God will make you glad

Many years ago when I got more serious with the Lord, before a time in the wilderness, gladness was very present in my life. I was a dedicated believer who spent a lot of time in prayer and praise and gladness was there every single day. I noticed a change in me. I noticed a change around me and the Lord’s joy played a big part in that change. There was a joy that I had never experienced before for a long time. That joy seemed permanent. I would wake up every morning and check to make sure it was there and it was. I didn’t understand it at first but after a week or so I realized that the joy was coming from the Lord. I had changed my daily routine and I had made the Lord my daily routine. He was my focus and I spent a lot of time with Him. When you spend time with the Lord, His love, His joy and His peace rub off on you. For me it happened naturally. I didn’t force it. I just lived it. God is a joyful God and He wants His children to have His joy. He wants you and me to be glad and trust me, He will make you glad.If you have been in a bad mood, if your joy seems to be gone, know that you can find gladness in the Lord. Draw nearer to Him. Surrender to Him. Invite Him in. Gladness will come. Keep your eyes on Jesus and make it a point to praise Him and worship Him. His gladness will overtake you.

I have found that if I rely on people and things to find happiness, I end up being disappointed. Sometimes the letdown is strong and I feel heartbroken. Money and possessions can only make us happy for so long. Some people have told me that we need money to be happy. I used to think that way. Money was a fortress and a security blanket for me until I experienced the safety and the love of the Lord. I thought to myself that the reason why I had money was because I had the Lord. He is the source of all good things and I should rejoice over Him instead of rejoicing more over what is in my bank account. His love is a wealth that can’t be matched. His love is a bank of blessings that can’t be empty. You can’t overdraft and you can’t be denied blessings. God will not loan you gladness and peace. He will give them to you free of charge and His offerings have no expiration date. There is an unlimited balance of love in the Lord and when you focus on that, nothing else matters. God has an amount of joy for you that will exceed your wildest expectations. His joy can be in your life every single day. No matter what you are facing and no matter what life throws at you, His joy is unconditional.

When I get into my praise and worship sessions, the joy of the Lord shows up quickly. I could be having the worst day but when I lift up the name of Jesus, everything changes. His joy is my strength and it gives me hope. I give a boost of faith and I see everything through the eyes of His gladness. If praise is hard for you right now, start with thanksgiving. Say out loud what you are thankful for. Start the smallest things if you can’t think of anything big. I sometimes just say “Thank You, Jesus” and I keep repeating it. I see a glimpse of hope through those words and then the Spirit of the Lord takes over. When you give the Lord a little bit, He will reach you and meet you where you are. He has the ability to give us joy in the middle of a desert of fear and sadness. He brings the rain into that desert until we are drenched with peace and we are ready to face anything.

Today is the day the Lord has made. You can rejoice and be glad in it. Ask Jesus to give you His joy every day. He listens and He will do it. He will make you glad. Don’t think that it is too much to ask. Don’t shy away from it. It is a perfectly legitimate request. Don’t think that you will be sad all day. That is not what Jesus wants for you. My prayer is that you receive the joy of the Lord every day and that you understand that it is your strength all the time. That joy I had years ago has been present again for years now and I owe it all to praise, worship and fellowshipping with the Lord.  Enjoy the Lord and His gladness. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 31:7; Psalm 40:16; Acts 11:23

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