He is still the God of miracles

I believe in miracles. I believe God can do the impossible. I believe Jesus is still performing miracles today. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and it is alive. I believe God hasn’t changed. I believe the presence of God can be manifested and the Lord can touch our lives in powerful ways. I believe the theories and concepts in the Bible are amazing but their application is even more wonderful. I don’t believe in staying at the threshold of the Word of God. I believe in entering the Word of God and living it out. It is where we should reside. Not in the theory part but in the living part. The Lord speaks through His Word and what He is saying is real and it is for today. Miracles are for today. Healing is for today. Blessings are for today. God’s promises are for today. I expect what God has for me. I expect miracles and I expect love. His love transforms me and it makes every day a good day. Today is the day the Lord is going to bless us. His miracles can take place any time today. Today the God of the impossible is going to make things possible. Believe in the Lord of the impossible today. Believe in the love that is possible today. The opposition is going to try to derail you today but stay on the train of the Lord. Let Him take you to “miracle destination.” Let Him bless the day and make things come to pass.


Jesus couldn’t perform miracles where there was no faith. I know we could see more miracles today if we had more faith in the Lord’s ability to perform miracles. Faith comes from hearing. We don’t hear enough about the miracle working power of the Lord. I have been to places where the Lord is not welcome. People don’t believe Him. No one prays. God is seen as a myth. Those places are spiritually dry. They don’t have any faith substance and they don’t have any presence of God so to speak. The spiritual atmosphere in those places is conducive to anything but God’s presence. It is charged with negativity and sometimes charged with a strong presence of the enemy. Those arid places need to hear about God. They need to be watered by the Gospel of Jesus. It is a need that can be met with people like you and me. We can give the Lord an opening in those areas where everyone is closed to the truth. Our words and our actions in those places can create a fertile soil that is ready to receive miracles and to experience the love of the Lord.


Love and miracles go hand in hand. It is because the Father loves us that we can see miracles. He cares and He wants great things to happen to us here on earth. When a miracle takes place, Heaven collides with earth. It is an encounter that leaves us in awe. The Lord loves to bless His people with the impact of His Kingdom. Miracles are not meant to be part of a distant future or part of when we go home to be with the Lord. They are for here and now. Heaven can visit us now. You are entitled to God’s miracles. Start meditating on that truth. Let your heart and your mind hear the truth about miracles. Let your faith be amplified. Study the Word of God and find the treasures that reveal miracles. You and I could use a miracle today. Let’s thank the Lord that He is the God of miracles. Let’s praise the Lord of the impossible. Let’s expect His power to be manifested in our lives. Let’s dig deeper into the depth of our faith. We will find the foundation that is needed for miracles to be part of our daily reality. There is water in our lives that is waiting to be changed into wine. There is a sea that needs to be parted. There is blindness that needs to be healed. There are storms that need to be spoken to. There are dead areas that need to be resurrected. God is still the God of miracles. Your miracle is on its way. Celebrate the Lord while you are waiting. Take a stand of faith and let the Lord do the impossible.

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:21; John 2:11; Acts 3:16


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