Chained to God

I was thinking the other day about how being chained to God is the best way to go. We are way too often chained to the world. We follow the world, we depend on the world and we live through the world. We are in the world but we are not of this world says the Bible. Those chains have to go. We are children of the living God and we should see ourselves as part of His family and attached to Him at all times. I don’t want the chains of the world that keep me captive. I love the chains that keep me tied to God. Those chains keep me in the truth. Those chains keep me in the power of God. Those chains set me free contrary to popular belief. Being chained to God implies being free and hopeful all the time. It implies being in the right place at the right time. I want to be chained to God at all times. I don’t want to depart from Him. I don’t want to be away from Him. Being chained to the truth is a powerful way to live and that is how I want to live. Today I challenge you to stay chained to God. Stay in the truth. Stay close to the Father. Realize that the Holy Spirit lives in you. The chains on the inside guarantee you a successful life on the outside. The chains on the inside have the ability to set your mind free and to renew your thinking.

Chains are not the most pleasant thing to look at. They symbolize detention and lack of freedom. They keep you from moving. They can prevent you from participating in everyday activities. When we think of chains we often think of prisoners. Now, being a prisoner of the Gospel is the best thing that could happen to us. It means that we are constantly tied to God and we are constantly exposed to His Word. It is an extremely positive experience. Like I said before, it brings freedom. You and I can be chained to the Gospel when we make it our priority. When our lives revolve around the Lord, we are not subject to the lies of the enemy. The lies will try to pierce the chains but our devotee hearts will keep him away. A devoted heart is what it takes to be chained to God. Discipline and dedication are part of the process. Today you and I can develop that devotion and be tied to God one chain at a time. Every effort we make to be closer to God is a link added to our lives. We can link up with God through prayer, through praise, through thanksgiving, through loving others, through prayerfully reading the Word. It is those daily linking opportunities that make a big difference when we seize them.

We have a choice every day. We can spend time with God or we can opt to be more into the world. God deserves our attention. We are so used to being world minded that making more time for God can appear to be unnatural. It should actually be natural. As believers we have the nature of God in us and we ought to zero in on His nature and let it be exposed. We need to let God in us be bigger than the world around us. We need those chains. We need to have strong links that keep us in God’s will and in His presence. I see myself chained to God and it is a beautiful vision. It is a vision where peace and joy prevail. A vision where I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. A vision where love flows to me and through me. A vision where faith prevails and fear is nowhere to be found. I am working on adding links to my chains. I am working on being more devoted and more in love with Jesus. It truly is a labor of love that is immensely rewarding. Chain yourself to God by having daily habits that allow you to engage with Him. Keep your eyes on Jesus and do not lean on your understanding. Lean on the Lord and stay close to Him. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you.

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:13; Matthew 22:37; James 4:8


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