The King of hope

I started calling Jesus, the King of hope. He is the King who has power over everything and His power can overrule the snares of the enemy. The enemy spreads sadness and suffering. King Jesus brings hope, love and healing. He reverses the plans of the enemy for our lives when we trust Him. Jesus will always spread hope. Jesus will always stand for hope. He is a King who rules with power and love and who will never fail you. If you need hope today, turn to the King of hope. Turn to Jesus. He has an unlimited supply of hope. As a king He has a whole army of hope that is ready to respond to the assailments of the devil. When we turn to Jesus, His hope attacks our desperation and He gives us a reason to believe and have faith. The King of hope is amazing. He is so good and so caring and He will carry you when you are not strong enough to make it through your trials. Turn to hope. Turn to the One who invented hope. Turn to the King whose army is always backing you up. You have a whole army of hope behind you. The Lord won’t let you down. Your King is sovereign and remember that He can’t be defeated. His hope is the biggest and the strongest hope there is. When you get a dose of the hope of the King of hope, you know that nothing is impossible to Him and you have the confidence that everything will be just fine. Have hope in the King of hope. Don’t give up. The King of hope will save the day!

I have mentioned before how Jesus has given me hope since I have known Him. It is one thing that is very characteristic of Him. He is not a God of “maybe” or “perhaps.” He is the God of “Yes, I can do all things.” He is always full of hope. He is always sure that things can turn around. He never changes His tune. He sings over us and His songs are songs of love and songs of hope. He knows that great things can take place in our lives. He is more than sure that His goodness can transform our lives. He is the King of hope whose hope never fades. Friend, this means that in your most desperate situations, there is always hope when you rely on Jesus. When the world is giving up on good outcomes, Jesus comes out and tells us that we shouldn’t get discouraged. He tells us that He has conquered the world. Hope is alive and its name is Jesus. You must have heard that before and I am repeating it because someone out there needs to hear that powerful truth. Think about how Jesus resurrected. He proved that even death couldn’t hold Him. He showed that there was nothing that could stop Him from doing the most amazing thing that has ever happened. As the King of hope, He has won all the battles and has already led you to victory. Believe Him! There is hope today for you, friend!

I have witnessed the hope of the Lord many times and I will experience it over and over again. I have learned that turning to Jesus was never a bad idea. It is not always easy especially when we feel low and we don’t know how things will turn out but He does know. He knows that things will be just fine when we lean on Him. The hope of the Lord can change the world. Your world, friend, is going to be impacted by the hope of the Lord. All you have to do is follow Him and let Him lead the way. Follow the King whose hope is unfailable. He has a strong fortress of hope that He wants you to visit and to inhabit. Let your faith in Him grow as you let Him take over your situation. The stronghold of hope belongs to the Lord and it can be part of your life as well. Find refuge in Jesus. Things will look much better. Gain His perspective. The King of hope is your king and He takes good care of His people. You are one of God’s people. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Mark 9:23; Romans 5:1


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