When your back is against the wall

I have always found the expression “to have one’s back against the wall” to be a very good description of how we feel when it happens. When your back is against the wall, you are in a difficult situation. Your situation is hard to deal with. You are against the wall and you can’t move away from that wall. There is nothing else behind you. The wall is not there to support you but it is there to limit you and to keep you from moving.The key idea here is that you are limited. I have had my back against the wall a few times and every time it was hard to step away from that wall. I call it the wall of limitations and lamentations. You are limited and you are in pain. The emotional pain that comes with this wall of limitations can be deep. You can’t act and you can barely think. When your back is against the wall, look at who is before you. God is still there when you are pressed against the limitations set by the enemy. Don’t look back, look ahead. The Lord is there with you, reaching out and giving you a hand so you can move away from that wall. The goal is to be able to see Him and to acknowledge Him. The enemy will make the wall so real that you will only focus on the limitations and forget the One who can make all things possible. The wall of limitations is not the end of the road. There is a road ahead of you and the Lord is making your path clear. If you feel like your back is against the wall today, know that the Lord is making a way for you to walk away from the wall and to run toward a way out. Whatever is getting you stuck to that wall will go. The Lord is going to melt the glue of desperation and get you away from the lamentations!


Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him*.” This verse from the first book of James indicates how we should react when our back is against the wall. Should we lose hope? Should we lean against that negative wall and give up? No, we should remain steadfast which means that we should keep the faith. I know it’s hard. I know it’s not our natural way of reacting to hardships but we can pray to be strong. We can say “Holy Spirit, I need Your help. Make me strong so I can stay in faith and I can stand the test. The crown of life belongs to me in Jesus’ name and I will get it.” Try that prayer and you will see that it gives you confidence to keep going. When you turn to the Holy Spirit, things start to change. Always get Him involved in what you do especially when it comes to your spirituality. Don’t rely on yourself. Rely on Him. He has more than one way to get you away from that wall that is so cumbersome. The wall of limitations will always pull you in the direction of hopelessness and the Holy Spirit will always tell you that there is hope.


When you are in a difficult situation and your back is against the wall, it’s as if someone were pushing you against that wall, pinning you against it. The enemy has that effect on us. He pushes us around until he gets us against that wall and we feel like we can’t escape from him. In the name of Jesus, you can escape from him. Resist the devil and he will flee. This is a verse from the Bible that describes something that we too often don’t do because we don’t know we can. The Lord wouldn’t tell us to resist the enemy if it were impossible. I would again get the Holy Spirit involved in this matter. Resisting is exerting force against another force. Our will and our faith make up the force that we can use against the enemy. Here we have to resist giving up, resist panicking and resist turning away from God. Like I said earlier when our back is against the wall we can look straight ahead and we will see the Lord. We can talk to Him and thank Him that even though we might be in dire straits, He will get us out of the depth of limitations and bring us back up to where millions of possibilities exist. God is the God of all possibilities so your back will not be against that wall forever. Praise the Lord, thank Him and you will experience some amazing deliverance from what’s been limiting you. God has your back, not the way the enemy does but in a liberating way. He will hold you up and keep you safe against a wall of hope, peace and victory. Lean against the Lord and the wall of limitations will fall. Lean against the Lord and a new wall will be built. God is going to get you out of your mess. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: James 1:12*; James 4:7; Galatians 5:1

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