The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus is alive and well. He is alive and He is present. He is present every day. He is with us every day. He is Jesus every day but we tend to forget it and we let ourselves get bogged down by the affairs of the world. Being “Jesus aware” or “Jesus conscious” is a great gift. I call it a gift for lack of a better word. Jesus said Himself that He would never change. This means that the Jesus of the Bible is with us. The Jesus of the Bible is alive and He is by our side. The Jesus who performs miracles is among us. Why is it then that we don’t see miracles that often? The Bible explains that Jesus couldn’t perform many miracles in His hometown because a lot of people didn’t believe. This is true as well today. We don’t hear a lot of preaching about the Lord’s miracles. There isn’t a big audience for that kind of message or if there is, it is hidden or it is not manifesting itself. The Lord is looking for people who believe that the Jesus of the Bible is alive and that He has not changed one bit. His love, His message, His miracles are still there. We need to promote the Jesus of the Bible. That promotion starts with us. We ought to stretch our faith and believe that Jesus is who He says He is. Today I am inviting you to open your mind and to open yourself to the Jesus of the Bible. He is right there with you as we speak. He is smiling at you and He is calling you to follow Him right now.

How can you get to know the Jesus of the Bible? The best place to start is the Bible. I have mentioned before the importance of prayerfully reading the Word of God. Pray before you get in the Word and every change you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes next time you get into His Word. The world blinds us. The enemy blinds us. There are versions of Jesus out there that sound good but they are not the Jesus of the Bible. Everyone can depict Jesus the way they like. Some churches even have their own interpretation of Jesus. Some people portray Him as loving but excluding at the same time. Some people present the Old Testament as an authority that overtakes Jesus. They give more power to words from before Jesus and deny that Jesus changed the law. It is crucial that we learn about Jesus in His Word and that we adhere to who He is. He is love and His love is radiant. It is stronger and more powerful than anything in this world. The Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus of true and pure love. The Jesus of the Bible loves everyone. There are no exceptions. The Jesus of the Bible died and rose again. He conquered death so why do we sometimes look for Him in the grave when He is alive and well?

Jesus is life. You, friend, have life within you and with you. I am not talking about life the way the world sees it. I am talking about the abundant life that Jesus provides. A life that flows like a river with no end. A life that overcomes all obstacles. A life that is rich in love, joy, faith, peace and blessings. The Jesus of the Bible is in you through His Spirit and He is the abundant life you need. You don’t need anything else or anyone else to make you happy and to help you make it in this life. The Jesus of the Bible is more than enough. His grace and mercy are more than enough. Read about Him. Pray to Him. Listen to Him. He has a lot to tell you and the love He has for you defies all understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. Stick to the Jesus of the Bible and reject the one man created. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man. There is no one like Him. There is no one better than Him. He still performs miracles. He will perform miracles in your life as you let your faith grow. Enjoy the Jesus of the Bible. Celebrate and praise the Jesus of the Bible. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Mark 10:27; Hebrews 12:2; 1 John 4:15

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