit of the Spirit and the weeds of the enemy will be uprooted from your life. Fear, worry and stress will be replaced by peace. You will discover a whole new world where God is more dominant and the family of the enemy is under submission and underpowered. There is a solution for the daily angst. There is a key to solving the problems that come with fear and worry. There is deliverance from anxiety and angst. They can all be found in Jesus. Worship Him, pray to Him, be thankful to Him, study His Word and you will be free from the negative family that has been keeping you captive for too long. I have kept up with my praise and prayer habits and they are continuing to bless my days, to renew my mind and to fill my heart with peace and love. Praise the Lord there is freedom indeed in Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4-5; Isaiah 41:13; Luke 14:27

Having conversations with God

Do you have daily conversations with God? I used to think that talking to God outside of prayer time was odd and prohibited. I used to adhere to a number of rules that limited my interaction with God. Religion had a stronghold on my connection with God to the point where there was a major disconnect. God was a million miles away in my mind and I had no chance of reaching Him. That is how I perceived Him based on my religious beliefs. I read that David was close to God. Abraham was called God’s friend. The Lord spoke to Moses face to face. Jesus Himself said we were His friends. He said we were His friends if we do what He commands us. I felt like I was trying to do what He commanded us. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so we could be close to Him. His Spirit dwells in us. There is nothing closer than that. If God is that close to us, why don’t we have a close relationship with Him? That is what I wondered and that is what led me to open up to God and to start having conversations with Him. They first seemed like monologues but I discovered that God talks to us and answers us. Today I want to encourage you to be open to having conversations with God.

A conversation is usually an informal talk between two or more people where news and ideas are exchanged. The idea of an exchange is important. There is some back and forth and there is a degree of sharing. One person talks, the other person listens then the listener talks and the other person listens. There is a listener and a talker. Good conversations happen when there is a balance. Each party has equal air time and equal listening time. One thing that became clear to me is that if I was going to have conversations with God, I needed to let Him do more of the talking. After all He is God and He has more valuable things to say even though He values us. To be able to listen to God, I had to shut off the world for a while. I spent time in prayer and I read the Bible more. God’s voice is in His Word. The more familiar we are with His Word, the more familiar we will be with His voice. I learned to prayerfully read the Word. I asked for the assistance of the Holy Spirit so I could hear God and not my own thoughts and not the words of the enemy. The enemy will try to make himself sound like you and then confusion separates you from the truth. Friend, spend time with God in prayer and read His Word with the help of His Spirit. You will get a good foundation for recognizing the Lord’s voice. Soon enough you will understand that God is a talker and He always has amazing things to say.

There is a soothing and deep voice we can hear on the inside when God talks to us but He uses many different venues. Like I said, His Word is a speakerphone that transmits His voice beautifully. He gives us dreams, visions, revelations. He uses messages, sermons and people to speak to us. Now the question is, are we answering? Are we listening and engaging in a conversation with God? Obedience is key. It shows that we hear, we listen and we acknowledge God. Acting on what God tells us is great. We basically answer Him by listening to Him. It’s crucial that we also believe that He listens to us. We can go on and on and think that God is not paying attention but He knows what we are going to say before we say it. Yet He loves it when we talk to Him. My suggestion is that you talk to God throughout the day. Give Him the opportunity to hear your thoughts and your voice. Talk to your best friend. Talk to your Father. Have daily conversations with God. He is near you. He is in you. You don’t have to open your mouth to talk to Him. He hears your thoughts and He knows your heart. Get used to His voice. Be on the lookout for His words. They can come from anywhere. Have that daily exchange. Your relationship with Him will flourish. Thank God for His love and kindness. He loves us so much that He wants to be in contact all the time. Start talking and start listening more. Enjoy your conversations!

Suggested reading: Psalm 145:18-19; John 8:47; John 15:14-15

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 136)

Don’t worry about the rain. Don’t worry about the pain. Don’t worry about what’s vain. Don’t worry about the gain. Don’t worry about missing the train. Don’t worry about anything. Trust that God is with you in everything!

Monitor your feelings. Keep an eye on your emotions. Take the temperature of your temper. Gauge your spirit with the stick of the Holy Spirit. Renew your thoughts with the Word of God.

Let Jesus go viral in your mind, body, spirit and soul. Let Him be dominant in your thinking and reigning in your heart. Give Jesus the number one spot in your life that negativity has been claiming for years.

Don’t let what you see be bigger than what you don’t see. What you see is heightened by fear. What you don’t see is highlighted by faith. What you see is in the flesh and what you don’t see is perceived by your spirit. Your flesh is weak but remember that your spirit is willing.

The world will try to overwhelm you but you should let the Lord invade your world. Let Him mean the world to you and He will transform you so you can make an impact on your world every day.

Our thoughts should be noble and pure. Adding worry into the mix only generates trouble. Keep your thoughts positive by focusing on the King of positivity. Focus on Jesus.

Hold on to God’s promises and you will promise to give peace, love and joy to whoever needs them.

God is with you on this journey. He is the companion that never leaves your side. He walks with you, runs with you and slows down with you when you acknowledge Him on this path you are on. You are never alone!

Tomorrow is not guaranteed but God’s love is always a given. Stay in the present with God’s love as your guarantee. When hardships come, show the enemy that you have God’s warranty and He will fix your life at no cost!

There is a joy that surpasses all understanding. It comes from the same source as the peace that surpasses all understanding. God is the source. Stay plugged into Him and you will receive everything you need.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 32:8; Hebrews 13:8

God is a challenger who always wins

Today is the first day back at work with students in a virtual setting. This school year is presenting some challenges we have never faced before. Even though there is a good amount of confusion, stress and a developing feeling of chaos, there has been a strong conviction that the Lord has been standing by me and that He is not going to stop walking by my side. He is consistent in His love and this week is going to be challenged by Him. I am not going to let the trials and the “peace disruptors” make me forget that God is in control. Instead of letting the hiccups send me into a frenzy, I am going to let the Lord squeeze those hiccups out of my life. The Lord is going to challenge the problems and the tribulations that will come this week. It is a concept that seems foreign to a lot of us but it should be familiar territory. God is a challenger. He challenged death on the cross and through the resurrection process and He won. Death was no match to Him. Consider death a major category. It is a category that comprises all negativity, difficulties, sadness, sorrow, pain, hurt, destruction etc. Anything that you can think of that is negative and bad falls under the death category. It is huge and it is demmoralizing but God can challenge every element that is in that category including spiritual and physical death. Today I want to encourage you to let God the challenger defies anything bad that comes your way. Tap into your faith in the Lord and remind your circumstances that the Lord has already won all battles. Challenge the problems that will arise this week by speaking the Word of God over every situation and standing your ground even when it feels like there is an earthquake in your head and in your heart. God can challenge everything that is trying to harm you and He always wins!


The challenges of life can be relentless and sometimes it feels like we are not getting a break. Something bad happens then it gets better but we can’t take a breath because something else comes our way. Life has trials that repeat themselves or that breed another type of challenge. Jesus said that in this life we would have tribulations. I can almost guarantee that something challenging will take place this week. I am not being pessimistic. I am using the words of the Lord. I do have to add that even though things might be bad, God conquered them. Jesus said that we would have tribulations but He also said that we should take courage because He has conquered the world. This means that back then Jesus conquered what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow. “Take courage” He said. He knows we can stay strong and keep the faith even when things are very difficult. He knew it and this truth still applies today. If you are going through a bad time right now, take courage and know that Jesus has won against what is troubling you. When you know something, you can talk about it. Talk about how Jesus won. Talk about how things are going to be just fine because He conquered the world. Talk about it to other people and make sure you talk about it to yourself. Let your mind hear what you have to say about Jesus’ victory and about how you have nothing to worry about because Jesus won it all. Show yourself that you know that Jesus can handle anything and He is handling your problems now. When you do that, you are powerfully challenging your mind that tends to go with a negative flow. Your thoughts can go down the negative route very easily because they look at how things are in the natural. They need to be hit with a jolt of faith. Faith believes before seeing. Faith doesn’t rely on how things look. It relies on what God can do.


Once you have challenged your mind with God’s positivity and with the truth of His Word, be sure to challenge your difficult circumstances directly. Be active. Speak against the problems. Use God’s Word to challenge your problems. Don’t give them a chance to take over your life. They will do whatever they can to monopolize your thinking, your focus and to minimize your time with the Lord. You will do what you can to fix the situation. It is a good move as long as it doesn’t eat into your prayer time and your communion time. Prayer should be increased and not decreased. Pray and ask the Lord to intervene. Tell Him that you believe He can do all things and your present situation is not too hard for Him. Give Him free reign and give Him permission to challenge the negativity in your life so to speak. Your confession of faith is a stand against the negativity and it allows the Lord to challenge your trials and tribulations. For instance, you can use Romans 8:38-39. If you are not familiar with those verses, take the time to look them up. They deal with how nothing can separate us from God’s love. Talk to your problem and say that it can’t separate you from God’s love and enumerate all the other things listed in those two verses that can’t separate you from God’s love. Keep believing. Keep challenging the negativity. Know that God has won. Keep doing it and you will see how God triumphs all the time. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 8:38-39; Revelation 1:18

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 135)


Don’t rent any space to negative thoughts in your mind. Evict them with the power of the Word of God. Don’t let them settle in your thinking space and don’t entertain them. The Word of God has the authority to keep you “negative thought-free!”

Lord, I’ll serve anywhere” is what our spirits should cry out. Wherever He leads us we should follow.

Just because a storm is not going to come to where you live doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray against it. Pray against other people’s storms. Pray for protection. Pray for favor for other people.

“Worry is not from Me” says the Lord. Banish it. Don’t adhere to it. Don’t accept it. Don’t follow it. Don’t be friends with it. Worry is from the enemy. Faith is against the enemy.

Don’t outrun God. Have patience. Slow down. Catch up with God by slowing down your pace. You might be running a race you shouldn’t be running in the first place. Run with God. Walk with God. Slow down with God.

Don’t always talk from experience. Talk from the Lord’s experience. Talk from what He went through on the cross, talk from His resurrection and His salvation. His salvation is your experience today and every day!

Peace is a fruit that grows on trees of serenity in fields of calmness. God is massive producer of peace. Go to Him when you need a harvest of tranquility.

Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and hail the King. Lift up your hands and sing to God. Lift up your hands and adore the Lord. Lift up your hands on a good day. Lift up your hands on a bad day. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord every day!

In the worst situations, God is still the best. He is the One with all the solutions. He is the One with all the answers. He is the One with all the victories. He is the One with all the freedom. In the worst situations, God is still God. Don’t give up. He is on your side!

God loves you more than you will ever know. God loves you and He will always bless you. God loves you and He always will. God loves you when no one else does. God loves you and He will always protect you. God loves you and His love for you will never go away. Remember every day that God loves you and your circumstances can never change His love for you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:16

Using God’s supplies every day

Many students are getting ready to go back to school next month. With everything that is going on, school is going to look very different this year where I live. One thing that will remain the same is that kids will need to get some supplies for school. Some will get new backpacks and new sets of pens and pencils. Their packback is like a tool kit that helps them access their education better. They will have books or computers they will rely on that will go into their backpack. I love the idea of a tool kit, a kit that allows us to accomplish what we have to do on any given day. I myself carry a backpack with a few “tools” for the day. I have a physical backpack and I also have my spiritual backpack. The weekend is a great time for me to fill my spiritual backpack because I have more time than I do on weekdays. However, I also get ready for the next day by setting time apart to refill my spiritual backpack every day. As a matter of fact I get ready the day before and the morning of every single day. Do you have a spiritual backpack? What do you put in it? 


The most precious thing I carry in my spiritual backpack is a cross. This cross is more than a symbol. It is a daily reminder that I should carry my cross and that the Lord died on the cross for me. Without the cross of Calvary I wouldn’t be here today. If l lose sight of the Lord’s sacrifice and of my salvation, I can easily get carried away and run away from my faith and from what makes me who I am. I am who I am today because of my relationship with the Lord. He keeps me centered and balanced because I keep Him at the center of my life. The spiritual cross I carry every day is the reason I believe. It is the reason I don’t forget that love died for me and rose again. I am spiritually alive and well thanks to the cross. The cross makes up the bulk of my backpack. I carry it everywhere I go. I carry Jesus everywhere I go. Today I want to encourage you to prepare your backpack every day. Fill it up with all the tools the Lord has made available to you.


The Word of God is also one of the most important tools I carry in my spiritual backpack. Where would I be without the Word? Where would we be? The Word of God is more than a manual for living. It is the breath of God. It is God. It is a love letter from the Lord. I find everything I need in the Word of God. Because of my connection with the Holy Spirit, I get almost daily messages regarding passages I should study and they turn out to be what I need at the moment. Sometimes I take notes and save the passage for later. It all makes sense at some point. The Holy Spirit guides us in all things and He will enumerate what we should have in our backpack. I suggest working on developing a relationship with Him so that you know what to do and what tools you will need for the day. 


The Holy Spirit has a beautiful way of letting us know what is going on when we tune in and we are receptive to His leading. He is like the parent that watches you prepare your backpack and that gives you gentle reminders and instructions. You can either pay attention or you can ignore Him. The goal is to be sensitive to Him and not let the distractions of the world crowd our minds to the point where we can’t hear the voice of the Spirit. I love how He either talks to us with His sweet inner voice or He uses other means to talk to us. He leaves sticky notes around the house with directions. His sticky notes can even be through people in our lives. Look out for the Lord’s sticky notes that will give you an idea of what to put in your backpack.


When we prepare ourselves for what’s to come, we are not being pessimistic. We are being led. God wants us to be ready for what’s to come knowing that we can be well-equipped to handle anything. My spiritual backpack is not put together in preparation for the worst case scenario. It is meant to help me face anything that will come my way; good times and bad times. That said, I can’t forget all the supplies the Lord gives me to celebrate the good times and to celebrate Him above it all. I have my praise and worship packed. My gratitude is in the front pocket of my backpack and my adoration is also located in one of the pockets. Those supplies are used all the time. It doesn’t matter what life tries to teach me, I have the supplies that are necessary to keep me in the right mindset. 


When the lessons get tough, I have my praise and my worship out on my desk and I focus on them. When life is easy, my praise and worship are still right there with me. I don’t trade them for tools that promote whining and complaining. At least I try not to. I am working on adding some tools to my backpack. Faith is another tool that is permanent. Without it my backpack has a hole in it and all the good things of the Lord end up leaking. I put in prayer every day and it keeps me aware of the goodness of God. I pray that you have the best backpack ever. May God bless your tool kit and may you use it every day!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 24:27; Ephesians 6:10-18; 1 Peter 3:15

Jesus loves everyone

The Lord loves everyone. There is no exception. Yesterday I wrote a nugget of wisdom about that. I wrote,  “There isn’t a single person you will meet that Jesus didn’t die for. Treat everyone as someone the Lord adores because that is the truth. Jesus’ love is unconditional and it is not reserved for a specific group. He groups everyone under the same cross. Remember that next time you deal with someone who is hard to love!” This powerful message had a great impact on my perception of people years ago. I used to be in New York City a lot and when I would walk around in crowds, the Spirit of God would show me something amazing. I would look at someone and He would say “I love him. I love her.” Everyone I looked at was someone He loved. There wasn’t a single person He wouldn’t talk about without mentioning that He loved him or her. That truly changed my vision of others. I used to judge people by how they looked or what they seemed to be like as a person. I would judge a book by its cover and by its binding. I secretly had personalities picked out and traits “figured out.” I was not walking in love even though I thought I was just because I didn’t verbalize my inner thoughts.


 I used to walk the judgment walk. That is a walk that the Lord doesn’t know. He has never walked down the paths of discrimination and preconceived ideas. Jesus’ love is perfect. Perfect love covers all sins. Jesus doesn’t see people according to their sins. He sees them according to His love. His love focuses on the person He adores and gets down the person’s level. Jesus died for everyone. He can’t take that back. To hear some people talk in Christian circles these days, you would think that Jesus changed His mind and that He is retracting what He did on the cross by reserving His redemption and salvation for a group of a few chosen ones. When Jesus was dying on the cross He chose you, friend. No matter who you are, you were on His mind. No matter what you look like, what you have done and what you think about, He died for you. No one and nothing can stand in the way of His love for you. Today I am here to remind you that Jesus loves you and He loves every single person you will ever meet in your life. 


God so loved the world that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice to save humanity. Can you think of a love so big that it is willing to die for you? Whose love is that strong? Whose love is ready to die for everyone who will ever walk the earth? You can imagine how painful that death would be and yet Jesus did it. He stood in the gap for us. He did what it took to redeem us of our sins and to give us eternal life. It is mind blowing. It is remarkable. There are no words to describe it when you think about it. Do you ever think about how much Jesus actually loves you? Do you need a reminder that He adores you and that He died for you? When you are down and depressed, meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice and His love for you. Keep it in front of you. Go past the guilt and the shame of your sins. Those are the enemy’s weapons to derail you and to make you fall. Jesus’ love for you is more powerful than the entire army of the enemy. The attacks of the enemy won’t change the truth that Jesus died for you out of love to save you and protect you. 


Speak against the shame and the guilt and talk about Jesus’ love. We all sin. We all fall short but we can all be forgiven and redeemed. When we ask for forgiveness we always get an answer from the depth of the heart of the Lord. He deeply loves us and if we were to search His heart, we would only find rivers of love flowing toward us. Let’s not stop the rivers by adhering to the enemy’s mind games. God’s love and forgiveness are for everyone. Every single person you will interact with or see today is loved by Jesus. See how that alters the way you see people. Let that be your filter. Let the revelation that Jesus loves everyone be the filter you use when dealing with people. It’s not about what you think or how you feel about people. It’s about the love Jesus has for everybody. Chip away the stereotypes and the misconceptions you might have by embracing Jesus’ love for everyone. I am working on it. I am learning to let love dominate me. I am a work in progress and I am ok with that. The Holy Spirit keeps reminding me of God’s love and it has been a great journey. Jesus loves you and everyone in your life. Keep that in mind. It will change your mind!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10; John 3:16; 1 John 4:7-8

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 133)

The noise in your head can make you think that God’s silence represents defeat. God is not silent. You can make Him loud by speaking His Word over your life. Give a voice to faith and you will silence fear.

God will give you what will feel like a century of blessings for all the years the enemy has taken from you. Hold on to hope!

The Lord is reminding you in His Word that nothing is too hard for Him. Changing your circumstances is not too hard for Him. Parting the seas is not too hard for Him. Changing your water into wine is not too hard for you. Making you joyful again is not too hard for Him. Nothing is too hard for the Lord!

Don’t let the day get to you. Let the Lord get you through the day. He will make a way throughout the day. Put your day in His hands and He will hand you a good day.

Use the Word of God as a crutch. Use it even when you feel you can stand on your own two feet. Rely on it to cross dangerous roads. Rely on it when you walk in fields of peace. Walk the walk with God’s Word.

You might be going through hell on your way to Heaven but remember Jesus conquered hell so Heaven is your secure destination.

When everything spins out of control, give God all the control. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and thank Jesus for being in control!

Just because you don’t like what you are hearing doesn’t mean it is not from God. Discernment is important!

You will stand firm. With God you will stand firm forever. The ground you walk on will crumble but you won’t fall. The quicksand of the enemy will not stall you. God will make you path straight and you will walk with confidence.

A surrendered heart is worth a thousand prayers spoken from an empty spirit. Give you heart to the Lord. Let Him inhabit your spirit and put His love in your heart and in your soul. Surrender to the love that never fails.

Suggested reading: Psalm 15:5; Psalm 51:10; Hebrews 4:12

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 132)

Let God light your world with His Word. His Word is a lamp into your feet. It will show you the way to peace even when you are walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

Don’t hesitate to ask God for help. He will send you angels in disguise and He will send you instructions and solutions through the Holy Spirit.

God’s love leaves an indelible spot on your heart. You can try to erase it but it will never go away. Don’t try to be spotless when it comes to God’s love.

God’s open doors are waiting for you to step inside houses of miracles. Step in with faith and make yourself comfortable in the places the Lord has prepared for you!

Focus on the wonders of Jesus. He is a wonderful Lord who will never let you wonder if He is going to love you because His love is always a wonder that never changes!

The Lord is a lighthouse. You can always see Him in the storm. Keep looking at Him. He will guide you through the rockiest storms and He will get you ashore safely. He is the lighthouse that lights the world!

Don’t let the voices of the opposition oppose the Word of God in you. Quiet the voices by being loud. Be loud with hope. Be loud with the Lord’s promises. Be loud in your faith.

God has an update for you regarding your current circumstances and it’s all good news. His update is about the blessings that are coming. They are going to change your tough situation. Read about the update in His Word. It’s all there!

Don’t give up! Better days are coming. Stay in faith. Stay with God. You have been walking in the desert but you are about to find the promised land. It’s closer than you think. Keep walking. You are heading in the right direction!

Love without boundaries. Love without judging. Love without fear. Love without doubt. Love without restrictions. Love without conditions. Love without reservation. Love without manipulation. Love with God’s love. Love your neighbor as yourself!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Matthew 22:39; 2 Thessalonians 3:3