God is a challenger who always wins

Today is the first day back at work with students in a virtual setting. This school year is presenting some challenges we have never faced before. Even though there is a good amount of confusion, stress and a developing feeling of chaos, there has been a strong conviction that the Lord has been standing by me and that He is not going to stop walking by my side. He is consistent in His love and this week is going to be challenged by Him. I am not going to let the trials and the “peace disruptors” make me forget that God is in control. Instead of letting the hiccups send me into a frenzy, I am going to let the Lord squeeze those hiccups out of my life. The Lord is going to challenge the problems and the tribulations that will come this week. It is a concept that seems foreign to a lot of us but it should be familiar territory. God is a challenger. He challenged death on the cross and through the resurrection process and He won. Death was no match to Him. Consider death a major category. It is a category that comprises all negativity, difficulties, sadness, sorrow, pain, hurt, destruction etc. Anything that you can think of that is negative and bad falls under the death category. It is huge and it is demmoralizing but God can challenge every element that is in that category including spiritual and physical death. Today I want to encourage you to let God the challenger defies anything bad that comes your way. Tap into your faith in the Lord and remind your circumstances that the Lord has already won all battles. Challenge the problems that will arise this week by speaking the Word of God over every situation and standing your ground even when it feels like there is an earthquake in your head and in your heart. God can challenge everything that is trying to harm you and He always wins!


The challenges of life can be relentless and sometimes it feels like we are not getting a break. Something bad happens then it gets better but we can’t take a breath because something else comes our way. Life has trials that repeat themselves or that breed another type of challenge. Jesus said that in this life we would have tribulations. I can almost guarantee that something challenging will take place this week. I am not being pessimistic. I am using the words of the Lord. I do have to add that even though things might be bad, God conquered them. Jesus said that we would have tribulations but He also said that we should take courage because He has conquered the world. This means that back then Jesus conquered what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow. “Take courage” He said. He knows we can stay strong and keep the faith even when things are very difficult. He knew it and this truth still applies today. If you are going through a bad time right now, take courage and know that Jesus has won against what is troubling you. When you know something, you can talk about it. Talk about how Jesus won. Talk about how things are going to be just fine because He conquered the world. Talk about it to other people and make sure you talk about it to yourself. Let your mind hear what you have to say about Jesus’ victory and about how you have nothing to worry about because Jesus won it all. Show yourself that you know that Jesus can handle anything and He is handling your problems now. When you do that, you are powerfully challenging your mind that tends to go with a negative flow. Your thoughts can go down the negative route very easily because they look at how things are in the natural. They need to be hit with a jolt of faith. Faith believes before seeing. Faith doesn’t rely on how things look. It relies on what God can do.


Once you have challenged your mind with God’s positivity and with the truth of His Word, be sure to challenge your difficult circumstances directly. Be active. Speak against the problems. Use God’s Word to challenge your problems. Don’t give them a chance to take over your life. They will do whatever they can to monopolize your thinking, your focus and to minimize your time with the Lord. You will do what you can to fix the situation. It is a good move as long as it doesn’t eat into your prayer time and your communion time. Prayer should be increased and not decreased. Pray and ask the Lord to intervene. Tell Him that you believe He can do all things and your present situation is not too hard for Him. Give Him free reign and give Him permission to challenge the negativity in your life so to speak. Your confession of faith is a stand against the negativity and it allows the Lord to challenge your trials and tribulations. For instance, you can use Romans 8:38-39. If you are not familiar with those verses, take the time to look them up. They deal with how nothing can separate us from God’s love. Talk to your problem and say that it can’t separate you from God’s love and enumerate all the other things listed in those two verses that can’t separate you from God’s love. Keep believing. Keep challenging the negativity. Know that God has won. Keep doing it and you will see how God triumphs all the time. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Romans 8:38-39; Revelation 1:18

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