God is your refuge

Last night when I was doing my Bible study, I was led to read two passages that I was somewhat familiar with. One of them was Psalm 46 and the other one was 1 John 1. I am not an expert when it comes to quoting the exact scripture word for word and I haven’t memorized many verses but when I read the passages, I recognized the theme right away. They depict how God helps us overcome and how He is our refuge and our protector. They are very uplifting and encouraging words.




I believe we need to hear the message that God is our refuge and that our victory is in Him over and over again. We need to build our faith in that truth. Our Christian walk is based on God’s love and on the knowledge that our lives are in Him. Living through Him means walking in love and walking in victory over the enemy’s traps. There are so many traps out there but we can walk all over them in Jesus’ name. God is our refuge and fear is not including in that refuge. There is no fear in God. His place of refuge is void of all negativity. Today I want to encourage you to keep believing that you are in God’s place of refuge and that you will overcome all obstacles that might be coming at you this week. Your victory is in Him!




My house is definitely a place of refuge because I feel safe and comfortable in it. The Lord’s place of refuge travels with us wherever we go. God is our refuge in all things. He is the comfort and safety we always have with us. He promises to cover us and shield us in every situation. Praise Him and thank Him for being your refuge and you will get a better idea of what the refuge looks like in your everyday life. When trouble comes, you will be protected. When pain and headaches show up, you will find relief. When loss is shattering your life, God will show up and shield you back into peace.




A place of refuge is a shelter from pursuit, danger and trouble. The enemy and his friends will pursue you but the Lord will protect you. He is the refuge that serves as a shield against the enemy and his followers. You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to fall apart when facing adversity. All you need to do is rely on your refuge. He is strong enough to keep the opposition from getting to you. You are made to be more than an overcomer in this world thanks to your refuge. You are going to overcome all difficulties and problems that will pursue you this week. The Lord within you is going to bless you and protect you. Be ready to overcome. Be ready to make it and succeed every day. God is your refuge and nothing will get in the way!


Suggested reading: Psalm 46; Psalm 91; 1 John 1



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10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 45)

Stay in the position of praise. Stay in the position where you feel the less pain. Stay in the position of thanks. Stay in the position where you complain the less. Stay in the position of prayer. Stay in the position where you can hear the most. Stay in the position of love. Stay in the position where you can change the most!

When you tell the Lord that you are broken and you need some fixing, He says that you are fixed. When you tell the Lord that you are broke and you need some finances, He says that you are richer than you think. When you tell the Lord that you are alone and you need some loving, He says that you are loved by the One who died for love!

If you feel that peace has left the building, stay in faith. It’s closer than you think. If you feel that joy is nowhere to be found, stay in faith. Joy is bubbling its way back to the surface. If you feel like victory is not in your future, stay in faith. Victory is always on the horizon because the Lord put you where you are for a reason!

Your silent success for the kingdom of God is more important than your notoriety in the world!

Pray for people to be blessed more than you. Pray that your blessings will be where theirs start. Pray that your ceiling be their floor!

Stay in your lane. The Lord has a path just for you. In your lane you will go faster. In your lane you will gain momentum. In your lane you will get places. In your lane you will be the best version of yourself!

Your ordinary can be someone else’s extraordinary. What’s normal to you could be a miracle to someone else. Don’t let your “ordinary blessings” make you miss out on the extraordinary offerings that the Lord has put in your life!

You can read the Bible with the heart of God or with the heart of men. The heart of men makes it a lot more complicated and it loses the heart of God in translation.

There will always be waves on the ocean of our lives. Ride the waves. Ride the waves with the Lord. Let Him be your surfboard, your boat, your buoy. Ride the waves with confidence!

God will make you soar over your problems and over all the valleys where sorrow grows and pain is cultivated. Let Him take you higher than your worries. Let Him turn you into the eagle of hope you were destined to be.

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:8; Ephesians 5:20; 1 John 5:14

Better days are on their way

One day you will get your breakthrough. Someday you will look back and notice how all the pain you had at one point doesn’t compare with the present blessings and the joy that has come your way. You will get there. You will get out of the valley and walk up the mountains of bliss and peace. You are not meant to be where you are now forever. Your present chapter is not the end of your story. Your current condition is no reflection of your future situation. There is a blessing that is going to overtake you and shake off the fear, the misery and the loss. God is about to do something extraordinary in your life that is totally unprecedented. You haven’t seen anything yet. Your glory days are not over. Your season of prosperity hasn’t started yet. Good days are on their way. Why? Because the Lord is paving the way for you right now. It might see quiet in the hallways of Heaven today but be assured that the crowd of witnesses is not only cheering for you but it is rejoicing over God’s next move in your life. Today I want to encourage you to hold on to hope and believe that better days are on their way!


It’s hard to picture better times when you are in the middle of chaos
. It’s not easy to stay encouraged when you are crippled by debts, disease and all kinds of hardships. The weight of our problems can take a toll on us over time. However, the Lord said that He would take our burdens upon Himself. He said that we should go to Him so we can find peace. He promised to get rid of the stress that is keeping us down. He is going to lift your head so you can see hope on the horizon. Wherever you are in life today you are not alone. God hasn’t abandoned you. The enemy wants you to think that God has left you but He is there and He is not going anywhere. Friend, Jesus is not going anywhere but He will take you everywhere. He will take you to places where there is so much peace that you will believe you are in Heaven. Don’t lose hope. Better days are on the way!


The Lord can handle all situations. Don’t take it upon yourself to fix everything. Give it to God and receive His peace. Say a prayer and stay connected to Him. He has an array of blessings that are about to surround you and appease you. The hope of the Lord is a fantastic weapon that can deal with all the ugliness of the world. His hope is there and it is as powerful as ever. Keep hoping in Him. Keep turning to Him. All you are doing is not in vain. The better days the Lord has planned for you are so bright that you are going to need sunglasses. Get your pair today. Prepare yourself for what’s to come. It will come. People might try to discourage you but it will happen for you. It will happen in Jesus’ name! Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Better days are on their way!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; Psalm 37:5; Hebrews 6:19

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How to hear from God

This month marks the anniversary of when I started writing daily messages three years ago. After over 1000 messages one of the recurring themes is the need to have a relationship with God. It’s not because it is the religious thing to do. It’s because it is the best thing to do. God doesn’t want us to have a relationship with Him so He can control us and manipulate us. He wants us to have a relationship with Him so we know true love and we can share true love. With God everything is based on love. He also knows what’s best for us and being connected to Him is what’s best because He looks after us and He gives us what we need. Hearing from Him is a necessity in the pursuit of getting to know Him. He speaks to us through His Word. He speaks to us through His Spirit. God can communicate with us all the time if we develop an ear for Him. It takes practice and it takes a surrendered heart but it is possible. There is so much He is saying but so little we hear on a regular basis. Hearing from God can appear to be a challenge but it truly is accessible to us. Today I want to encourage you to pursue hearing from God with all your heart. He has so much to tell you and so much to show you.


When was the last time you had a sit-down talk with God? When was the last time you opened His Word and told Him you were ready and eager to hear from Him? He is waiting for each and every one of us to have those conversations and to lean on Him for direction, wisdom and revelation. I strongly believe that getting to know God better starts with reading His Word. His Word is a road-map that traces the way to His heart. It is the blueprint for a strong foundation in whom He truly is. There are many treasures in His Word that reveal God once they are unearthed. Digging and searching in His Word are great practices that will allow us to hear from Him as we turn them into habits.

The Holy Spirit works in us and guides us in the truth of the Word of God if we are willing to listen and learn. A surrendered heart is primordial. We must die to ourselves like it says in the Bible in order to live through Him. We must put our ego aside, our preconceived thoughts and our man-made ideas of whom God is. Hearing from God happens through the heart. We need to let our guards down and let God penetrate our hearts with His love and with His good intentions for us. Yes, friend, God only has good intentions for us. What seems to make no sense and what seems to be imprisoning us at times is pure freedom because in Him there is freedom. It’s a trade. We trade our fears, our pain and our confusion for His freedom and His clarity. Hearing from God often requires shutting down the voices of the world.

With a good dose of Bible reading, with a heart open to the Holy Spirit and a desire to listen to God first, we can hear from God in ways that will startle us. My heart’s desire is to hear from God not only for me but for people in my little world. I hear from Him a lot during prayer time. Prayer time is sort of when everything marinates. My Bible reading time, my open heart and my willingness to hear all culminate during meditative prayer. It is when God’s voice is the loudest for me. A couple of weeks ago I was in prayer when I had a vision in my mind of myself throwing flowers at people. The flowers symbolized blessings. God was giving me blessings I was sharing with people. I only told one friend at work about that vision. About a week ago, my little brother texted me and said that during prayer he saw flowers that were thrown at him and they represented blessings. I had not said anything about my vision at all to him or to anyone in my family. I heard from God through the vision and he heard from God as well. We received the same message even though we were over 2500 miles away from each other. Friend, God is always talking and we can hear from Him in big ways and in small ways. Keep on wanting more from Him. Keep on making Him your priority and talk to Him. Talk to Him as often as you can. You will hear from Him!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 33:3; John 8:47; John 10:27


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We are a work in progress

The more I learn about faith and love, the more I realize that I am a work in progress. I am still working on getting rid of some old patterns that don’t make sense with my walk today. The good news is that with God I will go from glory to glory and I will continue to make progress as I keep walking with Him. There is always room for improvement and there is always a higher level for everything. We can have more faith, show more love, pray more, worship more, thank more. We are all a work in progress and the beauty of it all is that the “progress journey” is a great adventure with the Lord. God guarantees growth and progress. Today I want to encourage you to embrace the progress journey and to be patient with the process. There is refinement that is taking place right now and it often takes time for great things to be created. You are God’s masterpiece that is being shaped and fashioned right now. The way you look today spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally looks nothing like the way you will look down the road. You will get down that road and you will one day be aware of how much progress you have made thanks to the Lord.


I love that with the Lord we are not meant to be the same forever. His transformation power lives in us through His Spirit and when we keep the transformation door open, big changes take place. You see, being given the Holy Spirit is like receiving a giant tank that has an unlimited amount of fuel. The fuel is the power of the Spirit. I call it “love fuel” because it is made of love and love is the biggest force in the universe. The tank of the Spirit is hooked up to Heaven and provides more than enough all the time. We have enough fuel at our disposal to become a totally different creature in Christ. There is an initial transformation when we accept Christ. We are new creatures in Him. That is the first dose of fuel that we get. Then there is refueling periods where we need to be topped off with the love fuel. That periodic refueling allows us to stay grounded in the Lord and to grow and change in Him. The question is, are we tapping into the Lord’s tank or are we letting the world be our number one source for life?


When you feel like you are running on empty, crank the tank open. Pray and God will refill you. Praise and God will top you off. Be thankful and God will give you. Stay in faith and God will pour more fuel into you. Show love and let God’s fuel spread all around you. We might be a work in progress but the Lord has given us the tools to make progress and to be transformed. The Lord adores us and He is excited about our progress. He loves to see us move in the right direction. The best way to do that is to not ignore His Spirit. We can’t neglect the tank of love fuel in us. There is a sign that says “Work in progress” around us and the Lord is protecting us as we trust Him. That sign will be up for a very long time but it will have a different glow to it as we go from glory to glory. Tomorrow’s progress is going to be bigger than today’s. We can look forward to amazing growth. There is always room for improvement and God is filling up that room with His love fuel every day! Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 3:18; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 3:20



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The reason why you are destined for greatness

Church on Sunday night in Dallas was amazing. The people at that church know how to celebrate God and the joy and love that were flowing in the room were strong. So many positive messages were presented during the service and one that was dear to my heart was how we are destined for greatness. It was explicitly phrased that way but it was a message that summarized my time in church. We are meant to do great things. We are all meant to do great things. The scale might be different but the impact on God’s kingdom is the same. There is no one bigger or better in God’s eyes. There is no one bigger or better than you in God’s eyes. People’s opinions of you don’t matter. What matters is what God thinks about you. It’s between you and God. Your greatness is apparent to God and it’s up to you to get on the same page and accept the agenda He has for your life. God sees the potential in you and He knows that with Him backing you up, you can do amazing things. Your potential is amplified by Him. Your potential finds meaning in Him. Your destiny will be shiny in Him. You are going to do great and beautiful things in God’s name. Not for your notoriety but all for His glory. Today I want to encourage you to stay on God’s agenda of greatness in you.

Many of us aspire to do things in life that will leave a legacy for generations to come. We want to do something that will be known and that will put our name on the boards of fame around the world. God has a board of fame where everyone of His children has a plaque because for Him we are all famous in His eyes. His vision of fame doesn’t compare to ours. Fame for Him is not about how popular we are in the world. Fame for Him is about us being popular with Him. He knows us extremely well. He knows everything there is to know about us. He loves us and He is a fan of ours. That is how much He cares. All our names are written on His heart. We couldn’t be any more famous in His eyes. We don’t have to rival to get His attention. We have His undivided attention. There is no one we will ever encounter in this life that God loves more than He loves us. He is an equal opportunity loving God.

Since God loves us all the same, there is no favoritism in Him
. He sees us all with potential and He provides us all with the same power to reach our potential. Our purposes are all different. Our paths are all different but our God is the same and access to His provisions is the same. The key is to know what is available and to reach out for it. God has what it takes to help you attain the goals He has for you. You might have goals of your own that don’t match His goals. Sometimes we think that are plans are better than God’s without knowing it and we unconsciously try to force God to trade His goals for ours. That will never work. I am praying today that we all gain an understanding of what God’s goals for our lives are all about. I am praying that we get revelations and we embrace each of them so we can blossom in God. There is greatness in all of us that is waiting to happen and it can’t happen outside of God. Thank God you are destined for greatness for His glory and you will get to your destination in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Luke 9:23; Hebrews 13:20-21; Romans 2:11

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The One who changes everything

When I was praying Saturday morning before driving to the airport at 4 am, I was pretty tired and I had little energy. Then I heard deep down inside “Jesus never changes but He changes everything.” I was familiar with that truth and I had heard it in songs but it hit me like thunder and it gave me some much needed energy for the drive. “Jesus who never changes, changes everything.” It just blows my mind. The Lord hasn’t changed. The Lord of the Bible is still the same today. Times have changed, cultures have changed but Jesus hasn’t changed one bit. He never changes but He can change everything in your life. Think of areas in your life that need to be transformed and know that God can change it. There is absolutely nothing He can’t change. There is also absolutely nothing that can change Him. As this new week begins, let’s meditate on how Jesus never changes but He changes everything.

The initial major change that took place in the world is when Jesus came to earth, died and rose again. His selfless sacrifice changed the course of history by destroying death and bringing salvation. No one before Him was able to make such a big change and to impact the world the way He did. He is the King of change. He is the creator of changes. He is the change agent who graces us with His presence that is still around today through His Spirit. The Spirit of Jesus advocates and promotes Jesus and He also assists us with the changes Jesus still provides. How amazing of the Lord to have given us the One who can still change today! His Spirit is in us and if we allow Him to “promote” Jesus in us, we will experience big changes.

The Holy Spirit comes with power. The Holy Spirit gives power. It’s the power that can change us into the Lord’s image and that can change our lives by removing darkness and supplying light. The resurrection power is still available, friend. The power that conquered death can conquer anything. The One who can change everything is on your side, friend. Celebrate Him. Invite Him in if you don’t know Him well. Stay open to Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Hang out with Him. His amazing power to change everything is operational in your life. Activate it with your faith. Have faith that He can change everything. He will change you to the point where you won’t recognize your life. That is how good He is. He is not dead. His love is not dead. His changing power is not dead. Have a great week knowing that the One who changes everything is changing your life!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 1:12