The Lord is good to all

The Lord is good to all.* This verse from Psalm 145 should be the foundation for how we see ourselves and others. Let me explain. God loves everyone and He is good to everyone. Now, as you know that doesn’t mean that everyone loves Him and that everyone is good to Him. However, this verse implies that God is no respecter of persons and He can touch anyone or bless anyone. Think about your life before you got saved. Were you particularly good to God? Did you love Him? You mostly didn’t and yet He came into your life. You had to accept Him but He was good enough to come to you. You had the chance to make Him your Savior because He was so good that He presented Himself to you and gave you the opportunity to enter salvation through Him. This also means that anyone can get saved. Not everyone will be saved but everyone can be saved. Remember that when you are dealing with people. God loves them all! We are not more special to Him  just because we are saved. We should remember that God is good to us all the time. His goodness doesn’t run dry.

When you are interacting with someone, you are interacting with a person that the Lord loves. A person that the Lord is good to. That person might not be aware of God’s goodness but it is there and it is always available. This verse revolutionized my thinking. I used to think that God was only good to those who love Him. The difference is that the interaction between God and a believer is different. A believer who understands his or her covenant with God can experience great blessings and can enjoy a beautiful relationship with the Lord. A person who doesn’t know Jesus, doesn’t walk in the fullness of the best covenant there is but that person can still experience God. Like I said, even though we didn’t have a relationship with God, we were given a wonderful opportunity to make Him our Savior. We should also think of some of the good things that happened to us before we were saved. Every good gift is from God. Everything that is good is from God. We had glimpses of the goodness of God without necessarily being able to identify them as blessings from God.

The truth that God is good to everyone is very important when it comes to praying for others. We should pray for anyone and everyone. God will not just bless believers. God heals and He is not in the business of healing believers and not healing non believers. God is good to all so He can heal all. Don’t let the enemy make you believe that God is only good to Christians. Your prayers are needed. Your prayers are crucial. Pray for everyone. Pray knowing that God loves the person or the people you are praying for. God loves the person that you like the least and He loves that person as much as He loves you. God would like to use you and me to reach those who don’t know Him. We can preach great messages through our actions and through the love we display for Him. Let’s keep in mind that God is good to everyone and sometimes His goodness is manifested through us. Let’s be the ones who hand out God’s goodness to a world that has been dealt a bad hand. God’s goodness starts with you and me at times and we have to keep that in mind. Let’s have open hearts and open minds and God will use us to spread His goodness. God is good to all and that includes you and me! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 145:9*; Romans 10:12; James 1:17


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