God is predictable

Life is random but God is predictable. God stays true to His Word so you and I can have the assurance that He will always be good and He will always be there for us. Jesus performed a lot of miracles when He walked the earth. That is what people expected of Him. Big crowds would gather expecting to hear Him speak and to see Him heal the sick. People lived for that. People had hope in that. People knew Jesus as the healer and the miracle worker. People loved Him and wanted to get close to Him. People went to meet Jesus and they had a clear idea of what would happen. He was predictable. He is the Son of God who could do the impossible. Where people had faith in Him, Jesus was able to do wonders and to perform outstanding miracles. How do you see Him today? Is He a miracle worker? Is He predictable? Is He true to His Word? Some people would argue and say that you never know what God is going to do. I agree with that truth. He can heal and bless us in ways that are unknown to us but He is predictable because He will always bless us when we stay in Him. We can predict a good outcome. We can predict that there will be blessings and there will be a breakthrough.

You can’t predict how God will do it but you can predict that He will do it and He will do something for you. Develop that mindset. Think of the God who always comes through and who always blesses you. Believe that it is true all the time. No matter what happens to you, the Lord your God will save the day. I remember a time when I had very little money. I was starting my job but I needed money to keep me afloat. I spent a lot of time in prayer and praise. My praise and prayer sessions were the best part of my day. They still are but at the time they were new to me and I was in awe. I discovered that the Lord inhabited my praises and I loved those encounters with Jesus. Like I said, I still enjoy them. I just remember that time as being the start of a new life, a new journey, a new beginning and  a new connection with Jesus. I learned that I could always expect God to come through. His love and His goodness became predictable. He helped me with my financial situation and He did things for me that I didn’t think were possible. He came through and blessed me in many ways, His own ways but I had predicted He would do something great. 

I am relearning that it is very important to read the Word of God for many reasons and one of them is because we can get to know the Lord better. We can understand what to expect from God better when we are familiar with His Word. We get a nice picture of our predictable God. The less of the Word we have in us, the more the enemy can get in and spread lies about the Lord and what to expect. We need to hear from the Lord directly about who He is and stop creating scenarios that don’t do Him justice. Every day we can thank the Lord because He is predictable. We can thank Him for loving us, blessing us and being with us all the time. My advice to you is that you grow in the knowledge of God’s love and you get to understand what His predictable nature is all about. One thing that the Lord made clear is that He can do exceedingly more than we can expect and that should be our expectation. We should cherish the truth that God is predictable in that He will always do exceedingly more than we can imagine. Expect God to be God in all circumstances. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Ephesians 3:20; James 1:17; 2 Corinthians 9:8


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