Talk to Jesus

Prayers can be intimidating especially when you think you need to sound spiritual or pious. It is easy to overthink it and come up with a list of requirements that we should meet to have effective prayers or to be heard by God. The truth is that prayer is an expression of the heart that flows with our own words and our authenticity. We don’t need to sound like other people when we pray. We just have to sound like ourselves and to write an open letter with our heart. The Lord knows our heart and He loves it when we express it. My prayer life changed when I gave up on sounding mystical and eloquent in my prayers. I decided to talk to Jesus. I figured that since He was always with me, I could talk to Him all the time. I started skipping the formalities and going straight to the heart of the Lord by pouring out what was on my heart. Prayer is a two way street and the Lord always has something to say. At times I begin my prayers by saying, “Lord, I am all ears.” I let Him proceed and say whatever He wants to stay. I love listening and it helps me knowing that my God actively engages with me in conversation. Today I want to encourage you to talk to Jesus. Talk to the Lord when you pray. Don’t make it formal and don’t make it complicated. Talk to Him any time of the day. Talk to Him and listen to Him. Let your prayers be the beautiful exchange they are meant to be.

A couple of days ago, I was faced with a lot of work. I literally had piles that I had to sort out and rearrange. The piles looked like a lot of work and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was also tired so that didn’t help. That night before I went to bed, I talked to Jesus. I told Him how I felt earlier and what my emotions were. I also told Him that I knew He had a plan to help me and I should trust Him. I cast my cares upon Him. I told Him I was giving in and letting Him take care of me. I told Him that I was aware of the fact that He knew better and I was willing to listen to His instructions and to pay attention to what He had to say. What He had to say was that He loved me. He loved me so much that He died on the cross so that I would not be overwhelmed and so that I would always find hope when despair is chasing after me. The amount of work I had was trying to haunt me and to discourage me but Jesus had a different plan. What He did during that prayer time was to console me and give me a boost of hope. I talked to Him the way I would talk to a close friend. When you talk to Him that way, it changes the dynamics of your relationship and it gets you closer to Him. Yesterday turned out to be much better and I even got help to finish the work I had to finish. The Lord had heard me and He did something amazing for me.

The Lord tells us in His Word that we should pray without ceasing. We should talk to Him without ceasing. We should have Him on our minds and we should discuss anything with Him. He loves it when we acknowledge Him in all we do so we should talk to Him about anything and everything we do. He has the best opinions and the best advice. You might not hear back from Him right away. His responses can take on many different forms but He will always give you an answer or a piece of advice. Jesus talked to the Father all the time. It is our turn to talk to Him all the time. We can talk to Him in our heads or we can talk to Him out loud. When we don’t have the right words, we ought to remember that He knows what our heart is saying. Let’s keep the lines of communication open with Jesus. Let’s have faith that He listens and that He loves to hear from us. Let’s be fervent in our prayers by talking to Him every chance we get. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; 1 John 5:14


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