10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 261)

Rivers of joy will flow to you when you focus on the One who parts the seas and who calms the storms. Make Jesus the anchor of your life!

The truth will set you free. Give in to the truth of the Lord. His truth always triumphs. It will give you freedom and peace. Spend time in the Word and you will learn the truth that wins!

God will shield you and protect you. There is nothing that can harm you and destroy you. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Only God’s blessings in your life will prosper.

The Lord is never late. He can show up at your midnight hour and make you forget about the pain and suffering you experienced all day. When God shows up, everything falls into place at the right time!

Making Jesus viral is the best influence that we can have. The world needs to know Jesus. We need to know Jesus more. Let’s make Him viral in our minds and in our hearts so we can share His influence with the rest of the world!

The Love that died for you is alive today. It will always be alive. It will always be available to you. It will always follow you and carry you. Embrace the Lord. He died for you so you could live!

Patience is key. Patience is the key that opens the doors to success and the doors to blessings. Keep that key on you at all times and use it all the time. God will open those blessed doors with your key and with your faith. Trust Him!

You haven’t seen the fullness of the love of God. You might never see it all but you will get glimpses that will last you a lifetime. Thank God for His love that endures forever!

You are going to go places. God will take you to places that you never thought you would ever visit. Places that you thought were reserved to others. With God you are part of the elite class that always stays in front. You will not be left behind!

Pray with hope. Pray with joy. Pray with anticipation. Pray with expectation. Pray with love. Pray with peace. Pray for the world. Pray for your world. Pray for strangers. Pray for your folks. Pray and never stop. God hears every single one of your prayers!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:1; Psalm 32:6; Jonah 2:7


God still performs miracles

God can make anything happen. He has this amazing ability to create anything from nothing. He is the God of miracles and I find that this truth about Him has not been given enough attention in the past years and decades. We see God as the One who helps us through hard times and that is a miracle in itself but we can’t forget that He can do all things when all seems lost. He can part the seas of trouble. He can help us recover things that we have never had. He can do much more than we can imagine. He is not limited and yet we limit Him in our minds. He is almighty and all powerful and He can perform great miracles. Today I want to encourage you to believe in God’s miracles. If you have lost your confidence in the God of the impossible, believe again. 

Revive that flame of hope and that flame of faith. The flame that never goes out because God never stops amazing you. Expect great things from God. Expect miracles from God. Expect the most wonderful things that can happen thanks to God. Don’t limit your imagination. Run with God. Let your mind run with God’s supernatural abilities. He will do the impossible for you when you rely on His power to do anything. God is still the God of signs and wonders. He hasn’t changed. We change Him every time we fall short of seeing Him how He truly is. We have developed faith in a limited God. It’s time we took the limits off of God. He is miraculous all the time and He is looking for people like you and me who will believe in Him and who will stand in faith despite what the world says.

The world says that the God of miracles only existed in the Bible times. The Bible times are still happening. We are still in the New Testament. Jesus is still King. Jesus is still Lord. Jesus still reigns. Jesus is alive and well. Jesus has not changed His identity and He has not lost His power to do the impossible. He once said that He couldn’t perform miracles in places where people didn’t believe. Let’s not hang out in those places. Let’s not find ourselves at a crossroads where we choose to go in the direction of unbelief. Let’s stay in the house of the Lord. Let’s stay in the place where anything can happen and where God is still God in a powerful way. God is waiting for us to go back home where miracles abound and the impossible is always possible. It is when we operate from that zone of faith that we can see incredible things take place. We need to stir up our faith and declare that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let’s declare it with our words, our actions and our thoughts. Our thoughts play a big role in this process. 

We ought to renew our minds and make sure that we think that Jesus is still a miracle maker. He is still able to create things that no one has done before.  When He performed miracles while walking on earth, He did what no one else had done before. Surely people of God had performed miracles before but His miracles had a new purpose and a new meaning. They showed that God had reconciled with humanity and that He cared. Jesus showed the love of the Father to the world. Jesus demonstrated that God could heal people and restore them because love was His motive. I am thankful for the miracles of the Lord and I believe they are still available today.

Are you in need of the impossible today? I believe we all are. The miracles of the Lord are a great boost for our faith. They help us understand that God is King and that nothing can stop Him from blessing us powerfully. If we renew our minds and we keep believing that God can do the impossible, we share the mind of Christ. Wouldn’t you want to share His mind? I certainly want to. There is hope for all of us. Let’s start today. Let’s start by meditating on the Word of God. Let’s underline His miracles and declare every day that we believe in them and we embrace them. We should mostly focus on Jesus. We should keep our eyes on the miracle maker more than on the miracles. What can Jesus do today? Anything and everything. 

One of the most precious miracles is how He helps us be more like Him. I love that so much! We can become more like the Lord as we pursue His heart. To me that is a beautiful miracle. I invite you to put your faith in God’s ability to change you in a great way. Seek His heart and let His heart influence His heart. There is a great miracle of love. A love that is unconditional and that always looks to help others. It is a miracle that we can all experience. It is not a natural love. It is a love that transcends human love and it can grow in your heart. Expect it. Expect a miracle of the heart. Expect the miracle of the love of Jesus in your life. Through that love you become a vessel of miracles for others. God can do it. God can do anything. God can still perform miracles. Let’s make it our mantra and our expectation every day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 77:14; Jeremiah 32:27; Acts 3:16

Let’s declare God the King of our lives

What we say is important. What we say about our lives is crucial. What we talk about all the time matters. If we always talk about defeat and how bad our lives are, our lives will get stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity. We need to be careful with our words. We need to step away from what the world wants us to say about our lives and say what the Lord wants us to say. If you were face to face with God and you asked Him how you should talk about your life every day, He would tell you to declare Him as King over your life. He would tell you to talk about Him all the time and to keep Him on the throne of your life. He would tell you not to allow fear and doubts into what you say but to have faith and hope every day.

 I have found that if I speak faith and hope into my day, I have more faith and hope. We believe what we hear most of the time. If we hear ourselves speak positively, we will believe in the positive. The positive should be from God. Let’s speak about God in our lives all the time. Let’s declare Him King. Let’s talk about our lives the way the Lord talks about our lives. Where can we find out how He talks about our lives? We can find that out in His Word, in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, in prayer and praise. God wants you and me to speak eternal life into our lives. His eternal life is here now. We can speak blessings into our lives. We can speak redemption and salvation every day. We can speak about how much He loves us. God is good all the time and He makes every day good when we stay in faith.

Let’s declare God the King of our lives. Let’s include Him in all we say. Let’s give Him the place He deserves when we speak. We can choose our words. We can choose negative words or we can choose the words of the Lord. It is easy to default to negative words. Our flesh aspires to be negative. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Our spirit wants us to talk about the goodness of God as much as possible. Now, we have to feed our spirit and give it ammunition. We need to make it stronger and the best way to do it is by meditating on the Word of God. Our flesh will try to get in the way but in the name of Jesus we can do it. A few words from the Bible here and there can make a difference.

 If we are disciplined and get in the Word every day, we will see a powerful impact on our spirit. Our spirit will be encouraged to speak the truth of the Gospel over our lives. When our spirit is fed the beauty of the Lord that is described in the Word, our spirit will speak wonderful things into our lives. We can’t spend time with God and not speak more like God. Let’s give ourselves a chance to declare God in our lives by staying in the Word. God can do all things. He wants you and I to know. When we know it and believe it, we can declare it with confidence. I want to be a very confident believer who trusts God beyond the shadow of any doubt. I want to speak about God’s sovereignty in my life and let it be the most interesting thing in my life. Jesus is the King of my life. It’s about time I made that declaration every day.

God is King and our words and actions should reflect that He is King in our lives. Him being King in our lives means that He reigns over every situation. Come what may, we continue to declare Him King and we rely on Him. When we say that God is our King, we declare that no weapon forged against us shall prosper. When we say that God is King in our lives, we declare that He has us in the palm of His hand. When we say that God is King in our lives, we declare that we have no reason to fear and no reason to worry and doubt.

 When we say that God is King in our lives, we declare that there is always hope and we are going to make it. When we say that God is King in our lives, we declare that the enemy is a liar and Jesus is the winner. Friend, keep declaring that God is the King of your life. Keep declaring that He defeated the enemy and you are in good hands. Keep believing and keep declaring that truth. Speak the truth of the Lord into your life. Speak about His sovereignty in your life. Keep Him on a pedestal no matter what takes place in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 97:1; Psalm 146:10; 1 Timothy 1:17

When God shares His plans

As a teacher, I write lesson plans every week. Sometimes a few times a week if I have to tweak a few things. I do my best to create activities that will help my students learn and that will keep them engaged. For the past few years, I have been getting lesson plans during my prayer and meditation time. I get essential questions, outlines and activities. At times the plans come in a very organized manner. I just have to jot down the ideas and I end up with a solid plan. I owe it all to the Holy Spirit. He knows what to do and He knows what works best. I am amazed at His accuracy and His creativity. The other morning as I was waking up, I was telling the Lord thank You. It is part of my daily routine but that day, a great lesson plan started developing in my head. I wrote it down. 

When things like that would happen, I used to feel guilty because I thought I had to keep my eyes on Jesus and the lesson plans were a distraction. They are not. They are answers from God. They are part of what He wants to tell me and I should never shut it down. When you are in prayer, God talks to you, friend. He might share plans and ideas with you. He loves you and He is interested in all of you. God can give you plans. I am not just talking about lesson plans. He will share His plans for your life. He will share daily plans. He will share ideas and activities for you. Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is showing you when you are praying or when you are meditating on the Lord. There are plans that He wants to tell you about. He has amazing ideas for your life. Listen to Him. Embrace the plans. Embrace what He has to say. Write it down. Don’t ignore it. The more you lean into it, the more you will hear and the more you will learn how to listen to His voice.

The Word of God is a powerful book with plans. It is a plan for your life. It is a plan for everyone’s lives. It is a plan for humanity. A plan of redemption and salvation. A plan for a better today and a better tomorrow. A plan to get to know the Father. A plan to love the Father and to love others as ourselves. A plan to bless you, protect you and love you. A plan to forgive and to repent. A plan to deal with everyday life and to enjoy life. A plan to walk in peace. A plan to have joy as our strength. A plan to rejoice. A plan to celebrate the Lord. A plan to pray and to praise. A plan to hear the voice of the Lord. A plan to be in harmony with the Holy Spirit. A plan to tell the world about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. A plan to guide you, counsel you, coach you and help you.

 God wants to help you. God will help you if you take the help. If you open your heart to His love, you will receive all the help you need. God wants to share His plans for every step of the way as you are walking on your journey. There are so many amazing things that can take place when you trust God’s plans for your life. Start with the plans that He has outlined in His Word. Start with His promises. Spend time meditating on them and you will get incredible revelations that will help you on a regular basis. Set aside prayer time where you listen to the Lord. Set aside time where you are expecting to hear from the Lord. He will share a lot. He will share His great ideas for your family, for your job, for your week, for your month. He talks a lot. Listen to His plans!

As you might know by now, prayer time is my favorite time of the day. During prayer time, I praise and worship the Lord. I celebrate Him. I talk to Him. I listen to Him. I thank Him. Anytime during that time of communion with the Lord, I get ideas. I get impressions. I get messages. God shares His heart. He shares His thoughts. He shares His love. It is a great time of impartation. It is a great time of communication and reception. He communicates with me and I receive His words. He has a lot to say, friend. Most of the time what He shares is words of encouragement. His plan is to encourage us all. His plan is to remind us that He has good plans for our lives. His plans are blessings, breakthroughs, miracles, healing, joy, peace and abundance of His goodness.

 Let’s believe God’s good intentions for us. Let’s believe that He has solid plans for every day of our lives. His plans are always good. Always good! Keep that in mind, friend. When the enemy tells you you are going to have a bad week, remind him that the Lord has blessed plans for you. Remind him that the Holy Spirit shares great plans with you and you will follow them. Follow hope. Follow great expectations. God has plans that will blow you away and He will impart them to you. Stay prayed up. Stay in the Word. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 16:9; John 1:11-13

Truly God listens to you

But truly God has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.”* This verse taken from Psalm 66 is a powerful truth that we should pay attention to. Truly God listens. Truly God attends to the voice of our prayers. He never turns a deaf ear to our prayers. We ought to see Him as the God who listens to us. He is not far away on a cloud where He can’t hear us. He is close. He is attentive. He is willing to listen and He does. Our God cares. Our God loves us. He doesn’t love us from time to time. He doesn’t listen to us from time to time. He cares all the time. He is always watching over us and waiting for us to talk to Him. He is the 24/7 attentive God that the Bible talks about.

 I find it extremely encouraging that God listens to us all the time. I used to believe that I had to do something very special to get His attention. I used to think that He had better things to do than listen to me. God is present and He is with us all the time. The far away cloud has to go. The idea of a deaf God has to go. The false idea that God is too busy to listen to us has to go. Truly God has listened to your prayers, friend. He has listened even before you have verbalized your prayers. He knows what you need. He knows what you are going to say and yet He still listens. Today I want to encourage you to continue to pray and to trust that God hears you, He listens to you and He is always attentive.

The author of Psalm 66 is not known. We just know that He is the director of music. That Psalm is a song. It is a song of praise. A song about the goodness of God. A song that recounts the wonders of the Lord. A song of confidence in who God is and what He does. God Almighty, the creator of the universe listens to us. I find it fascinating how the author goes on and on about the incredible deeds of the Lord and then He says that this extraordinary God pays attention to him. That is how He is with you too, friend. The Mighty God of miracles is the most powerful One and He chooses to pay attention to you. 

It doesn’t matter that He is bigger than anyone or anything, He comes down to your level and listens to you. You could think that He would only deal with people of His caliber. News flash. You are His people. You are His family. He loves you dearly and you mean the world to Him. You mean the world to God. Think about that! Meditate on that. You are the apple of His eye and He loves hearing your voice. Keep talking to Him. Talk to Him in your heart. Talk to Him out loud. Talk to Him and know that He listens. Talk to Him and thank Him for paying attention to you!

Your prayers are always heard. You might not get the answer that you wish but God always, always listens. He knows what’s best for you and His answer might shock you. His answer is always laced with love. Believe and trust that He answers you in a good way. You might not see an answer at all but that doesn’t mean He has not answered. He listens to every word you say and He makes sure that you are heard. See yourself heard. See yourself as the one who matters because you do. One thing I have learned is to thank God for His answer in advance. I do that all the time. 

I pray and talk to God and I thank Him that He has heard me. When the enemy attacks me with words of doubt, I remind him that truly the Lord has listened. I remind him that my God adores me. I remind Him that I am loved and I am not taken for granted. You are not taken for granted. Your prayers mean a lot to go so keep on saying them and keep trusting that you are always heard. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 66:19; 1 John 5:14; 1 Peter 3:12

God’s love is more than enough for you

God loves you unconditionally. God loves you more than you will ever know. God loves you all the time. God loves you even when you don’t love Him. God’s love for you is deeper than the ocean. God’s love for you is unfathomable. God’s love for you is a mountain whose top you will never be able to see. God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe. God’s love is a stronghold that no devil can break. God’s love withstands the test of time. God’s love for you never gets old and never gets weary. God’s love for you is a letter with a million pages about you. God wrote about His love for you in His Word many centuries ago and His Word still stands true.

 God’s love for you is enough to get you through any day, any week, any month, any year and any decade. God’s love is all the goodness you get from God. God’s love is all you need. God’s love is more than enough for you. Today I want to remind you that you have God’s love and that means you have all you need every day and all the time. The world might hate you. People might reject you but with God you are always welcome. God loves you all the time. His love for you never changes. Keep that in mind all week. Meditate on that truth. Think about it. Hold on to it. God’s love is more than enough for you!

You can always count on God. You can always count on His love. His love is the reason why you are here. His love is the reason why you have eternal life. His love is the power behind all your success and all your accomplishments. His love is what fuels your dreams. God gives you great dreams because He loves you dearly. His dreams for you might seem impossible but because of His love, they are possible. Think about His love as the fuel for everything that He says you can do. Think of it as the oil that can start all engines of hope. Because of His love, you can have hope every day. You can have hope to make it every day. This week is going to be an amazing week because you are going to have a heightened awareness of God’s love. His love is going to shine through you and in you.

 As you ponder upon this message, you are going to receive revelation about God’s love. His love is everything. His love makes everything possible. His love is what you can rely on all the time. His love is infinite and it has unlimited power. Think about how blessed you are to be able to receive eternal love no matter what happens to you. Yes, friend, God’s love is not conditional. It doesn’t depend on how nice you are or on how good you look. His love is permanent and it will always be with you. It doesn’t matter what happens to you, God’s love is always with you. You have the most beautiful power in the universe by your side and inside of you. That love will always save the day. Start every day thanking the Lord for His amazing love. Thank God for His love throughout the day.

I have mentioned many times how I start my day with prayer and meditation. Thanksgiving during that time is very important and I thank God mostly for His love. Every time I do, I get a great awareness of the love that died for me. I get glimpses of the power of that love. I see how it operates in my life and how it has blessed my life. God’s love is the anchor of my life. I am blessed because of that anchor and so are you, friend. Make it a point this week to focus on God’s love. Focus on it more than you focus on the world. Keep that love in front of you. Speak of that incredible love. Sing about that wonderful love. Remind yourself that you are mightily loved. Remind yourself that God’s love always prevails. His love wins all the time. His love conquers all the time. His love defeats the enemy all the time.

 God’s love is a miracle worker. His love is a healer. His love is a peace. His love is joy. His love is extraordinary. His love is out of this world. Exalt the Lord of the love that never fails. His love supplies all your needs according to His riches in glory. His love gives you every single thing you need and more. His love is more than enough for you to have an amazing week this week. His love is a powerhouse that brings down the house of fear and worry. Stay in the love of the Lord. Stay in His house of love. You will have great joy and outstanding peace. You will have blessings that you didn’t know existed. Keep your eyes on the love of the Lord this week and you will have a week to remember. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!!!

Suggested reading: Psalm 136:26; John 3:16; 1 John 3:1

You are not going to fail

The other morning when I woke up I heard in my spirit, “The Lord is on your side. You cannot fail.” I heard it over and over again. It was on replay for a good ten minutes. The Lord definitely got my attention. I loved how it was the first thing I heard when I woke up. I didn’t get a chance to worry. I didn’t have time for the morning blues that tries to derail me sometimes. Thanks to the Lord that morning blues is rarely a part of my morning routine. When it comes to me, I have ammunition. I have the words of the Lord. I have the truth as my shield. I have hope that keeps on encouraging me. God knows what we need and He gives it to us at the right time. That morning I needed to hear that He was with me and that I couldn’t fail. I had a busy week ahead of me and the enemy kept trying to project fear, concern and discouragement in my mind. 

The Holy Spirit took those projections and played His version of the story. In His version there was nothing to worry about. In His version there was nothing to fear. He got the message to me and I held on to it. God is always by my side. It doesn’t matter if I feel Him or not. He never leaves me and He never forsakes me. Friend, this is true for you as well. The Lord is on your side and you cannot fail. You are going to make it. You are going to do all you need to do with His assistance. Every project you have to work on. Every school assignment you might have. Every meeting you will be attending. Everything you have to accomplish is not too hard for you because of the One who lives in you. Don’t let the negative words dictate what is going to happen. The Lord has already established a plan for you and in His plan you win. In His plan you can do all things. Trust His plan. Thank Him for His plan. You are not going to fail.

God is a winner. God won all the battles you will ever be involved in. God defeated the enemy once and for you and with faith you can have the victory. It is important that you develop that mindset. The mindset of the winner. You are not a winner because you have special abilities. You might have them but the winning part comes from the Lord. Remember that He makes you win. Reminder that He makes you succeed. Remember that He is the One who can do all things and you are part of His family. “Like Father, like child” is what you should say to yourself. Your Heavenly Father allows you to be more than a conqueror. You are an overcomer. You are an overachiever through Christ who strengthens you. 

If you keep seeing yourself as a defeated person, it is time you change your thinking. Get inside the Word of God and read what the Lord has to say about you. You will not find anything about you being a loser or being defeated. Those bad ideas don’t come from the Lord. Make a list of what the Lord says about you. Keep reading that list. Recite it. Declare it. Hold on to it. Let your mind absorb it. Let your heart believe it. Follow what Jesus has to say about you. He only says good and positive things and He has given you blessings from Heaven that are bigger than the misery of the world. The misery of the world will catch up with you but you don’t have to let it stick to your spirit and to your mind. Rebuke it. Renounce it. Reject it. All that negativity that wants to fill you up is not yours to embrace. Embrace Jesus. Embrace His truth. Embrace His victory. Embrace His peace. You are a child of the Most High and you will achieve a lot during the upcoming week. God will make sure of it!

You are not going to fail. You are going to stand and keep walking. You might have a few moments of weakness. You might stumble and fall but you will get up again in the name of Jesus and you will keep going until you reach the finish line. God is on your side and He stays on your side all the time. You are blessed and you are highly favored. You are protected and you are covered by the blood of the Lamb. You cannot fail. You cannot lose. You are so far ahead of where your mind wants you to believe you are. Thanks to the Lord you are closer to the finish line. Closer than what the enemy says.

 Keep going. Keep believing. Keep trusting the Lord with all your heart. He has paved the way for you to win. Failure is not in your future. God has been to your future and He has made sure that there is a win there. Stay strong. Stay in the Lord. Keep praising Him. Praise your way to victory. Banish the thoughts of failure and lack. Lift up the name of Jesus above all fear and worry. You are a winner and God is your guarantee. Bless His Holy name! Thank Him for His continued support. You cannot fail in the name of Jesus. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 16:33; Romans 8:31-39; 1 John 4:4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 260)

If we had no pain and no suffering, we would have a hard time growing into empathy. Today’s pain is teaching you how to care for a world that knows no love. God will get you through the pain so you can care for a world that always knows pain.

In your coldest season, God stays warm. His love stays vibrant. His peace stays untouched. His joy stays powerful. His name stays the same! God is always good even when your winter is bad.

Because you have God, you have all you need. Because you have God, you are going to make it today. Because you have God, hope will stay with you all day. Because you have God, nothing is impossible today. Because you have God, your day is going to be a great day!

Don’t give up! God has not left you. Don’t give up! Hope is still here with you. Don’t give up! Today is the day the Lord has made. Don’t give up! Peace that surpasses all understanding is coming. Don’t give up! God will never abandon you. Don’t give up! You can do all things through God who strengthens you!

The Lord has your back. He has your best interest in mind and He always has you on His mind. Trust that He is there for you through thick and thin. He will always carry you to the finish line. He cannot drop you!

Praise God for His everlasting love. Praise God for His love that endures forever. Praise God for His love that never fails. Praise God for His love that stays the same. Praise God for His love that prevails. Praise God for His love for you will always protect you!

Fear has no right to torture you and to manipulate you. Give fear the boot. Kick it out of your house. Tell fear about your God who is invincible. Tell fear about your God who can do all things. Tell fear about the One who defeated fear. Fear has no right to talk to you the way it does. Talk to fear the way faith talks about your life!

If you pay more attention to the world than you pay attention to the Lord, you will be deaf to the words of the Lord. Turn up the volume of the Word of God so that the world doesn’t take away the best thing in your world!

Great things are coming. You have seen nothing yet. As good as it can be now, it doesn’t compare to the blessings that are coming. If things are bad now, know that the blessings to come are out of this world! God will make things more than good!

Glory to God who blesses you and who saves you. He will bless you through hard times. He will save you from the hand of the enemy. He will bless you when you feel you deserve His love. He will save you when you believe nothing can rescue you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 56:13; John 14:6; 1 Timothy 1:15

Jesus is the One

Jesus is the One I introduce to people. He is the One I talk about. He is the One who helps me every day. He is the One who blesses me every day. He is the One who is my strength, my hope and my peace. He is the One who gets you through the worst situations and who keeps me calm when I should be going wild. Jesus is the One who anchors my soul and who keeps me on solid ground. He is my solid ground. He is my anchor and my foundation. He is the One who wakes me up with a smile and who never frowns even when the world is mad at me. Jesus is the One who loves me unconditionally even when the world lists its number of conditions for me to be acceptable. 

Jesus is the One who reconditions my life and puts a new frame in it so it is good and full of blessings. Jesus is the One who took my life and died for me so I could live and praise Him daily. Jesus is the One who gives a meaning to my life. Jesus is the One who is my life. Where would I be without Him? What would I do without Him? Who would I be without Him? Jesus is the One who gives me my identity and whose picture stays on the I.D of my life. When you look at me, you can see Jesus. Not because I am a special holy human being but because His Spirit dwells in me. I accepted Him in my heart and He made me His dwelling place.

Friend, Jesus is the One you need today. Jesus is the One who can make your today a much better day. Jesus is the One who covers your sins and makes you whiter than the snow. Jesus is the One who will bless you more than you can imagine and who will give you all you need. Jesus is the One who can redefine your life and rewrite your story. He has every chapter lined up for you. All you have to do is trust Him and embrace the story He has written for you. All the bad breaks and the bad circumstances you have gone through don’t compare to the joy and the peace you will find in Jesus. He will take the bad endings and replace them with joyful endings. He will take your misery, your sadness and your pain and give you the treasures of Heaven.

 The treasure of hope, the treasure of peace that surpasses all understanding and the treasure of His joy that is your strength. He will give you treasures from Heaven that you didn’t know existed. He will collide with your situation and make Heaven on earth a reality that you will experience for the first time in your life. Jesus is the One who holds the truth and His truth will set you free. He will flung the door of your mental cell wide open and renew your mind so you can share His mind. He will help you deal with negative thoughts and put hope in your mind and in your heart. He will change your mind. He will improve your mind. He will cleanse your mind. He will strengthen your mind. He will give you a new lease on life through the beautiful changes in your mind. Jesus can do all that. He will do all that for you.

Turn to Jesus today. Turn to the One who can do all things. Jesus can still turn water into wine. Jesus can still perform miracles that will leave you stunned. Jesus is the One who is not limited by the human condition. Jesus is the One who has the power to help the human condition. Jesus is the One who can part the seas of your life and who can calm any storm that comes your way. Jesus is the One who can give you the breakthrough you need so you can receive what you need today. Jesus is the One whose power can transform your life forever and give you an outstanding life. Jesus is the One who is outstanding and who will stand out in your life. 

His love will overflow in your life. His love will mend your life. His love will improve your life. His love will adorn your life and people will see His light in you. His love will overcome doubt and fears in your life. His love will give you the victory. His love will prevail in your life. Jesus is the One who defeated death and who will always win. If you don’t know Jesus, say a simple prayer today and invite Him into your heart. Give your life to Jesus and He will give you eternal life. Jesus is the One who will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust Him. He will never let you down! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37

His favor lasts a lifetime

I was reading my Bible the other day when I came across a declaration made by David in the Psalms. He said that God’s favor lasts a lifetime. I loved reading it. It was a nice reminder. Sometimes we think that God’s blessings are only for a season and we can’t expect more of them. We should expect His favor to last and last. It doesn’t stop and it doesn’t die. God’s favor for His people is everlasting. It is a permanent fixture in our lives. The Lord loves blessing us and He pours His love into our lives. There is a lot going on every day. 

Good and bad things but the good things of the Lord are always present and they will always be present. However, we are not always aware of the miracles and of the blessings that take place. We crossed a street without knowing that a car could have hit us. We are not always informed about the dangers that we dodge thanks to our loving God. His favor rests on us whether we see it or not. Friend, God’s favor for you lasts for a lifetime! Today I want to encourage you to become “favor minded .” Have the mindset of a person who knows that God’s favor on his or her life is permanent.

I once read a definition of God’s favor that said that it was the underserved kindness of God. It was God’s goodness given to men even though it is not deserved. We don’t deserve the blessings of the Lord and yet because He loves us so much, He gave His only Son in our place so we would receive eternal life. When Jesus becomes our Savior, we inherit salvation with all of its blessings. God’s favor is something we can expect because we are saved. Salvation doesn’t start when we get to go and be with the Father in Heaven. Salvation is for the here and now. God’s favor is for the here and now. Let’s be like David.

 Let’s be aware of God’s favor. It lasts for a lifetime and we ought to embrace that truth. His favor is not going to leave our lives. We should thank Him daily for His favor. We should praise Him daily for His favor. We should exalt Him daily for His favor. Let’s be believers that believe that God’s favor is here to stay. The word “favor” appears more than a hundred times in the Bible. It’s not a word we should ignore. God’s favor is. It is not for the select few that do good deeds. It is for all of His children who have Jesus as their Savior. God’s favor is paving the roads of your life, friend. Start walking in the favor of the Lord by accepting it with faith!

“For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield.”* You were made righteous through Christ. His favor covers you. It doesn’t cover you some days and leave you on stressful days. It is on you all the time. What a wonderful blessing it is! Today you have God’s favor. The day is going to be amazing. No matter what comes your way, you have the favor of God. It is going to be more than ok. God’s favor is going to make your day a better day. Think about what could happen today. Don’t dwell on it. Sometimes it is good to have that reminder that things could be a lot worse.

 When things are bad, reclaim the favor of God. Declare it. Speak it. Know that it is there and God will show you evidence of it. God’s favor sticks to you like bees on honey. It is impossible to get rid of it. You can lose sight of it when your mind is in panic mode but it is there. The more you believe that it is there, the more you will experience it. Praise God for His permanent favor. Child of God, you are favored by the Most High and you are blessed. Stay strong and stay in faith. God’s favor is with you always. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 5:12*; Psalm 30:5; Acts 7:10