10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 246)

Every day with Jesus is a good day and every day is a day with Jesus. Remember that and find the good in every day because Jesus is with you all the way!

Give moments of your day to Jesus. Give minutes of your day to the Lord Almighty. Don’t keep the day all to yourself. Give some of it to Jesus and He will give you reasons to praise Him!

God’s promises remain the same all day long. They don’t decrease and they don’t increase. God is the same today, yesterday and forever. You have nothing to fear and you have nothing to worry about!

The Lord says “Focus on My supernatural and great things will become natural.”

When the enemy preys on your fear and insecurities, pray for strength and peace. Pray yourself back to faith by declaring that God in you is bigger than the enemy in the world.

There are good days ahead of you. God has planned them for you to make up for the suffering you have been through. Stay in faith. Things are about to change!

Trust the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your understanding. Lean on His love and His power and He will transform your heart!

God restores your soul. He repairs your feelings and He mends your emotions. He gives you peace and He gives you joy. Trust the God of restoration!

Don’t dwell on your problems. Meditate on the Word of God. His Word will show you a way through your problems!

Prepare for showers of blessings. The Lord is going bring the rain of breakthroughs into your life. A great season is ahead of you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Acts 17:24-28; 1 John 1:5; 2 Peter 3:9


His blessings belong to you

Do you believe that you are blessed? Do you believe that because Jesus is your Savior, blessings are following you wherever you go? If you don’t believe that, know that you are indeed blessed. Know that His blessings are yours. Know that you are highly favored and highly blessed. You might say, “How come I am not seeing His blessings in my life”? You might wonder why it seems that other people are more blessed than you are. It is time you changed your thinking and you started attracting the blessings of the Lord that are rightly yours. A lot of it has to do with how you think and where your faith lies. We have to constantly renew our thinking and one of the most important parts of our thinking should be anchored in the Lord. 

Renewing our minds should be a daily practice. We ought to think in line with His Word and know and believe that we are  blessed. Jesus is the Lord of our lives and through Him we have an abundant life. If we walk this Christian walk continually comparing ourselves with others and feeling cheated, we will not have the life the Lord wants for us. His blessings are unique and they are custom made. God has mountains of blessings that are awaiting your faith. He has favor and breakthroughs that will change your life so change your thinking about His blessings and receive great things.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places”* God is Spirit and His blessings are first and foremost spiritual. He desires for all of us to be spiritual and to be connected to Him on a spiritual level. The spiritual goes beyond words. Words help us spiritually. Positive and Bible-inspired words help but we have to have that spiritual connection. The spiritual connection happens when we pray, when we praise, when we are thankful, when we walk in love, in faith and in the whole fruit of the Spirit. Now, the Bible says that we have been blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing. 

Note the tense in this verse. We have been blessed. It doesn’t say that we will be blessed. When Jesus is our Savior, His blessings are here in our lives. Faith pleases God and when we are in faith we receive blessings, we receive from Jesus. Love is an amazing blessing. It is the best and the biggest blessing of them all. Some people would say that money is the best blessing. This is not true in the eyes of the Lord. We ought to focus on spiritual blessings and everything else will be added.

You and I are spiritually blessed with the fruit of the Spirit. We are favored and we are meant to be blessings to others. Loving and helping others is a privilege that we have in Christ. We are blessed so we can bless others. With the fruit of the Spirit comes a multitude of other blessings. Like I said earlier our focus should be on spiritual blessings and God will give us all we need. We can expect to be blessed financially, physically and emotionally. God is the God of blessings and He loves it when our needs are met. What we should do is get strong in our spiritual blessings and gifts and we will expect God’s best in every area of our lives. You and I can have what we want when we believe. 

We can have what we want as long as it is in agreement with God’s will. Let’s work on thinking in line with the Word of God that tells us that when we pray we should believe and not doubt and we will have whatever we ask the Lord. His blessings for our lives belong to us. We have a right to them and we should always thank Him for them. Thank Jesus for what you don’t see. Thank Him for great blessings that you don’t necessarily understand but you know belong to you. You are highly blessed and highly favored. Enjoy the Lord’s blessings. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:1-40; Mark 11:24; Ephesians 1:3*

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 219)

Being a fan or positivity doesn’t mean being a fan of God. Positivity can be an idol that takes the place of God. God needs to be part of the equation!

Write your own songs of praise. Write them with moments of surrender and with times of adoration. Write songs with your actions and with your thoughts. Write lyrics that underline the meaning of your life in Christ.

The eyes of the spiritual blind can be opened by the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Keep putting the truth of the Lord in front of you so you can see in all circumstances.

God is knocking on the door of your mind. He wants to come in and change the setup of your mind. Let Him so He can renew your thinking and give you a new lease in life!

Every day you have reasons to whine and reasons to praise. Always choose praise. Put the whining away and praise. Choose your words carefully and you will create a better day for yourself.

Jesus came to give you life in abundance. He did it. It is settled. Your abundant life is available. Your abundant life is here to stay. Thank Him for His new life every day.

Hope is the essence of your faith. Love is the power behind your faith. Joy is the strength of your faith. Patience is the language of your faith. Jesus is the author of your faith!

Better days are coming. Not just one day but many days. Good is paving the way for days that will make you forget the suffering of today. Stay strong. God is going to change your days for the better!

Be in agreement with God. Agree with His plan His life. Agree with His peace, His love and His blessings. Don’t argue with God’s timing. Trust and obey. Agree and be thankful!

Jesus paid for your sins. By His blood you have been made whiter than the snow. Don’t let the enemy’s guilt drag you out of your salvation. Put the enemy back in his place by claiming the power of the Blood of the Lamb every day!

Suggested reading: Ephesians 1:7; Galatians 1:4; Hebrews 9:15

Jesus the giver of good things

When you take the time to look at what God gives you, you realize that He gives us so much. He gives us a life that is abundant. Abundant with His love and abundant with His presence. It is  a life that keeps on giving. He keeps on giving us life by making every day a new day with new mercies. God gives more than we can understand and sometimes it takes us time to fathom the depth of His love and the depth of what He does for us. He gives us something every day. He gives us blessings every day. The person who unearths the blessings of the Lord and who can find them every day is a very blessed person. The person who sees the Lord as a giver of abundance even in the middle of a dry season, is a person who has mastered the art of gratitude and who has a full heart. A heart full of thanksgiving. The person who receives from the Lord and who gives back to the world is a person who gets it. It’s a person who gets the laws of giving and receiving. We receive from God so we can bless others. What is the Lord giving you today? What does Jesus give you every day? If you don’t know how to answer those questions, I am inviting you to go on a quest today. Go on a little adventure. Search for the blessings in your life. Find God every day. Find His love in every moment. Develop a bigger heart of gratitude. See Jesus as the giver that He is and thank Him for His endless provision of love, peace and joy.

I start my day by thanking the Lord. I thank Him for who He is. I thank Him for what He did on the cross. I thank Him for His resurrection. I thank Him for His redemption. I thank Him for saving my life. I thank Him for my life in Him. I thank Him for His love and care. I thank Him for what He is going to do during the day. I declare that something very good is going to happen to me. Not because of who I am but because of who Jesus is. My Savior will make it happen. My Savior will do great things during the day. The truth is that He does. I don’t always see it but it is always there. On the days when I see it with my eyes of faith, great peace and great joy ensue. Yesterday was one of those days. I spent some extra time in praise and worship in the morning and when I was getting ready for work, I kept saying, “Thank You Lord for being such a great giver.” Every good thing that happens to me is thanks to the Lord. Every good thing that happens to me is given to me by the Lord. I anticipate and I expect great things because the ultimate Giver is always good and He is always generous. What He gave me yesterday has become a lifestyle. He gave me the opportunity to praise Him and to adore Him in the midst of a world  filled with uncertainty and chaos. When we listen to the news, we are made aware of that chaos but Jesus is above it all and He can give us peace that surpasses all understanding. He loves being the giver of peace. We should take Him at His word and expect Him to give us peace all the time.

What does God give you? He gives you what you need. My prayer today is that the Lord opens the eyes of your understanding and you can see what He is giving you all the time. I pray that you recognize His blessings and that you experience the many drops of His love that fall on you every day. It only takes a small drop of His love to change the course of your day and He keeps showering you with changes that reverse the attacks of the enemy. Jesus is a giver, friend. He doesn’t take anything from you unless it is bad and it is going to harm you. He gives you stability and safety. He gives you a home. You can rest assured that you are part of His family and He will never leave you nor forsake you. He gives you hope. You can always hope in Him and you can always trust that things will work out for the best because the giver of miracles is always there. He will give you a new way to look at life. Give Him some of your time by studying his Word and He will renew your mind. There are many things the Lord gives you every single day. Pray that you discover them and that you enjoy them. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:11; John 3:27; James 1:17

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 206)

Don’t limit yourself in your head. With God there is more. Let His Word stretch your thinking and show you that there are no limits to what God can do for you!

Look around and see the beauty of the Lord. Look inside you and see the beauty of the Lord. Look inside your walk with God and see the beauty of the Lord. Wherever you look, you can see God. Keep your eyes of faith wide open!

When you praise God, all Heaven rejoices. When you praise God, all hell gets a beating. When you praise God, He shows up in your praises. When you praise God, the enemy gets annoyed. Praise God all the time. You will stay close to God.

God is on His own frequency and He invites you and me to join Him on the wavelength of hope. He desires that we don’t get trust the mixed signals of the world. We are always on His radar and He will give us all the peace and joy the world can’t give provide.

When you look on the screen of life, sometimes your life is a horror movie. Sometimes it’s a comedy. Sometimes it’s a drama. God brings His own reality into your life and that is what you should embrace. He will turn your horror into bliss and your drama into peace.

God has heard you. He heard you before you spoke and He is glad to see your faith. Keep trusting Him. A change is coming. Hope is not dead. Jesus is alive and well!

One thing you can be sure of is that God is still going to be God in 2022. His promises will remain the same. His power will be the same. His love for you will be the same. Expect God Almighty in 2022!

With God you have no reason to fear and no reason to worry but your mind will tell you otherwise. It will create stories where doubt is the protagonist. Reject the scenario of fear and replace it with God’s truth found in the Book of hope!

Anytime of the year God can restore your life. Anytime of the year God can give you a breakthrough. Anytime of the year God can do a miracle for you. Trust and believe God all year. He is with you all the time!

God’s wisdom is abundant. His wisdom is for everyone. Lean closer and you will hear Him speak into your mind and your spirit. He will give you the wisdom you need to navigate through the events of everyday life!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 2:6; Ephesians 5:15-16; James 1:5

Blessings on the way

I don’t know who needs to hear the following message but it came to me like rapid fire and I strongly believe the Lord is talking to someone who needs it today. It could be you, friend! God’s blessings will come. God’s blessings will come back. They are not too far. They have not vanished. What you have to do is hang onto hope and trust that things are going to get better. You are going to have a better tomorrow. Your present day sufferings don’t compare to the glory that’s to come. Jesus’ glory is going to shine in your life again. You are going to see His love manifested in a big way. His love never dwindles and nothing can stop Him from loving you. You are not going through a hard time now because God doesn’t love you as much. You are going through this season because life has its ups and downs but even when you are in the valley, God is watching over you. Don’t fret. Don’t panic. The Holy Spirit is in you and God is with you. Great days are coming. You have seen nothing yet. What God is going to do for you is going to silence the negative thoughts and the fears that have been crippling you. The best is yet to come and that is an understatement. God is lining up blessings that are going to take your breath away. The blessings are going to rain on your life. It is going to be a heavy downpour of God’s goodness. This is going to be unprecedented but God can turn it into a lifestyle for you.

A few weeks ago when I was praying, the Lord softly asked me to embrace His life of blessings. I believe He blesses us and I believe in miracles but I needed a nudge. I needed a deeper revelation about the life of blessings He has for us. It is not a life void of difficulties. It is a life where blessings overcome trials and tribulations are conquered. I have said this before but I have to say it again. Jesus never promised that we would live on a bed of roses with no problems. He declared that the problems would come and He also said that He had conquered them. When we stay in Him, when we trust Him despite the hard times, blessings come.There are many blessings listed in the Bible and you, dear friend, are entitled to them as you keep your faith in Jesus. You have the blessed assurance that if you knock on His door, He will answer. Knock away. Let your prayers be knocks on the door of Heaven. The Lord is right there and He can give you what you need and more. Expect a life of blessings. Expect miracles. Have faith in the miraculous. It doesn’t matter if nothing extraordinary is happening around you. Dig inside your heart and you will find the peace that is a true miracle. God gives only good things and He is doing a great work in you. He is not done. He is not finished. You are going to go from glory to glory.

A life of blessings is a life lived with the awareness of Jesus and with faith in His Word. Jesus is the biggest blessing of all and when you lean on Him, only great things ensue. He rights your wrongs and He fixes your life. Not only can He fix what’s broken but He can replace it with blessings out of this world. His blessings are making their way to you, friend. It is a truth that you should keep close to you. Write it on the walls of your heart. Engrave it in your mind. Speak it all the time. Jesus loves you. He died for you. He died so you would have life in abundance. Abundance is being delivered into your life. Grab it with your hands of faith. Reject the lies of the enemy. It is going to get better. Things are going to be really good for you. The Lord is taking extremely good care of you. Declare His blessings into your life. Embrace His life of blessings. Embark on a higher journey of faith where you dare to believe in the impossible. You are going to make it and you are going to bless so many people because God’s blessings for you are meant to spill out and touch others. Don’t throw in the towel. Amazing things are going to take place. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:27; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 3:20

God brought you this far

God brought you this far. He is not going to let you down. He is not going to drop you. He is not going to leave you stranded. He will finish the good work He started in you. He will finish the good work in your life. Don’t give up! God is still working with you. God is still working on your situation. Keep the faith! There are some great things coming your way because God is making a way where you thought there was no way. It sounds cliche but it also sounds like Jesus. That is what He will always say. He will always say that He is way, the truth and the life. When you have Him, you always find your way out of trouble. You always have hope of better days. Those better days are not too far. Hold on a little longer. Show your faith longer. I understand that obstacles and hurdles seem to be all over the place and you can’t see good things in your future. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they are not ahead of you. Jesus has gone before you and He has laid out everything you need and He will provide for you. Don’t look at what you don’t have. In Him you have all you need. There are blessings today that might be invisible to you but with faith they can be revealed. God is by your side and He is going to take you places you had never thought existed. He brought you this far and He will guide you to a destination that is so peaceful and so good that it will blow your mind and surpass your understanding. God is not done blessing you. He is not done carrying you!

When I look back and see how far I have come I can’t help but thank the Lord. He is the One who has made so many things possible in my life. I have a better awareness of His work in my life and of His plan. Good things in my life have not been coincidences or luck. It’s been Jesus all along and He is here to stay. I know that when things get complicated and difficult, we are under the impression that God is done. We feel like He has left and He has moved on to other people. That is not how God is. In His Word He promised that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He also said that He was the same yesterday, today and forever. Your future is still in His hands. Your present is blessed by His presence. God doesn’t give up. God doesn’t turn around when He sees difficulties on the way. He destroys what tries to destroy us. God has the ability to do the incredible and to do the less expected. Faith connects us to Him and it gives us the hope and confidence that God is sovereign all the time. Express your faith today. Tell yourself that God is still God and that He has brought you this far and He will get you to the finish line. There is nothing to fear and nothing to be worried about. Worry won’t move you forward. It will always stall you and hurt you.

I have no idea what you are going through today. I am telling you to keep the faith and you might think that it is a tall order. You feel like you have given your best to this thing called faith and you have run out of it. Look to Jesus. He is the author of your faith. Faith is in His power, His truth, His love, His abilities, His sovereignty, and His omnipotence. You are not trying to have faith in your ability to make things happen. Your faith is exalting the One who died for the world and who came back to life. Revive your vision of Jesus. Go back to His Word. Read about Him. Read Him. Revisit Him. Relearn Him. He is the deliverer, the ruler of the universe and the King of kings. He wants you to stay in fellowship with Him and trust that your journey is not over. He is with you on the journey and He created this journey for you. Think about that! He made this plan just for you and He will see it through. You have made it this far thanks to Jesus and He is going to help you finish this amazing adventure. Keep your hopes up. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 1:6; Philippians 2:13, 1 Peter 5:10

God sings over you

I have mentioned before how I sometimes hear songs in my head. Songs that don’t exist. Songs that warm my heart because they come with so much joy and peace. They are songs dedicated to Jesus and sometimes they are just melodies that keep me calm. Melodies that have no lyrics but I know they are about Jesus. The other day I was sitting in my kitchen getting ready to have some one on one time with the Lord when I heard a very beautiful melody. It was just so incredible. I wish I could have recorded it. When I started praying, the Lord told me that He sings over us and that melody was an example of that. He loves each and every one of us and He sings over us and about us. His songs are extremely beautiful. They are a reflection of what He thinks about us. To Him we are the most important person in the world. Each and every one of us matters to Him greatly and He looks at us with oceans of love.

We can’t know the depths of these oceans because if we did, we would drown in His love. At times I wish I could be carried away by God’s love and just float on His mercy and grace. We don’t have to go far to find His love. We don’t have to be special to experience His love. We just have to believe that when He says He loves us, He means it. God is a God of His word and He is faithful. Nothing we can ever do can separate us from His love. He will always sing over us and He will always rejoice over us. Now, if you know you did something wrong or if you feel guilty about a sin in your life, know that God will forgive you. Don’t let guilt and shame keep you away from God. Repent and let go of what is distancing you from God. Repent and trust that God has forgiven you. Repent and ask for help so that sin doesn’t keep causing you to fall and stumble. God loves you and that’s all there is to it!

Think about the best songs and the best melodies you have ever heard. Combine them and multiply them by a thousand and you still won’t be able to duplicate the joyful songs that the Lord sings over you. I think that if we had more faith in how much God loves us, we would have a stronger walk with Him and we would be able to face life more easily. There is no power greater than God’s love. The most sophisticated weapons are not stronger than God’s love. The most desperate situations are not bigger than God’s love. The most debilitating circumstances are not stronger than God’s love. God’s song about you is an expression of a love that has no end and that can’t fail. Learn to embrace God’s love for you. Accept the work that Jesus did on the cross. Accept the resurrection power of the Lord. That power lives in you and it has been placed in you by God’s love. His song about you echoes what He did for you and it depicts the greatest sacrifice that has ever taken place. That sacrifice was because of you. Jesus had you in mind. Jesus did it all for you. Thank Him for His outstanding love. Thank Him for not ever changing His love for you. Thank Him for the songs He sings about you. Thank Him for rejoicing over you.

If you could hear the lyrics of the songs the Lord sings about you, you would be amazed. You would be in awe. You would be in tears. The extreme beauty of His love for you would pierce you and enter the depth of your being. It would be such a wonderful experience that you would never be able to see yourself in a dark light. You are a ray of sunshine according to the Lord. Think about it! He rejoices over you! The Lord Almighty is excited about you. He gets to spend every day with you and your company makes Him joyful. Sing back to Him. Sing over Him. Rejoice over Him. Show Him that you love Him and you appreciate Him. Use the best words your heart can come up with and direct them to the Lord. Let Him hear how delighted you are to be in His presence. Be confident that His love is permanent and keep that truth in the middle of your heart. The Lord is singing about you as we speak. Smile and enjoy His singing. God so loved you that He gave His only Son for you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Psalm 18:19; John 10:10

Faith gets you closer to God

I often talk about the peace of the Lord because it is something that has made me feel closer to God. It is so powerful and so out of this world that I see it as a footprint from the Lord on my life. He leaves footprints on my life from time to time to remind me that He is there. They are also like winks from Heaven. Winks that tell me, “Don’t worry, the Lord is always with you.” You see, I used to look for signs and for feelings that demonstrated that the Lord was around. I relied on how I felt to know that God was present. The truth is that He is always there and He never leaves us even when we don’t feel anything or we don’t have any signs. Looking for signs all the time can be very deceiving because most of the time we “don’t feel” God. How do we know that He is there then? By faith. Faith is the assurance that God is present and that He is active in our lives. Faith is a form a vision. We see beyond the natural and we see into the supernatural or the impossible. Faith gives us a new eye sight. A new and better way of looking at life. Faith doesn’t rest on what we see with our eyes or what we feel with our bodies. We know God is there when we have faith and we don’t need anything tangible or visual to be sure of His existence. Faith is extremely powerful. Faith creates great things into our lives. When we have faith, we have access to the miraculous, the impossible and the supernatural. Faith is what we should pursue and grow in our lives.

“Now faith is confidence in hat we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”* What do you hope for? We all hope for many different things. As Christians, I would say that one of the things we should hope for is a closer relationship with the Lord. We can attain this intimate relationship by faith. Two people get closer when they spend time together. Let’s spend more time with God by faith. Let’s set time aside knowing that God is with us during those times. We don’t have to feel Him or to hear Him right away. We just have to trust that He is with us and that He is listening to us. He is very talkative and by faith we can hear Him. How? God doesn’t contradict His Word so what we hear on the inside that is connected to the Word of God is God talking to us. We need to have faith in what He says and in what we hear. We should live by faith and not by sight so our lives should reflect our belief that God is with us and that He is interested in a relationship with us. With faith we can please God. Faith shows us that God is real, that He loves us and that we ought to follow His lead. Faith gets us closer to the Lord. Faith is a connector, a bridge between God and us.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him use believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”** Faith connects you to God like I said earlier and it shows you that your God exists and He is with you all the time. When we rely on our feelings and our moods as indicators that God exists, we focus on the wrong source. Our knowing that God exists should be faith-based because our emotions and moods will change all the time. A characteristic of faith is that it doesn’t waver no matter how we feel. Faith is in the heart and it influences our minds. Let your faith be stronger than your feelings. Develop faith by spending time in the Word of God. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. You can’t have more faith if you have little of the Word of God in you. My prayer is that your faith is so strong that you know without a doubt that God is with you, for you and in you. Faith gets you closer to God, friend. Believe He is there. Trust He will never leave you. Do it by faith. His peace and His joy are bonuses that are reminders of His presence but faith should be your main point of contact with the Lord. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Hebrews 11:1*; Hebrews 11:6**; 2 Corinthians 5:7

Run to joy

There is joy in the house of the Lord. There is no sadness and no grief in the Lord. He is a joyful Lord. I forget that at times. I don’t want to forget anymore. My source of joy is the Lord. I find joy in Jesus. My relationship with Him brings me joy. He is the king of joy and I will keep that in the forefront of my life. It is so easy to lose joy and to be defeated. One piece of news and all the joy is gone. One word, one thought and joy is nowhere to be found. It is during those times when we lose joy that we should be looking for it and running after it. I have run away from joy way too many times in my life because I either thought I didn’t deserve it or I didn’t feel like embracing it. You see, that is part of the enemy’s plan. He wants us all to run away from joy or to stay away from it.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and when we don’t have joy, we are not giving the Holy Spirit a chance to spread His wings in us. Why should we have joy when things are not going well? That is a question the enemy uses to poison our thinking. He tries to make us feel guilty. There should be no guilt in being joyful in the midst of our trials. It is actually recommended behavior in the Word of God. The joy of the Lord is our strength. When everything is chaotic, we shouldn’t run away from our strength. We should run to it. We should run to the Lord in all circumstances, good or bad. Today I want to encourage you to run to joy. No matter what is going on in your life, run to joy. Run to Jesus!

What does running to joy look like? Where can we find joy when we don’t feel joyful at all? Jesus is joy. That was a hard reality for me growing up because I thought He was very somber and serious. He is the opposite. He radiates with joy and He is the incarnation of joy. Running to joy is running to Jesus. When I don’t feel well and joy seems to have vanished, I open my Bible. That is a safe place for me to find Jesus. I love reading the four Gospels and I focus on the red writings in my Bible. They are the words of Jesus. I read them and I meditate on them. I read them with the filter of love in mind. Love is behind everything Jesus says and does.

When I look at Jesus’ words, I sense the love and I sense peace. I also find joy in His words. There are so many encouraging promises in what He says and that encouragement fills me with joy. I tap into the joy of the Lord when I dive into His Word and I am grounded and at peace. Jesus is joy and running to Him means running away from anxiety and from fear. Running to joy means running to the strength that can get us all through the worst situations. When the going gets tough, we need joy. We need to connect with the King of joy and spend time with Him.

I spend time with Jesus every day. I enter His gates with gladness. My worship and praise sessions are filled with joy. When life tries to depress me, I get into praise mode. At first I have to fight though the emotions and the negative thoughts that attempt to paralyze me. I declare that I am not tied down to despair but I am slave to God’s joy. His joy haunts me. It invades me and it overwhelms me. I can’t get down on myself when the joy of the Lord is all around me. That amazing experience happens when I praise and glorify the Lord. That is how I run to joy. I run to joy through singing and celebrating. I do it when I don’t feel like it. It is the sacrifice of praise and it is always worth it.

I run to joy by removing the sadness that is in the way. I can’t do it on my own. Jesus helps me and He blesses me with joy when I stick with Him and hold on tight to His love. Run to joy, today, friend. There is great power in the Lord’s joy. It is hard to connect to it at times but don’t give up. Keep pressing and keep running after His joy. You will be blessed and you will find strength. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Romans 15:13; Philippians 4:4