Treasures in the hands of God

I like to think of God’s blessings as treasures, treasures that He holds in His hands. He is generous and He gives us those treasures. Everything from God is good and it is a treasure. God’s love is a vault and many treasures sit in it. I am so grateful for the treasures from Heaven. They come into our lives and they make our lives better. They transform our lives and they take us to beautiful places. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the goodness of God. His salvation is a treasure that changed my life forever. He laid down that blessing upon me and gave me the richest treasure in the world. His treasure of salvation keeps on giving. Every day I discover a new part of the treasure. Every day I receive the benefits of that treasure. 

When I think I have seen it all, I am reminded that that treasures from Heaven are unfathomable and they keep on coming.  God has more treasures in His hands for you than you know. Trust Him with the blessings He has for your life. Trust that He wants to give you more than you can imagine. Trust that you are worthy of His blessings. Trust that His treasures are meant for you and not just for other people. Trust that God is good all the time and His goodness has no end. Trust and receive with your hands of faith. Great things are on their way. All you have to do is thank God for His treasures and praise the Lord every day.

A treasure is a quantity of precious metals, gems and other objects. Here I am talking of precious things from the Lord. Like I said, anything from Him is good. It is very, very good and it surely is precious. God’s treasures are not from this earth. They are above and beyond what we find in this world. Can He bless us with great things from this world? Absolutely and He does but He also has more. If we could get to a place where we saw that God’s blessings are precious tokens from Heaven, we would expect the impossible. There are blessings that are so unbelievable and they change the course of time and impact us in a beautiful way. I love the treasures of Heaven. I love the blessings of the Lord that leave me in awe.


I love how Someone so huge and so powerful loves us, the ones who are so small and so powerless. I love how the treasures from Heaven give us a sense of belonging with the Lord. They are not necessary for us to know that we belong with God but they are bonuses. They are additions that we get for free and that testify to the love of God. Again I need to say that even without treasures from His hands we are sons and daughters of the most high but we are entitled to great blessings. We ought to develop that mindset. The mindset of blessed people who constantly receive blessings directly from the hands of God.

As I was meditating on the treasures of God in His hands, the Lord pointed out that He has treasures in His hands that He particularly loves. He holds treasures that are extremely valuable to Him. He holds treasures that are not objects, that are not things. He holds you and me in the palm of His hands. We are treasures to Him. We count more than anything else. We are precious and we are more important than gold and gems. We are the gold that shines in the heart of the Lord. We are the apple of His eye and He holds us all the time. He doesn’t let go of us. He doesn’t give us away or trade us for something better. We are “the better.”  We are the best in His eyes and we are in His hands where we can find comfort, peace, love, joy and much more. We are in His hands among the treasures from Heaven. Think about that. 

God holds us and He holds many blessings. We are close to the blessings. The blessings are right there by our side. We are with treasures from Heaven. Next time you think that your blessings have left your life, remember that you are in God’s hands with the blessings. All you have to do is grab them with faith and enjoy them. What an amazing God we have! How blessed we are, friend. We are treasures among treasures. God is wonderful and His love endures forever. Let’s praise Him indefinitely. You are a treasure among blessings. Thank God for that! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 14:2; Daniel 10:19; Ephesians 2:10


Keep praying

I can’t write enough about prayer. Prayer changes everything. Prayer changes you, it changes your circumstances and it changes your perspective. Prayer is the backbone of our faith. We pray because we believe in God. We pray to stay in touch with God. We pray because we understand that it is crucial to listen to the Lord and to talk to the Lord. Prayer is part of our lifestyle or at least it should be. We can’t pray too much. We can’t pray enough. Prayer is an ongoing offering. It is how we tap into the power of Heaven. It is how we make Heaven collide with earth and with our circumstances. Prayer is supernatural. It is more powerful than we think at times. It is more than words spoken in desperation. 

Prayer is words spoken to our Father who hears us every time we pray. There isn’t a word spoken in prayer that the Lord hasn’t already heard. He knows what we are going to say. He knows what we need. He knows what we need to hear. To Him prayer is an expression of the heart that He loves to hear even though He knows it all. He loves it when we express our faith and when we pray, that is exactly what we do. Today I want to encourage you to keep praying and to keep expressing your faith. Keep listening to the Lord and keep communicating with Him. Pray as much as you can. Pray when you feel like it and when you don’t. Let your prayers be ongoing.

I went through a season earlier this year when I needed to hear from God a lot so I could make it and so I could stay encouraged. I had a lot going on and it was easy for me to doubt and to feel like no help was coming to me. I knew in my heart that my thinking had to be changed and I stayed in faith. I stayed in faith by going through a narrow door of hope. I barely made it. That doorway was so narrow that I squeezed myself in and it hurt. My faith hurt and it was diminished by the pressure of my circumstances. How did I get through it? I prayed. The Holy Spirit led me to pray every single day. I didn’t miss a day and I remained steadfast. It is amazing what the Spirit of God will do in us and through us when we yield to Him.


Prayer is a natural reaction when you have a yielded spirit. It is the natural language of faith. I prayed and I praised the Lord. I surrendered every day through prayer. You see, prayer changes our disposition and it makes us more sensitive to the Spirit of the Lord. When we make it a point to pray and we keep doing it, we pave the way for communication with God and for victory. Prayer always leads to victory so we have to keep praying. Let’s keep praying despite our mind, despite what is happening to us and despite our feelings and emotions. Emotions don’t dictate our faith so they shouldn’t dictate our prayers as well.

I kept praying. I kept opening myself up to the Lord. I kept waiting on Him and I kept listening and I have to say that He never let me down. There wasn’t a day that the Lord did not speak encouragement to my spirit. Day after day He poured His love into me during prayer time. Day after day He reminded me that there was nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. Day after day He inhabited my praises during prayer time and He made His presence known. He took me to a higher level of faith. He showed me the way to victory. He showed me that His love for me never changed. He spoke life into me when my hope was dead. He smiled at me when the world was frowning at me. He encouraged me to declare His truth over the lies of the enemy. He gave me the right words to say when my mind was experiencing negativity overload. He stood by me in prayer. 

The Lord lifted me up when I was going down. He demonstrated the power of prayer. He changed me during that process and He stood by me. Prayer not only changes everything but it is also everything. It should be everything to us believers because that is our number one way of communion with God. Friend, don’t get discouraged. Keep praying. Keep pushing. Keep lifting your hands up to Heaven. Keep listening to the words of love and to the encouragement of the Lord. Keep going. Your prayers are never in vain and the Lord is always, always listening. Things will change for you. Things are going to get much better for you. Stay in faith and keep praying. Something very good is coming your way. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; 1 John 5:14

The way, the truth and the life

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.* The truth will set you free. Jesus will set you free. Wherever you need freedom and deliverance, Jesus can set you free in that particular place. Hold on to Jesus. Turn to Jesus. He is the One who opens doors including the doors of the mental, physical or spiritual jail you might be in now. I can’t thank the Lord enough for setting us free. I remember the first time I experienced a powerful deliverance. It was out of this world. I was in my room praying and I asked Jesus to set me free from emotions that had crippled me for years. I needed to be free from fear and from anxiety in an area of my life. As I was praying on my knees, the Holy Spirit prompted me to thank Jesus for what He had already done. I had a roommate at the time but he wasn’t home. God knew what He was doing and He had made sure I was home alone. As I continued to pray, I felt a powerful force come unto me that shook my entire body. It was so strong that I screamed at the top of my lungs. When it stopped, I felt freedom. I felt the liberty that the Bible talks about. I couldn’t stop thanking the Lord after that. I knew He had done something great in me. The days that followed showed me that indeed the Lord had done a work in me. I didn’t have that fear and that anxiety that had been attached to me for so many years. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and He sets us free.

Ask Jesus to set you free today. If you are struggling with addiction, with fear, with anything negative, know that the answer to your problem is Jesus. The solution is always Jesus so before you turn to anyone else, bring it to the Lord in prayer. Be open and be vulnerable. Put yourself in the hands of the miracle maker. Put yourself at the mercy of grace and freedom. Trust the Lord with all your heart and don’t question what He is going to do. Follow His lead and give in to His directions. He is the truth. This means that you can never go wrong with Him. He always does what is right and He always knows what’s right. His words are filled with the power of truth. Get used to His words so you can confront the enemy’s lies with the beautiful truth of Jesus. Truth is a light that can pierce through any darkness. You might be dealing with confusion and lies now. You can find peace and clarity thanks to Jesus. Say a simple prayer. Ask Him for the truth. He will deliver his truth. He will help you. See Him as the holder of the ultimate truth. Men can lie. Jesus can’t ever lie and His truth heals and restores. You need His truth. You need Him today.

There is always a way when we rely on Jesus. If you are at a crossroads right now and you don’t know which way will lead you to victory, turn to Jesus. He is the way and He will point you in the right direction. If there seems to be no way, Jesus can make a way. He makes a way in the desert. He makes a way in the snow storm. He makes a way in the maze of life. He makes a way out of nowhere. Jesus can do the impossible and the way He is going to make just for you is a miracle and a blessing you will never forget. Have faith in His ability to make a way and to be the way. Go through Jesus and you will go through life with flying colors. When Jesus was on earth, He brought Lazarus back to life. How? He is the Son of God and He is life. He is the life that we all need and He can give life to anything and to anyone. Your miracle might be on a waiting list today but trust that Jesus can give it life and make it come to pass. Expect the life of the Lord to impact your life and to improve it. He has the power to give life to the most incredible things. He can create events and situations that had not been given life before. Trust in the Lord. He is the truth. He will set you free. He is the way. He will make a way for you anywhere and any time. He is the life. He will make things happen that you never thought possible. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6*; Acts 4:12

How big is your God?

How big is your God? How powerful is your Savior? How amazing is Jesus? He is only as big, as powerful and as amazing as you see Him. It requires faith to know God. It takes trust and commitment. You can’t know God without faith and your faith can only take you as far as you let it take you. It is important to ask ourselves how big our God is. It is important to pause and to meditate on how we see God. We ought to test our faith and remove the limits of our minds. Faith grows when we stay in the Word of God but our minds can get in the way. Our minds can take us away from the beauty and the magnificence of the Lord. We have to constantly renew our minds so that our faith can grow. The Bible makes it clear that God is omnipresent, almighty and most powerful. He can do the impossible and He can perform miracles. He is invincible and no one is like Him. Now, our job is to move up the ladder of faith and to get as high as we can.

When our faith is up there, no matter what we face, we have the blessed assurance that God will see us through. The faith that is up the ladder is mustard seed on steroids. We are given a mustard seed of faith when we accept Jesus as our Savior and it is up to us to water the seed or to let it shrink. Shrinkage happens when we don’t know anything about our spiritual lives. When we let things happen and we passively live our lives, the seed gets smaller. As our seed of faith gets smaller, so does our vision of God. We are children of the living God and we have to give our faith a chance to live and to grow. Today you and I can decide to magnify our vision of the Lord so we can proudly say that we believe without a doubt that our God is bigger than anything. He is bigger than the enemy and his agents. He is bigger than all difficulties.

Our God is more powerful than any adversity and any bad predicaments. He doesn’t get stomped and He is never puzzled. He is not like us. He doesn’t think like us. We should work on thinking more like Him and on sharing the mind of Christ. When we feed our faith some great manna from Heaven, our God stands strong in our minds and in our hearts. The truth is that He always stands strong. Our reality at times is that He is nowhere to be seen or He is not strong enough to reverse our circumstances. That is not true. We can live in the truth and it will set us free. The truth of the Gospel can set us free from a limited mindset and from fear, anxiety and worry. When we know that our God is big and unbeatable, we live worry-free and we stay in peace.

Friend, your God is much bigger than you will ever know but you can get to know Him enough to enjoy His goodness and His faithfulness. Your faith in Him can grow and it will grow as you take the right steps. Stay in the Word no matter what. Pray as much as you can. Pour your heart out to the Lord. Prick up your ears and listen to His love and to His wisdom. Stay up to date in your faith by staying filled with hope. God Almighty is on your side all the time. Don’t look at how big the giants are in your life. Tell those giants how big your God is. He cannot be defeated. Stay in faith. Keep going and keep trusting the God of the impossible. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 2:10-16; 1 Peter 1:13

Whatever you ask for in prayer

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”* Jesus spoke those words. Jesus gave us an important key to receiving what we pray for. He told us that when we pray, we have to pray in faith. We can’t pray and hope that maybe things will change. We can’t pray and wish for the best with our fingers crossed. We can’t pray and roll the dice and expect things to go according to fate. When we pray, we should expect things to unfold according to faith. Faith tells us that we have what we pray for before we see it. Faith sees a whole different realm that our natural eyes can’t see. Faith says “I want it because God wants it for me. I believe I can have it in Jesus’ name and it is mine.” Faith and prayer together form a strong alliance that defies the odds. The enemy has plans for us and prayer can change those plans. When we pray according to God’s will and we know that our prayers are answered, they will be answered in the physical as well. Today I want to encourage you to pray in the name of Jesus and to believe that He hears you, that He is acting on your behalf and that you have what you claim in His name.

I discovered this verse as a kid. I remember that some churches were criticizing believers who stood on that verse calling them the faith movement. They found fault with that movement because the members of that faith group had more faith than they did I believe. They thought that praying and believing that we received what we asked for was too far-fetched. However, these are the words of Jesus. Jesus is the author of our faith and He tells us that if we believe, we shall receive. The problem is that we have departed from such verses and we have focused on other parts of the Bible which is not wrong but we can’t deny what Jesus says. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. He knows what He is talking about. He knows how faith works. He knows how we can get answers to our prayers. The answer is in our prayers. The answer is in how we pray. He declared that praying with faith would get the job done. The goal is to develop faith. The goal is to trust that God can give us what we ask. Prayer is crucial because it allows us to hear from God and to talk to Him. It also allows us to make our requests known. Our requests matter to God. He knows what we need but He wants to hear from us.

What requests is Jesus referring to here? Can we ask God anything we want? We can but He will only honor the requests that align with His will and that are in our best interest. I have prayed to God for things that I thought I needed and I have never received them. I felt like I had enough faith and I kept expecting those things to come into my life. Looking back I can see that what I wanted could have hurt me and it could have damaged my relationship with God. God won’t give us anything that will separate us from Him. His will is that we get to know Him better and that we become close to Him. If what you are asking today is going to put some distance between you and God, don’t expect to get your requests fulfilled. Jesus wants us to pray with faith and to pray for our needs to be met in His name. He deserves all the glory and we should respect Him and honor Him in our requests as well. If you are praying for something today, remember that whatever you ask for in prayer can be yours in Jesus’ name. Be sure that your request is in line with His Word and ask without doubting. Ask with the confidence that God can give you what you need. Jesus promised that it would be yours. Take Him at His word. He is faithful. Pray in peace and pray in faith. God will answer you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Mark 11:24*; Matthew 21:22; 1 john 5:14-15

The power of your testimony

I have noticed that when I talk to people about what the Lord has done for me or what He is doing for me, it gives a boost to my faith. I also sense something very extraordinary on the inside. The peace of the Lord is amplified and the presence of the Lord is stronger. I have the same experience when I praise the Lord. The Bible tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. It is such a powerful truth. Active praise causes the Lord to show up so to speak. He is always around but He is revealed more to us in certain circumstances. Talking about Jesus, sharing our testimonies and lifting the Lord up in front of others causing Him to show up more. There is power in our testimonies. God does amazing things in our lives and we should be sharing them with the world. There is someone out there that needs to hear what you and I have to say about the Lord. Today I want to encourage you to share your testimony. Share Jesus with someone. Pray about the best way to be an effective witness and speak about the Lord following what He is telling you to share. You don’t have to preach. You don’t always have to use words. Let the love of the Lord in you do all the speaking. Let your actions testify to the goodness of the Lord. Share what God puts on your heart and let someone know that God is doing wonders in your life and He can do wonders in their lives too.

What happens when you speak about what the Lord is doing in your life? First you acknowledge that He is active in your life and you recognize His hand. It is easy to miss what the Lord does in our lives if we are too focused on ourselves. There are many blessings around us that we can miss. Making it a point to see what God does and to talk about it is a great way to praise the Lord. When we speak about God’s goodness in our lives, we praise Him and we exalt Him. He deserves all our praise and all our attention. I suggest spending time every day going over what God is doing for you. Make a list of the small things and the big things. You can journal and write these things down and you can meditate on them. Whatever works best for you is fine as long as you keep God’s blessings alive in your mind and you don’t take them for granted. Once you have the awareness of God acting in your life, you should talk about it. Choose your audience wisely. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who needs to hear what you have to say. It might be uncomfortable at times but you will be surprised by how receptive people are but some of them will never admit that they needed to hear what you said and that’s ok.

There is power in our words. Power that gives life and power that destroys. Always choose life and you can choose to give life to great things when you choose to talk about God’s goodness. The Bible invites us to keep what we say positive and being vocal witnesses to the Lord’s love and power is a great way to keep our words positive. Jesus is the life that so many people need. Your words can turn people’s nightmares into good dreams. Your words can influence people’s thinking in a positive way. Your testimony can inspire others. Your testimony can touch lives. Your testimony can help people heal. Your testimony can show someone the light. Your testimony can comfort and encourage someone. Your testimony can teach valuable lessons and give someone the gentle push they need. Your testimony can save lives. Your testimony can help someone receive the love they need. Don’t underestimate the power of your testimony. Ask the Holy Spirit to use you. Let Him know that you want to be a vessel of love, peace and hope. He will do great things through your testimony. Speak about what the Lord is doing in your life. Be a spokesperson for hope. Spread the Good Word. You never know who needs to hear your testimony. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:  Psalm 9:1; Acts 4:33; Revelation 12:11

When God gets in the way

I love saying that Jesus gets in the way of what gets in our way. He is the barrier that prevents bad things from festering and from getting worse. He got in the way of death by dying and coming back from the dead. That Cross, that blessed Cross is what got in the way. It stood there and stopped the enemy in its tracks. It is a lot more powerful than it appeared at first. Jesus did the impossible. He went where no one had been able to go before. He got cursed for us. He bought us our salvation. If you are saved, see Jesus’ act as the one act that got in the way of your spiritual death. You were going to perish but Jesus stood in the way. He made a way for you. A way that took you away from eternal perdition. Today the Lord still gets in the way. When you have faith in Him, He intervenes and stands in the way of what is bothering you. He stands there and takes you on a detour. You might have been headed the wrong way. The enemy’s plan might have derailed your life with trials and tribulations but Jesus can get in the way. Just because it looks like you are going to hit rock bottom or you are on a path of problems and difficulties doesn’t mean that things can’t change. Jesus can change the way your life goes. Trust that He is the way maker who gets in the way and creates a better way. Today I want to encourage you to follow God’s way. Every time you face adversity or any type of opposition, oppose the enemy by declaring that your God will get in the way and He will make things right.

I can think of many situations when Jesus got in the way of my problems. One of the many things He does beautifully is get in the way of fear and anxiety. When stress is riding my head and driving me crazy, I praise Jesus. I oppose the enemy by praising Jesus. At first my mind is not on board and it resists but then the praises flow out of my mouth and the Lord shows up. He sweeps away the fear. He stands in the way of worry and gives me peace. It always works. Jesus is faithful. When you call on Him, He answers. He always shows up. He always cleans up the mess. He is so good and so loving. Give Him a chance to get in the way of your fears. Praise Him and thank Him. When anxiety comes, thank the Lord for His goodness. Thank Him for getting in the way. He will alleviate the pain that stress creates in your life and He will reroute your thinking.

I have also been in situations where there seemed to be no way out. I had no clue how I was going to get out of those circumstances. However, when I pray there is always a way. You see, when we pray, we decide that God can do something about our predicament. We give Him control. We let Him step into our lives and make a change. Praying with faith moves the hand of God. Praying with faith gets God in the way of our dilemma. God can do more than we can imagine so when we pray we should humbly ask Him to do what He does best. I have witnessed the love of God on many occasions before I even prayed. His grace and mercy are incredible. As believers, we can expect God to bless us and to carry us. We need to hang on to faith and hold on tight. God will get in the way in the most unusual way. He is going to do that for you, friend. Trust that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and believe that His way is always the best way. The way things are now is not the end of the road. Jesus is at the end of your road directing you toward a better outcome, a better ending. The enemy doesn’t have the final say. God does. Things are going to turn around for you. Jesus is getting in the way of your problems. Praise Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:16; John 14:6; Acts 4:12

Jesus is the way

Where there seems to be no way, Jesus makes a way. Think about how the world was before the Lord came in the flesh and died for us. There was no way out of eternal turmoil. We needed salvation. We needed deliverance. We needed peace. We needed love to win against the evil in the world. Jesus came and made a way. No one else could do what He did. He conquered death. He conquered the world. He came and changed the course of history. Jesus made a way for us to the Father. He came and reconciled the world with the Lord. He came and became the bridge for the gap that had set us apart. He came and He sacrificed Himself so we could have life in abundance. He came and He gave us life. Jesus made a way when there was no hope for peace, no hope for freedom, no hope for a change in the world. Today I am here to tell you that Jesus is still making a way. You might be stuck. You might be lost. You might be depressed and discouraged. You might not see a way out but Jesus is the way. He is the way out of your suffering. He is the way out of your mental jail. He is the way out of your nightmare. Let Him wake you up and show you the way. There is a way for you and it is made possible by the Savior of the world. Jesus is making a way for you today. Follow Him out of your misery. Let Him lead you to a place of peace. Let Him show you the way.

I have gone through seasons when there seemed to be no way. I have experienced terrible winters in the middle of summer. I have seen storms come out of nowhere and all I could do was pray and hope for the best. All I could do was get on my knees and cry out to God. Since I have become a closer friend to the Lord, my cries out to Him have become part of my routine but they are not desperate. My heart cries out and knows that I am being heard. Jesus comes to my rescue. Jesus through His amazing Spirit, reminds me that He is the way. He tells me that my prayers are not in vain and He has already answered them. There is a new confidence that comes with faith. When we have faith that the Lord hears us, we can sleep at night even when there is a tornado in the making. Jesus can still calm the storms and I have learned that He will always make a way through the worst weather conditions when we hold on to Him and we lift Him up. My reflex is praise. I praise the One who is my way out. I start praising Him more when the enemy starts pressuring me. I do praise Him all the time. Friend, don’t wait until things get more complicated in your head. Turn on the switch of praise. Recognize the source of your deliverance. Declare that Jesus is still the way today. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make a way out.

Jesus is definitely still the way today. He said that He was the way, the truth and the life. We are all set. We have the answer to all our problems. We have the solution. We have the win. We have the power to make it. Jesus is the way we need today and tomorrow. Let’s stay strong in Him. Let’s keep our eyes on the way out. Let’s celebrate His love for us and let’s keep Him up on a pedestal. Jesus will make a way where there seems to be absolutely no way. Meditate on that. What does that mean for your life? How is that making a difference today? The world will tell you that you won’t make it. The world will want you to give up. The Lord wants you to rejoice and to see the Way. The Lord will show you the victory and He will carry you to the finish line. There is a way, friend. Jesus will always be the way. Don’t lose hope. Gain faith. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Ephesians 2:18

Do not worry about anything

“Do not worry about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7) How often do we need to hear this verse? How often do we need to be reminded of that truth? I would say every day for me. I need a daily reminder and daily assurance from God. I need to hear Him say that I have no reason to worry and that when I turn to Him, He turns my mind into a playground of hope and peace. I think worry is the number one spiritual foe of the believers. Worry is the opponent the enemy uses the most against Christians. Worry works with doubt and they destroy our faith so the enemy wants all of us to worry about something. We worry about big things and small things and as long as we worry, we are under that yoke of the enemy. Worry is sneaky and it can come in through a tiny crack in our lives or it can walk into our minds through big negative thoughts. No matter what form and shape worry takes on, it is to be banned from our lives. How can this ban be put in place? The Lord tells us to pray. We ought to go to Him and make our petitions known. Our petitions are the requests that we have about anything that is causing us to worry. God never tells us to think and overthink in order to solve our problems but that seems to be our default reaction. It’s time we changed our inner settings and put in new applications. We need to apply the Word of God and listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say. If you are worried about something today, the Holy Spirit is encouraging you not to worry but to lean on the Lord and to trust Him. Pray!

I used to worry about everything. I was always quiet because there was a dialogue inside my head between negative thoughts and myself. It was a constant battle that I rarely won. Negative thoughts had established residency in my mind and they were very comfortable there. They didn’t want to leave and I had no idea there was a way to make them go away. Then I met Jesus and things started changing. It took me years before I understood that I had to renew my mind with the Word of God and with the help of the Holy Spirit. I discovered that prayer impacted me in a great and positive way. Prayer was my mind renewing technique. The more I prayed, the more I heard from God and the less power the negative thoughts had over me. Prayer transformed me. Prayer got me closer to God. Prayer spoke to me or better said, prayer helped me listen to God. I made some requests to God and waited for my answers but the Lord would keep my attention by talking to me during prayer time. He was interested in my requests and I know He still is but He wanted that time to be a time when I would listen. That is what prayer means to me now. It means letting my requests be known and listening to the Holy Spirit. He is eloquent and He is amazing. He always encourages me and tells me no to worry and not to fear. He quotes His Word and puts my worries to rest. Pray, dear friend and you will experience a positive change in your thinking and in your heart.

My prayer requests are accompanied by thanksgiving. I take the time to be grateful for what I have and for what God is doing for me and I thank Him for what is coming in my life. I also praise during prayer. Praise is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons that we have. Praise kills worry. Praise brings peace. Praise is key. Praise is a game changer. If you don’t praise every day, I strongly recommend that you do. You might think that you don’t have time. I understand that your schedule might be full but adding praise to your busy routine is not a waste of time. It will be the best time of the day once it is a regular occurrence. Praise and your situation will improve. Praise and you will receive the peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding. Praise and miracles will flow into your life. Pray to God and make your requests known. Listen to God. Thank God, praise God and the worries that have been harassing you will leave. The Holy Spirit will give you the power to defeat worry. Stay in the Lord. Stay strong and use the weapons the Lord gave you so that worry doesn’t have a hold on you anymore. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:25; 2 Thessalonians 3:16

God can fix your problems

I was getting nuggets of wisdom yesterday and it felt like the Lord was gently bombarding me with words of encouragement that deeply touched me. He spoke about how He can change things instantly. He doesn’t always do it that way but He can. He can change our lives in an instant. He can erase our heavy past and give us His peace and hope. He can reverse the course of time and put us on a better path. One of the nuggets talked about how God can accomplish more in one minute than the devil can ruin in a lifetime. Think about that! Our God is that good. He has the power to do anything. What He does and what He gives is always very amazing. Even when He seems to be working slowly in our lives, He chooses the slower path because it is the best way for us. He knows what He is doing all the time. We are the ones who need to get on His page and respect His pace. God can reverse the worst situations and heal the worst wounds. He can make us smile again and He can make us hope again. Today I want to encourage you to trust God to reverse your current situation. Whatever you are going through right now can be fixed. God can fix all your problems and give you a better life. Trust Him. He is excellent at what He does.

God can fix your problems. He can! He said, “Come to Me those of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” When you have problems, the first thing God wants to do for you is give you peace. It is very difficult to function without peace and to have a strong spiritual balance when we are weary and burdened. With God, rest comes first because He knows how crucial it is for us. If you are facing problems today, go to God and ask for peace. Ask Him to give you rest. Unload your burdens on Him and let Him carry them. You are not supposed to be carrying these burdens. You are not supposed to fight these battles alone. You are not supposed to live in fear and be weak. You can have strength and you can have the ability to go through whatever you are going through with peace and confidence. Confide in God and He will cover you and bless you. Remember, God will fight your battles. He will take care of you and He will reverse your situation. Don’t do it all alone. You need Him. He is there for you!

God can truly fix any problem you might have. Think of your problems as the Red Sea. They can appear to be gigantic and too much for you to handle. God can still part the seas and He is going to do just that for you. You are like the Israelites. You have enemies. Your problems are your enemies but God will save you from them. He will give you a path to go through your trials without a drop of that troubled sea falling on you. The Egyptians might be trying to attack you now but God is on your side. He is going to fight your battles for you. Find peace in Him. Trust Him. Declare that He is acting on your side. He can change everything just like that. It doesn’t matter how much the enemy has ruined your life. God will fix everything and He will give you even more than you had. He will fix and improve your life. He is that kind of God. He is the God of miracles and nothing can stop Him. Don’t be intimidated by the problems before you. God is with you. Something great is going to happen to you thanks to the Lord. Rejoice. Stay in peace. Stay strong. God is going to win and His love will prevail. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:1-3;  Matthew 11:28-30; John 7:37