Doubt your doubts and kick your fears

Doubt, worry and fear are some of my recurrent topics because they keep showing up in our lives and their intensity can drive us crazy. What I am going to explain today is something very practical that I have been trying to put into practice for a while. I have been more consistent with it recently and it has paid off a great deal. It all started during prayer time a while ago. Prayer time is truly where most inspiration and encouragement take place. It is that time when I am all ears and the Lord seems louder than ever. What would I do if I didn’t have that communion time with the Lord every day? When I was praying, I heard “Doubt your doubts and don’t own them.” I liked the sound of that message and I spent time exploring what it meant. The enemy has an array of lies that he feeds us. His lies are so present at times that they become what we believe and they create a system of fear that is hard to get out of. The lies of the enemy are vicious. He knows how we think, how we react and what we love and value. He will often target what’s precious to us. Why? The Bible says he is here to steal. 


Thieves usually steal what’s valuable. Think about the valuables in your life. Think in terms of people and not just things. The enemy will do what he can to steal the peace and the joy you have surrounding those people. He can cause conflicts and strife or he can hurt your loved ones. He makes it acceptable for us to worry about the ones we love. There will always be a bit of worry but being worried sick about the people we love is not how the Lord wants us to live. With worry comes doubt. The enemy tries to make us doubt that God will help us and that He can fix our lives or protect our loved ones. Those doubts are poisonous because they erode our faith and with a hollow faith, it is hard to trust God and to even communicate with Him. The evil plan of the enemy is to separate us from the Lord and from His Word. He doesn’t care if we read the Word but if we apply it, he’s in trouble.


When the Lord indicated that I should doubt my doubts, He was telling me to reject the doubts that had been ingrained in my mind. He said I should challenge whatever is challenging my faith. That message revolutionized the way I handle doubts and fears. How do you doubt your doubt? When you doubt something, you feel uncertain about it. You defy its validity and you challenge the truth that it holds. Now, doubting your doubts means that you feel uncertain about them. You are not sure they are valid and you challenge them by imposing another truth on top of them. Choose the truth of the Word of God and impose it upon your doubts. What I learned is that I needed to rebuke the doubts by talking to them and by verbally challenging them. 


When a negative thought pops into my mind, I talk to it. I say “No, this is not true. The Lord said He is with me all the time and He won’t let me down. I will not fail. He can’t fail so I will succeed.” At times I have to work hard and really push the doubts out of my belief system. The Word of God is my weapon and I don’t hesitate to use it. I keep it close all the time and I threaten doubts with it. Take a stand against doubts today and refuse to take them at face value. Don’t own the doubts. Don’t believe they belong to you. They come from the enemy. We say we have our doubts and they sound like they are coming from our hearts but they were put there by the most negative agent. Dissociate from him and let those doubts go back to where they came from. Don’t buy into them because you were bought for a price on the cross of freedom. The cross where the lies of the enemy stopped and new life came into play.


When it comes to kicking fears, speaking the Word of God over my situation helps a great deal as well. Fear is the opposite of faith so I make declarations of faith and I even say that fear doesn’t belong here. Fear has no place here. My house is not a refuge for fear. It is a stronghold of faith and fear has no access to my house. There is an alarm system that goes off when fear tries to get in. The Holy Spirit is the alarm that reminds me to stay in faith. Don’t take the power of your positive confession for granted. You can speak against fear and against doubt. You can call things as if they were a certain way even when they seem or feel different. That is how faith speaks. Fear expresses itself through our feelings and emotions. It is very “flesh-based.” Faith expresses itself despite our feelings and emotions. It is very God-based. You can kick fears with prayer as well. 


Pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Every word in your prayer is a kick that can put fear back in its place. Give those fears the boot. Resist fear and doubts. I know it’s easier said than done but you can do it with what you choose to tell them. Be active when it comes to the enemy’s lies and don’t let them get rooted in you. They are evil at the core but you have the Holy of holies in you at your core. Greater is the Lord in you than the devil. Have no fear. Don’t buy into the lies. Question what pops into your mind. If it doesn’t agree with the Word of God and with His Spirit, it has to go. Doubt the doubts the opposition is feeding you and kick fear to the curb. The Lord is with you and His Spirit is in you. Let your faith arise in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading:  Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:17; James 4:7


Don’t get discouraged

Yesterday I talked about doubt, fear and worry. Three major negative agents the enemy uses against us. Discouragement is another big one. It paralyzes us and it keeps us from moving forward. The enemy hates it when we take steps in the right direction and when we keep going instead of losing hope so he throws fiery darts that will destabilize us. He comes from an angle that he knows is going to hurt us or that is going to make us fall into despair. Despair, that place where we see no way out and where we think that our bad situation will never get better. It’s a trap. It’s a ditch. It’s an ambush on our way to victory. It appears to be bigger than God and that is the problem. It’s an illusion that quickly becomes a reality if we let it fester in our minds. Discouragement takes away the courage and the boldness to be all that the Lord plans for us to be. It cuts off peace and it removes joy in no time. It doesn’t just knock on our door. It barges in and it puts its feet on our coffee table and grabs the remote. Then we play movies in our minds that are very demoralizing and depressing. Discouragement should be dealt with and banned. Today I want to encourage you to take courage back and put discouragement back in its place. God has given you the tools you need to weed out the roots of discouragement in your life.


Since the enemy gives discouragement, we can expect encouragement from the Lord because they are opposites. Anything that lifts up your spirit or that boosts your moral is an encouragement from the Lord. The Word of God is the Word of all encouragement. When you are constantly encouraged, it’s harder for you to get discouraged. Spending time in God’s Word is a powerful way to face discouragement. What you get in the Word is a wall of protection that stands higher than the fences of discouragement. You have to build that wall day after day, brick by brick. Those bricks will allow you to withstand the attacks of discouragement. The Word of God is full of God. God is His Word. When you study it and you make it become a part of you, you have a part of God in you. His power and His presence stay in you as you work on building that wall of protection. Discouragement will feel threatened by the encouragement in you. The enemy will get disgusted by the Lord in you. Let the Word of God grow in your spirit. Let the Spirit of God take over your spirit. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Let the peace of the Lord surpass all understanding. Discouragement will have no peace when your peace is rooted in the Lord. Discouragement won’t be able to tamper with your joy when your joy is found in the Lord. With the encouragement from the Lord comes a power that is stronger than any discouragement that comes your way as long as you keep up with the encouragement and you always let it sink in and take shape in your heart. Let your heart be a wall of encouragement. Let it be the shield that protects you from the arrows sent by the enemy.


Every time you get discouraged, your faith takes a beating but it is never the end. God will have the final say. Don’t let the opposition shame you and make you think that you are a failure because you got discouraged. It happens to all of us. Discouragement can be a very lonely place but even when you are walking in the valley of the shadow of despair and discouragement, the Lord is with you. Turn to Him. Give your back to discouragement and face the Lord. Seek His face. Ask for help. He is your refuge and He will give you what you need. The Holy Spirit will always encourage you and motivate you. He will comfort you and counsel you. He is an expert at giving us the courage we need. When I get discouraged, after I settle down, I pray and spend time in communion with the Lord. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit comes in and makes things right. He helps me get rid of the guilt. He points me toward Jesus and all negativity falls apart. When we focus on Jesus, joy comes back and peace invades the atmosphere. If you are getting discouraged today, get back on the train and keep riding with the Lord. Things are going to get better. God is not done with you yet. There are many blessings coming. God will fill you with joy and with peace again and you will overflow with hope. Hope has not given up on you yet. It is alive and it will appear before you know it. Don’t give up on hope. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord is with you and He will make things right. Hold on to Him. He has everything you need!

Suggested reading: John 10:10; Romans 15:13; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Pushing away doubt, fear and worry

I often say how I believe God can do anything. For a while I was praying for a resurgence of the impossible in my life until the Lord stopped me and opened my eyes. He showed me that the impossible was still there. It’s around me. It’s happening. Every day the impossible points it head out the window of Heaven and I either invite it to come into my day or I look at it from a distance. It has to do with the measure of my faith in any given day. I was directed to pump up my faith and be sure it expands every day. Some life events tend to shrink our faith or better said we react to some life events with fear and doubt that gnaw at our faith. I was in prayer once and the Spirit of God told me to resist “dfw”. “DFW” stands for doubt, fear and worry. It’s a deadly combination that destroys our faith. The more passive we are when dealing with “dfw”, the less we will have access to the impossible made possible by the Lord. How much “dfw” are you dealing with every day? What do you do to defeat “dfw”? Those are two questions that we should answer. Recognizing that we have doubt, fear and worry is a great start. God is still the God of the impossible. We are the ones who need to work on deleting the “dfw” in our lives so we can move into a higher dimension of the impossible.


God is always with us. God is always near us. He is always around loving us, protecting us and blessing us. He can do anything and He can bless us with anything. The key is for us to trust and believe Him. Jesus couldn’t perform miracles in places where people didn’t believe in Him. The Son of God, the Almighty Lord couldn’t do the impossible where people thought it truly was impossible. They needed faith to have their eyes opened to the miracle working power of the Lord. Now, the Lord cannot perform miracles in our lives when we don’t have that faith activated. Grace and mercy come into play at times and we see the impossible unfold before our very eyes but faith is what should get us there. Without faith we can’t please God. Doubt, fear and worry are the main three agents whose mission is to keep us from living in faith. I recommend finding out the areas where these three negative agents are the most operational in your life. What do they look like when they manifest? How easy do they get in? What doors are allowing them to come in? Sometimes it’s the door of past negative experiences. Sometimes it’s what we hear every day that serves as a negative entryway. Sometimes it’s the lack of the Word of God in our lives that is a door of obstruction. Sometimes overthinking is the main door. Whatever door is giving the negative agents a way in should be dealt with. Name those doors and face them. You are not alone. God is with you. Include Him in the process of facing “dfw.” Great results will ensue.


The goal is to fill your spiritual sphere with lots of faith builders and positivity. Faith builders are all the elements you need to keep your faith strong. A faith builder can be a person, a message, a song, a prayer, a period of time, an action, a thought. Anything and anyone that builds up your faith is a faith builder or helper. It’s strongly recommended that we frequent faith helpers as much as possible. The enemy will always vouch to occupy your spiritual sphere and poison it with negativity such as “dfw.” The more your sphere is filled with faith builders, the stronger you will be when you get assaulted by “dfw.” Address every injection of poison from the enemy. If you doubt that God can help you, deal with the doubt and proclaim that God is on your side. If you fear that something bad is going to happen to you, deal with the fear and declare that God is your refuge. If you worry that you won’t have enough money, deal with the worry and say that God is your provider. Don’t let the “dfw” grow in you. Put it down every time it rises up. You might have to do it a hundred times but it will become easier. The more you do it, the more faith you will have. Before you know it you will be trusting the God of the impossible. He can do all things. No “dfw” is bigger than He is. Push away doubt, fear and worry. Put some distance between you and the terrible trio. Keep your hopes up. Stay positive in the Lord. Let that positivity dominate your thoughts and it will keep your emotions in check. With the Lord you can push away the “dfw” even if it comes back a hundred times a day. God is on your side. He can make the impossible possible. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading : Psalm 46:10; John 7:38; Hebrews 11:1