A mighty fortress inside of you

 I found out early in my Christian walk that the Lord is a fortress, a refuge in times of trouble. I loved the picture of the fortress I had in my mind. As I grew stronger in my faith so did that fortress when I looked at it during prayer. I went from being aware of a fortress the size of my house to being assured that God was a giant fortress too big to picture. The enemy could easily blow away my original fortress and now he can blow and blow but his storm can’t take down my God. My God is my refuge and the walls of His fortress are higher than the skies and His main entrance can’t be brought down. It is only when my mind wonders and goes to the places where negativity is dominant that the door of the fortress seems to open. I have seen that door being forced open by negative thoughts and I have felt helpless. It doesn’t mean that God lost His power. It just means that my faith got weaker. Now I stay inside my refuge and I have learned that the fortress is actually inside of me. Our God is within us. His Spirit lives in us. The refuge, that indestructible fortress, lives inside of us. Not because we are amazing people but because we have an amazing God. Think about that. Jesus went to be with the Father and He gave us His Spirit so He could stay with us. You have Him with you all the time. No need to look on the outside. He dwells in you. Trust that He is there and that He can protect you from the inside out!


Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.“ (Psalm 62:8). God is the best refuge there is because He is permanent and His love endures forever. He is not a fortress that decides to stop protecting us. Even when we miss it and we mess up, He still loves us. His walls of protection are always up. He is surrounding us at all times. He is around us when we are far from Him in our heads. He is in us when we are out and about trying things out in the world, outside of Him. God doesn’t change and His protection is exemplary. He is the perfect model of care. When a parent cares for his or her child, the parent will do anything to protect the child. God loves us so much that He even protects us from ourselves. He doesn’t grant all our wishes. He puts a stop to some of the madness that we pursue. He ends the thread of crazy thoughts that drive us to act in non acceptable ways. He is faithful when we stay close to Him. He protects us from our own desires at times when those desires are going to lead us to destruction. God is good and He always knows what He is doing. Remember that when you run to Him and He doesn’t seem to shield and protect you. He is protecting you but His protection might look different from your expectation.


God is in us and we don’t focus on that as much we should. At least I don’t. I am better at it now. I used to see Him as being outside and staying on the outside. However, His Spirit speaks gently to my heart and that brings me back to a place where I recognize the power of His  indwelling. God, the One who can solve all your problems, is with you and in you. If you are looking for a God for that is far away, you are straying from the truth. The truth is that He will never leave you nor forsake and you should develop that connection within. It is the connection that can keep you in touch with your refuge. A mighty fortress is available to you all the time. It is on the inside and when you call on Him, He answers. When you cry out for help, the fortress is right there. Learn to find refuge in God. Spend time with Him one-on-one. He will reveal the fortress. He will reveal that His wisdom and His love for you are enough. You can make it. You will make it because you have a fortress that can’t be taken down. God is in you and His fortress will protect you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 91:4; Colossians 3:1-4; Ephesians 2:8

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