Our non-stop God

The enemy is relentless with his attacks. He doesn’t take a break from pestering us and bothering us. He is on the defensive all the time trying to get as many of us as far from the truth as possible. He is doing his best to discourage us and to derail us. He is a 24/7 fiend who doesn’t stop speaking negativity into our lives. He is our non-stop enemy. Our non-stop nemesis plots to kill, steal and destroy. If we spend too much focusing on that we can get very overwhelmed and we can fall into the trap of helpness. Yes, the enemy is bad and is always bad but we have a God who is always good and He doesn’t stop being God. He doesn’t stop being God even when the enemy is very bad. Keep that in mind and meditate on that truth. Our God is a non-stop God. He has always been God and He will always be God. He has seen it all. He knows where we came from and He knows where we are going. He knows it when we are in pain and He knows it when we are at peace. Through it all He is consistent and He needs to be praised for His everlasting love. Today I want to invite you to lift up our non-stop God. Things can be very bad in this world but they will never change our God. Have hope in your non-stop God who will never cease to amaze you!

I used to think that my problems would never stop. They seem to be etched in my life and nothing was able to remove them or to delete them from existence. Those trials and tribulations were tattooed on my life and the evil tattoo artist had used a permanent ink that was going to be with me for the rest of my life. At least that is how it felt. Then came Jesus. Then came change. Then came peace. Then came salvation. Jesus didn’t put a stop to the deluge of difficulties but He gave me the assurance that He had conquered the world and I shouldn’t worry about anything. He helped me get through the worst times with peace and with hope. He took the evil patterns in my life and turned them around. He added a huge dose of goodness to my life. His goodness made me forget my past struggles and it gave me a new lease on life. The enemy is still the enemy and he tries to devour me but I have a God who is mightier and bigger than the enemy and all his devils. My Lord Jesus never stops being Jesus. He never stops being the One who conquered death. You and I have to get into the habit of reminding the enemy that God is a non-stop God and death was defeated once and for all.

The enemy hates hearing Christians who talk about the goodness of God and who believe that God is always the same. Let’s be those believers who project the confidence that God is always God and that He can always do the impossible. We can be the voices that proclaim our powerful God over the enemy. Let’s magnify the Lord and His ability to always save us and bless us. Let’s talk Him up and put Him on a pedestal. Let’s be vigilant and let’s make sure we don’t give the enemy room to breathe. How do we do that? We keep saying and believing that greater is the Lord that is in us than the enemy that is in this world. As we keep doing that, we will undermine the enemy and glorify the Lord. The bigger the Lord is in our minds and in our hearts and the more we will see Him intervene in our lives because our faith will be bigger. Your God is never going to stop being who He says He is. He will never stop blessing you, loving you and assisting you. Trust in the God who never changes. Our non-stop God is a non-stop threat to the enemy so let’s use Him as the weapon that keeps destroying the plans of the enemy. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Luke 19:10; John 6:51; John 10:10


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