The plans haven’t changed

The plans haven’t changed, friend. God’s plans for you haven’t changed. God still has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. His plans will live on and nothing can stop them from coming to fruition. God’s plans are for you and you need to understand that God doesn’t change His mind. There is nothing you can do that will ever make Him want to change His plans. His plans are written in stone. His plans are permanent. There is a great program for your life. Get with the program. Get on God’s page. Trust in the process and trust in the plans. God’s plans are for your good. Things might not be good today but it doesn’t mean that the plans have gone bad. 

God’s strategies always work and His plans are very strategic. There is a reason and a why for everything along the development of the plans. Some people say that things happen for a reason. Things happen for God’s reason. He knows what He is doing and He knows when to execute every part of His plans. Take heart, friend! Don’t get discouraged. The plans of the Lord are still the right plans for your life. There are blessings coming. There are breakthroughs coming. There is joy coming. There is triumph coming. There is victory coming. There are more things coming into your life that are going to bless you and to astonish you. God has not given up on His plans for you. He is confident in His plans and He is still going to bless you in a beautiful way.

God’s plans for your life are not for later. They are not for when you reach a certain age. You are in His plans now. You are in His provision now. He has planned for you and there is a development process taking place. Think about the best thing that has happened in your life. Finding Christ and getting saved is the best thing that could happen to you. It is part of the plans and it has already happened. You are highly blessed. Now, the plans also involve having a relationship with the Lord. That is a great part of the plans. You can focus on that part of the plans and see how powerful it is. It is an honor and a huge blessing to have a relationship with God. Some of us rush things and go ahead of the plan. We want big tangible breakthroughs and miracles. 

We already have the biggest miracle of all. We have the Savior. It is time we opened our eyes and saw the plans of the Lord in action. There is a lot of action taking place. God is talking to you, staying with you and loving you every single day. That is such a good plan! He plans on staying with you always. He plans on never leaving you and never forsaking you. He plans on being God in your life every day. Think about what that means. Think about how amazing it is for your life. Think about the blessings that are here. They are part of the plans and they require for you to acknowledge them and to embrace them. You are highly blessed and highly favored. That’s God’s plan for your life!

The plans for a hope and for a future for your life have not changed. You can always have hope. God’s hope is here today. It is part of your program. It is part of your benefits so to speak. God’s plans are good. They are good things for your life. You can have hope all the time. Don’t let the enemy bring you down. Don’t let Him tell you that you are not going to make it or that you shouldn’t hold on to hope. Hope is what keeps us going. Now, you and I have the hope of the Lord in us and it is a powerful hope. It is hope for a better tomorrow. Always tap into that hope. 

God’s plans have laid out everything you need for a great future and they are blessing you today as you are going through the process. Look at the great things in your life today. Recognize that they are God’s plans for your life that are taking place now. Keep hoping for a great future. God is not done with you. His plans have not changed. You are still on the right track and you have been walking on the path of hope. Your journey is beautiful and you are not on it alone. Praise God for His plans for your life. Keep your hopes up! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 16:9; Psalm 32:8


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 251)

God is telling you today not to worry. He supplies your needs and He takes care of you. It’s His job to bless you! Stay encouraged!

There will be a way. There is a way. Jesus is the way. Trust that He will make a way. You will get a better way because Jesus is always the way!

God will step into your darkness and give you His light of hope. His hope will shine brighter than the sun. His hope is your bright future. Don’t give up! Stay strong in the Lord!

Just because you don’t have everything you are hoping for right now doesn’t mean it is all lost. God will supply your needs and give you more than you wish for!

Seek the God of the impossible and He will make incredible things possible. Seek the God of peace and His peace that surpasses all understanding will invade your situation.

There is a thank you from Heaven coming your way. Thank you for stay strong. Thank you for loving the Lord. Thank you for loving your neighbor as yourself. Thank you for being you!

The God who saves is going to save you. His help is on the way. He is not going to let you down. Don’t lose hope!

When God is the best part of your life, your life is in good hands. God transforms your life. God makes your life better. God enriches your life. God blesses your life.

Your solution is around the corner. God has it for you and it is going to make everything clear and simple. Don’t lose hope!

God can turn your life around just like that. Don’t underestimate the power behind His love. He loves you and He is going to prove it to you!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8

In God you will find…

In God you will find everything you need. You will find things that you need that you are not aware of. Our needs are a list of material and financial requests most of the time. We think we know what we need. We think that we know the solutions and the answers to our problems. We have a list of needs based on the world’s standards and expectations. We look at what’s in the world and we write our list based on what we see. That is a normal reaction. We are in this world but not of this world. We have a Heavenly Father who wants us to desire Him above all things. His standards are not the world’s standards. His expectations are not the world’s expectations. He is Spirit. The spiritual is important to Him. 

The world operates in the flesh and in the physical and the world wants us to have more of the world in us so to speak. The money, the possessions, the world success and all these things presented to us is what the world tells us we need. If we don’t have a certain amount of the “world’s needs” met in our lives, we haven’t made it according to the world. The Lord has a different definition of success. According to Him, loving our neighbors as ourselves is how we win. Seeking His kingdom first is being successful. Leaning on His understanding is how we make it. Living in harmony with the Holy Spirit is the best way to live. We can find all of these wonderful things in the Lord. We can find true love, peace, joy, wisdom, hope, long-suffering, humbleness and more in God. These are our real needs. We need them all to function properly in our Christian walk.

In God we can find all we need including the desire to have more of God in our lives. I have financial needs like anyone else. They need to be met. They need to be taken care of. I can’t deny that. However, I am learning that my biggest need is to have a willing heart. A heart that is surrendered to God. A heart that beats for God more than it beats to the rhythm of the mighty dollar. My number one need is to follow Christ and to be more like Him. I need Him in my life. I need Him to be the center of my life. That need increases every day and it is met every day when I spend time with Him. In God I find the true desires of my heart. The Word says when we delight in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our heart.* This can be understood as our desires and needs are met when we delight in the Lord.

 I believe that it also means that when God is the delight of our heart, He gives us what we truly desire. He removes some needs and desires that are not what we should go after. He gives us new desires. Desires that align with His will. Desires that are after His heart. What we need is to go after God’s heart and let His heart fill up our heart. His heart is out of this world. His heart is bigger than this world. His heart can change this world. We need the heart of God. We need the love that changes the world. We need the love that is bigger than worry and fear. We need faith. We need faith and love. That is what we need every day and we can find faith and love in God every day.

Friend, in God you will find faith and love. In God you will find peace, joy and patience. You will find all the fruit of the Spirit. It is not a small basket of fruit. It is a basket that is too big to sit on the kitchen counter of your life. God has all you need in abundance. Not only does He have your physical and material needs in abundance, He also has your spiritual needs in abundance. I strongly believe that our spiritual needs come first and they can be satisfied in the Lord. Let’s delight in Him and we will receive what we need. We need love every day. We need His love every day and we need to give love to others every day. We need peace that surpasses all understanding. We need the joy of the Lord that is our strength. Everything we need is in God. 

We shouldn’t look for spiritual balance outside of God. We shouldn’t look for hope outside of God. We shouldn’t look for peace outside of God. In God we will find hope. In God we will find the truth. Not the truth described by the world but God’s truth. God’s truth can be very different from the world’s. It’s His truth that we should hold on to. In God you will find a meaning of life that gives your days a new color and a new breath. Let God’s truth breathe new life in you. In God you will find a reason to live and a reason to keep going. God has it all. Every single need is provided by God. Keep finding yourself in Him. Keep finding your life in Him. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4*; Philippians 4:19; 2 Corinthians 9:8

Put it all in God’s hands

Your fears, your suffering, your anxiety, your doubts, your problems, your shortcomings. Put them all in God’s hands. Go to the Lord in prayer and give Him all the negativity that has been gnawing on your life. All the bad thoughts need to go. All the bad feelings need to go. All the tension needs to go. Give them all to the Lord. Turn them over to Him. Do it every day. Do it when you pray. Do it with your praise. Do it with your worship. Do it with your thanksgiving. Give it all to God. Do not hold on to the “bad gifts” from the enemy. Don’t accept them. Don’t open them and stare at them.

 Don’t entertain the “bad gifts.” Send them back to the sender. Refuse to live in bondage. Refuse to live in fear. Refuse to live with the weight of the oppression of the enemy. The Lord wants you to go to Him and give Him your heavy burdens. God’s hands are big enough to hold all your problems and dispose of all of them. There is nothing you can ask the Lord to take from you that He won’t take. Trust Him. Rely on Him. Put it all in His hands. God has infinitely more than you can expect. He wants your troubles and your difficulties. He can get rid of your troubles and your difficulties. Go to the Lord with your full heart of despair and He will give you a heart filled with hope!

Go to the Lord in prayer. There is nothing that you can tell the Lord that He hasn’t heard or that He doesn’t know how to solve. Your current problems might be new difficulties to you. They might be horrible things you have never experienced before but it doesn’t mean that the Lord doesn’t know how to take care of your situation. Put your circumstances in His hands. Say a simple prayer. Say a prayer of surrender. Say a prayer of trust and faith. Tell Him that you can’t do it on your own and He will own your problems. He will take them and He will delete them from your life. It might not happen overnight but it will happen in the name of Jesus.

The moment you turn to the Lord by giving Him your trials, the victory is set in motion. The cross is where your problem was nailed. Now it’s through your faith in the Lord that you receive the victory. It will come. Your problems will get solved. Keep your eyes on the cross knowing that it is the end of your misery. Put all the heaviness on the Lord. His yoke is light. His burden is light. He will trade your burden for something beautiful and light. You don’t have to live this way. Live God’s way by giving Him what is getting in your way!

Every morning I declare that my life is in God’s hands. Every day I declare that God is in control. Every day I thank the Lord for taking care of my life. Every day I go to the Lord with songs of praise and thanksgiving. Every day I give my burdens to the Lord. His mercies are new every day and so are the burdens of the enemy but his burdens don’t trump God’s mercies. God’s mercies are amazing drops of love from Heaven. Each drop wipes away the dirt put on our lives by the low blows of the enemy. Remember that greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. 

Greater is the love that is in you than the hate that is in this world. Greater is the solution that is in you than the problems that are in this world. Greater are the hands of the Lord than the arms of torture of the enemy. Whatever you are going through right now, put it all in God’s hands. His hands are where your answers are. Trust God with everything and He will bless you in everything. Stay strong. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:8; Proverbs 3:5; Romans 15:13

God before you

The Lord God goes before you. He knows what’s coming ahead. He makes a way for you through whatever is going to happen to you. Don’t think that you are headed in a direction where there is no protection.” God goes before you” implies that He is also protecting you. He is your defender and your shield. Picture your life as a series of events that are surrounded by God and that are protected by God. God never leaves you. He is always ahead of you so no matter what happens today and tomorrow, God has seen it. God has known about every event in your life. He is never surprised and He is never shocked. Your next steps are known by God. The path you are walking on has been explored by God. 

You are not alone. You are not abandoned. There will be many things to come. Some will be good and some will be bad but the good news is that God remains the same. He saw your next bad breaks and your next blessings and nothing has changed His mind and His power. His love for you stays intact. You will sin tomorrow. You will miss it tomorrow and God has seen it all. He is not loving you any less. His love will be there tomorrow and the day after. He has gone before you and He still loves you. Think about that! Think about God’s unchanging love. What is true is that God’s love changes everything. God’s love is going to bless you and make your tomorrow better. Trust Him. He goes before you to bless you and to make your future a bright and shiny tomorrow.

We all have a picture of what tomorrow might look like. We often envision a bleak and sad future. Doubt comes and clouds our judgement. Fear comes and blurs our perception of what’s to come. The future, the unknown, can be scary. I used to see it as a dark and intimidating tunnel. I used to see myself going through that tunnel alone. I used to wonder what was at the end of that tunnel. I used to see no end to that dark tunnel. When it came to my future, I was a loner going through the motions with no hope of a better tomorrow. The bad circumstances then made me think that what was to come was bad. God knows what’s coming. God has seen it all. 

God is not worried about our future. As a matter of fact, He has made a way through our future. We are in His hands. It’s time we saw ourselves as the children of God that we are. As the children that are taken care of. We might end up in an obscure tunnel but God will be with us. He has gone before us to secure our future and to make sure that the bad breaks to come will be broken and they will be turned into blessings. There is nothing that will happen to you that God can’t fix. There is nothing bad that God can’t turn around. There is no future that God hasn’t impacted with His goodness and with His love.

God is before you everywhere you go. He is your bodyguard. He is your shield and your refuge. He is on all sides of you. He is permanently surrounding you. You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. God is not leaving your side and He is not going to stop leading the way. I love remembering that “God before me” means that He is leading the way. I put my trust in Him. I know that there will always be a way and that I am safe and secure. God makes sure that I am. Praise Him, friend! Praise the Lord who makes a way. Praise the Lord who never leaves. Praise God and enjoy His ways. He has plans for you and His plans are always good. Keep going and keep moving in faith. God is with you and He will always protect you. Have no fear. Your future is in God’s hands! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:8; Isaiah 45:2; Matthew 28:20

The prayer bridge

Prayer is the confirmation of our established relationship with God. As believers, we have a relationship with God. We have a covenant with the Lord. Jesus bridged the gap between God and us and when we accept Him as our Savior, there is a permanent bridge in our lives. Prayer is the vehicle that allows us to walk on that bridge anytime of the day. Prayer is the stamp in the passport of our salvation. Prayer is the link to Heaven that is available anytime. I used to see prayer as a solemn act. I used to see it as a petition and a request. It was a one way street that got me what I wanted. I had a mistaken view of my relationship with God. Prayer didn’t happen all the time. It happened in times of need. What kind of a relationship did I have? I was taking advantage of God so to speak. God was like a genie.

 Prayer made me walk on the bridge but I didn’t let God walk on it. I prayed to talk to God and to get my needs met but I wasn’t aware of His presence. I wasn’t concerned with what He had to say. What I had to say was more important. I am learning that prayer is a two way street, a two way bridge and it expresses the awareness of God’s presence in our lives. I pray to talk to God and to listen to God. I pray because God is my Father and I want to spend time with Him. I pray because I have a beautiful relationship with God and I acknowledge it every day. I pray anywhere and everywhere because God is anywhere and everywhere. I listen to God anywhere and everywhere because God talks anywhere and everywhere. Today I am inviting you to spend time on the bridge of prayer and to reinforce the bridge with your daily communication with God.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”* Prayer is powerful. Prayer helps us and strengthens us. Prayer gives us the ability to walk this Christian walk and to stay in the Spirit. We have so many temptations every day that aim at separating us from God. They are distractions that take us away from God. Distractions that want our flesh to take over so we are less spiritual. Prayer like I said is a bridge and it is a bridge to the spiritual. It helps us stay connected to the Holy Spirit and when that happens, our spirit gets stronger. Our spirit gets fed manna from Heaven. Our spirit has the fruit of the Spirit in development. When we pray, we stay plugged into God. Our flesh will always try to unplug our relationship and to get us to be lazy spiritually.

 Prayer is extremely spiritual. That bridge we have is a big deal. We ought to be on it all the time. Prayer is not overrated. Prayer is always a good idea. When you are feeling weak and your flesh gets strong, pray. Make it a habit. Pray to display the relationship you have with God. Pray out loud if that helps. That helps me. Pray and show yourself strong spiritually. Pray and declare that the Lord is listening all the time and He is talking all the time. Seek His face daily. Listen to Him daily. Get on that bridge and sit there peacefully. God has something to tell you every day so get onto the prayer bridge and get to the heart of the Lord.

Prayer has become a lifestyle and I am so grateful to the Lord for it. It has reshaped my life and it has given me the confidence that my God never leaves me. There are times during the day when I have more focused prayer times. It is usually first thing in the morning and before bed but I have added deeper prayer sessions during the day at random times. I have also developed an ear for the Lord. He talks all the time and I am ready for Him most of the time. I hear Him when I am on a train. I hear Him in crowded places. I hear it when I am interacting with people. I have learned to be on the bridge wherever I go. Sometimes a few simple words of thanksgiving make it easier for me to get into prayer mode. 

“Thank You, Lord” are three exceptional words. When I thank Him, I claim that He hears me anywhere. Thanking Him is recognizing Him. It sounds simple but it is very important. I practice silence a lot with the intention of hearing the Lord. It is becoming easier and easier. My prayer for you today is that you stay on the bridge of prayer and you understand that God is permanently by your side. He is always willing to talk and willing to listen and He constantly talks and constantly listens. Keep praying. Keep seeking His face. You will strengthen the relationship you have with Him. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 17:6; Matthew 26:51*; Romans 8:26

All you need

If all you have is the Lord, you have all you need. You have all it takes to make it. You have all it takes to succeed. Your needs are met. Your blessings are here. Your victory is guaranteed. You have all you will ever need. You are all set. You can count on the victory. You can expect to walk through life with hope, blessings and love. Think about what it means to have the Lord. Think about what your life was like before the Lord. Think about the lives of those who don’t have the Lord. You have it all. You have an amazing life. Now, it might not look like you have much. You might say that you are lacking this and that. You might feel like you have less than others. 

You might look at your life and say that you are not blessed. The problem is if you look at your life and accept things at face value, you deplete your life of the high value that the Lord has put in your life. God wants you to consider it all joy. God wants you to see life through the eyes of faith. It’s not about what you see in the natural, it’s about what you know through faith. You can rearrange your life by speaking faith. You can see the blessings and the miracles by looking at life through faith. You have all you will ever need and it is time you rewired your thinking. It is time you put things into perspective, God’s perspective. You have all you need and I am here to talk you through this reality.

I have mentioned the financial difficulties I had earlier this year. When I look at how things were then and how they are now, it is like night and day. I went through a long night. My finances were not only in the red but they were in the dark as well. It was as if someone had turned off the light in the financial department and I couldn’t see money anywhere. Money came and went right away. The bills and the needs were bigger than usual. One day I wondered how I would possibly make it. I remember sitting in my car after talking to a clerk at my bank. What the person told me was not encouraging. The enemy wanted me to panic and to give up. I got mad. I was mad. I was mad for being in a situation where I felt that it wasn’t my fault. I will never forget that Friday afternoon.

All I could see was that I didn’t have what I needed. I kept looking at my circumstances. I kept planning for the next few months and the plans didn’t look good. Then the Holy Spirit said what He had to say and what He said was that I had Jesus and I had all I needed. Friend, those words are how I remember God saved the day. Those words meant everything. God’s perspective sounded way better than what my mind was thinking. I took God’s words and ran with them. I drove home and declared that I had Jesus and I had all I needed. I kept declaring that for a few days. That truth set me free. I stopped looking at what I didn’t have and I focused on the One I had. I praised Him. I praised Him harder. I praised Him louder. I had all I needed and more.

All you need is the Lord. All you need is in the Lord. I am not just talking about finances. In every area of your life, you have all you need when you know and recognize that your Savior is all you need. When you put all you trust in the Lord despite your circumstances, your circumstances are in good hands. He holds you and He holds your life. You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are a winner through all circumstances. God makes you win. God makes you succeed. God helps you. God supports you. It doesn’t matter what you go through, you have what you need. Fix your eyes on the Lord and everything will be provided. The Lord is the One that matters all the time.

Your circumstances can be very bad but the Lord is always very, very good. When the enemy shows you what you lack, tell him who you have. Tell him that you have all you need and you are blessed all the time. It’s not about the size of your need. It’s about the size of the One who meets all your needs. You are all set. You have been all set. That reality is in your words. What you say about your situation is important so talk about how the Lord has you in the palm of His hands and He is your provider in everything. Stay strong and stay in faith. With the Lord you already have all you need. Your needs will always be met. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:31; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 9:8

Rejoice in the Lord always

When I am not feeling great and when sadness tries to take control of me, the Lord tells me to rejoice. He tells me to do the opposite of what the enemy wants me to do. The enemy wants me to feel sorry for myself and to throw in the towel. The Lord tells me to rejoice because His joy is my strength. His reason for me to rejoice is Jesus. He tells me to rejoice in the Lord. He tells me to not give my circumstances a chance to steal my joy. Rejoicing when everything is going wrong is very hard and yet that is what God wants us to do. Rejoicing is powerful. Rejoicing destabilizes the enemy. Rejoicing is our weapon against the enemy. Rejoicing is divine. Rejoicing is the start of our healing, the start of our breakthrough, the start of our solution.  If you want to see a change in your situation for the better, rejoice in the Lord. Rejoice over the Lord and you will break into new possibilities.

 Rejoice over the Lord and your spirit will soar. You see, the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. When disaster strikes, our flesh wants to dominate us with grief and sorrow. Our flesh wants to bring us down. Our spirit wants to go high above the pain and fly over the agony. Our spirit has the power to make us feel better. We need to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in order to activate our willing spirit so to speak. Rejoice, my friend. Rejoice because every time you are going through trials and tribulations, you are not going through them alone. Rejoice because your God is good all the time. Rejoice because through Christ you can make it all the time. I don’t know what you are going through today but I know Who will get you through it all. It is time you rejoiced. It is time you lifted up the Lord and found strength in His joy.

The joy of the Lord is extremely powerful. I find it to be underrated. When we need help, we pray. It is the right thing to do and it is an excellent way to get through anything. However, we should add joy to our prayers. We should rejoice while we are waiting for the answer. We should slide into the joy of the Lord and we will slide out of fear and chaos. Have a Holy Ghost party instead of a self pity party. Have a Jesus celebration. Have a time of praise and worship. The Lord inhabits the praise of His people and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and there is joy. In the natural, some people feel better when they listen to a song they like.

 I know a lot of people who put on their headphones and listen to music when they are facing problems. Somehow they come out of their music therapy session feeling better. That cure is temporary and does the trick for them. Now, when we put our headphones of praise, shut the world out and worship and adore the Lord, His joy takes over. It works for me every single time. Rejoicing is the key to my problems. Rejoicing in the Lord is the door that leads me to freedom and to peace. The joy of the Lord comes with a number of friends. Peace is one of them. You can experience amazing peace in the middle of your difficulties, friend. Rejoice in the Lord today!

Rejoice today. Don’t wait for Sunday at church to rejoice. Don’t wait for a better day. Rejoice when it hurts. Rejoice when it doesn’t make sense. Rejoice when you have very little. Rejoice when your circumstances are bad. Rejoice when there seems to be no help on the way. Rejoice when you are stranded. Rejoice when you are lost. Rejoice when the pressure is on. Rejoice when tomorrow doesn’t look good. Rejoice in the Lord. Rejoice because of the Lord. Rejoice because nothing is impossible to your God. Rejoice because you are loved all the time. You are loved on good days and on bad days.

 Rejoice and tap into the incredible power that makes everything better. Keep rejoicing. Maintain the joy of the Lord in you. It will take you to higher dimensions of faith. Rejoice and you will stay in faith. Rejoice and you will walk in peace. Don’t give up, my friend. Rejoice in all things and know that God is with you in all things. Amazing things are coming your way. Hang in there. The joy of the Lord will be your strength! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Habakkuk 3:18; Romans 12:12; Philippians 4:4-13

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 250)

There is hope standing by your side. The Lord of hope is not going anywhere. Hold on to hope. This is not over. God will see you through!

After the storm comes peace but God can give you peace during your worst storms. Look for His peace when it doesn’t make sense. You will find something beautiful that surpasses all understanding!

Nothing can stop God from blessing you. It is the truth. Shout it out on the rooftops until your mind believe it and your heart accepts it!

You have the right to believe big. You have the right to believe beyond what your eyes can see. You have the right to have faith that moves mountains. When you stay in faith, you always stay in the right place!

When God looks at you, He sees beauty. Learn to see yourself through the eyes of love. Be good to yourself. God’s goodness sees you as an amazing person!

God has all you need whenever you need it. Turn to Him for anything and He will give you everything!

Don’t let anyone boil the fruit of the Spirit in you. Don’t let anyone cook your patience, your love, your peace and your joy.

Peace and joy are going to come back. This is not the end. God has a comeback that will make you forget the setback!

You have Jesus. You have all you need. You have Jesus. You are going to succeed. You have Jesus. You are protected. You have Jesus. You are highly blessed!

See the Lord as the ally that He is. He is on your side. He is for your. He is not against. It doesn’t matter who is against you because the Lord is always with you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 20:7; Psalm 118:6; Hebrews 13:5-6

What God says about your day

Listening to God first thing in the morning is one of my favorite things to do. I wake up very early so I can have some quality time with God. I praise, I pray, I worship, I listen, I write. I spend some  time basking in the presence of the Lord before my day gets busy. I love what the Lord has to say about my day. I used to listen to the voices of doubt and worry first thing in the morning. I used to lay in bed and listen to sadness and fear. They were the companions I woke up to every morning. It was a bad habit and I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know that as a believer I could wake up and spend time with God. I didn’t know that hope and peace could be my early morning companions.

 I didn’t know that I didn’t have to listen to misery and I could listen to the voice of wisdom and love. God’s love is that voice. It is the voice that speaks wisdom and that reassures us with His love. What God has to say about our day is the total opposite of what the negativity has to say. I chose to go with God’s version of my day. I am so grateful for what He has to say and I know that He doesn’t change His tune during the day. He is consistent. His hope, His love, His peace and His wisdom are consistent every day. God will never say anything negative and discouraging. God will never speak doubt and defeat. What He has to say about your day is always uplifting and invigorating. It is more than positive. It is hope in its best form. It is always a message of joy. It is a promise that today will be an amazing day.

I have a friend who always says that he has the best day ever. He always speaks about the wonders of God throughout His day. He understands that life has snares, traps and evil tricks planted by the enemy but He also knows that God is always by his side. I love his attitude and I see God’s hope in him all the time. It is very inspiring. What my friend says about his day echoes what the Lord tells me about my day first thing in the morning. When I am quietly listening, I hear hope. I hear joy. I hear a love that is loud and beautiful. I hear peace. I hear victory. I hear the best things I will hear all day. God always says that I will make it through the day because He has always conquered the world. He tells me to rejoice. 

God tells me to keep the joy going. He tells me to embrace His peace. He tells me that today is the day He has made and I should rejoice and be glad in it. He tells me that today is going to be amazing. He tells me that today is going to be a great day. He tells me that throughout the day He will remind me of how much He loves me and what I mean to Him. It is up to me to stay tuned throughout the day. The enemy and his agents will always try to get my attention and distract me away from God’s promises. I hang on to what God has to say about my day. I hold on to hope and I don’t let go. God only has great things to say to us about our day. It is what He says that matters. What happens can be bad and sometimes very bad but nothing changes what God says about our day. We ought to react to the day with God’s words and promises.

“Today is going to be an awesome day” says the Lord. Let’s believe what He says. Let’s prefer His version of our day and let’s not believe the lies of the enemy. God has provided for today. He has a solution for every problem. He has a blessing that will make us forget the problems of the day. He has ruled in our favor in the court of the trials of life. God knows what will happen today and He sticks to His words. It is going to be an awesome day despite the tribulations and the opposition. Greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. God is saying that your day is going to be one for the books. He wrote about it in His Book. Stay encouraged. God has plans to bless you and to prosper you today. Your day is in His hands. Your day is in good hands. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 84:10; Psalm 118:24; John 20:19-20