10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 131)

Get out of the realm of worry. Don’t dwell in the kingdom of doubt. Remove yourself from the stronghold of fear with the power of the Word of God. Use the Word to break those chains. Use the Word to move from confusion to clarity.


The Lord takes your rotten fruit and turns it into citrus of joy. Let His zest spice up your life with gladness. May your fruit be a source of spiritual vitamins for others and health to your mind and soul.


The pursuit of true happiness is the pursuit of God. Happiness not found in riches and gold. It is in the joy of knowing Jesus, of embracing His Spirit and loving His Father.


God has put an ocean of possibilities in front of you. Don’t be scared of the waves and don’t be afraid of the depth of the ocean. Sometimes God changes the troubled waters into blessings. They can be diving boards for deep and wide breakthroughs.


The smile of the Lord is in the shape of love. It brightens your life with hope and it fills your heart with joy. Smile back at the Lord. Accept His love and His embrace and you will be smiling with peace.


The truth will come and set you free from the fears and the bondages. You are not going to be in the hands of the lies of the enemy for long. Follow the Lord and freedom will follow you wherever you go!


The captions of your life story are found in the Word of God. God has subtitles for each part of your life. Trust that He can script your life and detach yourself from the lies of the enemy.


Sleep in peace. God is on your side and He is staying up watching over you and preparing new blessings and new mercies for you. Know that when you wake up, He will be right there with you serving you a platter of new beginnings and new hopes.


Before you accepted the Lord everything was black and white. There were no colors and no light. Now with Jesus the rainbow of blessings is permanent. Let the Lord’s colors illustrate every day of your life.


It’s time to get up and keep going. Don’t stay down. Pray for the Lord to get you up. You are going to make it. God will give you the power to make it. Keep walking. You are not going to fail!

Suggested reading: 2 Chronicles 6:14; Psalm 36:7; 1 John 4:7-8

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