Your story written by Jesus

With the Lord, we go from glory to glory. We go up. We don’t go down. We improve. We grow. We stretch. We get better. Our relationship with Jesus will cause all this growth to happen. What we need to do is maintain that relationship and let the Holy Spirit guide us through the knowledge of the Lord. With His help we can get to know Jesus better and we can also find out who we are better. The Lord has a plan for all of us and He has a unique life and story for each one of us. I want to embrace the story of my life as written by Jesus Christ. His writing is perfect. His plot is perfect. His style is perfect. In His story, you get better and better like I said. In His story, His love triumphs. In His story, nothing is impossible to you who believe. In His story, there is faith, joy and peace all around you and inside of you. The Lord has a great story for you and it is time you thought in terms of His writing and His plan for your life.

Friend, your story is beautiful because Jesus is its main protagonist. Jesus is the main plot and the main character. At least that is how it should be. When you shift your thinking and you put Jesus in the center of your story, things go in the right direction. You go up and up. Your life improves. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have any trials and tribulations but you have the power and the ability to face them. I know when I got saved I thought I would never have any problems ever again. I was under the impression that my salvation came with a no problem ever package. I was misled and I misunderstood what my life with Christ was all about. After my first round of problems I almost gave up on Jesus but He didn’t give up on me. I learned that God was with me despite my problems. It took me time to come to that realization but once I knew that truth, my life improved. 

Things got better and better for me because my mind got better and stronger. I spent time renewing my mind with the Word of God and with the power of His Spirit. That renewing of the mind made a huge difference. The Lord taught me that I had nothing to worry about because He was with me. He also showed me that I would take off and get to higher altitudes of faith if I stayed in Him. He reveals a lot of my story as I read and meditate on His story. My goal in life is to become more and more like Him. That is what it means to go from glory to glory. The blessings that come from that growth are out of this world. When Jesus is who we aspire to be like, we improve and we become a new person. We are new creations when we get saved but it is the work on our minds and the diligence of our faith that turns us into new people in Christ.

There is a beautiful, beautiful story about you and Jesus. It is the story of your life. It is much better than your mind is telling you. It is much better than your eyes can see. It is much better than your wildest dreams. It is much better than the world says it is. You are going to have great victories through your faith. You are going to learn how to handle life better. You are going to receive a peace that surpasses all understanding. You are going to have joy in the middle of your mourning. You are going to be stronger and stronger in your convictions. You are going to look at life through the eyes of the Maker. You are going to walk in sync with the Creator of the universe. Keep reading your story by making sure that Jesus is the narrator. You are going to go from glory to glory. Things are going to get better. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 84:7; John 17:24;  2 Corinthians 3:18


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