Don’t get discouraged

Yesterday I talked about doubt, fear and worry. Three major negative agents the enemy uses against us. Discouragement is another big one. It paralyzes us and it keeps us from moving forward. The enemy hates it when we take steps in the right direction and when we keep going instead of losing hope so he throws fiery darts that will destabilize us. He comes from an angle that he knows is going to hurt us or that is going to make us fall into despair. Despair, that place where we see no way out and where we think that our bad situation will never get better. It’s a trap. It’s a ditch. It’s an ambush on our way to victory. It appears to be bigger than God and that is the problem. It’s an illusion that quickly becomes a reality if we let it fester in our minds. Discouragement takes away the courage and the boldness to be all that the Lord plans for us to be. It cuts off peace and it removes joy in no time. It doesn’t just knock on our door. It barges in and it puts its feet on our coffee table and grabs the remote. Then we play movies in our minds that are very demoralizing and depressing. Discouragement should be dealt with and banned. Today I want to encourage you to take courage back and put discouragement back in its place. God has given you the tools you need to weed out the roots of discouragement in your life.


Since the enemy gives discouragement, we can expect encouragement from the Lord because they are opposites. Anything that lifts up your spirit or that boosts your moral is an encouragement from the Lord. The Word of God is the Word of all encouragement. When you are constantly encouraged, it’s harder for you to get discouraged. Spending time in God’s Word is a powerful way to face discouragement. What you get in the Word is a wall of protection that stands higher than the fences of discouragement. You have to build that wall day after day, brick by brick. Those bricks will allow you to withstand the attacks of discouragement. The Word of God is full of God. God is His Word. When you study it and you make it become a part of you, you have a part of God in you. His power and His presence stay in you as you work on building that wall of protection. Discouragement will feel threatened by the encouragement in you. The enemy will get disgusted by the Lord in you. Let the Word of God grow in your spirit. Let the Spirit of God take over your spirit. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Let the peace of the Lord surpass all understanding. Discouragement will have no peace when your peace is rooted in the Lord. Discouragement won’t be able to tamper with your joy when your joy is found in the Lord. With the encouragement from the Lord comes a power that is stronger than any discouragement that comes your way as long as you keep up with the encouragement and you always let it sink in and take shape in your heart. Let your heart be a wall of encouragement. Let it be the shield that protects you from the arrows sent by the enemy.


Every time you get discouraged, your faith takes a beating but it is never the end. God will have the final say. Don’t let the opposition shame you and make you think that you are a failure because you got discouraged. It happens to all of us. Discouragement can be a very lonely place but even when you are walking in the valley of the shadow of despair and discouragement, the Lord is with you. Turn to Him. Give your back to discouragement and face the Lord. Seek His face. Ask for help. He is your refuge and He will give you what you need. The Holy Spirit will always encourage you and motivate you. He will comfort you and counsel you. He is an expert at giving us the courage we need. When I get discouraged, after I settle down, I pray and spend time in communion with the Lord. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit comes in and makes things right. He helps me get rid of the guilt. He points me toward Jesus and all negativity falls apart. When we focus on Jesus, joy comes back and peace invades the atmosphere. If you are getting discouraged today, get back on the train and keep riding with the Lord. Things are going to get better. God is not done with you yet. There are many blessings coming. God will fill you with joy and with peace again and you will overflow with hope. Hope has not given up on you yet. It is alive and it will appear before you know it. Don’t give up on hope. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord is with you and He will make things right. Hold on to Him. He has everything you need!

Suggested reading: John 10:10; Romans 15:13; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18


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