Jesus is with you in the boat

Last week was pretty rocky. I felt like I was in a boat on a crazy ocean with waves taller than the tallest building in town. I didn’t drown but I thought I might. Problems came from everywhere and I had to stand in my spiritual boat and hold on to the mast. I didn’t want to fall off the boat and I knew what I had to do. I had to remember that I had an anchor. Jesus is my anchor but I was looking at the storm that was causing the waves forgetting that I had the best anchor there is. Jesus stabilized my boat once I calmed down. He made things better and He helped me fall asleep in the middle of the chaos and the confusion. You know how it is when you have a lot of problems and you can’t sleep. Your mind keeps racing and going into all directions. Jesus gave me peace. It was a week of trials but the Lord was the judge and He decided that things were going to be in my favor. Calming down was not easy but the Holy Spirit reminded me that not only is Jesus my anchor, He is also with me in the boat. He is with me when the storm is raging. He is with me as the sun is shining. He stands there and He is not moved by the rocky seas. He is not intimidated by the storm and He is not frightened by the chaos around me. He is always still. He is always calm. When the storm comes and I look at Jesus, He calms the storm. He makes things good again. He acts in my favor and He makes me get through the worst storms. Last week the storm was big but my Lord was bigger.

When things were bad,  I wasn’t alone even though my circumstances were trying to tell me that I was. When things get tough, there is a feeling of loneliness that attaches itself to the problems and that makes things worse. Jesus was with me and I had to hold on to that. What I did was take a step back. I took a step back and looked at my situation. I didn’t want to look at everything from my human perspective. I had to get into faith mode and that’s what happens when I take a step back. What does that look like? I take a step back by letting the Lord take a step forward. I let Him lead the way and show me what I should do and what He wants me to do. I prayed. My step back took place in prayer. I prayed and told the Lord that I couldn’t deal with all that was happening on my own. I thanked Him that He was with me in the boat. My boat was going through some turbulence but the Lord was stable and steadfast. I needed His stability. When Jesus was in the boat with His disciples, He slept. There was a storm but He slept. His reaction when He woke up demonstrated how stable, powerful and sure of Himself He was. He was not scared of the storm. He was not bothered by it one bit and I needed to adopt that attitude. I spoke against the storm in Jesus’ name and I saw a change.

The change that came from the Lord was manifested in me. He changed my perspective. He changed the way I was looking at that storm. He showed Himself bigger than the storm. After I prayed and asked for help, the Lord went to work on me and He gave me peace. All of a sudden, I sensed a peace that was spreading all over my mind and my spirit. It came in gently but it settled in me nicely. That peace could not be defeated and the storm of the problems I was facing didn’t seem so menacing. Jesus was with me and I had all I could ever need. Next time you are going through a storm and your boat is like a rocking chair, cry out to Jesus. Know that He is with you in that boat and He is not going to let you drown. He is your anchor and your helper. He is your protector and your shield. There are no storms too big for Him. Nothing will harm you. Look at your next storm and say “The Lord is with me in this boat. I will not perish and I will not be defeated.” You have an anchor that will keep you in the sea of peace. Stay strong! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:2; Luke 8:22-25; Matthew 8:24-27

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