What is your purpose in life?

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? Do you ever wonder what your mission is on this earth if there is one at all? Do you ever think that other people’s purpose is greater than yours? What is a purpose and what is a life mission? A purpose is a reason for being and a life mission is the task that should be fulfilled in our lifetime. Those are my definitions but I think they encompass the meaning of those words. A life mission and a purpose give meaning to our lives. Some people believe that their purpose is to make tons of money and leave a financial legacy. Some other people think that their purpose is to live a good life and make the most of it without caring about consequences. Those people often use the excuse “we only live once.” To me purpose leads to action which leads to fulfillment and ends with some type of closure. Is legacy always needed when it comes to purpose? That is a good question. I think that we can attach legacy to purpose when we think that our life mission is meant to have an impact on the world and we want to leave something behind so we can be remembered, so that our work can be remembered. I strongly believe that my purpose and my life mission are found in Christ. I was made by the Lord for the Lord. My mission here is to become more like Him. It’s to be centered in Him, to love Him and to love people. I don’t want to add much more to that purpose. Everything should revolve around it. There are branches and subcategories but the main idea is to love God, love people and be more like the Lord.


I have talked about running our own races before and our purpose in life is found within the confines of that race. We are not running against others but we are running in our own lane keeping our eyes on the Lord. He is the prize that starts the race with us. He is the prize that has no price. He is the prize who gives us salvation and redemption. He is the prize who crafted the reason behind our life mission. He is the starting block at the racetrack and the finish line. He is the author and the finisher of our faith. Why run if not to win against some type of competition? This race is about building ourselves up and reaching the goal of becoming more life Jesus. The Lord has the perfect pace for the race and the perfect timing for each step along the way. He has the power to help us overcome the hurdles and the falls. He has the love we need to win every battle and conquer every trial. This race was specifically designed for you and me. Your race is unique and so is mine but the one thing they have in common is Jesus. He is the purpose and the mission. Knowing Him is the ideal goal and sharing Him is a noble purpose. As the creator of your race, the Lord knows all the terrain you will cover and all the distance you will run. Trust that He can show you every meter and every yard of the race. Trust that your race is feasible and you will get to the finish line thanks to Him. Let His Spirit reveal all the stages of the race one by one. Don’t run ahead of the Lord; run with the Lord!


When you think about how you were made for God and by God, it changes the way you see your life. The problem is that we easily lose sight of our purpose and why we are here. We can enjoy the riches of the world and its beauty but the One who made the world is the One we should be living for. It doesn’t mean that we should be living lives in seclusion from the world. We are in this world to make an impact for the Lord and if we avoid the world, there will be no collision with the Lord. We also shouldn’t wait until tomorrow for our mission to get under way. Our purpose doesn’t start ten years from now. It is here and it has been with us. There is so much we could be doing now to love people, to know Jesus and to share Jesus. If we take a look at our lives, we will find many areas where we could be spreading God’s love and doing His will. It doesn’t matter what job you have; you can share Jesus by being a good follower of His love and simply walking in pure love. You don’t need a placard with Jesus on it; you just need your heart with His name on it. Don’t think that your everyday life doesn’t amount to much in the pursuit of the Kingdom. Give meaning to your life by getting closer to the Kingdom where you are. How? Do whatever you do as if you were doing it for the Lord and do it in love. That is how you will fulfill your purpose and you will not miss a step while running your race. Let God give meaning to all you do by being the reason for everything you do. God has a plan for you. It is huge and He will show you the blueprint little by little. You have the foundation. Love is the foundation. Start with that and your mission will become clearer. God is going to define your life mission. Your purpose is in Him. Just trust Him!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 16:14; Colossians 3:17; Colossians 3:23

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