What prayer will do for you

There are many things I love about my prayer time. I am a big fan of communion and fellowship with the Lord every day. It makes me very happy. It warms my heart. It gives me strength. It gives me a big dose of love and it allows peace to invade my space. During prayer time, the Lord dominates. I let Him lead the way. I rarely start prayer by talking. If I do, it’s to exalt the Lord. Prayer usually starts with singing. Praising is how I enter prayer. Praise is an open invitation to God. He is free to come in and take over. I don’t want to start prayer on a negative note so I start it with joy and with the intention to celebrate Jesus. Prayer is about hearing from God and in my opinion, it is easier to hear from someone when they are there. God is always around. He is always there but praise manifests Him and gives Him the front seat in our minds and hearts. Praise is an expression of faith. We believe that God exists so we praise Him. I can’t see prayer as being disconnected from praise. To me they go hand in hand. They feed on each other. Prayer is a celebration. It’s never somber and it is never sad. It fixes my mood and it sets my mind on the right track. When I have problems and they are weighing on my mind, I get into prayer. I don’t overpass the praise part. I emphasize the praise part. Today I want to encourage you to have a life of prayer that is attached to a life of praise. Find refuge in the Lord in prayer. Find joy in the Lord in prayer. Find yourself in the Lord in prayer. Let prayer define your day. Let prayer be your daily bread and your daily portion from Heaven.

Aren’t you glad that you and I have the chance to talk to the Lord every day and to hear from Him every day?
We are so fortunate to be able to pray. Are we making the most of that privilege? I have to say that I could do an even better job with my prayer time. It just feels like I could be in prayer all day and I would still want more from the Lord. Prayer is a way I get refreshed and I get renewed. It is what I am looking forward to during the day and what I can’t wait to do when I wake up in the morning. Jesus deserves all my praise and all my attention. Prayer is a fraction of my time that I like to multiply all day so I can check in with God and give Him my undivided attention as much as I can. Prayer requires isolation so we can get into communication. I can pray anywhere but I love spending time in my prayer room. When I was buying my house, one of my nonnegotiable was having a prayer room. I love the one I have and I have been spending more and more time in it. It is by itself on the top level of the house and I feel very isolated up there. It is perfect. Once the isolation has begun, the communication flows. I give an offering of praise and the Lord gives me the gift of His presence and His messages. Just writing about prayer time in my prayer room fills me with anticipation and joy. Prayer gives me joy and it restores my joy when needed.

Like I said earlier, I sometimes enter prayer with a heavy heart or a burdened mind.
One thing I know though is that I won’t come out of prayer the same. If I put in the time and I give my heart a chance to let go and let God do what He does best, I am a transformed man by the end of prayer time. It is impossible to spend time with God with an open heart and not be touched by His love. There is always a part of us that gets enhanced, blessed or modified when we spend time in prayer. David knew the power of prayer and singing was part of His prayers. Jesus prayed. The apostles prayed. Prayer creates miracles. Jesus prayed and miracles took place. Peter prayed for Tabitha and she came back from the dead. Prayer will change you and it will change the world around you. It will resurrect hope and bring it back to life. It will change the atmosphere and inject faith into your environment. It will give you a new lease on life and it will keep you in the peace and the joy of the Lord. Pray. Get into the habit of praying as much as you can. Make it a celebration and make it a time of communication where you get into silence and listen to the Lord and then speak and open your heart to Him. Prayer is for all occasions. Whatever is going on in your life today can be fixed by prayer. Prayer will bless you and it will make you sing a new song of praise. Pray knowing that God hears you. Prayer will do a lot for you and to you. Pray in the name of Jesus and your life will be blessed!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; John 14:13-14; Acts 9:40

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