You matter to God

You matter to God. Who you are matters, what you do matters, what you think matters to Him. God is interested in all of you and He adores you. He doesn’t love you just when you are good and nice. He loves you when you sin, when you miss it and when you mess up. It doesn’t give you a license to sin but it is important to remember that no matter what, God still loves you! We all sin. No one is perfect and that is not changing until we go to be home with the Lord. However, Jesus’ atonement covered our sins and we are whiter than the snow in the eyes of the Lord when we repent. God has so much love for you and me that it is impossible to ever see the depth of His love. It is deeper than all the oceans put on top of each other. His love has no end and it has no restrictions. He doesn’t love you less on certain days. He is consistent with His love and He is faithful. If you are feeling down or if you don’t know what God thinks about you today, know that you matter to Him all day long and every day. His love for you will never stop!

I am in awe of God’s love and of how He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish. This is the most powerful form of love that exists in the universe and it follows us wherever we go. Because God loves us so much, He sees all of us as valuable individuals. We are His precious creation and to Him we are one of a kind. Each one of us is unique and He loves that about us. We matter to Him which means that He has His eyes on us and He watches over us all the time. We treasure what matters to us and we make it a priority in our lives. You, friend, are God’s treasure and you are His priority. You don’t have to be a king or a queen or a celebrity to matter to God. You matter to Him just the way you are. You need to develop your faith in the fact that you, all of you, matter to God. This will help you trust that God cares about every part of your life. He cares about your spirit, your body, your soul and your mind. He wants you to have a strong spirit, to have healthy feelings and emotions. He wants you to do well and to be physically healthy. He wants you to think good thoughts and to keep your mind on Him because that is the best thing you can do. Your thoughts, your words and your actions matter to Him.

When I realized that God wanted me to have noble, pure and positive thoughts, I started working on them. We all get bombarded with negative thoughts and what I call “low thoughts.” Low thoughts are thoughts that don’t get us closer to God and that don’t serve us in any way. I call them low because they are close to the ground and because of that, they are away from God.. Any thought that is not lifting up the Lord and that is not a reflection of love, peace and joy is a thought that we need to make captive. It has to be hit with the power of the truth of the Word of God. Our words matter to God so we should speak His words over our lives and we should speak against the low negative thoughts as well. God is interested in our well-being and our growth and development. He is the best example to follow. We matter so much that He gave us His Book of life that teaches us how to be more like Him. When we are doers of the Word and we speak the Word, we are likened to His image and we are more than conquerors. Our victory matters to the Lord.

Dear friend, you matter to God. He is rooting for you and He wants you to have the best life. What you do, say or think are important to Him so be sure to rely on Him for direction so you know what to do, say and think. His Word is your ally and you can find all you need in it. Remember that you are highly loved and that God treasures you. Enjoy His love and embrace His warmth. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Colossians 3:12; Ephesians 2:4-5

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