Count on the Holy Spirit

Count on the Holy Spirit. Count on the Spirit of God. He knows all there is to know about Jesus and He will always guide you into the truth. He knows you better than you know yourself and He knows what God wants you to do and how He created you. Count on the Spirit of Jesus because He will always magnify Jesus and He will help you worship and adore Him. Trust the Holy Spirit. Trust that God dwells in you through His Spirit. You are the temple of God because His Spirit is inside of you and He connects you to the Lord Almighty. You have a covenant with the Lord. It is like a contract. Know that the Holy Spirit is the One who is executing that contract and He binds you to God. The covenant you have with God is precious and it is very special. It comes to life when you take the Holy Spirit into consideration so consider Him in all you do. You can’t have a successful spiritual life and enjoy Jesus if you don’t include the Holy Spirit in the wonderful life that you have.

Jesus made sure that you and I received His Spirit. The moment you accepted Jesus into your life, His Spirit came and made you His dwelling place. He is the guest that you should always honor. The guest that should be the host. Give Him first place. Give Him control. Give Him the best seat in the house. Let Him teach you how to live your life in the Lord. Let Him direct you and help you. He is the best counselor there is. All you need to do is yield to His love and give in to His presence. It is when we ignore the Holy Spirit that we stop connecting with the Lord. The Holy Spirit is the bridge to Jesus and Jesus is the bridge to the Father. Without the Holy Spirit we can’t know God. Without faith we can’t know God. Let’s have faith in the Holy Spirit. Let’s honor Him and thank Jesus for Him.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.* You have freedom living in you. You have peace, joy, deliverance and hope in you. All you can hope for is in you through the Spirit who dwells in you. If you need freedom from oppression or from any type of adversity, remember that the Greater One lives in you and you have the assistance and the help you need. Talk to Him. Pray to Him. Rely on Him. Lift up Jesus. Freedom will come. Praise Jesus and express your faith.  Freedom will come. Jesus is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings and He is with you all the time. You are highly blessed, friend. The Holy Spirit is a powerful blessing that never leaves and that doesn’t run away from you. Count on Him all the time. He is ready to listen and ready to talk. He has revelations for you and He has the right words for every situation. There is nothing that could happen to you that the Holy Spirit can’t help you with.

Count on the Holy Spirit and do not lean on your own understanding. The Spirit of God understands everything and He helps with everything. The Holy Spirit is mighty and gentle at the same time. His gentle voice is not always easy to hear but if you spend time in prayer and time in quiet adoration, you will get used to His voice. He never contradicts the Word of God but He explains it and He makes it clear. He is the Spirit of clarity and revelation. You can count on His encouragement and His advice. Go to Him first before you turn to anyone else. Think of Him first before you delve into overthinking. Read His voice in the Word of God. Speak His words by speaking the Word over your life. My prayer is that you get to know the Holy Spirit well. You will get to know Jesus better and better. May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 2 Corinthians 3:17*; Romans 15:13

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