At the last minute

God doesn’t forget about us. We are on His mind all the time. There isn’t a single minute when He doesn’t think about you and me. He can’t stop thinking about you, friend. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you have done and what you do, God thinks about you. He doesn’t discriminate and exclude you. His mind is full of everyone and there is plenty of room for you. Now, you need to remember that because you are on His mind, you are a priority to Him. He knows what’s best for you and He knows how to bless you and help you. I recommend that you meditate on that truth. You could be thinking that He is not on time when He comes to your rescue. He might seem to show up at the last minute but last minute for God can be the right time. He doesn’t fail you by acting on your behalf when it seems too late for you. He is never late.

I have felt frustrated before over God’s timing. I am sure I am not the only one. I said “Thanks, God but it’s too late.” It took me a while to understand that when you are in the Lord, when you trust Him, He is faithful and He keeps His promises. He shows up and He does what He knows best, which is to take care of me. I encourage you to see God as the One who takes care of you. He takes care of you from beginning to end. He takes care of you every minute of every day. He takes care of you even when you turn away from Him. He leaves the 99 to get you back. He is loving and gentle and He won’t leave you stranded even when you think He does. His last minute like I said is the right minute. Time is not of the essence for Him. He doesn’t panic and He doesn’t get scared that things might not work out for you. He is the God of the right time. Say that to yourself daily.

I have mentioned the story of Lazarus a few times before. Jesus was saddened when He found out that Lazarus had passed away but He didn’t lose hope. He went to see His friend Lazarus four days after he had been put in a tomb and He resurrected Him. You see, there is nothing Jesus can’t do. He is not limited by anything and He is definitely not limited by time. Your time will come, friend. It may feel like your dreams are dead but Jesus will resurrect them and He can bring them back to life any time that He chooses. At the last minute, everything can turn around with the Lord. Don’t lose hope. God is certainly not losing hope and He has the perfect plan for you.

At the last minute, your breakthrough can take place. At the last minute, your answers can come. At the last minute, you can experience a life changing event sponsored by the Lord. At the last minute, hope can come back. At the last minute, peace can surpass your understanding. At the last minute, God can show up and show you that He is still God. At the last minute, everything can change and you can get what you have been waiting for. Keep waiting on the Lord. Keep waiting on Him to bless you and to help. Don’t worry about the timing. Don’t worry about the timeframes. All you need is in a frame of blessings and it is only a matter of time until it all comes to pass. Thank God in the waiting. Trust God in the waiting. Love and adore God in the waiting. Stay in faith while you are waiting. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 11:1-44; Acts 16:25; 2 Peter 3:8-9

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