Keep the praises going

Many years ago I learned a very precious lesson that I resort to very often. It came as one of those sweet whispers from the Holy Spirit. It was a light suggestion that was dropped in my spirit. One of those comments from God that can easily be missed. I was going through a lot. I was starting my career and I didn’t have much. I had very little money but I was not worried because I felt so much peace and comfort in the Lord until fatigue hit me. Every time I got tired, I felt like I had lost my grip on faith. I felt like the hope I had was attacked and I had to do something to avoid falling into the trap of doubt and fear. The first thing I tried was to go to bed. It helped a lot. Going to bed and not trying to figure things out made a difference. However, one day I heard the kind voice of the Lord. He said very softly, “Keep the praises going.” I had been spending a lot of time praising the Lord. I found praise to be an amazing time. It was during those moments of praise that I experienced the power and the presence of God more than any other time. Praise was my favorite thing to do. Praise gave me peace, joy and it helped me hold on to my sanity. Praise was a breeze of fresh air. Praise kept me in touch with God. Praise made God come down to my level. Praise was the ignition button I pushed every day, several times a day. Praise was the best part of my day. I listened to the Spirit of God and I kept the praises going when things were looking bad.

There is true power in praise. I talk about praise all the time because it is powerful all the time. Friend, if you haven’t tapped into the power of praise, I invite you to do it today and every day. I am not talking about listening to praise music and humming along because the tune is nice. I am talking about actively praising the Lord. I am talking about engaging in praise with all your heart. Praise is not about how beautiful the song is or how well you can sing. It is about how beautiful the Lord is and how good He is. Praise is about Jesus and only Jesus. Praise is rejoicing over the Lord because He is good all the time. Praise should not take into consideration our circumstances. It should keep going all the time. That is why the Lord told me to keep the praises going even though I was having a hard time. I would say that during our trials and tribulations, our praises should be louder. Our praises should take up more space. They should radiate more. We should focus on Jesus more. Praise has the ability to make us forget what is bothering us and to remind us that the Lord is with us. “Praise your problems away” some people say. I am repeating what the Lord said to me. Friend, keep the praises going today. I know it’s difficult at times to open our mouths when our minds are loaded with worry. Praise Jesus and your mind will be clear.

When Paul and Silas were in prison, they prayed and sang praises unto God at night. The prisoners heard them sing. All of a sudden there was a great earthquake. The prison was shaken and the doors were opened. Their shackles were loosed. Praise did that. Praise got them out of jail. They didn’t zero in on their conditions. They sang to Jesus. People heard them and it didn’t bother them. Their praises were stronger than their pride. Their praises were heartfelt and they caused their situation to change. Your praises can do the same thing since you are praising the same God. Your current trials and tribulations can be so awful that you might believe you are in jail. Keep the praises going. Don’t let the prison doors keep you captive. Don’t let the negative thoughts keep you captive. Don’t let doubt keep you captive. Don’t let people keep you captive by what they are telling you. Keep the praises going even when others would rather hear you cry. God knows what’s best for you and your praises are the best remedy right now and all the time. Open your heart. Sing out the praises of the Lord. Stay strong in your praise. Stay strong in your heart and keep the praises going. You are going to make it. You are going to be blessed. I have kept the praises going for years and they are still setting me free. Bless the Lord and the prison doors will open. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 23:25; Acts 16:16-40; James 3:10

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