Today is a new day

Sometimes you need the reminder that today is a new day and God has your day in the palm of His hand. He has you right there but He also has your day. He is so amazing and so merciful and His mercies are renewed every day. Yesterday might have been a day full of headaches but today you have the chance to experience a day where you will be worry-free, headache-free and anxiety-free. I can’t guarantee that nothing bad will happen today but I can guarantee that the Lord Almighty will be with you all day long. He won’t take a break from being with you and He won’t let you down. He is going to stand by your side and He is going to make today a great day. Every day is an awesome day according to the Lord but we don’t necessarily see it or agree with it. He has tons of great things prepared for you and whatever trouble was persecuting you yesterday can’t stand a chance in front of the Lord. Claim today as a day that the Lord has made because that is the truth. Thank Him for His mercies and declare that you are going to have a great day. Start the day with lots of positivity. Fill up your mind with words of encouragement. Fill up your heart with words of love from the Lord. Take Him as His Word and say that He will never leave you nor forsake. Today is a new day, friend. Put all the worries and the stress behind. Don’t let them get the best of you today. Get them out of your system. Don’t give them any room. Put us a sign before your heart that says “Space occupied by the Holy Spirit.” Those fears and worries have no right to be in you and to take up space. They are not going to rule your day. They are not going to ruin your day. Embrace what the Lord has in the palm of His hand today. You will find blessings, peace, love and joy among other precious things in His hand. Let Him give you a hand and direct your day!


“Old things have passed away” says the Bible. There are new things here today. Look for those new mercies. Look for those new blessings. Look for them with faith and look for them in God’s Word. God is going to give you a breakthrough in your thinking when you spend time in His Word and you will learn that new things are here to stay. Every day is a chance for God to give you new beginnings, new blessings and new hope. Start today with hope. Don’t hang on to the despair from yesterday. Hope is what you should be wearing today. Forget those old garments of distress. Don’t even think of putting on the shoes of negativity that make you run back to old bad habits. Wear the zeal of the Gospel. Put on the armor of faith and get on with your day. I know a number of people who had a very tough day yesterday and I can’t blame them for feeling defeated but I also know that there is a God who can take care of today and He will give them a smile, fill them with joy and cover them in His love if they give Him a chance. My job is to remind them to look at that wonderful God. We all need friendly reminders about our Savior because when days like yesterday happen, God is the last One we want to run to. God is bringing fresh air today. He is giving you a new lease on life and new reasons to celebrate Him and to stay strong in Him. Today is going to be a phenomenal day. Give God the power to make today what it should be by staying encouraged and holding on to faith. Have faith that the God of miracles is in charge of this new day.


God is filled with joy. He is the King of joy and as the administrator of joy, He can provide you with joy that will not run dry. Today is a good day to tap into the joy of the Lord. Open up to joy. Do something that makes you happy. Get to a higher level of happiness. Jumpstart the joy by removing yourself from the gloomy zone. I have prayed a prayer for joy before. I didn’t know how to get back into the river of joy so I had to ask for help. We sometimes don’t receive because we don’t ask. We sometimes don’t ask because we don’t know that we can ask. It is ok to ask for joy, for peace, for love. “Ask and you shall receive.” Do the asking and God will work on the giving. When you ask God for joy, expect laughter to come. Expect sadness to go away. He will do it. He will do His part. God’s mercies never come to an end. They can seem to be taking a leave of absence for a while but know that they will come back and you will receive a double portion. Today is a new day. Enjoy this very special day and thank the Lord for the day!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-23; Ecclesiastes 3:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17


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