10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 138)

Peace. Jesus has it. Love. Jesus has it. Truth. Jesus has it. Joy. Jesus has it. Freedom. Jesus has it. Hope. Jesus has it. Power. Jesus has it. Healing. Jesus has it. Deliverance. Jesus has it. Everything. Jesus has it. Jesus has everything you need and more!

You will conquer the fear of the world when you give into the peace of the Lord. Let the Lord’s peace enter the core of your belief system. His peace will chase away fear and anxiety. Ask for peace and you will get it in Jesus’ name!

There is only one king and His name is Jesus. Everyone should bow at His name. Every problem, every trial should bow at His name. Don’t be intimidated by how stubborn your tribulations are. Stay in faith and you will see them bow down before the King. No one and nothing is stronger than the Lord.

The fruit of the Spirit is like a necklace you wear around your spiritual neck. Every bead is a powerful fruit. Your necklace is complete. The bead of love is the biggest bead. It always activates the necklace. Wear the necklace of the Lord with pride!

The Lord is the world that your world needs. Let Him become your world. Let Him define your world. Let Him transform your world. Let the Lord be your world!

Evacuate the worry zone. Don’t linger in the fear house. Escape from the stress cabin. Run to the house of the Lord. Dwell in His house. Inhabit the premises of His love. Reside in His presence.

God speaks in a language that defies hate speech. One word from God and darkness dissipates. One verse from God and the enemy flees. One song from God and fear and worry get confused. Speak the language of the Lord and your world will hear love, peace, joy, freedom and salvation!

The enemy’s lies try to bury the truth of the Lord but like a Phoenix coming ouf of the ashes, the truth will emerge. God’s truth is bigger than the enemy’s lies. Stick with the truth and the lies will flee!

Sometimes the best way to describe Jesus is through our lifestyles, our actions and our deeds. Words don’t need to be spoken. Actions need to be spoken. Our lifestyles and our love for others speak louder than words.

There are times when what you want is not what God has planned for you. Let Him decide. Let Him plan your life. God always knows best!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 136)

Don’t worry about the rain. Don’t worry about the pain. Don’t worry about what’s vain. Don’t worry about the gain. Don’t worry about missing the train. Don’t worry about anything. Trust that God is with you in everything!

Monitor your feelings. Keep an eye on your emotions. Take the temperature of your temper. Gauge your spirit with the stick of the Holy Spirit. Renew your thoughts with the Word of God.

Let Jesus go viral in your mind, body, spirit and soul. Let Him be dominant in your thinking and reigning in your heart. Give Jesus the number one spot in your life that negativity has been claiming for years.

Don’t let what you see be bigger than what you don’t see. What you see is heightened by fear. What you don’t see is highlighted by faith. What you see is in the flesh and what you don’t see is perceived by your spirit. Your flesh is weak but remember that your spirit is willing.

The world will try to overwhelm you but you should let the Lord invade your world. Let Him mean the world to you and He will transform you so you can make an impact on your world every day.

Our thoughts should be noble and pure. Adding worry into the mix only generates trouble. Keep your thoughts positive by focusing on the King of positivity. Focus on Jesus.

Hold on to God’s promises and you will promise to give peace, love and joy to whoever needs them.

God is with you on this journey. He is the companion that never leaves your side. He walks with you, runs with you and slows down with you when you acknowledge Him on this path you are on. You are never alone!

Tomorrow is not guaranteed but God’s love is always a given. Stay in the present with God’s love as your guarantee. When hardships come, show the enemy that you have God’s warranty and He will fix your life at no cost!

There is a joy that surpasses all understanding. It comes from the same source as the peace that surpasses all understanding. God is the source. Stay plugged into Him and you will receive everything you need.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 32:8; Hebrews 13:8

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 135)


Don’t rent any space to negative thoughts in your mind. Evict them with the power of the Word of God. Don’t let them settle in your thinking space and don’t entertain them. The Word of God has the authority to keep you “negative thought-free!”

Lord, I’ll serve anywhere” is what our spirits should cry out. Wherever He leads us we should follow.

Just because a storm is not going to come to where you live doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray against it. Pray against other people’s storms. Pray for protection. Pray for favor for other people.

“Worry is not from Me” says the Lord. Banish it. Don’t adhere to it. Don’t accept it. Don’t follow it. Don’t be friends with it. Worry is from the enemy. Faith is against the enemy.

Don’t outrun God. Have patience. Slow down. Catch up with God by slowing down your pace. You might be running a race you shouldn’t be running in the first place. Run with God. Walk with God. Slow down with God.

Don’t always talk from experience. Talk from the Lord’s experience. Talk from what He went through on the cross, talk from His resurrection and His salvation. His salvation is your experience today and every day!

Peace is a fruit that grows on trees of serenity in fields of calmness. God is massive producer of peace. Go to Him when you need a harvest of tranquility.

Lift up your hands and praise the Lord. Lift up your hands and hail the King. Lift up your hands and sing to God. Lift up your hands and adore the Lord. Lift up your hands on a good day. Lift up your hands on a bad day. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord every day!

In the worst situations, God is still the best. He is the One with all the solutions. He is the One with all the answers. He is the One with all the victories. He is the One with all the freedom. In the worst situations, God is still God. Don’t give up. He is on your side!

God loves you more than you will ever know. God loves you and He will always bless you. God loves you and He always will. God loves you when no one else does. God loves you and He will always protect you. God loves you and His love for you will never go away. Remember every day that God loves you and your circumstances can never change His love for you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:16

Just a few words from God

The other day I was reading the book of Matthew and I was fascinated by the faith displayed by a Roman officer. He went up to Jesus and asked Him to heal one of his servants. His young servant was bed-ridden and in a lot of pain. I first noted how the officer cared about his servant. That showed love. Faith works best with love and the officer definitely had love in him. So many people back then mistreated their servants but this officer was different. He pleaded with Jesus which demonstrated that he really cared for his servant. I read it almost as the account of a father who is asking God to heal his son. This was not a typical master-servant relationship. Jesus told him he would go to his house and heal the servant. The officer didn’t feel worthy to have Jesus in his home. That showed meekness and humility. He was controlled by love for lack of better words. Love doesn’t boast and it doesn’t think of itself highly. To him, Jesus could heal his servant from a distance. All He had to do was say a few words and the servant would be healed. He said “Just say the words from where You are, and my servant will be healed.” That is such great faith! He knew that God could do anything. He knew that Jesus could heal with just a few words and He didn’t have to be in the presence of the servant. The officer just needed to hear the words and that was enough for him to know that it was done. How often do we tell the Lord that His words are enough for us to believe? How often do we trust a few words from God without seeing Him perform a miracle in front of our eyes? God’s Word has more than a few words and we can believe them all. We can tell Him, “Lord, let me just hear your Word and I will get my breakthrough.” Just a few words from God are enough. Our faith doesn’t need a lot.


Have you found scriptures in the Word of God that deal with your current situation? Have you found passages that are encouraging and that fill you up with hope? Hold on to those verses and keep them close to your heart. When the time comes, you will need to look at those words and say that they are enough. You will need to thank the Lord for those few words and tell Him that you believe them. There are three important aspects to that great faith from the Roman officer. First there is the love walk. Then there is meekness and finally there is an active faith. Love is where it all starts. When we walk in love, faith is easier. Why? Because love is who God is and when we have love, we have the Lord. His power and His blessing are in us. We demonstrate His goodness and we let Him use us. Yes, the love walk is a manifestation of the relationship we have with God. We can’t hold hands with God and hold hands with hatred at the same time. Hate and love can’t coexist. God’s love chases all hatred if we let it take over our hearts and minds. To be a disciple and a follower of Jesus, we need to walk in love. The Roman officer had mastered that love walk. He had extended his love to his servant. God sees the love in us and He marvels at how much we love Him and we want to be more like Him when we are walking in love. 


Meekness is submission to God. I see the power of submitting to the Lord. The power of cherishing His words and putting ourselves at the mercy of His Word. It is not a bad thing. It is one of the best things we can do. Going back to the verses you hold on to. You can humbly come under the authority of the words from those verses by accepting them and embracing them. Reject any thoughts that elevate themselves above those words. Make those words part of your vocabulary. Just a few words from God and your entire world can change. Think about that. If you meditate on the words from the Lord, you can learn a new way of living and you can set your mind free. The Word of God has the power to renew your mind. Submit yourself to the words from God and your outlook on life will change for the better.


The Roman officer pointed out the fact that he knew that a few words were enough. He had a knowing inside that was void of doubt and worry. His faith couldn’t be shaken. Faith is knowing without a doubt. It doesn’t care what things look like or sound like. Faith just knows. Take those scriptures and get them inside your spirit. Meditate on them. Just a few words from God and your faith will be ignited. You will tell the Lord that all He needs to do is say those words to you again and you will be healed, you will be blessed, you will be saved, you will be protected. It only takes a few words, love, meekness and faith.

Suggested reading: Matthew 8; Mark 11:22-24; 1 Corinthians 13:4

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 133)

The noise in your head can make you think that God’s silence represents defeat. God is not silent. You can make Him loud by speaking His Word over your life. Give a voice to faith and you will silence fear.

God will give you what will feel like a century of blessings for all the years the enemy has taken from you. Hold on to hope!

The Lord is reminding you in His Word that nothing is too hard for Him. Changing your circumstances is not too hard for Him. Parting the seas is not too hard for Him. Changing your water into wine is not too hard for you. Making you joyful again is not too hard for Him. Nothing is too hard for the Lord!

Don’t let the day get to you. Let the Lord get you through the day. He will make a way throughout the day. Put your day in His hands and He will hand you a good day.

Use the Word of God as a crutch. Use it even when you feel you can stand on your own two feet. Rely on it to cross dangerous roads. Rely on it when you walk in fields of peace. Walk the walk with God’s Word.

You might be going through hell on your way to Heaven but remember Jesus conquered hell so Heaven is your secure destination.

When everything spins out of control, give God all the control. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and thank Jesus for being in control!

Just because you don’t like what you are hearing doesn’t mean it is not from God. Discernment is important!

You will stand firm. With God you will stand firm forever. The ground you walk on will crumble but you won’t fall. The quicksand of the enemy will not stall you. God will make you path straight and you will walk with confidence.

A surrendered heart is worth a thousand prayers spoken from an empty spirit. Give you heart to the Lord. Let Him inhabit your spirit and put His love in your heart and in your soul. Surrender to the love that never fails.

Suggested reading: Psalm 15:5; Psalm 51:10; Hebrews 4:12

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 132)

Let God light your world with His Word. His Word is a lamp into your feet. It will show you the way to peace even when you are walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

Don’t hesitate to ask God for help. He will send you angels in disguise and He will send you instructions and solutions through the Holy Spirit.

God’s love leaves an indelible spot on your heart. You can try to erase it but it will never go away. Don’t try to be spotless when it comes to God’s love.

God’s open doors are waiting for you to step inside houses of miracles. Step in with faith and make yourself comfortable in the places the Lord has prepared for you!

Focus on the wonders of Jesus. He is a wonderful Lord who will never let you wonder if He is going to love you because His love is always a wonder that never changes!

The Lord is a lighthouse. You can always see Him in the storm. Keep looking at Him. He will guide you through the rockiest storms and He will get you ashore safely. He is the lighthouse that lights the world!

Don’t let the voices of the opposition oppose the Word of God in you. Quiet the voices by being loud. Be loud with hope. Be loud with the Lord’s promises. Be loud in your faith.

God has an update for you regarding your current circumstances and it’s all good news. His update is about the blessings that are coming. They are going to change your tough situation. Read about the update in His Word. It’s all there!

Don’t give up! Better days are coming. Stay in faith. Stay with God. You have been walking in the desert but you are about to find the promised land. It’s closer than you think. Keep walking. You are heading in the right direction!

Love without boundaries. Love without judging. Love without fear. Love without doubt. Love without restrictions. Love without conditions. Love without reservation. Love without manipulation. Love with God’s love. Love your neighbor as yourself!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Matthew 22:39; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Hope in dark times

Two days ago a bit part of the east coast was hit by a big storm. When the storm go to where I live, it traveled through the area in the form of a tornado that brought some very strong winds. As a result, many of us lost power. No lights, no running water and limited internet access on my phone. It made me think of what a comfortable life I have and I felt convicted not to complain and not to feel sorry for myself. Life could be a lot worse and many people live in very terrible conditions. It would have been very easy for me to fall into a pit of self-pity and despair but the Holy Spirit kept reminding me to count my blessings. Did I want to count my blessings when I was sitting in the dark that night? No. My flesh was rebelling and telling me how unfair life was. My spirit was complying and saying “Praise the Lord. He turns things around.” It was dark. It felt sad. It was unsettling but there was hope. In the middle of dark times there is a light of hope. I have mentioned it before and I was so glad I could experience. Why? Because things got darker and darker. Yesterday I found out that we could be without power for 7 to 10 days. My flesh frowned but my spirit smiled. Not because of the bad news but because even when there is bad news the Lord is still there. I got to experience that supernatural peace against. I can’t put it in words but it manifested and showed up like a drop from Heaven. A drop that refreshed my forehead when all I was feeling was fever and angst. God’s peace is a tranquilizer that puts us on a wave of joy. It makes us ride the waves and see the shore and look forward for good things to come that we can’t see. His peace is a faith agent that promotes faith.

Dark times are so overwhelming but they are not the end. I refused to call it quits and to give up. There is just too much goodness of God to go around that I couldn’t just give up. Hope stood in the middle of that dark room and sang. It sang a song that can make anyone jump with joy. That is what the Lord does. He makes you sing and dance in the middle of your nightmares. He pushes the bad dreams away and makes room for the dreams and visions He has for you. Hope is what He will always have for you. I am here to encourage you today to look for God’s hope and don’t let the dark times intimidate you. I know how they feel but I also know that nothing, absolutely nothing can stand between the Lord and us. Hope is the bridge that gets us to where God is. It shortens the distance that is produced by the fear and the worries from the dark times. The darkness of the night was so prevalent two nights ago. It was very symbolic. I literally sat in darkness. I had no idea what was coming next. I thought I would get an alert that said the power would be restored within 24 hours. That alert never came. What came was an opportunity to stand strong or to fall down hard. Just like anyone else I don’t like to fall and I push back. I push back with faith and o decided to look at hope in its glory in the middle of the room. My Bible happened to be on my coffee table in the middle of the room. That is where my Hope was.

Keep hope in the middle. Keep hope in the center and let everything else revolve around it. When you do, hope will dictate how you should react to everything around you. Hope will say, “Carry me. Put me on like a backpack and don’t let go.” Carry the light weight of hope. When you run into difficulties, open your backpack and take out the power of hope. When you hold hope in your hand, you can’t help but have peace for the future. Hope from the Lord will give you a boost. Thank Him for Hope even when you don’t see it. It will become more apparent to you. You will understand that hope can turn anything around. It starts with your thinking and it fills your heart with faith. It may be dark right now but hope is still in the room. Don’t give up. Pray. Then pray again and continue to pray. Don’t get discouraged. Something big is coming and it will change your situation. Jesus brought hope into the world and it never left. Hope is with you. Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Romans 15:13; Hebrews 11:1; 1 Peter 1:3

You were not given a spirit of fear

As a kid the books of Timothy were a great inspiration. They allowed me to grow and to see my place in the Body of Christ. As a child you are often considered less important just because you have less experience. Now, many of us are still children when it comes to the things of the Lord. We are all on a path. We are all learning and we all need encouragement. As an adult now I still find the books of Timothy to be stimulating and invigorating. I love how Paul counsels Timothy and gives him pointers as to what he should be doing on his walk with the Lord. One of the most popular verses from the books of Timothy is the one that says that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and a sound mind. I have studied that definition of our spirit. This definition shows us how God sees our spirits. That is His reality. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, our spirits are renewed. They are not fearful and they are not shy. Now, our minds are not renewed so they can make us believe that we don’t have a strong spirit. We hold on to our old ways and patterns and sometimes we never learn what our spirits are like. There is a need for revelation and faith. Today I want to remind you that you were not given a spirit of fear. God gave you a powerful spirit. Focus on the giver and not as much on what is given and you will discover that the Lord did something amazing by giving you a strong spirit. He is the source of that power in your spirit. You can’t dissociate Him from this new birth and this new you. The new you in Christ is the person God wants you to be and He has not clothed you in fear. God’s power is in your spirit.

It is important to remember that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit. His Spirit is mighty and kind. The Holy Spirit in you is the most powerful spirit that exists. He dwells in you and He joins forces with your spirit. It is up to you to yield to the Holy Spirit or to have your own way. The Spirit of the Lord will never barge in and try to take control. You have to submit to Him and give your spirit a push so he is open to the Holy Spirit. There is a union with the Holy Spirit that needs to take place. How do you allow that union to shape up in your life? Like I said submission is key. Your spirit longs for spiritual stimuli and will try to find a spiritual path. People have given their spirits permission to explore the spiritual world but the venues and the contexts are not always pure and good. Your spirit wants to grow and to get stronger. When you receive the Spirit of God, you have access to a spiritual path that can take you very far. Love is the language of the Holy Spirit and you can learn it, adopt it and share it. Speak the language of the Holy Spirit and you will get more and more filled with Him. Let His beautiful traits grow in your spirit. Recognize that the Lord almighty is good and generous and He wants you to receive spiritual blessings from Him. Get on the road to your spiritual awakening by spending time in the Spirit. Bible reading, prayer, gratitude and openness will take you there. The more time you spend with the Lord, the more boldness you will get. God’s Spirit is humble and meek but He is not shy and He doesn’t get intimidated.

I used to love meekness and humility. I still do but I know that I need to step away from them when I fight the fight of faith. It doesn’t mean that they go away. It just means that God’s boldness needs to be my focus when I am in the trenches of faith. There is a battle going on every day. A battle to stay in faith and to keep walking with God. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He has the power we need for us to walk in victory and to keep fighting the battle. I am a believer in positive affirmations and declarations. I have said to myself that my spirit finds its strength in the Lord. I thank Jesus all the time for the Holy Spirit. I declare that God is my source of peace, love, power and sound mind. I also declare that I was not given a spirit of fear. My faith is in the Lord and His Spirit upholds me. Friend, you were not given a spirit of fear. Fear is from the enemy. Rebuke when it comes. Reject fear. Let the Spirit of God rise up and give your spirit a chance to embrace the Spirit of our loving God. I have sung my way back to hope and faith before. A few songs of praise go a long way. Hang on to the truth. The truth is that God gives power. From Him come rivers of hope and faith. His peace is unparalleled and it can remove all fear. Don’t let the spirit of fear overwhelm you. It has no right to be in you or to influence you. Greater is the Lord who is in you than the enemy that is in this world and fear is part of the enemy’s clan so it is not welcome. Thank the Lord that you have a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind in the name of Jesus!

Suggested reading: 2 Timothy 1:7; Romans 8:15; 1 John 4:18

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 130)

There is a way out of our problems. It’s the way into the Word of God. Get inside the Word and you will find your way out of what’s being destroying you.

Don’t make Jesus the minister or the president of your life. Make Him the King of your life. Let Him reign supreme over your life.

When you feel cornered by the enemy, remember that God is in your corner. He will make a way out where there seems to be no way.

Don’t form opinions that are not supported by love. Undo the judgment and the criticism and let God’s love show you how He sees people.

Jesus is the bread of life. He has a slice of peace, hope, love and joy for you every day. Indulge and have the bread of life daily. Wisdom and peace will accompany every day!

How much Jesus are you giving to the world? How much of the world are you giving to Jesus? Jesus in you can change the world around you. The world in you can undermine Jesus in you.

Don’t give God your leftovers. Give Him your first fruit. Give Him your time and attention. Make Him your priority. Let the world be left over and God be first in all you do!

A mustard seed goes a long way. It gives flavor and aroma to your life. Sprinkle the mustard seed of faith on everything that you do. Sprinkle it on your thoughts and your emotions and you will see the power of faith over fear.

Be thankful for nothing. Be thankful for everything. Be thankful for anything. Be thankful for the Lord. Be thankful for His love. Be thankful for His mercy. Be thankful for His grace. Be thankful that He made you the way you are. Be thankful for Jesus!

The Lord has everything in place in order to put your life back into place. Place your faith in His hands and your life will never be out of place.

Suggested reading: John 7:38; John 20:29; 2 Timothy 4:7

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 129)

Jesus has what it takes. He has what it takes to make your life so much better. Take what He has to give you and you will give your life a chance to be so much better!

God always picks up our calls. He always listens and He always has something to say. Sometimes we are too busy talking that we don’t realize He is at the end of the line. He doesn’t hang up and He doesn’t ignore our calls. We need to be patient and leave a brief message at times. He will always get back to us at the right time.

Everything is seasonal but the Lord’s season is permanent. His season is always in the background. During summer and during winter the Lord is the same.

Your debts today might be outstanding but so is the Lord your God. He is going to stand out by removing the debts and by blessing you. Don’t get discouraged!

Hope is the substance of faith and the main ingredient in a spiritual recipe for success.

At the end of the day, God remains God and our troubles will go away. Go through the day with God. Hold on to Him. The end of the day is near and it will be much better than you expect. God is faithful!

The Lord feeds you as you are sitting at His table. Grow an appetite for what He has to give you so you can receive the spiritual blessings He has for you. Pray that you desire what is best for you and not just what you think is best. God has a table for you with everything that will bless you and that will fill you up!

There is a way of life that is not accepted by the world. It is a life surrendered to Jesus. A life where we die to self and live for Him. That way of life is the real life the world can’t accept but it is the best way to live!

God is not just giving you a tour of His open house. He is inviting you to stay in His house, settle in His house and enjoy His house. The house of the Lord is a fortress of love where peace lives and joy abounds. Stay in His house!

We learn a lot from the school of life but the school of the Spirit of God gives lessons that last for a lifetime. Be a student of the Lord for life!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 27:19; John 6:35; Ephesians 5:15-16