Jesus can

Jesus can save your life. Jesus can uproot your old life and give you a life of abundance. Jesus can set you free. Jesus can deliver you. Jesus can give you freedom. Jesus can give you a new lease on life. Jesus can transform you and change you. Jesus can enhance your life. Jesus can bless your life. Jesus can do anything. There isn’t anything that is impossible to Jesus and He can make the most incredible things possible. Jesus can impact your life in a way that you have never seen before. Even after you get saved Jesus can continue to bless you and to change you. Jesus will never stop loving you and His blessings are never-ending. Today I want to encourage you to trust in Jesus who can truly make your life better. You might have been saved for decades, Jesus can still bless your life and give you more than you imagine. Jesus never stops touching lives and He won’t stop touching your life.

I have been saved for a few decades now. If I look back and compare my life to what it used to be, I can see that it is more abundant and more blessed today. Does it mean I am more saved? No. I got saved as a young man but I started entering the fullness of my salvation at a much older age. I am learning who Jesus is. I am learning what Jesus can do. I would even say that I am learning that Jesus can do anything. It is easy to say that Jesus can do anything but living that truth and really embracing it is a different story. Our words matter. Our words can be powerful but they have to be backed up by faith. They can’t be empty words that are uttered just for the sake of it. Jesus can do anything and when we are aware of the power of His love in our lives we see pure change. We understand that the Holy Spirit is a big part of our daily lives and we interact with Him. We can’t connect with Jesus without His Spirit. His Spirit reveals Jesus and He tells us over and over again that Jesus can! What can He do? He can do for you what no else can. He can bless you in the middle of your mess. He can get you out of trouble. He can restore your health. He can pay you back all the money the enemy has taken from you. He can change your mind so you can share His mind. He can do a beautiful work in your heart so it is filled with joy and peace.

“Jesus can” should be one of the anthems of your life. It should be a song in your spirit and a melody in your mind at all times. It should be what your mouth confesses and what your thoughts are made of. Jesus can help you today, friend. Jesus can save you today from anything that is crippling you and bothering you. Jesus can set you free. Whatever you are going through right now can be solved by Jesus. Put it all in His hands. Claim the victory in the name of Jesus. Thank Jesus for His solutions. Thank Jesus for His power to do anything. Thank Jesus for sticking around and never letting you down. Jesus can do it all. Nothing will stop Him from blessing you. Nothing will stop Him from strengthening you. You can do all things through Him. You can do it because Jesus can give you the power to do it. Jesus can and He will. Be sure that your “can” is also a “will.” Jesus can do it so He will. It’s not “Jesus can do it but He might not.” He will, dear friend. Lift up your hands and exalt Him. The God of the impossible is your God. Stay strong. Stay in faith. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37

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