Being an imitator of God

You have probably heard the saying that you are the only Bible that some people will ever read. Yesterday I mentioned how I had been to places where no one knew about God or the image they had of God was erroneous. How do most people find out about God? They hear about Him. They are told who God is. They get notions of God through their upbringing. Someone has given them information about God. This could be good or it could be bad. It depends on how the information was acquired. It depends on human filters. We all have our own  filters. What I decided years ago was to know God for myself. It happened at a time when I couldn’t find a church where I was getting fed. Church happened at home. I loved having church at home and I got into the habit of having church every day. It did influence my way of thinking and my way of seeing God. I had my own Bible studies. Reading the Word of God was reading a sacred text that the Spirit of God helped bring to life. Every page was on fire. Every verse was good meditation material. Every chapter was full of treasures. I sought God’s face and I was determined to know Jesus directly for myself.


God did not call us to be imitators of the world but imitators of the Lord. It is when we follow other people that we can get into trouble. We have amazing role models in the church. I think it is important to listen to their preaching and their sermons. We get fed beautifully that way but when we start putting these people on a pedestal, we are in for a bad surprise. No one should take the place of Jesus in our lives. He should always be the example and the source of our inspiration. We are the only Bible that some people will ever read so we ought to give them the Jesus version of the Bible and not the superstar preacher version. It’s the preacher’s message we should meditate on and not his or her lifestyle we should focus on. We can get great tips for living from them but they are not God. I remember hearing a woman in church who said that if only she could get to the pastor, her life would change completely. She had her hopes in a man who was a great preacher but she expected too much from him. She saw him as a savior of sorts. This happens a lot. We lift up people in places of spiritual authority and give them titles that only belong to God.


I am not blaming that woman. I used to be that way. I totally understand it. There was an amazing Christian singer that I loved. His music touched my soul. His lyrics were melody to my heart and his worship style took me to a high place of adoration. Then I saw the man on social media and was introduced to his human side. The spiritual part was gone. He was somebody just like anyone else and if I had let myself go down a bad rabbit hole, I would have found myself judging him for being “so human.” It turned me off and I started seeing his music differently until the Lord showed me that Jesus should be the center and that this man was a vessel for Him. He pointed out that I should listen to the man’s message and not glorify the messenger. Listen to the message, don’t adore the messenger.


What is your message to the world every day? What kind of Bible are you to the world? Have you thought about that? The best messages are the ones that come from God. Be the vessel that is receiving directly from God. God can use many sources to get revelation to you. Praise Him for the resources but don’t worship the messengers unless it is the Holy Spirit. Give people credit for how they impact you and help you. Thank God for those people and bless them but never put them above the Lord. See Jesus as the model. See Jesus as the One you should be imitating. Learn about Him in His Word and partner up with His Spirit. You will be the Bible so many people long to read. Your life can be a great message. God can use you to touch lives. Be the Book of Love that people haven’t read yet. Be the source of peace that the Lord made you to be. Be the Bible people need to read. Follow the Lord and people will follow Him through you.

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 11:1; Ephesians 5:1-2; 1 Peter 2:21




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