God’s love and support

My best friend once told me that he was so grateful for his parents’ love and support. I can testify to how his parents’ love and support have made a difference in his life and they have contributed to so many great things he has going on in his life. Having someone’s love and support can help us enjoy life and face adversities with confidence. My best friend is a very happy fellow who is not fazed by much. There was a time when I wondered if he ever got sad because he is happy all the time. The nurture and the love of his parents play a big role in how happy-go-lucky he is. Now, we as Christians have God’s love and support. Not only does God love us but He also supports us. I tended to forget the support part. I was fine with His love and it made sense to me but I never really knew about His support and how nurturing His love was. God loves you, friend and He supports you. He supports you in everything. He loves you constantly and He supports you constantly. To support someone is to give them assistance especially financially. Can God provide for us financially? Absolutely but He is interested in all aspects of our lives. He gives us assistance in every area of our lives that we can think of. Today I want to remind you that God loves you and supports you every single day.

“To support” is also to bear all or part of the weight of something. Think about what Jesus did on the cross. He bore your sins, your sicknesses and your iniquities. He bore the weight of your sins and the weight of your suffering. By suffering I mean all suffering you will ever experience in your life. Every trial and tribulation comes with a weight, with some heaviness. That weight was carried by Jesus for you. That heaviness was carried on the cross by Jesus for you. Every burden that will ever make your life more difficult was taken care of on the cross. Today you can cast all your burdens on the Lord. Give them all to Him. Do it today, do it tomorrow and don’t stop doing it. You and I carry too much weight. We feel the burden of problems and anxiety and we hold on to them for too long. The Lord tells us to turn to Him because He loves us and He wants us free. Jesus is the master deliverer and if you believe in Him and you know that He loves you, He will support you and carry the dead weight that is bringing you down.

Today you have God’s love and support so go into the world with confidence. Remember that God’s love never fails and that His love is watching over you. It is His love that can set you free and that makes things possible in your life. There is nothing impossible with God and His love has the power to produce miracles in your life. You are entitled to God’s blessings because He loves you. You are highly favored and highly loved. Walk with peace and joy because you are loved by the creator of the universe. God loved you so much that He gave His Son Jesus so you would have eternal life. Eternal life started when you got saved and with it came eternal divine provisions. God will provide for you and support you no matter what is going on in your life. When your bank account is low, God can support you. When your self-esteem is love, God can support you. When you have no one to talk to, God can support you. When you lack peace, God can support you. When you are in pain, God can support. His support will always follow you so trust Him and thank Him. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. God the Father loves you so you are all set. Praise Him for His eternal love and His non-stop provision. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Philippians 4:19


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