Don’t forget that God is supernatural

Sometimes, or I should say many times, God surprises me. He does something that is out of the ordinary and my whole world is shaken in a great way. I experience earth shuttering moments where all seems to stand still and God can express His love in a manner that can’t be missed. Yesterday I was sitting at work and I felt an avalanche of peace and joy. It was like a steady stream of waters of bliss. I bathed in that joy and I rejoiced in that peace. It was unprecedented and it was unparalleled. It was not because of my circumstances. There was nothing special going on. There was just “God going on” and His presence was enough. The stream of His presence was strong and it was calming. I loved it. It gave me a huge boost and it helped me face the day. It was as if there was an army with me everywhere I went. It was an army of God’s warriors. Peace and joy were leading that army and love was another leader of that powerful infantry. It was very supernatural and it underlined God’s extraordinary character. He is supernatural. He transcends the natural and He is beyond and above everything. Our problems and our trials are very much in the realm of the natural. They can be so bad that they are tangible. We feel their weight and the pain and sorrow they cause can cut like a knife. God is the response to anything that happens in the natural and His response is supernatural. Remember that when you have God on your side, you have the Creator of the universe who is not limited by the natural. His supernatural abilities can crash into your natural difficulties and change the course of time. Today I want to remind you that your God is not only supernatural but He always intervenes in your life in a supernatural way.

Defining God as being supernatural is describing His nature and presenting a picture that is very accurate. I believe there is a need to see that picture and to understand with our hearts and minds that the Lord we cherish is bigger than the natural. We ought to develop faith in His abilities and in His supernatural nature. Jesus said that He couldn’t perform miracles where people didn’t believe in Him. This is still true today. If we don’t believe that God is supernatural and He is the God of miracles, we won’t see many miracles take place. Our faith can heal us and it is our faith in the mighty Savior that gets the job done. Without faith we can’t please God. Without faith we can’t know God. Without faith we can’t apprehend God. Without faith signs and wonders are not around. It’s time we trusted that the God of the Bible, the God who can do all things is still willing and able to do the most amazing things in the world and out of this world. We need to have a spirit of expectancy. A spirit of hoping for supernatural things to happen. We shouldn’t be after that and go to God just for the supernatural but we should be aware of them and open to them. That is when things flow into our lives and we receive the fruit of the Spirit that surpasses all understanding and blessings that are out of this world.

What I felt yesterday was more than feelings and more than an emotional lift. It was a realization, an awakening to God’s best, God’s love, God’s peace and God’s presence. I was humble and touched by the whole experience who lasted all day and it was just what I needed to see happen. Thursdays are my low days. Low energy and low motivation are a big part of my Thursday but yesterday they were nowhere to be found and that is what makes it supernatural because in the natural I was beat and I was overworked but God’s love and power met my needs and took care of them and His presence was made strong. It took me back to that Saturday morning when the glory of God was so vibrant in my bedroom that I couldn’t stop weeping and I was face down on the floor, lying down and praising Him. I kept saying “If only people only knew.” If only people only knew how majestic and amazing He is. Nothing special led to this glorious morning. I had not received good news or there was nothing in particular to look forward to. It was Jesus. Only Jesus. Nothing in the natural but His love that is supernatural clothed me that morning and it was an extremely powerful experience. Thank God that He is supernatural and that nothing in the natural can get in the way and He can make a way through the worst problems. Don’t forget that God is supernatural! Whatever you are facing today can’t win against the God of the supernatural!

Suggested reading: Matthew 28:18; Hebrews 4:12; 1 John 5:14


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