10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 182)

Whatever you have going on in your life, pray about it. Whether it’s good or bad pray about it. Thank God if it’s good and thank Him that it will be good again. Pray all the time and God will act when it’s time!

God knows everything you are going through. He knows your fears, your pain and your doubts. Let Him take care of your inner pain and give you joy that will show on the outside. Trust Him. He knows how to help you better than anyone else!

If you put yourself in the hands of the Lord, you are not broken. You are being rebuilt and He is doing something new in you.

Expect peace in the valley and endurance on the mountain tops. Expect joy in the valley and sustained strength on the mountain tops. Expect love in the valley and continued power on the mountain tops. Expect Jesus in the valley and Jesus on the mountain tops. Expect God to hold on your hand wherever you go!

There is nothing the Lord won’t do for you. Learn what His will is for your life and trust that He will make it come to pass. There are blessings coming your way. Your next breakthrough is not far away. Nothing is impossible with God. Stay in faith!

Jesus is King and He is King over everything. He is King over all your problems so speak to your trials and tribulations about your King. They will have to come under His authority and you will find freedom. Jesus is King forever!

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start living. God is with you now. His love is present now. His blessings are available now. Enjoy the present and make the most of God’s grace today!

God did it before and He will do it again. He’s coming back around with blessings galore. Don’t lose hope. God can do exceedingly more than you expect. Miracles are on their way in Jesus’ name!

God has plans for your life that might be very different from yours. It doesn’t mean that your plans are better and you are getting shortchanged. Trust His process. Trust His journey. He is taking you to a beautiful place!

Remember that the Lord is taking steps with you. He is not letting you walk alone. When you follow Him, you are always heading in the right direction. Keep walking with God and you will go places!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25


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