The fear of the Lord

Fearing the Lord is something I didn’t understand for a while when I first became a Christian. I took it literally and I thought I was supposed to be afraid of God. Then I understood that I was to reverence Him and to respect Him. I was to be afraid to disappoint Him. Now, I see that we are meant to fear the Lord and it means that we are to honor Him and to respect Him at all times. Fearing the Lord is showing Him that we put Him on a pedestal and that we follow Him and His Word. Without the fear of the Lord we would run amok and just do whatever we want and then repent or not repent and do it all over again. The fear of the Lord stops us in our tracks and makes us think twice. There is power in the fear of the Lord. It guides us and it reroutes us when necessary. I have been reading Psalm 15 a lot lately and I have been studying it. Verse 4 mentions those who fear the Lord. Psalm 15 talks about those who fear the Lord and describes them as people who stay strong in their walk with the Lord and who act right and tell the truth. The fear of the Lord is not a negative thing. It is an expression of awe and adoration and it keeps us in line so to speak. When we fear the Lord, we want to please Him and to follow His lead. When you follow the Lord, you stay in faith and you keep trusting the Lord. Fear the Lord and you will defeat fear. Fear the Lord and you will do His will. Fear the Lord and you will always walk in love.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The fear of the Lord works hand in hand with wisdom. When we fear the Lord, we have to pay attention to who He is and to what He says and we can find out more about that in His Word. The fear of the Lord leads us to the Word of God and it opens our minds to a new way of thinking. The fear of the Lord is a step toward the renewing of our minds. We learn from the Word and we grow in the Word when we fear the Lord. We spend time getting to know Him and getting closer to Him. During that process we can’t help but gain wisdom. There is so much to know and so little time. We can’t know it all but we can be on our way and we can enjoy the journey. The fear of the Lord will give us so much knowledge and so much precious information that we will become a fountain of wisdom that can quench the thirst of those who long to know Jesus. The fear of the Lord makes us be more like Jesus and it is a wonderful thing. It is the best thing that can happen to us after salvation. The fear of the Lord helps us turn away from our old ways and we develop and become the person the Lord wants us to be.

The fear of the Lord helps us turn away from evil and focus on love. God is love and when we fear Him, we walk in love so we can walk close to Him. The fear of the Lord is the motivation to love that we have inside of us. When we are saved, God is in us through His Spirit and we can choose to lean on Him or we can ignore Him. When we fear the Lord, we acknowledge the Holy Spirit in all we do and love is at the top of the list of our actions. Love is in our words, our actions and our thoughts. We can lean on love if we choose to. We can fear the Lord and be more like Him. We can be vessels of love and we can follow the wonderful lead of the Holy Spirit. He has a lot to do with the fear of the Lord. He reminds us of that fear and He encourages us to live in this holy fear. Fear the Lord and enjoy His fountain of life. The fear of the Lord is greater than any treasure in the world like the Bible says. Get to know the Lord as much as you can. You will live a life of wisdom, of love, of faith, of peace and of joy. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 1:7; Proverbs 9:10; Psalm 15

God will pay you back

When I got back from the trip I mentioned yesterday, everything went very smoothly. The flight was shorter than expected. I went through customs very quickly. My luggage arrived on the belt after I was done with customs. The shuttle I was taking to go home showed up 10 minutes after I had picked up my bags. I was the only passenger on the shuttle which never happens. I was home in no time. This was God paying me back for what had happened on my way to the airport. He made up for the flat tire, the rush and the complicated people I had to deal with. It was payback time and I am very grateful to the Lord for that. It was the best coming home present I had ever received. I don’t remember being able to get home that fast after an international flight. I didn’t see it at first until a friend pointed it out to me. She was so right. Sometimes we go through trials and we have to stay in faith despite the difficulties. Sometimes we have to stay strong and hold on to the promises of the Lord even when it hurts. Sometimes we go through tough times and we have no idea why things are so bad. The enemy gives us a hard time and he wants to see us break. When we trust the Lord and we don’t let our faith be shaken, God restores everything and He pays us back for each difficulty we endured. Today I want to encourage you and remind you that God will pay you back. Your current suffering can’t compare to the blessings that are to come. God will make it happen. He will get you through this rough time. 

Stay in faith during those times when nothing seems to be going your way. I know it is easier said than done but when you do, you are building a fortress of faith. Every trial gives you the opportunity to lay down one more brick. Your Lord is your refuge. He is your strong tower. He is your fortress and you have to embrace that truth and build up your faith in His ability to get you out of any situation. It is not going to be easy and Jesus never said it would be but it will get easier. Your faith will get you where you need to be and every problem will be solved. The fortress you are building will serve you for life. God is holding you in the palm of His hand and He is not going to drop you even if you are going through something very intense. The intensity of your problems doesn’t decrease the power of the Lord. Let the Lord show you how powerful He is. There are times when we need to go through very bad times to discover not only what our faith is made of but also to see how big our God is. Your headache today is going to be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow might not come as soon as you think but it will come. God will pay you back with extreme peace for every ache and pain.

God will pay you back because He restores what the devil has stolen. He will give you peace and joy again. He will replace what the enemy has taken from you and give you something better and greater. Think about how the world was lost because of what happened in the garden of Eden. The Lord made it up to us by sending His Son for our sins and Jesus paid the price for our salvation. Jesus paid us back.  Now, on the cross He took care of your life. This means that every difficulty that will ever take place in your life was taken care of. He knew what you would go through. He saw it all. He experienced it all and He destroyed it all. Your faith can give you victory. Your faith can see you through this. Keep trusting the Lord. Keep believing. Nothing is impossible to God and you are going to see how His power can make things right. He is going to blow your mind and restore your life in an amazing way. Stay strong in the Lord. Stay encouraged. Payback time is coming. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel 26:23; Luke 14:14; Romans 8:18

Stay calm during the storm

A few weeks ago I had to travel internationally. I was very excited about the trip since I had not been abroad much due to the current situation. I took a shuttle to the airport with three other passengers. On the way to the airport, we got a flat tire. That really put a damper on the trip. We were on the side of the road for about 45 minutes while the driver tried to replace the tire. We helped him but it was a bit challenging. My mind kept telling me that I was going to miss my flight. My spirit kept telling me to stay calm. This bad event was definitely a storm but the Lord wanted me to stay calm during that storm. My spirit was in agreement with the Holy Spirit but I had to keep my mind in check. I find the joy of the Lord in my heart. I quoted the Bible in my head and kept saying that the Lord had me in the palm of His hand. I kept saying that He would never leave me nor forsake me. I silenced the storm by speaking out for Jesus in my head. I spoke up for Him by repeating what He had to say about my circumstances. The peace that ensued was out of this world. My brother texted me and I didn’t mention what was going on because I didn’t want panic to escalate. God was keeping me calm and that was what really mattered.

When Jesus’ disciples were on a boat and there was a storm, Jesus kept on sleeping. He was not bothered by the storm one bit. His peace and His stillness are available today. Jesus can give us the peace we need in the middle of the worst stormy events of our lives. I know it sounds impossible at times. I know it seems to be too much to handle at times but the Lord of Lords can handle anything and He can provide the serenity we need no matter how big the storm is. When we were on the side of the road, the Lord softly whispered to me that I had to praise. I sang a few songs in my head and the joy increased. I found myself to be in the right place. It looked like I was going to miss my flight but at the same time, I was very content to just be there in the moment with the Lord. That is when I knew that everything was going to be alright because I was filled with peace and my mind wasn’t controlling me. The peace of the Lord is amazing and it can change our way of thinking and affect our moods in a very positive way. I chose to hold on to the peace of the Lord and tried to share that peace with the other passengers.

The tire was eventually changed and we got on our way. One of the passengers said she was going to miss her flight because now there was more traffic than before. The other two passengers, unfortunately, missed their flights. I got to the airport 20 minutes before they closed the check-in counter for my flight. There was a long line of people in front of me and I asked a gentleman who worked there to help me. He said he couldn’t and I felt panic rising up in me. I even thought to myself that I should just give up but the Spirit said “Don’t give up. Don’t you give up.” Five minutes later, a lady asked if anyone was on the 9:30 pm flight. I said that I was on that flight and she got me to the front of the line. When the Lord comes in, friend, He will get you to the front of the line if you trust Him and you stay calm. I could not have made it without the assistance of the Holy Spirit and the whole experience emphasized the importance of staying calm and trusting the Lord. You might be going through a storm now. You might be left on the side of the road and you might not know where your help will come from. It will come from the Lord. Stay in faith. Remain calm. Give that storm to the Lord and praise Him. God will help you. God will calm the storm. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; John 14:27; 1 Peter 5:7

The best part of the day

I pray first thing in the morning when I wake up. I declare that today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I make the declaration every single day. At times I need to declare that truth again later on during the day. I love the morning prayers and setting the tone with Jesus first thing in the morning. It is a great part of the day. I recently was made aware that Jesus is the best part of the day. He is there all day so all day should be the best part of the day. There is joy to be had all day. It sounds crazy to our minds but Jesus is there and He never leaves so we can enjoy all day. He is extremely good to us all day. I want to encourage you to see that the best part of your day, Lord Jesus, is always there and He can make you enjoy every moment of every day. It sounds like a stretch but nothing is too stretchable to the Lord. As a matter of fact He wants us to stretch our minds and our faith so that we know more and we believe more. 

To some the best part of the day is when they get home from work. To others it’s when they have lunch. God is every second of every minute of every hour of every day. He is not with us just when we pray. He is not with us just when we think of Him. He is in every detail and every part of every day. He is there showing us love and giving us peace. This means that at any moment of the day we can have a Jesus celebration, a Jesus recognition and a Jesus moment. A Jesus celebration is easy to understand. We can take a minute or two to praise Him randomly throughout the day. A Jesus recognition is what I call a time when we recognize that Jesus is King and we acknowledge Him in all we do. A Jesus moment is a moment when we pause and worship Him or reverence Him. It’s like a moment of silence to adore the King of kings. Every moment of the day is a moment spent with the Lord. Think about that! Meditate on that truth. Adopt that mindset. Your day is the best day because you have the best of the best by your side all day. 

The best part of the day is the part when Jesus is with us like I said. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see Jesus in every moment. You will experience more joy and more peace. You will know that His love is present and you will feel more love for others. You will be more grateful and your faith will also be positively impacted. You will have more confidence in who you are through Him. You will know that no matter what, God will have the final say. You will thank the Lord for the victory before it takes place. You will thank the Lord for His presence. You will thank Him for every minute of every day. You will understand how every hour is precious and you will cherish the time spent with the Lord. The best part of the day is following you everywhere. The best part of the day is not a moment but He is a Person who reigns no matter what. The best part of the day is the love that died for you and that came back from the dead so you would enjoy eternal life every day. Praise the Lord for every day. It is the day He has made and He is in every day with you. You are blessed, friend. You are never alone and every day is a wonderful day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel 12:24; Proverbs 16:6; Hebrews 12:28

Faith without borders

I get to travel a few times a year and I love it. I love seeing other cities and other countries. I love the process of traveling and I love getting to my destination. I have traveled to Europe a lot. They have a system where there are no borders between 26 countries. They call that area the Schengen zone. There are technically no borders in that space. Citizens and travelers with the required paperwork can freely travel in those countries. It gives you the feeling that you can just go anywhere and you have no limitations. At least that is my impression when I travel there. I can just go and go and go. I once traveled to four different countries and it was very easy. I felt very free and I loved the whole experience. There was so much freedom that it reminded me of the Lord and how free we are in Him. It also made me think of faith.

Being able to travel to many places brought faith to my mind. Our faith should have no borders. It should have no limitations and no restrictions. It should be free to go to any place, even the places we never thought we could reach. We should expand our faith. We should give it a chance to grow and to freely travel to where the Lord wants us to go. God has no limitations. He can do anything, anywhere. When we have a faith that has no limitations like Him, anything can happen. How can we make our faith free of restrictions? We have to feed our faith. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. The God of the Bible is almighty and He can do much more than we can imagine. We should let our faith connect with His mind and His perspective through His Word. Our faith can mirror God’s thoughts and God’s will. We can have blind faith and know that nothing is ever impossible for our God. I suggest you think of faith as a land of endless possibilities where there are no boundaries and no borders. It is a lavish land with everything you can think of and everything you would never think of. It is a land that you can’t exhaust. There is always more and more and you can’t ever see all of it. It is expandable and it is huge. Faith is expandable and it can’t be stopped by our limited minds.

God’s will for our lives is for us to prosper in all we do, to get as close to Him as possible and to enjoy our new life in Jesus. The salvation that was provided for us is eternal life where blessings and the fruit of the Spirit are present. It is a life where fellowshipping with the Lord is an everyday occurrence. Jesus saved us so we could have a powerful connection with Him. Let’s develop our faith so we can get to know Jesus as intimately as possible. Faith without borders knows Jesus and knows the truth of the Gospel. Faith without borders keeps our eyes on Jesus and no one else. Faith without borders trusts in God’s presence even when we feel out of place. It puts us back in the presence of God by giving us eyes that see beyond the natural. Faith without borders adores the Lord in all circumstances even when we traverse foreign lands that feel unsafe. Faith without borders knows that God is with us wherever we go. Faith without borders takes us to the heart of the Lord all the time. My prayer is that your faith has no limitations and that you can fly to high altitudes of faith where you can never be shaken. May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Ephesians 3:20; Psalm 37:1


Finding the right way to pray seemed difficult for me when I was young. I had no clue if my prayers were heard or if they were effective. I searched for the best way to pray. I read books. I listened to sermons. I was on a quest for the perfect formula and for the words that would get the job done. Did God listen to eloquent prayers more than He listened to simple prayers? Did I have to pray for a certain length of time for my prayers to be answered? How often did I have to pray? I had so many questions about prayer and the answers were hard to find. I hit a wall when it came to prayer and I gave up. I didn’t pay attention to how I prayed. What seemed to matter was that I prayed and that was good enough for me. I prayed every day and my words were not sophisticated but they represented what I felt and they carried the message to the Lord. Then I found that the Lord is not far from us. I found out that He is not up on a cloud looking down on us and that changed a lot in my spiritual life including the way I prayed. I learned that God listened and that He never turned a deaf ear. I learned that every word was important to Him and that I didn’t have to try to impress Him with my prayers. I didn’t have to sound smart and to sound pious. All I needed was to sound just like me and to speak from an honest heart. God knows what I want to say. God knows what I need. God knows who I am. God knows what my prayers are. He just wants me to speak to Him and to listen to Him. An open heart is a great entrance into a strong prayer life. I opened up and He closed my narrow views about prayer.

I discovered the great world of prayer when I was in college.  I call it a world because it is huge and it encompasses so much. Prayer is talking to God and listening to Him like I often say. It is a declaration from our hearts that says that we are dependent on God and that He means the world to us. Prayer is a petition and a request on behalf of others. We pray for others to be healed or to be blessed. When I discovered that prayer was meant to move the heart of God so that He would intervene in someone’s life, I was touched. When you think about it, prayer is a great gift to whoever we pray for. We pray that God would bless someone or that He changes someone’s life. Prayer should be selfless and it should be an expression of love. When love entered the prayer equation, it was a game-changer. Praying without love doesn’t work. With God, nothing “works” if love is not at the root of what we do. “Love others” we are told and if we do love them, we will pray for them. “Love God” we are told and if we love Him, we will talk to Him. Friend, let love be the essence of your prayers. May your prayers all be rooted in love. May love be the force behind your prayers and you will see how God moves in your life.

What is a great prayer you might wonder? The prayer that comes from the heart and that is fueled by love is a great prayer. Give love a chance to guide you in your prayers. Pray for your family. Pray for your friends. Pray for acquaintances. Pray for your schoolmates. Pray for your co-workers. Pray for people you don’t know well. Pray for your community. Pray for your country. Pray for the world. Pray for anyone. Just pray. Make it a habit. Pray every day. There are so many prayers that are waiting to be spoken. There are so many people that are longing for prayers. There are so many words from the heart that need to be released. My encouragement today is that you don’t get bogged down by how you should pray. Don’t worry about how you sound. Speak from the heart. Go to the Lord and talk to Him. He will talk to you as well in those moments. He will reveal His heart and give you love. Prayer is so important and you and I can be prayer warriors that touch the world one prayer at a time. Just pray. Just open your heart. Just talk to Jesus. The Holy Spirit will assist you and He will do what you can’t do. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; Matthew 6:7; Colossians 4:2

5 essential keys

There is a door that opens the way to a place where peace reigns, joy is strong and faith is everywhere. There are five keys that open that door. Each key is precious and powerful. God has given us the keys to getting to that place. It is not a place far away. If you believe in God, you might have been to that place and you might be living there. If those keys are on your keychain, I encourage you to use them all the time. Open that door and keep it open. Step inside that place and stay there. make yourself at home in that place. Get comfortable and don’t leave it. We tend to travel too much when the Lord wants us to stay in His house and enjoy His presence. Let me talk about the 5 keys today. I hope you will take the keys and open the door to a place where God is always present and doubt and fear are banned.

Key#1: Faith. Faith is the key that allows us to know God and to communicate with Him. Without faith we can’t please God. Without faith we can’t know God. We should always hold the key of faith and keep it very close to us. That key is the answer to all our problems, fear, and worries. The key of faith locks fear and doubt out of our lives. When fear and doubt try to get inside our dwelling place, faith blocks them and ignores them. They might be knocking on the door but faith keeps them away. They have no right to barge in and faith knows that well. The key of faith is the key to a healthy relationship with the Lord. It is crucial and it is very powerful.

Key#2: Love. Faith without love is nothing. We need faith to know God but it has to be accompanied by love. Love is the most important key even though I listed it as the second key. Love is why you and I are here. Love is the reason why we are saved. It is why Jesus came and died in our place. Love brought Him back to life and gave us eternal life. Love is more powerful than anything and anyone. Love conquers all. Love never fails. Love has won. Love will never lose a battle. God is love. Love is more than a symbol of God’s presence. Love is God with us. Let’s use the key of love every single day. It opens more doors than we know.

Key#3: Communion with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a Person. He is a gift from Jesus. He is the gift that keeps on giving. He is the gift that will never let us down and that will always give us what we need. He is the gift that the world needs. He is the gift that connects us to Jesus. The Holy Spirit takes us to a place of peace where Jesus is King. When we turn the key of communication with the Holy Spirit all the time, we open the door to a union and a communion that is holy and pure. We open the door to knowing Jesus, which is primordial and more than necessary.

Key#4: Prayer. Prayer will never get old. I can’t get enough of prayer and I pray every day. Jesus taught us to pray in His Word. If He talked about it, it means that it is something we should take very seriously. Prayer is talking to God and hearing from God. Prayer is the link that attaches us to the Father and that gives us access to His heart. Pray every day. Pray when you feel like it and when you don’t. Pray because God is listening. Pray because God is talking. Pray and you will be in the house of the Lord all the time. Pray and you will open the door to many blessings.

Key#5: Praise. God inhabits the praises of His people. When you pray, the presence of the Lord comes. Praise is an expression of your adoration to the Lord and He hangs out with you on a different level. Praise is faith speaking and acting. Praise defeats the enemy and gives us hope. Praise is what we need every day but we don’t turn to it enough. Praise the Lord and doors will unlock that you didn’t think could ever open. Praise is the key that opens possibilities and that gives you an advantage over your negative circumstances. Praise the Lord all the time and you will be in the house of the Lord where His joy is your strength.

You have the keys. Thank God for each one of them. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:1; Jonah 2:7; Mark 11:24

Speak the name of Jesus

There is power in the name of Jesus and we need to use His name on a daily basis. We use so many names without knowing and those names are either powerless or they have negative power in them. Every time we speak fear and doubt, we speak the name of fear and the name of doubt. If we say “I will never make it” what we are truly saying is “In the name of doubt I will not make it.” When we say “This is too big or too impossible,” we are really saying “In the name of fear, I can’t see this take place.” We put a lot of emphasis on the impossible being impossible when we speak doubt over our circumstances. We need to choose the name we speak very carefully. We need to reject the names of fear, doubt, and all kinds of negativity. They are not helping us. They might feel comfortable but they are very harmful. We can’t speak ten different negative names in our lives and expect good things to happen. When can’t speak in the name of doubt and expect Jesus to bless us and to give us the breakthrough we are waiting for. We can’t speak negativity into our lives and be surprised that we are not seeing deliverance and blessings flowing into our lives. Positivity along with the name of Jesus is what brings the breakthroughs and freedom. I am inviting you to use the name of Jesus all week. Speak His name in all circumstances. You will push joy, love, peace, and hope into your life. His name saves. His name heals. His name sets us free!

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”* The name of Jesus gives us salvation. It set us free. It is by His name that we got saved. Now the power in His name is still available and His name can still save us no matter what is going on in our lives. When we speak His name in faith, things change. Miracles happen. Seas of problems are parted. Blessings flow into our lives. Hope comes back. Triumph is present. The name of Jesus is the most powerful name in the universe. The enemy trembles at the mention of His name. Imagine what would happen if you spoke Jesus’s name all day. You would see things move in the right direction all the time. You will have the confidence that bad things won’t last and that the Lord can fix anything because when we speak His name in faith He listens and He moves in your favor. God is always on the move and when you speak the name of Jesus you experience His movement in your life and it always goes in the right direction. You will see how Heaven collides with earth and how nothing is impossible in His beautiful name!

Just a mention of the name of Jesus makes a way. When I speak His name, I get bold in my faith. I have hope and I know that nothing absolutely nothing can stop the Lord from acting in my life. I might have to speak His name a few times. I might have to hold on to His name for some time but He never lets me down. His name is my refuge, my stronghold, my place of hope and love. I find comfort and peace in His name. I speak His name over the week that is coming. I speak His name over every event that I know will take place during the day including meetings and even grocery runs. I have His name with me at all times. How amazing is that! You, friend, also have the name of Jesus with you all the time. Be sure to speak it and to use it all day. Declare that in His name nothing is impossible and speak blessings into His life. When you are down or when you are unsure of what to do, speak the name of Jesus. Speak the name of Jesus against confusion, against fear, and against doubt. Speak His name against anything that rises above your peace. The enemy is a thief and he tries to steal your peace and your joy. The name of Jesus will restore peace and joy. Don’t hesitate to speak His name. Stay in the Lord and trust His name. It is a very strong tower of protection. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 14:13; Acts 4:12*; Romans 10:13

Jesus, I truly…

The other day I saw a big sign on a church that read “Jesus, I truly trust in You.” I love seeing this sign and I embrace its message. I trust in the Lord and I want everything in me to declare, “Jesus, I truly trust You.” However, there are times when everything in me is saying “Jesus I truly don’t know what to do” or “Jesus, I truly want to trust You but right now I am struggling.” I am human just like anyone else and with that comes doubt and fear at times. I am learning to overcome them and to delete them from my life. One thing I know for sure is that I can’t conquer them on my own. Every I have to say “Jesus, I truly need You.” I say it when I pray in the morning. I say it a few times during the day. I am dependent on Him. I am not good enough or strong enough to make it on my own. I need Him. I have to rely on Him. I can’t live without Him. It is very humbling when we confess that we are nothing without God. When I first started saying that during prayer time, my flesh didn’t like it. My flesh would tell me that I could do a lot on my own and I had to trust that I was strong enough. I was made strong outside of God in my life and I could turn to God once I had run out of energy of my own. The truth is that without Jesus I am nothing and with Him I am someone and that someone is an overcomer. “Jesus, I truly need You and trust You” is one of my mantras and I live by it. What do you tell Jesus on a daily basis? What comes after “Jesus, I truly..”?

I am inviting you today to spend time watching what you tell the Lord. Do you rely on Him wholeheartedly? Does your “Jesus, I truly..” declaration end with words of desperation, words of hope or words of doubt? I didn’t know for the longest time that my prayers and my actions were proclaiming “Jesus, I truly am lost.” I was lost even when I thought I had been found. I was lost in myself and I couldn’t see anyone in me. The Lord was in me and He tried to get my attention a few times but I was buried in my ego and I cared about myself more than I did about the Lord. “Jesus, I am truly ok on my own” was another unconscious declaration I made. Jesus should be the center of our lives which means we should be on the periphery looking in. We shouldn’t be on the center looking out and seeing Jesus as an option among other options. He is our best option. He should be our only option. We ought to remain in Him and let Him remain in us. Once we do, we will always declare that He is all we need and we will understand that total reliance on Him is crucial. We will echo what the sign on the church said and our trust in Him will be unshaken.

Staying full of the Lord and full of His Word is a powerful way to keep trusting Him and to have strong faith in Him. When the Word of God is a big part of our lives and we study it and meditate on it, our faith skyrockets. We have to be diligent and keep at it and it produces great fruit. What I loved about the sign on the church is that it was out in the open for everyone to see. It was bold and it was strong. I want my declaration of trust in the Lord to be bold and strong. I am letting it stand in the open so that every time the enemy walks by me he can’t help but see my bold declaration. The enemy is like a lion waiting to devour us so he is always around us doing drive by’s and walk by’s and he doesn’t ever get tired. Let’s be strong and never tired to say that we truly trust in the Lord. Let our faith be heard and our hope in the Lord be visible. Our actions can show how much we trust the Lord. Let’s be the children of God who adore Jesus and who depend on Him completely. Let’s brandish a spiritual banner that reads “Jesus, we truly trust You” no matter what is going on in our lives. Let’s stay in the Word and lift up the Lord. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; John 15:7; 1 John 4:16

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 200)

Faith helps you tell people what you know and not what you think. Faith knows God’s truth and it sticks to the truth no matter how you feel.

God’s hope is highly contagious. Spend time with God. Spend time in His Word and you will catch His hope and spread it around. God’s hope is the best  remedy against the symptoms of doubt.

Every good thing comes from the Lord and you need to expect God’s things in your world. Expect His blessings and His love. Expect God when the enemy wants you to expect the worst. God’s best always overcomes the enemy’s worst case scenario.

God’s unconditional love covers all sins and heals all wounds. His love doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t point the finger and it doesn’t judge. It doesn’t create divisions and it doesn’t blame anyone. God’s love blesses and it restores.

Let’s make God’s love the trend that never goes away. Let’s make loving others so trendy that it becomes part of every community in every nation. Let’s make God’s love popular. Let’s make His truth famous.

There are huge blessings that your mind can’t fathom. There are big dreams that your mind can’t think of. There are incredible breakthroughs that your mind can’t dream of. There is an amazing God that can change your mind!

Praise is a song in your heart that sings of God’s goodness. Praise is an action in your life that speaks of God’s kindness. Praise is a thought in your mind that thanks God for His holiness.

Fear not because God is faithful and He will always protect you and bless you. Fear not because God is in you and with you. Fear not because God has already taken care of your situation. Fear not and know that He is God!

Jesus healed the blind and He can heal your narrow vision so that faith is your eyesight and hope is your way of seeing life.

The power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you. The power to save and to change anything is in you. The power of Jesus is in you. Greater is the power in you than the lies of the enemy in this world.

Suggested reading: Psalm 42:11; Isaiah 40:31; 1 John 4:4