The heavenly combo

There is a combination that the devil dreads and dislikes. It is the combination of having Jesus as our Savior, having faith in Him and being doers of the Word of God. It is a heavenly combo that sounds deadly to the enemy. When we are partakers in that powerful combination, nothing can stop us. We don’t have to have the faith of an apostle. All we need is a mustard seed of faith. A tiny bit of faith goes a long way but it is something that many people are not aware of. Knowing Jesus as our Savior, having a little bit of faith and applying what the Bible says will always save the day. It will not only save the day but it will always pave the way for better days. You see, the great combo I am talking about brings about amazing things into our lives. It brings victory over oppression. It brings blessings day in and day out and it causes a beautiful relationship to develop with Jesus. We ought to be aware of the heavenly combination that produces better. Better than yesterday and better than we can imagine. With God we go from glory to glory and we can expect exceedingly more than our wildest dreams. Better days are ahead of us all the time. God guarantees that we will have better and greater. Our circumstances might be saying otherwise but what God says is what matters the most.

Friend, you haven’t seen your best days yet. You have not stepped into the next level, the next dimension yet. There will always be another place that is better and that is more amazing. Stay in the winning combo and you will experience a life of abundance. You will live out a life where Jesus is magnified, peace is sovereign, joy is your strength, love is your default setting and victory is a lifestyle. You have what it takes to make it in this life and you will make it powerfully. Every day you should remind yourself that Jesus is Lord over everything. The devil might be the king of this world but Jesus is the King of Kings and He will always be greater than the enemy. Greater is the One who is in you, friend, than the devil that is in this world. This truth alone guarantees that things will always improve and get better. The adversity has a different take on what’s happening and what’s going to happen in your life. Don’t worry about his opinion. Go with God’s plans for your life. He has plans to give you more and to stay with you forever. Forever! Forever includes the bad days and the good days. Forever never ends. God’s love for you will never end so expect blessings to never end. Better days are coming and that truth will never end. You have Jesus, you have (some) faith and you apply the Word of God and therefore you have all you need! Expect great things. Expect God things. Expect powerful things. Expect Jesus every day. Bad things will take place. That’s inevitable but Jesus will also happen so to speak. That as well is inevitable!

Applying the Word of God entails walking in faith and walking in love. Faith without love doesn’t work as well. Love is the umbrella that covers every good spiritual fruit. We have love because we are in Christ. Faith tells us that we should express love and love others as ourselves. It’s up to us to follow the lead that faith is giving us. We have an active role to play here and it is not always an easy role. We have reasons to be bitter, to be resentful and to be selfish every single day. The enemy gives us those reasons but it doesn’t mean they are valid at all. We are called to react with love and not with our flesh. God is love and if we are going to successfully navigate through this life with Him we have to walk in love in all circumstances. Love is the glue that ties everything together. Love is the key ingredient that makes the combo work for us. Love is a link that keeps us chained to the truth and that gives Jesus all the glory. He is the most important part of the heavenly combo. Without Him, we are nothing. Without Him, the better days will not come. Without Him, peace, joy and blessings are nowhere to be found. The world can give us a pale imitation but Jesus is the real deal. Keep celebrating Jesus your Savior. Keep walking in faith and walking in love. Keep being a doer of the Word who perseveres and who always expects great things from God. Expect fantastic things to happen in Jesus’ name. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Ephesians 3:20

Be ready for anything

Be ready. Be prepared. Be ready for anything. Be ready for everything. Be ready for the blessings. Be ready for the trials. Be prepared to face adversity. Be prepared to rejoice and to celebrate Jesus. Be ready all the time. This is a message I have been getting for a while now. It is a message that invites us to be ready by spending time with God. It is the best way we can be ready for anything. The Holy Spirit gets us ready. If we don’t spend time with God, we have less preparation and we don’t understand the ammunition and the protection we receive from the Lord. There has to be dedicated time for the Lord on a daily basis if we want to live a successful Christian walk. Now, time with God will not prevent bad things from happening but it will teach us how to react and how to act when things go astray. I used to pray more only when I was facing difficulties. When all was well, I would say my regular morning and evening prayers but nothing else. When the going got tough, I would spend more time on my knees until I learned that was not how it worked. God is not the God of last minute prayers. God is not a Person we should consult more only when we need Him. The truth is we need Him all the time. We tend to think that we need Him more when we are in trouble. It is not true. We need Him every day the same way. Our communion with Him should not depend on our circumstances but on who He is to us. He is God. He is our Savior and our Deliverer. He deserves our time and attention and that time and that attention also help us be ready for anything.

When I was in school and I had to study for a big exam, I used to chunk my study time and do a little bit every day. I tried to get ready just the day before the exam but it never worked too well. I needed more time to engage with the material and I needed to be more exposed to the concepts. God wants us to study on a regular basis so we can be ready for any situation that might come our way. I am talking about bad situations and good ones as well. What does the study involve? The goal of this study is to know Him more and to love Him more and to understand Him more. When we are secure in His love, when we are aware of who He is and when we understand that nothing is impossible to Him, we can face anything. We have the confidence that He’s got this. Now, we can gain that confidence for a while and then lose it. We usually lose it if we are not consistent with the studying I am talking about. Winning one battle of faith doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels and take a break. The study I am mentioning is not homework per say. It is being persistent in our pursuit of a great relationship with God. It sounds like work but when you do it constantly, you realize that it is not work. It is a lifestyle. The best lifestyle there is. Life can throw anything at us and Jesus can catch it all when we trust Him and we stay in communion with Him.

When bad things happen, we can easily go into panic mode. When we are prepared having spent time in the Word, in prayer and praise, panic mode doesn’t affect us. It is a function that doesn’t work. The devil tries to push our buttons but the panic button is disabled by the power of communion with Jesus. I see it in my own life. I see a difference when I have spent time with the Lord. I see how I react and I can only give God the glory. When I am ready and I am prepared, the floodgates of Heaven take over my life even in the middle of chaos. I have this peace that doesn’t make sense and a boldness that makes me declare that Jesus is King despite my difficulties. I am working on being ready all the time. It is worth it. It is an amazing habit. Today I am encouraging you to get ready and to be prepared. Don’t wait until calamity hits you to start praying. Don’t wait until the bills are overwhelming to ask for God’s help. Don’t wait until confusion is strong. Read the Word. Praise the Lord. Speak God’s sovereignty over your life. Spend time with the Holy Spirit. Let it be just you and Him. He will prepare your heart and show you how to stay strong during tribulations, how to praise the Lord and how to thank Him. He is the best helper. He is the One who can prepare you for all circumstances. Take the time. Study. Communicate with God. You will be amazed at how you approach life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 14:16-18; John 16:7; 1 John 2:1

God will get you out of your winter

We have had some very cold temperatures here on the east coast of the United States. Yesterday, going out was out of the question for me because it was 18 degrees F (-7 degrees C). There is still snow left over from the last storm we had and walking outside makes you feel like you are walking in a desert of snow. When I walk to the mailbox it is like I am walking to a far away destination and I can barely make it. Sometimes when we are going through difficult times, we are under the impression that we are walking in a winter desert. Everything feels cold. We can barely walk and we can barely move. I had this interesting vision when I was praying yesterday morning. I saw myself walking in the snow in extremely cold weather and I had a big bag on my back. I had a hat on, gloves and a warm jacket. It was brutally cold but I was able to walk. It dawned on me that there are times when we are going through a very cold season but we have what it takes to make it. God gives us a hat, gloves, boots, a scarf, and a warm jacket so that we can make progress and get places even though it is very cold. You might be going through an extreme winter now and I am here to tell you that God will get you out of your winter. He will give you the ability to stay warm and to keep going and He will eventually put an end to those cold temperatures in your life.

Your extreme winter can be a pile of bills, health issues, a spiritual dry spell, problems at work or in your family. All these things can make you feel cold and you can’t get warm enough. You can’t think straight and you can’t see yourself out of it. You have a hard time imagining that spring will come and you settle for this harsh weather. The truth is that God is with you in every season. He never promised that it would be summer all year. He also never said that you would have to fend for yourself in the winter. What He promised is that no matter what is going on in your life, He has already defeated it and there is always a way out. He is your way out. He is your solution. He won’t get you out of your winter just yet but He will keep you warm through this season. He has a hat for you. You wear His hat every time you spend time in His Word. His Word influences your mind in a positive way and it keeps your head in the warmth of His promises. He has scarf for you. His scarf prevents you from getting a sore throat from negative words. He has given you the words to speak that will keep you inside His house of positivity. Wear the scarf of positive words and the cold won’t affect what you say. He has boots for you. His boots are the boots of faith. They allow you to walk when it’s cold and they keep you from slipping and falling. The boots of faith give you strength to take one step at a time even when you don’t know what’s ahead.

God has great gloves for you. Your hands will stay warm when you put on the gloves of praise. Praise with your hands lifted up. Allow the gloves of praise to keep your hands and your heart warm. When you touch something cold, something that makes you feel sad, remember that you have the gloves of praise and raise your hands. Sing the pain. Praise the sadness away. God’s gloves will help you. The warm jacket of salvation is a shield. It is a shield against the attacks of the enemy. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because you have the jacket of salvation. You are a child of God and you are rightfully seated in heavenly places. The cold darts of the enemy can’t touch you and they can’t harm you. You belong to Jesus and your salvation is real 24/7. That jacket has pockets of joy, peace and love so keep your hands in your pockets and you will have the power to face the cold spells. The peace of the Lord will keep you steady in your faith. His joy will give you the strength to remain joyful even when it’s -7 degrees. His love will surround you and protect you all the time. Keep walking with God in this winter season. He will bless you and shelter you. He is going to get you out this cold so don’t lose hope. This winter won’t last forever but God’s love for you will. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; Zephania 3:17; Matthew 28:20

Speak God’s language

Speak God’s language. This recommendation was put in my heart years ago when I was trying to make sense of faith and of my walk with Christ. I was on a quest for more of God. I had been walking with the Lord but I often felt like I was walking alone. I knew God was there but I had a hard time bringing Him into my life if that makes sense. He was walking with me but there was a veil between us and I had no idea how to remove that veil. I had created a barrier that was made of negative thoughts and negative words. I was not on the same page. I was in a totally different book. I was not in the Word. I was reading and living out a book of the world. I had my own insights blended with insecurities, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. The God I was walking with was real but I couldn’t see Him well. I got glimpses of Him but I was more familiar with a limited God and a God that was man made. How did I get to remove the veil? I started speaking God’s language. I got on His page. I followed His lead. I dove into His Word and swam in an ocean of wisdom and knowledge. I let His Spirit guide me and take over and the way I spoke about God, about my life and about myself is what caused things to change.

What does God’s language sound like? It is a melody of love. It is a song of peace and harmony. It is a victory chant. It is a song of blessings. It is a tune of freedom. It is a refrain of redemption. It is a song of hope. It never changes but it has millions of lyrics and they all point to Jesus. God’s language magnifies Jesus and glorifies Jesus. God’s language has a main subject and that subject is Jesus. Now, think of everything that Jesus is and everything that He represents. God’s language echoes all of that. God’s language is always positive. God’s language reflects the impossible made possible. God’s language sees that nothing is too hard. God’s language is the language of faith. It is the language that every believer should speak fluently. A lot of our problems can be solved if we change the way we speak. We are used to speaking negativity into our lives without knowing it. We put our problems on a pedestal. Through our language we dethrone God and put our fears and issues on the throne. Let’s revisit our first language and make sure that it is the language of the Lord.

I prayed that I would change the way I speak. I also spent more time in communion with the Lord by reading His Word more and by sitting still in His presence. God is the most positive One you could ever meet and you can be sure that everything He says is positive. That thought had a strong impact on my speaking. I paid attention to my words and to my thought process. I am still working on it. It is a lifelong process but the work that we have to put in is worth it. Life and death are in the power of our tongue. We can talk life into our situations or we can talk death into our situations. We can follow the Lord’s lead and speak blessings into our lives or we can go with the flow of fear and anxiety and speak misery into our lives. I use Bible verses every day. When I read Psalm 23 and Psalm 91 in the morning, I use the pronoun I. I put myself in there. I know this is for us so I claim it and it gives me a great boost of faith every time. My prayer is that you become fluent in God’s language and that love, peace and joy will be in what you say every day. Be kind to yourself by speaking of God’s love for you. Stay in peace by speaking of God’s peace in your life. Be joyful by speaking of the joy of the Lord that is your strength. Find your inspiration in God before you speak. It will change your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 15:4; Proverbs 18:21; Hebrews 4:12

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 207)

God will make you glad. He will trade your sadness for His gladness. He will speak into your heart and shutter all worries and fear. God will make you glad. Turn to Him today!

Today God is going to be with you all day long. Today you might have trials and tribulations but the Lord has conquered them all. Today the joy of the Lord will be your strength. Today you can make it because the Lord won’t leave you and He won’t forsake you. Enjoy today!

Every battle you face ends in a victory in Jesus’ name. He won all your battles for you. He did it all. Trust the process and hold on to faith. You will get to the finish line. You will get to the victory. Stay encouraged!

Don’t just believe everything your mind says. You have to correct your mind and talk God sense into it. Don’t let your mind take you for a spin in “fear land.” Get ahold of your mind with the Word of God and take your mind into “faith land.”

You are going to make it because the Lord said you would have tribulations in this world but He conquered the world. Stay strong. Stay in faith. You are going to win this battle. God is on your side!

Jesus, the giver of life will give you peace. He will give you hope and a reason to keep going. He will give you a purpose and a plan. He will give you a new lease on life. Trust Jesus the giver of life!

God’s blessings are here to stay. You might be having a bad day but it doesn’t mean that God has stopped blessing you. Thank Him even on the bad days. Thank Him for His love endures forever. You are highly blessed and highly favored and no bad day can take that away from you!

Loving others is the most powerful command. Blessing others is a blessing. Helping others is a selfless act. Encouraging others is precious. Building others up is beautiful. Being Jesus to someone is priceless. Do it all out of love. Not for a price and not out of pride.

Don’t let the world play its music louder than your praise and your worship. Don’t let the music of the world take over your heart and leave no room for Jesus. Don’t let the emotions of the music that contradicts the Word become your world. Play your praise and worship in your heart and create a melody of peace and joy.

Keep your eyes on the promises of God. Keep your eyes on the truth of the Gospel. Keep your eyes on the love that died and rose again. Keep your eyes on the power of the Holy Spirit. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Suggested reading: Mark 9:35; John 10:28-30; Hebrews 12:2

There is still hope

Without God there would be no hope. There would be no hope for today and there would be no hope for tomorrow. Today might look bad and tomorrow might look bleak but there is still hope. I am learning that with Jesus, the hope that is present in my life exceeds the problems, the anxiety and the trials that might come my way. The hope of the Lord can change my world in an instant. I know that meditating on hope has helped me tremendously and I strongly recommend that you do as well. What does the hope of the Lord look like? It looks like the opposite of doubt, bad thoughts, helpless thoughts and anything that might be discouraging you. Sometimes knowing that God is with us is not enough. We need to dig a little deeper and acknowledge Him in all our ways. He is there. He is present and we ought to engage with that truth. We need to be active in our minds and to seek His face. The Lord has all the hope we need. He has all the hope we ignore and all the hope we are not aware of. If we don’t spend time with God and we never open His Word, we can’t expect to have the hope that is needed to face today and tomorrow. Today I want to tell you that no matter what you are facing, there is still hope. Pray to have more hope. Pray to be aware of the hope. Pray you have the power to defeat anything that is sent to you by the enemy.

I remember a time when I had lost hope and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of a bad situation. I remember praying and asking for help. I begged God. I got on my knees and prayed. I made sure I was extra nice to everyone. I tried to buy my way out of my trials by being good. None of it worked until I heard inside that there was still hope. I was praying from the wrong angle. I was praying thinking that there was no hope and I gave prayer a shot just in case but hope was not on my radar. No matter what we are going through, the Lord is saying, “There is still hope.” He doesn’t change what He says. He is very consistent. I don’t know who needs to hear this today but believe me when I say that with Jesus there is still hope. There is hope that a miracle will take place. There is hope for restoration. There is hope for healing. There is hope for a solution. There is hope for an increase. There is hope for a blessing. There is hope for a breakthrough. There is hope for a better tomorrow. There is hope for a better today. There is hope for a big change. There is hope for joy. There is hope for peace. There is hope for love. There is hope for more money. There is hope for a job. There is hope for stability. There is still hope!

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.”* There is hope in the Word of God. There is hope all over the Bible. I have seen a big change in my life when I started reading the Word of Hope on a regular basis. Before bed I meditate on the Word of hope. I listen to messages based on the Word of hope. I sing songs inspired by the Word of hope. I speak words from the Word of hope over my life. I hang on to the Word of hope. I trust the Word of hope more and more. I feed on the Word of hope. Everything I do spiritually helps me understand that there is still hope. When something bad happens, the Word of hope rises in me and the Spirit of the Lord reminds me of the promises. Hope is an anchor and we should throw it in the ocean of turmoil and expect that we will be steady and we will be strong when all goes wrong. Friend, there is still hope. Not just because I say it but because the Lord is telling you every day that there is still hope. Take Him at His word. There is still hope for you today and tomorrow so don’t give up. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 147:11; Proverbs 23:18; Romans 15:4*

Jesus the giver of good things

When you take the time to look at what God gives you, you realize that He gives us so much. He gives us a life that is abundant. Abundant with His love and abundant with His presence. It is  a life that keeps on giving. He keeps on giving us life by making every day a new day with new mercies. God gives more than we can understand and sometimes it takes us time to fathom the depth of His love and the depth of what He does for us. He gives us something every day. He gives us blessings every day. The person who unearths the blessings of the Lord and who can find them every day is a very blessed person. The person who sees the Lord as a giver of abundance even in the middle of a dry season, is a person who has mastered the art of gratitude and who has a full heart. A heart full of thanksgiving. The person who receives from the Lord and who gives back to the world is a person who gets it. It’s a person who gets the laws of giving and receiving. We receive from God so we can bless others. What is the Lord giving you today? What does Jesus give you every day? If you don’t know how to answer those questions, I am inviting you to go on a quest today. Go on a little adventure. Search for the blessings in your life. Find God every day. Find His love in every moment. Develop a bigger heart of gratitude. See Jesus as the giver that He is and thank Him for His endless provision of love, peace and joy.

I start my day by thanking the Lord. I thank Him for who He is. I thank Him for what He did on the cross. I thank Him for His resurrection. I thank Him for His redemption. I thank Him for saving my life. I thank Him for my life in Him. I thank Him for His love and care. I thank Him for what He is going to do during the day. I declare that something very good is going to happen to me. Not because of who I am but because of who Jesus is. My Savior will make it happen. My Savior will do great things during the day. The truth is that He does. I don’t always see it but it is always there. On the days when I see it with my eyes of faith, great peace and great joy ensue. Yesterday was one of those days. I spent some extra time in praise and worship in the morning and when I was getting ready for work, I kept saying, “Thank You Lord for being such a great giver.” Every good thing that happens to me is thanks to the Lord. Every good thing that happens to me is given to me by the Lord. I anticipate and I expect great things because the ultimate Giver is always good and He is always generous. What He gave me yesterday has become a lifestyle. He gave me the opportunity to praise Him and to adore Him in the midst of a world  filled with uncertainty and chaos. When we listen to the news, we are made aware of that chaos but Jesus is above it all and He can give us peace that surpasses all understanding. He loves being the giver of peace. We should take Him at His word and expect Him to give us peace all the time.

What does God give you? He gives you what you need. My prayer today is that the Lord opens the eyes of your understanding and you can see what He is giving you all the time. I pray that you recognize His blessings and that you experience the many drops of His love that fall on you every day. It only takes a small drop of His love to change the course of your day and He keeps showering you with changes that reverse the attacks of the enemy. Jesus is a giver, friend. He doesn’t take anything from you unless it is bad and it is going to harm you. He gives you stability and safety. He gives you a home. You can rest assured that you are part of His family and He will never leave you nor forsake you. He gives you hope. You can always hope in Him and you can always trust that things will work out for the best because the giver of miracles is always there. He will give you a new way to look at life. Give Him some of your time by studying his Word and He will renew your mind. There are many things the Lord gives you every single day. Pray that you discover them and that you enjoy them. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:11; John 3:27; James 1:17

Choosing God’s music

When I was driving to work yesterday I didn’t play any music. I was in a rush when I got in my car and I didn’t have time to sync my phone and my car. It happens automatically for the most part but sometimes I have to do it manually. Driving without any music was strange. I wasn’t used to it. It wasn’t bad. I just felt a void. I decided to meditate on the Lord in my mind. It was a great exercise and I received an interesting message. I only listen to Christian music. That is my preference and it is a great way for me to stay in praise mode. Now, when I had no music, it felt empty and I wasn’t too much in praise mode. I sang and got into praise mode that way. I created this space for Jesus. People who don’t have the Lord drive through life with no music. There is a void and there is no real life. They don’t know what they are missing. They don’t know what’s lacking but they go through life without music, without the Lord. They live lives that have no melodies, no tunes and no rhythms. As a believer, we get to worship the Lord and we get to have those great moments when He inhabits our praises. However, there are times when we turn off the music and we start overthinking and overanalyzing things. We put Jesus on the back burner and we cruise through the day without Him. Our thoughts become bigger than our praise. Today I am inviting you to make sure you add music to your day every day. Add music physically and spiritually. Let Jesus be your song today. Let Him carry His tune of joy and peace. Make space for Him. Create this musical space where He is exalted. Add Jesus to your day every day!

The music I listen to on my way to work is uplifting. I have noticed that when I get into praise mode, I connect with the Holy Spirit very fast. Praise triggers the presence of the Lord and it is very apparent at times. It’s true for some songs more than others and I think it also has to do with how engaged I am in the praise experience. When my heart is in it, I can flow with the Holy Spirit very easily. It is an experience that I can’t duplicate anywhere else. Prayer also helps me get there but there is something special about praise. Praise declares Jesus as Lord and Savior. Praise is imposing Jesus over our circumstances and we see Him as the solution to all problems. I impose Jesus on my life every day through praise and prayer. I impose His majesty, His love and His power to do anything. My singing and the disposition of my heart help me add Jesus to my day. He is always present but we have to deliberately invite Him into our day and force things to line up with His Word by praising Him. There is so much power in praise. It is underrated. If you are not a person of praise, I strongly encourage you to start praising the Lord every day.

Music plays a big role in many people’s lives including myself. It adds color to our day. It adds joy but it can also add sadness. Music can change our moods and give us strong emotions. I used to be a big fan of ballads but they made me sad. My day used to be perforated by moments of sadness caused by the music I was listening to. Many words we hear are music to our ears. We have to pay attention to what and to whom we listen to the most because the words that come into our heads and marinate inside will turn into actions. They will map out our belief system and they will become strongholds. God’s words are music to our ears. It is the right kind of music. The kind of music that gives life and hope. We can’t turn off the words of the Lord. At least we shouldn’t. We ought to meditate on them and that way they will pop up in our minds when we need them. If we meditate on the world, we will think like the world and act like the world. The Lord calls us to be different from the world. We are in the world but we belong to the Lord. There is music everywhere. Our goal should be to listen to the Lord’s music, to His words and to keep it safe in our hearts. His words will help us guard our hearts and they will give us a reason to rejoice and to stay strong. Don’t drive through life without music. Choose the music of the Lord and you will have a successful life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 25:1; Psalm 150:6; Revelation 5:13

God tells us not to fear

When I am in prayer and meditation, the Holy Spirit reminds me of certain scriptures and He gives me encouragement. The other morning, He reminded me that it is important not to fear and not to worry. He went on to say “Don’t fear and don’t worry. Not because your day is going to be a good day but because God is good all the time. God is good all day.” When everything is going well, I feel great. I feel happy. When something bad is on the horizon or when my mind is in overthinking mode, fear and worry knock at my door. I have let them in more times than I can count. They get in and they make themselves comfortable in my house until I kick them out. The message of the Lord when I was praying the other was that fear and worry have no rights to come in. They will knock and knock but I don’t have to answer the door. I should always let the Lord get the door. He is the barrier between fear, worry and me. I need to put Him there. I need to trust Him as my shield against them. Every day with the Lord is a good day because the Lord is with us every day. Today I want to repeat what the Holy Spirit whispered. Don’t worry and don’t fear. God is good all day. You are going to make it. You are going to overcome whatever comes your way because the Lord is always good and He is always your shield and your protector. 

Fear and worry show up and tell us that we have no control over what’s happening or what’s going to happen. They give us a sense of hopelessness and we don’t know how we can get out of the mess we are in. Fear and worry are not from God. There is a fear of the Lord that is awe. It is respecting and honoring the Lord. It is not being afraid of God. That type of fear, the fear when we are not feeling well and we have a knot in our stomach is not from God. The devil uses fear against everyone so that everyone would lose faith if they are a believer or don’t develop faith if they don’t believe in God. Fear is powerful. Fear and worry are debilitating but the truth is God is stronger than both of them. God in His infinite goodness can remove fear and worry. When fear and worry show up, reply with God’s Word. Use scriptures that demonstrate that your God is bigger and you have no reason to fear. 

In His Word, God talks a lot about fear and He says that we should not fear. We should not give in to fear. This means that fear will come but we have the power to defeat it. Fear will taunt us but we have the words we need to destroy it. Fear is on our minds and in our hearts. It is in our thinking process. The goal here is to kick it out by speaking against it. We can’t be passive when it comes to fear and worry. It is the power of our testimony that will win against them. How? Our testimony should be about Jesus. We should speak up about what Jesus did for us. Our testimony, what we say in the presence of fear, should lift up Jesus. We can easily be pulled down by fear or we can choose to go up the ladder of faith and speak faith over our circumstances. 

God is good all day long. We might not see it. We might not feel it but He is always good. Him being good doesn’t mean that you are going to have a perfect day where nothing bad will happen. He is good independently of what goes on in your life. His goodness can impact your day and make it good. His goodness can derail your fears and worries and give you the upper hand against the enemy. Call upon the Lord the moment fear and worry are on to you. Call upon the Lord all the time. His peace and His joy in you can prevent you from yielding to fear. If fear gets in somehow and it will, push it out. Push it out with the confidence that God’s got you in the palm of His hand and you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Things might not go well during the day but remember that your God will make all things good for you. It is going to be more than ok. Don’t fear and don’t worry. You are under the protection of the Lord Almighty and He is going to bless you in the middle of chaos and trials. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4-5; Psalm 46:1-3; Isaiah 41:13

Doing all good things through Christ

Reading Paul’s letters to the Church has been the focus of my Bible studies lately. I like how Paul is encouraging and how he sets a great example for us. He shows us how to stay in faith and how to stand in the Lord. He talks about being content in all things and rejoicing in the Lord no matter what is going on in our lives. I love that! I love that inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It is not easy to be content and to be joyful when we are facing hard times but Paul encourages us to tap into the joy of the Lord at all times. He depicts the life of a believer in Christ by insisting on how we should walk in love and be in harmony with the Lord. One of the most popular verses used around the world comes from one of Paul’s letters. It is found in Philippians chapter 4. Paul says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”* He makes that declaration after talking about how he is able to be content in all things. His strength is in the Lord. The Lord helps Him do all things. What things is he talking about? All things that the Lord wants Him to do He is able to do thanks to God. I think it is important to understand what “all things” mean. A few verses before, he mentions that whatever things are pure, noble, holy, lovely and of good report should be what we think about. We can do all things pure, noble, holy, love and of good report through Christ who strengthens us. Being content in the midst of chaos is something Paul says he can do through Christ. We have the same Savior. We have the same Lord. We can be content in all things through Christ who strengthens us.

You and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. All the good things the Lord says we can do, we can do them. Think about the fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Sometimes it seems impossible to let the fruit grow in our lives. We try to walk in love. We try to stay at peace but we have internal turmoil. Paul says we can do it. Paul tells us that we can do all these things through Christ. Next time you are struggling with the fruit of the Spirit, remind yourself that you can do all things through Christ. It is not in your own power. It is not in your own strength. You can be the person the Lord wants you to be through Him. He is the doorway to your destiny. He is the doorway to the person you are meant to be. Don’t be hard on yourself. God is there to assist you and He has the power it takes for you to do all things. There is a plan for your life and many aspects of the plan can appear to be impossible to you. However, nothing is impossible to God. If He wants something for you, He will make it happen. All things are possible with God. Remember that!

Being able to do all things through Christ is a truth that I am inviting you to embrace. Nothing is too hard for God and nothing that is before you is too hard for you to handle because Christ in you is your strength. Rejoice in the Lord and thank Him for all the things you can do. I think that we believers don’t know the extent of what we can do through Christ. He is the power behind everything. If we acknowledge Him in all we do and give Him the glory, we will see the power of His might at work in our lives. I find that every time I thank God for what I can do through Him, I can do more than what my mind tells me I can do. The Lord takes over when we put our trust in Him. Today I want to encourage you to go the distance and to do things through Christ. Say out loud that you can do all things through Christ. Say that nothing can stop you to do good things through Him. Say that you can be content in all things through Him. Say that you can walk in love, be at peace, be joyful, be patient, be good, be faithful and have self-control thanks to Jesus. You can do it all, friend and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Philippians 4:13*; Galatians 5:22-23; Ephesians 6:10