Hope in Jesus

I talk about hope a lot because God is a God of hope. I didn’t know that when the God I was familiar with was a God of religion and restrictions. I was always under the impression that hope was limited to a few privileged believers in God. Isn’t that sad? Some of the doctrines I subscribed to were very dismissive and void of hope. They focused on being pious and on getting rewards from God based on what I did right. Every time I made a mistake, I felt guilty and unworthy. There was no real hope for redemption or for salvation to tell you the truth. I completely misunderstood what God was all about and I had no hope. I didn’t believe that things could get better in my life. I did my best to please God but hope was never something I experienced. This all changed once I got in touch with the real God.

I got in touch with God by entering into His gates through Jesus. Jesus became my doorway to God, my doorway to Heaven and my doorway to the truth. One of the first things that stood out about Jesus was how much hope He gave me. The more I got to know Him, the more I was filled with hope. First, there was hope for salvation. I became aware of His salvation and of His role in the whole process. He had died on the cross for my sins and I could receive salvation through Him. He was the guardian of all good things and hope was part of them. When you encounter Jesus, you can’t help but become hopeful. Life takes on a new meaning. You are in the presence of hope and it changes your perspective and your outlook on life.

If you are looking for hope today, remember that it is still alive and well and you can always find hope in Jesus. Don’t look at your hopeless circumstances. Change your focus and look at Jesus. Spend time reading about Him and talking to Him. He will give you hope. You will discover that He is the hope of the world and that with Him everything is possible. With Him, life is not a series of failures and defeats. With Him, life is a series of challenges that get resolved and defeats that get defeated. Yes, Jesus will defeat your defeats. Isn’t that amazing? He will turn your worst situations into blessings and rivers of hope will flow through your life.

There is nothing that the Lord can’t change and nothing He can’t fix. When you have Jesus, you have the best chance to make it. He is a situation changer. He is a hope giver and His hope is never in vain. He doesn’t fake His hope and His promises. He keeps His promises and one of them is to give you hope to get through anything in life. You have the Savior of the world in you and with you and hope is never going to leave you. You might lose sight of it. You might forget about it. You might not believe in it but it doesn’t mean that hope is not there. It is always there and it always fulfills its purpose. Hope’s purpose is to confirm God’s goodness and it is a great witness to His faithfulness.

When you hope in Jesus, you hope in love, life-changing power and endless possibilities. You never know what God can do in your life when you have His hope in you. He can stretch possibilities and multiply blessings. He can reverse the course of your life and put you on a path where peace and joy will be strewn all over the place. God’s path for your life is paved with hope. Every step of the way you should believe there is hope. Every step of the way you should keep in mind that things are not the way they look but they are the way the Lord says they are. Faith will help you walk through the worst valleys and climb the highest mountains. The King of hope will carry you through everything and you will be able to overcome the most difficult circumstances.

Jesus is the hope you need today and you will never be disappointed when you fix your eyes on Him and you refuse to succumb to the world’s problems. Problems will never go away but neither will Jesus and if you have Jesus, you have all you need. If you have Jesus, you have all you need. Keep your hopes up. Keep your hopes in Jesus. Keep walking and trusting and you will never go astray. Hope is a blessing that will always walk by your side. Stay strong. Stay encouraged and stay hopeful. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Psalm 16:9; Jeremiah 17:7; Romans 5:5


God’s light

When I got eye surgery, my life completely changed. I went from having to wear contacts or glasses all the time to be being able to see all the time without any assistance. It was like night and day. I never thought that I could ever see that clearly without glasses. It was as if I had stepped into a new dimension. Everything looked so real and so true. It is hard to explain but what I can say is that it was one of the best moments of my life in terms of transformation. However, the best moment of my life, hands down, was when I got saved. It was a similar experience but on a much higher level. I went from being spiritually blind to being able to see the light. I had lived in darkness for a while. I had had glimpses of hope and glimpses of who the Lord was all about but those glimpses didn’t compare to the real thing. They were nice previews that gave me a reason to pursue Jesus. Those insights into who the Lord was were like contacts and lenses that allowed me to see the truth for a short time. When I got saved, the light became permanent and I was able to see what I had been missing my whole life. The light of the Lord is such a powerful tool in our lives and we should never underestimate it. We should cherish God’s light and His truth and keep walking in it with our spiritual eyes wide open.

The Word of God is a lamp into our feet. His Word is the lamp that can guide us into all things. We can never stay in the dark when we follow the lamp of the Lord. We should actually spend a lot of time in His Word so we can be enlightened and filled with wisdom. The amount of darkness that is in the world is huge and we need to work against so many principalities and powers. The power to counteract those evil forces is only found in the Lord and His Word gives us instructions on how to stay in His light and how to avoid the traps of darkness. When I read the Word of God, it is like a light is turned on and I can see into some of the mysteries of God. This happens when I read and study the Word prayerfully. When I get in sync with the Spirit of God, His Word comes alive and I dive into the wonderful world of our Savior. I love spending time in the Word especially when the world is so chaotic. I find peace and I find joy when I am in the Word. I strongly encourage you to make it a habit to turn on the light of the Lord and to stay under the rays of His great love. His light will refresh you and invigorate you. It will open your eyes and it will close the doors to the darkness that tries to mislead you. God’s light is the truth that you need to be set free so embrace His light, embrace His Word.

When someone turns on a light, darkness scatters. Some people would say that darkness disappears and I love that idea as well. God, the light, can make your darkness disappear when you turn on His light. Your enemies, your fears and your doubts will scatter when you turn on the light of the Lord. How do you turn it on? Like I mentioned earlier, the Word of God is the light you need and being familiar with it is crucial. Making sure that the Word of God has an important part in your life is extremely helpful. Jesus brings light and He is the light so daily communion with Him also allows you to turn on the light that will always set you free. Jesus will not only give you insights into who He is and how He made you but He will teach you how to live a fulfilling life in Him. He is the light that keeps on giving more light so don’t expect Him to ever be extinguished in your life. He is always on. You might have to adjust how you connect with Him but He is always on and always ready to shine in your life. He is like that permanent contact lens that enables you to see clearly at all times. Jesus will help you deal with all forms of spiritual blindness so stick to Him and stay close to Him. He is the best light you will ever find. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading:Psalm 119:105; Proverbs 6:23; 2 Peter 1:19

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 166)

“Never get stuck on one miracle from the past. Expect a life of miracles with Me” says the Lord.

God would rather give you 1 million reasons to trust Him than put 1 million dollars in your bank account.

Be expectant but don’t be impatient. God will deliver His promises at the right time. There is no delay and He hasn’t lost track of time. He will show up in an amazing way. Be patient!

Don’t try to be famous. Don’t try to be in the limelight. Strive to be in God’s light. Fame will go away. Millions of likes will not matter in Heaven. Strive to make Jesus famous. Keep Him in the limelight. Shine His light into the world. Humble yourself and lift Him up!

Take “Jesus breaks” every day. Take a break and drink from the Living Water. Jesus, the Living Water, will quench your spiritual thirst.

When you trust God and things don’t turn out the way you planned, it means it wasn’t God’s plan for you. Your plans are not always going to match His. Remember that His plans are better. Period. Wait for them to come to pass.

Don’t try to help God do what He does best. He is in control and He always knows what to do. He doesn’t need your help and your advice. Let God be God all the time!

If you keep worrying about things, you are a part time believer. God calls us to be full time. He can help us with our faith and make us be complete in Him.

On the map of life, pin down God as your source for everything. Your source for every need and every battle. He is all over the map and He can bless you all over your life.

The plans you have made for tomorrow might rival the plans God has for you today. Enjoy the present and let God take care of tomorrow.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:9; Job 42:2; Ephesians 2:10

Declare your victory

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Speak of it. Let it be your reality because it is the Lord’s reality. Your victory might not materialize today but it is here in the name of Jesus and you can talk about it as a fait accompli. In the Lord’s eyes it is a done deal. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do for you and when you bring your problems to Him, solutions is all He sees. Victory is all He knows. Winning is in His DNA and deliverance is always available. Let me say it again. With the Lord Jesus Christ, deliverance is always available. It won’t come to the earth tomorrow, nor today but it came “yesterday.” How come you may wonder? It all happened on the cross. It all happened when He conquered death. “It is done”, He said. It all happened a long time ago but the manifestation of it is on its way. 

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Declare that what is bothering you today was dealt with by the Lord yesterday. Declare that every battle was won and every defeat was reversed. Every curse was removed and every wound was healed. Declare what Jesus did and what life is all about when He is your Lord. God sent His Son and His amazing sacrifice turned an ugly beginning into a beautiful ending. This victory is coming into your life so hang on. Hold on tight and be strong. There is nothing that is going to prevent this change in your life from taking place. The forces of darkness will try their best and it will look like they have won but at the eleventh hour, justice will be served. God will show up when you least expect it and He will prove that He is true to His Word. The victory is His and you are going to benefit from it.

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. Let your words and your action demonstrate that you believe that the victory is yours. Jesus bought it and now you are reaping from it. Declare that Jesus is the purveyor of your victory and that it can only happen thanks to Him. Refuse to bow down to the crazy ideas of the enemy when he whispers fear and worry into your ears. Turn a deaf ear to his suggestions and stay grounded in the Lord. You are grounded in victory because of the One who paid the price for you. Make a statement that all your fears, your problems and your worries can hear. Let them take it all in. Let them understand that your God is mighty and that He will never let you down. The victory is His and He is sharing it with you.

Declare your victory. Declare your victory through the Lord. It is over. The battle has been won and you are on the winning team. Your captain did all the work. The head of the Body did all the work. Your leader did all the work. The Lord did all the work and your faith is getting you to see it before your eyes can actually experience it. Sing about the Lord’s victory. Sing and rejoice that the Lord loved you so much that He gave His life for you and for humanity. Declare that His victory is a win for love and a slap in the face of hate. Take the time to enjoy today knowing that tomorrow is taken care of and that the Lord’s victory will shine as bright as it did on that cross. Declare your victory and be sure to say that it was made possible by the God of the impossible!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:9-10

Doubt your doubts and kick your fears

Doubt, worry and fear are some of my recurrent topics because they keep showing up in our lives and their intensity can drive us crazy. What I am going to explain today is something very practical that I have been trying to put into practice for a while. I have been more consistent with it recently and it has paid off a great deal. It all started during prayer time a while ago. Prayer time is truly where most inspiration and encouragement take place. It is that time when I am all ears and the Lord seems louder than ever. What would I do if I didn’t have that communion time with the Lord every day? When I was praying, I heard “Doubt your doubts and don’t own them.” I liked the sound of that message and I spent time exploring what it meant. The enemy has an array of lies that he feeds us. His lies are so present at times that they become what we believe and they create a system of fear that is hard to get out of. The lies of the enemy are vicious. He knows how we think, how we react and what we love and value. He will often target what’s precious to us. Why? The Bible says he is here to steal. 


Thieves usually steal what’s valuable. Think about the valuables in your life. Think in terms of people and not just things. The enemy will do what he can to steal the peace and the joy you have surrounding those people. He can cause conflicts and strife or he can hurt your loved ones. He makes it acceptable for us to worry about the ones we love. There will always be a bit of worry but being worried sick about the people we love is not how the Lord wants us to live. With worry comes doubt. The enemy tries to make us doubt that God will help us and that He can fix our lives or protect our loved ones. Those doubts are poisonous because they erode our faith and with a hollow faith, it is hard to trust God and to even communicate with Him. The evil plan of the enemy is to separate us from the Lord and from His Word. He doesn’t care if we read the Word but if we apply it, he’s in trouble.


When the Lord indicated that I should doubt my doubts, He was telling me to reject the doubts that had been ingrained in my mind. He said I should challenge whatever is challenging my faith. That message revolutionized the way I handle doubts and fears. How do you doubt your doubt? When you doubt something, you feel uncertain about it. You defy its validity and you challenge the truth that it holds. Now, doubting your doubts means that you feel uncertain about them. You are not sure they are valid and you challenge them by imposing another truth on top of them. Choose the truth of the Word of God and impose it upon your doubts. What I learned is that I needed to rebuke the doubts by talking to them and by verbally challenging them. 


When a negative thought pops into my mind, I talk to it. I say “No, this is not true. The Lord said He is with me all the time and He won’t let me down. I will not fail. He can’t fail so I will succeed.” At times I have to work hard and really push the doubts out of my belief system. The Word of God is my weapon and I don’t hesitate to use it. I keep it close all the time and I threaten doubts with it. Take a stand against doubts today and refuse to take them at face value. Don’t own the doubts. Don’t believe they belong to you. They come from the enemy. We say we have our doubts and they sound like they are coming from our hearts but they were put there by the most negative agent. Dissociate from him and let those doubts go back to where they came from. Don’t buy into them because you were bought for a price on the cross of freedom. The cross where the lies of the enemy stopped and new life came into play.


When it comes to kicking fears, speaking the Word of God over my situation helps a great deal as well. Fear is the opposite of faith so I make declarations of faith and I even say that fear doesn’t belong here. Fear has no place here. My house is not a refuge for fear. It is a stronghold of faith and fear has no access to my house. There is an alarm system that goes off when fear tries to get in. The Holy Spirit is the alarm that reminds me to stay in faith. Don’t take the power of your positive confession for granted. You can speak against fear and against doubt. You can call things as if they were a certain way even when they seem or feel different. That is how faith speaks. Fear expresses itself through our feelings and emotions. It is very “flesh-based.” Faith expresses itself despite our feelings and emotions. It is very God-based. You can kick fears with prayer as well. 


Pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Every word in your prayer is a kick that can put fear back in its place. Give those fears the boot. Resist fear and doubts. I know it’s easier said than done but you can do it with what you choose to tell them. Be active when it comes to the enemy’s lies and don’t let them get rooted in you. They are evil at the core but you have the Holy of holies in you at your core. Greater is the Lord in you than the devil. Have no fear. Don’t buy into the lies. Question what pops into your mind. If it doesn’t agree with the Word of God and with His Spirit, it has to go. Doubt the doubts the opposition is feeding you and kick fear to the curb. The Lord is with you and His Spirit is in you. Let your faith arise in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading:  Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:17; James 4:7

Put on the Word of God every day

Yesterday morning when I was praying I saw myself putting on Jesus. I was putting on a robe that was Jesus. I didn’t see His face or anything but I just knew it was Jesus. I was getting dressed and my outfit was a robe of Jesus. What was also very interesting is that I was standing there and someone was dressing me up. I saw pages of the Bible dressing me up. I was standing there smiling and the Word of God was doing all the work. It was one of those powerful visions that warms your heart and that gives a boost to your faith. I continued to pray and I heard “If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” The Holy Spirit has a beautiful way of reminding us of what the Bible says. He is also the best at giving us the messages we need to hear. There is power in the Word and when we stay in the Word and the Word is what we put on every day, we can walk in faith, in love and in confidence that the Lord is faithful and true. 


God makes everything so much better when we remain in Him. Putting on Jesus implies dying to self and letting Him be in charge. It means not putting on anything else but Him. Not accepting anything else but Him. It’s letting the Word of God cover us and comfort us. It’s giving the Word priority and trusting that it is supreme in our lives. When you put on an outfit, you usually put on something you like and something that fits you. When the Word of God is your spiritual outfit, you like to wear it because you enjoy it and it fits you. The Word can fit anyone. You are no exception, friend. God is for everyone. Jesus died for everyone. Today I want to encourage you to make the Word of God your daily outfit. Put on Jesus and let go of the outfits the world wants you to wear. Let the Bible dress you up with love, peace, patience, joy, self-control, meekness, long-suffering, hope, dedication, perseverance and other good fruit. When Jesus is all you wear, you don’t need to put on anything else!


It does look funny when you see yourself putting on the robe of the Word of God. I saw writings and I saw peace and love in both sleeves. I can’t explain it but it was so real. I love how the Holy Spirit speaks and I love that He always directs us toward Jesus. He said that if we keep the words of the Lord in us, we can ask anything and it will happen. Keeping His words is also staying in line with His words. It’s being in tune with His truth. Now, we need to know the Word in order to be able to let it remain in us. I try to study the Word daily. I know how important it is. Not spending any time in the Word of God is like opening ourselves to wrong doctrines. We won’t have the ability to judge what is from God and what is not. If you are supposed to read a book for school and you don’t read it, you will guess the content based on the title and based on what you have heard about it. 


God doesn’t want us to go by hearsay but by what He says. You might be thinking that you don’t have time for the Word. I suggest making time and rearranging your priorities because the Word of God is life. You can’t do life without the Word. You can’t have a successful life without the Word. You might be chasing millions and making a fortune on Wall Street but without God’s wisdom your riches have no substance. God is His Word. The more you know His Word, the more you know Him. Don’t fool yourself and think you can know God without opening His Word. The God you will end up getting familiar with will be anything but Jesus.


What happens exactly when you put on Jesus or you put on His Word? Your prayers are answered because they are in agreement with the Lord and they are said in faith. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. When His Word remains in you, you are bound to be living in faith. Daily Bible reading, meditating and praying will guarantee growth of your faith. The other beautiful thing about letting God’s Word remain in us is that it makes us disciples of the Lord. It makes us fervent and dedicated disciples. Jesus said that all of this is to His Father’s glory. Embrace the Word of God and let it become a part of you, the biggest part of you and you will be doing it all to God’s glory. It is when we let the Word sink in and come out of us at all times that we are showing ourselves to be disciples of the Lord.


 When the enemy attacks our minds and the Word of God is our natural reply against the attack, we are filled with the power of God. His Word is power. It is a power that bears much fruit as well. When the Lord is in you, you will produce great fruit and you will see that the fruit of the Spirit is growing in you. Putting on the Word of God is also dressing up with love. Love is the best garment we can put on. Put on Jesus and the enemy will flee. Put on Jesus and you will walk in love. Put on Jesus and you will be rooted in the truth. Put on the Word of God every day and you will be dressed for success!

Suggested reading : Psalm 37:4; John 15:7-8; Galatians 5:16

You have a magnet for blessings in you

The Spirit of the Lord dwells in you. God is in you. His presence is in you. It’s up to you to focus on it and let it flourish in your life or you can ignore it, live your own life and miss out on the greatest adventure ever. Life is an adventure and when we decide to be with God, we know that the adventure will end well. We anticipate that there will be ups and downs but the Lord stays with us through thick and thin and He blesses us along the way. Greater is the One who is in us than the one who is in this world. What does the One in us look like? What is He like? Throughout the Bible you see that He is love and that He blesses people. You have a God who has an abundance of blessings living in you. He is the One who makes things possible. I call Him my blessing magnet. He gets good things for me. Not because of who I am but because of who He is. I have a powerful magnet in me and He makes my life so much better!


A magnet is a piece of iron or a material that exhibits the properties of magnetism. It attracts other materials. God is not made of iron but He is more resistant and more solid than anything and anyone. He possesses the properties of magnetism and attracts goodness to Him because He is goodness. He doesn’t bring bad luck. He doesn’t bring luck at all. He provides blessings. God is the biggest blessing there is and He spreads His love. God creates blessings. As the creator of blessings, He has the authority to bring blessings into our lives. He said that if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask anything and it shall be done. Isn’t that a blessing? Now, what does that imply? We know the Holy Spirit dwells in us so why do we have to remain in Him? It’s because like I said earlier, we can deny the Spirit in us. We need to remain in the Lord which means that we need to acknowledge Him, follow Him, talk to Him, pray to Him, exalt Him and cherish Him. He can’t be a once-a-week fascination and a six day-a-week desolation. We can’t praise Him on Sunday and abandon Him the rest of the week. Remaining in the Lord is crucial.


When we follow the Lord and we make Him our priority, we allow His Spirit to express Himself in us. We connect with Him. We become intimate with Him and we stay plugged in. Our words also play a big role in the magnet process. If we keep the Word of God in us and we use it, we will attract the promises of the Lord. They will be manifested in our lives. Our words are powerful. What we say can build us up or bring us down. We should use our words to build up the Lord in us. We should make sure that our words are in sync with His Word and that they honor Him. This is the power of faith in action. When we trust God and His Word is the foundation of our faith, amazing things happen. God meets our needs according to His riches in glory. We all have spiritual needs and God can meet them. We all have material needs and God can meet them. We all have emotional needs and God can meet them. Whatever we need, when we remain in the Lord, we can get it as long as it agrees with His will.


The Spirit of God encourages us to bless others. We are heirs of the Lord and part of His inheritance is His goodness and His kindness. We are blessed so we can bless others. Let’s be sure that people are exposed to the magnet for blessings in us. Let’s share the Lord with others. Let’s speak about His love for everyone and let’s talk about the peace that is at the center of His message to the world. When we give to others, we are blessed. We don’t give so we can be blessed. We give because love enables us to give. It’s not an obligation. It’s an honor to be able to give to others the way the Lord gives. The Lord will bless you and keep you. He will protect you and always love you. Give the gift of eternal love to people in your world by spreading the Word of God. Preach through your demonstration of love. Share without expecting anything in return. Thank the Lord for all the blessings He is bringing into your life and be generous to others. You have a magnet for blessings in you. Reveal Him to the world!

Suggested reading: Luke 6:38-40; John 15:7; 1 John 4:4;

What would God say about your situation?

Have you ever wondered what you would tell God if you could sit down with Him and have a face-to-face conversation? I have thought about that many times. I even had a list of questions prepared that I would rehearse in my head. There was a time when I was very desperate for answers. I said to myself that if I had the chance to sit down with Him, I would show Him my list of needs and ask Him why nothing had been done about it. I was ready to tell God what to do instead of listening to what He had to say. I would show Him my bills and go over some situations that affected me and my loved ones. I would basically tell Him that it was impossible to fix some parts of my life. I was approaching the whole thing the wrong way. Was I expecting Him to say “Yeah, you are right. Things are pretty bad and I can’t fix them”? He would never say that but because doubt was grabbing me by the head, I had some crazy thoughts of a defeated God. God cannot be defeated. God can fix anything. God can restore anything but doubt changes the narrative and makes it hard for us to see God for who He is. If God were to appear today and have a conversation with me, He would talk to me with love and faith. He would not change what He had to say based on my circumstances. He wouldn’t change His promises and who He is just because I was having a hard time. He is true to His Word, He doesn’t waver and He doesn’t panic. I was panicking but that didn’t mean He was as well. Everything the Lord would share with me would be from His Word, straight from His heart and laced in love.


What would God tell you today regarding your current circumstances? He would first tell you how much He loves you. He would put you at ease by just being Himself and He is love. Every word that would come out of His mouth would be dipped in love and wrapped in peace. God would tell you how He sent His only Son to die for you and He would go over the biggest miracle that has ever happened. He would tell you that the resurrection was enough for you. He would enumerate all the situations that were covered by the blood and it would take more days than they are in a year for Him to go over the whole list. He would reassure you and comfort you. He would hug you so tight that your life would be imprinted with this hug of love forever. He would smile and tell you to be of good cheer because He had conquered the world. You would probably focus on your problems and you would want to bring them up one by one. I know I would but He would show you that His grace was sufficient and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


God would show you that you have life in abundance through His Son. He would tell you about “the Jesus life.” The life you should be living now. He would bring awareness to the life that was bought for you on the Cross. It’s a life where Jesus is the priority, where everything revolves around Him and where peace is sovereign. I strongly believe that He would say exactly what you need to hear. If you are really wondering what He would share with you, open your Bible. Pray for the Holy Spirit to direct you to what the Lord has to tell you right now. You will be amazed at what is revealed to you. I did that. I prayed to have my one-on-one conversation with the Lord. Those intimate conversations happen every day now. They start my day, they pop in at different times during the day and they end my day. I spend a good amount of time in the Word of God so I can be more open to what the Lord has to say. The comfort and the encouragement that are placed in my spirit by His Spirit, are the blessings that keep me going. I know what the Lord is telling me today. It’s up to me to listen and to accept it. Friend, whatever you are facing now is not impossible for God. Whatever you are facing in your head can be resolved by the peace of the Lord. Whatever questions you have now are answered in the Word of God. God is consistent and He won’t change His tune depending on the severity of your circumstances. Be at peace. He has a breakthrough for you and He is speaking to you now, telling you how His love and mercy will get you through the day. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; John 3:16; James 4:7

Finding comfort in God

Where do you go when you need comfort? Who do you turn to? These past few years I have found it much easier to turn to the Lord for help. He is my go-to for everything. He is not only a refuge but He is a shield and a place of comfort. I rest in His hands and I sit in His place of comfort until I am centered and I am at peace again. God is peace. He gives us peace when things are chaotic and there is thunder all around. I learned that peace is very important for inner balance and spiritual growth. We can’t grow spiritually when we are constantly in distress and stressed out. Stress is an inhibitor. It stops us from hearing from God. It stalls progress and it creates confusion and causes spiritual blindness. Yesterday was a hectic day and all I wanted to do was to spend the day in the Word of God and stay where peace and comfort reign. I couldn’t do that because I had a lot to do that was not related to the Bible. I did carve out some time from my busy day to spend time in the Word. Today I want to point out three verses that deal with comfort and peace from God. Those verses touched me to the core yesterday and they helped me make it through a couple of challenging events during the day. God is the King of peace and He is extremely generous with His peace. If you need comfort, if you need a shoulder to cry on, lean on the Lord. His shoulder is big enough to support you and to keep you relaxed. Go to the Lord’s place of comfort and stay there until you are filled with peace.


When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” (Psalm 94:19) Our hearts can get troubled very easily. The cares that beat against our hearts come without an invitation and overstay a welcome that was never there in the first place. No one wants to be burned by cares and concerns and yet they show up all the time. When my heart is heavy and I can’t take it anymore, my mind is ready to explode with overthinking and my spirit cries out for help. The only help that makes a difference is the help from the Lord. When we cry out to Him, He helps out. He knows what to do and when to do it. God’s consolations are available. They shake our emotions and replace them with cheer. God is not going to let you down. The anxiety and the stress you are feeling are not going to stay. They can make you feel like you won’t get out of this nightmare but the Lord has dreams for you that will erase all bad memories left by those sleepless nights. Venture into the Lord’s place of comfort and you will find peace again. The joy that is to come cannot compare to the present-day sufferings.


Say to those with an anxious heart, “be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you.” (Isaiah 35:4) A few words from the Lord and all anxiety can go away. A few words from the Lord and all fear can go away. The goal is to listen to His words and accept them. They are medicine to our soul and body and they are food for our spirits. A few words is all it takes to get back on the right track. When the Lord says “Fear not,” He gives us a command that is not impossible. He knows that with Him on our side we can make it and we have nothing to be afraid of. It is the daily reminder that we need. We don’t have to be afraid because the Creator of the universe is with us all the time. He comes with vengeance and He destroys our enemies. Who are our enemies? Fear, worry, stress and anxiety are among our most ferocious enemies. The Lord will come and save you from them. Put all your trust in Him!


“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.” (Psalm 55:22) We carry too many burdens when we should be giving them to the Lord. Prayer is a great outlet and a great way to release the burdens. I can’t do anything without the Lord and without His help, I am not strong enough. I can’t face life on my own. Surrender is key. When we cast our burden on the Lord, we surrender to Him. We let Him do the heavy lifting. We trust that He can handle anything. I love that when I cast my cares on Him, He sustains me. He gives me the strength to keep going and He blesses me. His love is sustainable and it is powerful. God gives us stability. He gives us what we need when we embrace His helping hand. There is much more comfort in the Lord than we imagine. We don’t have to turn to the world for peace. God can use the world to give us peace but peace and comfort come from Him. My prayer today is that you connect with your place of comfort every day, with the Lord of all comfort every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 61:2; Matthew 28:11; Luke 2:10

Patience is a supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit

Patience is a supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit and it is a fruit I have been trying to add to my spiritual diet every day. I can tap into joy and peace and other fruit but patience sometimes requires more effort on my part. I find that when I have peace, patience is not hard to find. I can be patient while waiting for a blessing or while waiting for something good that I know is going to happen. When it comes to being patient while waiting in faith, it’s a different story.  My mind likes to question my faith and asks me why I am being patient about  something that might not take place. That is when I have to silence my mind. I put it on mute and I turn up the volume of God’s Word. The Word of God tells us to be patient in tribulation. Why? Because we display the character of the Lord and we express the fruit of the Spirit even when the pressure is on and that is pure faith. The Lord is not asking us to find patience outside of us or outside of the realm of possibilities. We have His Spirit inside of us and that is where we can find supernatural patience. Then how do we extract this amazing fruit? Today I want to answer that question and encourage you to keep resorting to the Lord’s patience and to live a life dominated by the fruit of the Spirit with an emphasis on patience.


David once declared “I will wait patiently for the Lord.” It is a great habit to wait on the Lord patiently. It is great to close off the world and open up to the Lord in prayer and meditation. Meditation can be hard to achieve if we don’t have patience. Patience is key in connecting with God. If we try to rush or to get to God too fast, it won’t happen. Getting an answer to a prayer can take time and God wants us to wait patiently. Waiting is winning. You win strength. You win faith and you win wisdom. The Lord knows that we ought to be patient in all things because that is the best way to receive from Him. There is power in the waiting. There is power in patience. Patience demonstrates God’s power in our lives. It shows that we are connected to the Holy Spirit and we are in sync with the Lord. The world says,“ Let’s get everything instantly”. The Lord says, “Wait for everything patiently.”


When David waited for the Lord patiently, the Lord heard his cry and answered him. God listens and hears us. If we don’t hear back it doesn’t mean we were not heard. It means that we have to get on His “timing plan.” He has a plan and He has the perfect timing for everything. Your answer will come. Your breakthrough will come. Timing is everything and God wouldn’t make you wait if waiting weren’t the best thing for you. God is so patient with all of us and we are so impatient with His blessings. Patience dictates what we should be doing while waiting. We should continue to praise and pray and we should practice all the fruit of the Spirit. Love is the biggest fruit in the basket of the Spirit and love is patient. When we have the patience fruit, we can love better. We can love and help others. It takes a lot of patience to deal with people. Imagine how much patience it takes for the Lord to “deal with us.” When we are patient with one another, we embrace God’s call for love. Love can wait forever because it is patient. Walk in love and you will walk patiently. You can’t be patient without love.


My suggestion is that you meditate on patience every day. Find verses that talk about patience and get into your prayer closet and meditate on them. As you do, you will activate the patience that is in your spirit thanks to the Holy Spirit. Pray for patience and thank the Lord for the fruit of patience. It will grow. Feed your patience by exercising it every day. Find opportunities to be patient. There are many of them every day. Welcome them and walk in patience while holding hands with love and faith. You will see how patience develops and how connected you are to the fruit that is in you. The Spirit of Jesus desires for you and me to be patient and to tap into the power of that great fruit. Thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. Acknowledge the Spirit in all you do and get Him involved. The fruit will become stronger and your patience will become a lifestyle. Thank God for the fruit of patience! His patience is supernatural because it transcends human patience. It’s in you. The Holy Spirit will guide you through the patience process. Trust Him!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:25-27; Romans 12:12; Galatians 6:9