God’s milestones in your life

A few years I was very encouraged by the fact that when Jesus was born, nothing could stop Him from coming into the world. The prophecy from long ago was fulfilled. God’s promise took place. Nothing was able to make any of God’s plans fail. God won. God did it. He did what He said He would do. Love won. Love prevailed. Death was overcome. The good news of Jesus Christ came to stay. The good news has never left the earth. Through all the past centuries, Jesus’ message of love, peace and salvation has remained the same. Times have changed but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Those victories He won on the cross are still relevant today. God is looking for people who will embrace the victories and accept them into their lives. You and I are those people. People who can make a difference in this world by introducing the world to Jesus. God has plans for our lives and His plans can’t be stopped. Just like Jesus’ birth, they will come to pass. Today I want to encourage you to believe that God has milestones for you that will take place no matter what. His plans are set in stone and He is the Rock whose blessings can’t be erased. Your life became a blank slate when you accepted the Lord and He wrote a new story for you on the slate. That story is still unfolding today and if you have had bad chapters and bad passages in your life lately, remember that God’s next milestone is coming. Something good is going to take place. God is preparing better and He will make you forget the bad story that has been plaguing your life.


I can think of many milestones in my life that were orchestrated by the Lord. Recognizing them is half the battle and trusting that they are part of our lives and we deserve them is the other half. We don’t deserve them because we are special people. We receive them because of Jesus. He is the main milestone in our lives. He is the Rock and the stone that redefines our lives. When I got saved, my life changed. Things didn’t get better in the natural but my spirit was given a new life and it started awakening to a truth that defies death. I was born again. I didn’t have a clear picture of what that meant but I was given the gift of salvation. A precious gift that my spirit adored and my mind tried to comprehend. That was a milestone. It may not have looked like much on the inside but it made a major impact on the inside. My spirit became new and adopted a new way of living. Life in Christ comes with its share of adventures and ups and downs but it is the best thing ever. That milestone is the beginning of a life of love and mercy and grace. I didn’t deserve any of it and yet the Lord made it available to me in a beautiful way.


Friend, nothing is going to stop the milestones God has for you. Those milestones are blessings that are going to reverse situations and leave you with so much peace and so much joy. They are all set and they have a place on God’s calendar. Patiently wait for them. They will come. They are on their way and you can sit down, relax, focus on the Lord, rejoice in His presence, stay dedicated to Him and expect great things. Keep doing what you are doing in the Lord. Keep praying. Keep being an advocate for Jesus through the way you live. Let Him be number 1 in your life all the time. Stay in Him and let His Word be a part of you. Praise Him. Lift up His name. Be thankful to Him at all times. Recount the milestones in your life and tell the Lord you are very grateful for the milestones that are on their way. No one and nothing will be able to remove them from your future. Stay encouraged. Great things are coming and you will be able to tell the world about the milestones that the Lord has placed in your life to His glory. Praise God for His milestones!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 33:11; 2 Peter 3:9

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