Patience is a supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit

Patience is a supernatural fruit of the Holy Spirit and it is a fruit I have been trying to add to my spiritual diet every day. I can tap into joy and peace and other fruit but patience sometimes requires more effort on my part. I find that when I have peace, patience is not hard to find. I can be patient while waiting for a blessing or while waiting for something good that I know is going to happen. When it comes to being patient while waiting in faith, it’s a different story.  My mind likes to question my faith and asks me why I am being patient about  something that might not take place. That is when I have to silence my mind. I put it on mute and I turn up the volume of God’s Word. The Word of God tells us to be patient in tribulation. Why? Because we display the character of the Lord and we express the fruit of the Spirit even when the pressure is on and that is pure faith. The Lord is not asking us to find patience outside of us or outside of the realm of possibilities. We have His Spirit inside of us and that is where we can find supernatural patience. Then how do we extract this amazing fruit? Today I want to answer that question and encourage you to keep resorting to the Lord’s patience and to live a life dominated by the fruit of the Spirit with an emphasis on patience.


David once declared “I will wait patiently for the Lord.” It is a great habit to wait on the Lord patiently. It is great to close off the world and open up to the Lord in prayer and meditation. Meditation can be hard to achieve if we don’t have patience. Patience is key in connecting with God. If we try to rush or to get to God too fast, it won’t happen. Getting an answer to a prayer can take time and God wants us to wait patiently. Waiting is winning. You win strength. You win faith and you win wisdom. The Lord knows that we ought to be patient in all things because that is the best way to receive from Him. There is power in the waiting. There is power in patience. Patience demonstrates God’s power in our lives. It shows that we are connected to the Holy Spirit and we are in sync with the Lord. The world says,“ Let’s get everything instantly”. The Lord says, “Wait for everything patiently.”


When David waited for the Lord patiently, the Lord heard his cry and answered him. God listens and hears us. If we don’t hear back it doesn’t mean we were not heard. It means that we have to get on His “timing plan.” He has a plan and He has the perfect timing for everything. Your answer will come. Your breakthrough will come. Timing is everything and God wouldn’t make you wait if waiting weren’t the best thing for you. God is so patient with all of us and we are so impatient with His blessings. Patience dictates what we should be doing while waiting. We should continue to praise and pray and we should practice all the fruit of the Spirit. Love is the biggest fruit in the basket of the Spirit and love is patient. When we have the patience fruit, we can love better. We can love and help others. It takes a lot of patience to deal with people. Imagine how much patience it takes for the Lord to “deal with us.” When we are patient with one another, we embrace God’s call for love. Love can wait forever because it is patient. Walk in love and you will walk patiently. You can’t be patient without love.


My suggestion is that you meditate on patience every day. Find verses that talk about patience and get into your prayer closet and meditate on them. As you do, you will activate the patience that is in your spirit thanks to the Holy Spirit. Pray for patience and thank the Lord for the fruit of patience. It will grow. Feed your patience by exercising it every day. Find opportunities to be patient. There are many of them every day. Welcome them and walk in patience while holding hands with love and faith. You will see how patience develops and how connected you are to the fruit that is in you. The Spirit of Jesus desires for you and me to be patient and to tap into the power of that great fruit. Thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. Acknowledge the Spirit in all you do and get Him involved. The fruit will become stronger and your patience will become a lifestyle. Thank God for the fruit of patience! His patience is supernatural because it transcends human patience. It’s in you. The Holy Spirit will guide you through the patience process. Trust Him!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:25-27; Romans 12:12; Galatians 6:9

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