God will get you out of your winter

We have had some very cold temperatures here on the east coast of the United States. Yesterday, going out was out of the question for me because it was 18 degrees F (-7 degrees C). There is still snow left over from the last storm we had and walking outside makes you feel like you are walking in a desert of snow. When I walk to the mailbox it is like I am walking to a far away destination and I can barely make it. Sometimes when we are going through difficult times, we are under the impression that we are walking in a winter desert. Everything feels cold. We can barely walk and we can barely move. I had this interesting vision when I was praying yesterday morning. I saw myself walking in the snow in extremely cold weather and I had a big bag on my back. I had a hat on, gloves and a warm jacket. It was brutally cold but I was able to walk. It dawned on me that there are times when we are going through a very cold season but we have what it takes to make it. God gives us a hat, gloves, boots, a scarf, and a warm jacket so that we can make progress and get places even though it is very cold. You might be going through an extreme winter now and I am here to tell you that God will get you out of your winter. He will give you the ability to stay warm and to keep going and He will eventually put an end to those cold temperatures in your life.

Your extreme winter can be a pile of bills, health issues, a spiritual dry spell, problems at work or in your family. All these things can make you feel cold and you can’t get warm enough. You can’t think straight and you can’t see yourself out of it. You have a hard time imagining that spring will come and you settle for this harsh weather. The truth is that God is with you in every season. He never promised that it would be summer all year. He also never said that you would have to fend for yourself in the winter. What He promised is that no matter what is going on in your life, He has already defeated it and there is always a way out. He is your way out. He is your solution. He won’t get you out of your winter just yet but He will keep you warm through this season. He has a hat for you. You wear His hat every time you spend time in His Word. His Word influences your mind in a positive way and it keeps your head in the warmth of His promises. He has scarf for you. His scarf prevents you from getting a sore throat from negative words. He has given you the words to speak that will keep you inside His house of positivity. Wear the scarf of positive words and the cold won’t affect what you say. He has boots for you. His boots are the boots of faith. They allow you to walk when it’s cold and they keep you from slipping and falling. The boots of faith give you strength to take one step at a time even when you don’t know what’s ahead.

God has great gloves for you. Your hands will stay warm when you put on the gloves of praise. Praise with your hands lifted up. Allow the gloves of praise to keep your hands and your heart warm. When you touch something cold, something that makes you feel sad, remember that you have the gloves of praise and raise your hands. Sing the pain. Praise the sadness away. God’s gloves will help you. The warm jacket of salvation is a shield. It is a shield against the attacks of the enemy. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because you have the jacket of salvation. You are a child of God and you are rightfully seated in heavenly places. The cold darts of the enemy can’t touch you and they can’t harm you. You belong to Jesus and your salvation is real 24/7. That jacket has pockets of joy, peace and love so keep your hands in your pockets and you will have the power to face the cold spells. The peace of the Lord will keep you steady in your faith. His joy will give you the strength to remain joyful even when it’s -7 degrees. His love will surround you and protect you all the time. Keep walking with God in this winter season. He will bless you and shelter you. He is going to get you out this cold so don’t lose hope. This winter won’t last forever but God’s love for you will. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; Zephania 3:17; Matthew 28:20

God tells us not to fear

When I am in prayer and meditation, the Holy Spirit reminds me of certain scriptures and He gives me encouragement. The other morning, He reminded me that it is important not to fear and not to worry. He went on to say “Don’t fear and don’t worry. Not because your day is going to be a good day but because God is good all the time. God is good all day.” When everything is going well, I feel great. I feel happy. When something bad is on the horizon or when my mind is in overthinking mode, fear and worry knock at my door. I have let them in more times than I can count. They get in and they make themselves comfortable in my house until I kick them out. The message of the Lord when I was praying the other was that fear and worry have no rights to come in. They will knock and knock but I don’t have to answer the door. I should always let the Lord get the door. He is the barrier between fear, worry and me. I need to put Him there. I need to trust Him as my shield against them. Every day with the Lord is a good day because the Lord is with us every day. Today I want to repeat what the Holy Spirit whispered. Don’t worry and don’t fear. God is good all day. You are going to make it. You are going to overcome whatever comes your way because the Lord is always good and He is always your shield and your protector. 

Fear and worry show up and tell us that we have no control over what’s happening or what’s going to happen. They give us a sense of hopelessness and we don’t know how we can get out of the mess we are in. Fear and worry are not from God. There is a fear of the Lord that is awe. It is respecting and honoring the Lord. It is not being afraid of God. That type of fear, the fear when we are not feeling well and we have a knot in our stomach is not from God. The devil uses fear against everyone so that everyone would lose faith if they are a believer or don’t develop faith if they don’t believe in God. Fear is powerful. Fear and worry are debilitating but the truth is God is stronger than both of them. God in His infinite goodness can remove fear and worry. When fear and worry show up, reply with God’s Word. Use scriptures that demonstrate that your God is bigger and you have no reason to fear. 

In His Word, God talks a lot about fear and He says that we should not fear. We should not give in to fear. This means that fear will come but we have the power to defeat it. Fear will taunt us but we have the words we need to destroy it. Fear is on our minds and in our hearts. It is in our thinking process. The goal here is to kick it out by speaking against it. We can’t be passive when it comes to fear and worry. It is the power of our testimony that will win against them. How? Our testimony should be about Jesus. We should speak up about what Jesus did for us. Our testimony, what we say in the presence of fear, should lift up Jesus. We can easily be pulled down by fear or we can choose to go up the ladder of faith and speak faith over our circumstances. 

God is good all day long. We might not see it. We might not feel it but He is always good. Him being good doesn’t mean that you are going to have a perfect day where nothing bad will happen. He is good independently of what goes on in your life. His goodness can impact your day and make it good. His goodness can derail your fears and worries and give you the upper hand against the enemy. Call upon the Lord the moment fear and worry are on to you. Call upon the Lord all the time. His peace and His joy in you can prevent you from yielding to fear. If fear gets in somehow and it will, push it out. Push it out with the confidence that God’s got you in the palm of His hand and you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Things might not go well during the day but remember that your God will make all things good for you. It is going to be more than ok. Don’t fear and don’t worry. You are under the protection of the Lord Almighty and He is going to bless you in the middle of chaos and trials. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4-5; Psalm 46:1-3; Isaiah 41:13

God’s dreams are not canceled

Some parents have big dreams for their children. They want the very best for them. They dream of their children having a happy life, being fulfilled and being safe. Some parents want their kids to have a better life than they did. Some parents want their children’s dreams to come true. God our Father has plans for all of us. He has dreams that defy our wildest dreams. He wants the very best for all of us. He has plans that we can’t understand and that we truly can’t believe at times because they are so huge and so incredible. God’s dreams for your life, friend, are bigger than anything you can imagine. His dreams for you involve miracles and blessings from Heaven. They include peace and joy that are not from this world. They include Jesus every step of the way and they include a beautiful life lived with the Savior. Now, if you look around these days, and that has been the case for a few years, many things have been canceled. Events have been postponed, rescheduled or down right canceled. God’s dreams for you are not being canceled, friend. God doesn’t depend on the world to bless you. God can bless you on His own. He is not limited. He is not restricted by the cancellations. God’s plans for you will always be the same. They will always be amazing no matter what happens in this world. God created the world. The world didn’t create God. It is a simple statement with a profound meaning. The creator of the universe can’t be canceled and He can’t be stopped. God will do what He said He would do so stay in faith. Those great dreams that He has dropped in your heart are still alive. They may be dormant but they still exist.

Revive God’s dreams for your life today. How? Thank God for the dreams. Thank God for His timeline that is not the world’s timeline. Your mind might be telling you that you ran out of time to experience what God promised. That is not true. God knows what He is doing. His dreams for you will come true. Don’t put a time stamp on the blessings that will be delivered from Heaven. They can come at any time. They will come at the right time. They will come at God’s time. His dreams will become a reality for you. They are a reality for Him. Get on the same page. Accept that His plans for you are going to bless you and to prosper you. Accept that He can do exceedingly more for you than you can think of. Accept that He is a mighty God that no one can stop. Accept that His love for you is deeper than the ocean and no mountains and no valleys can come between you and His love. Accept the dreams that are too good to be true. God will do the impossible for you. That is the God you serve. That is what you can expect. His dreams for you don’t have an expiration date!

God’s dreams for you have already started unfolding in your life. If you believe in Him, you are living the dream. A relationship with Him is where it all starts. Your faith puts you in touch with God. You are in touch with almighty God. How amazing is that? You are in the best dream there is. The enemy will try to convince you and tell you that your life is a living nightmare. Trials and difficulties do happen to all of us but it doesn’t mean that we are living our worst lives. God’s dreams for you will tamper with the enemy’s plots against your life. Embrace the dreams when things are rocky. Embrace the dreams when hope seems low. Remind yourself of God’s great intentions for you. His dreams are still there so praise Him for that. Things will turn around for you. You will have what God says you should have. In His dreams for you, there are breakthroughs galore and you always make it out of problems and tribulations. In His dreams for you, His peace reigns in your life and His joy is your strength. In His dreams for you, you are walking in love and love is your superpower. In His dreams for you, you know He loves you and you don’t worry and you don’t fear. In His dreams for you, great things happen to you all the time and you give Him the glory. Keep dreaming big. Keep dreaming God’s dreams for your life. Keep trusting He has great plans for you. His dreams for you are not canceled. Stay in faith. May God bless you and protect you and remember He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 4:21: 2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 3:20

The Lord God is amazing

The Lord our God is wonderful. He is almighty and He is good all the time. He is great all the time. He deserves our praise every single day. There is no one and nothing more powerful than the Lord. Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. There is no match for Him anywhere. You can travel the whole world and you won’t find anyone as amazing as the Lord. However, when the going gets tough, we tend to forget how great our Lord is. If you are going through one of those tough times today, you might not feel like your God is as big as He truly is. He doesn’t change so what you need is to change where you are now and to get back to the place where Jesus is King, where you know that He is king. You need to take your emotions and feelings and pierce a hole in them. Make a hole of hope in them. Tear them apart. Don’t focus on them. Don’t dwell on the bad things that are going on now. It is easier said than done but it can be done. The Lord Himself will assist you. He will take you from the dungeon of despair to the mountain top of joy and peace. Don’t lose hope. Your problems might be bigger but your God is much greater. Your problems might seem impossible to solve but nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to God.

When I am going through a bad patch, I try to distance myself from the bad feelings and from overthinking. What I have found is that if I get myself into praise mode, my problems seem smaller. The anxiety and the fear start to melt. I press Jesus against what is pressuring me. Jesus is the most reliable and the most powerful One. No one comes close to Him and all the negativity of the enemy dreads Him. Problems and trials are from the enemy so you can be assured that they dread the Lord. They have power over us because they work on our minds and they give us millions of scenarios that seem horrible. We need to change the script and turn to the Word of God. His Word has the best scenario. In His scenario Jesus wins. In His scenario Jesus triumphs. In His scenario there is hope and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. Go with God’s script. God with His truth and start attacking the bad thoughts and the bad feelings. Do it with praise. Do it with the truth. You are going to get through this in the name of Jesus. That is the truth.

The Lord God is amazing and He is going to amaze you and to leave you in awe. Your current problems are going to be resolved. A miracle is on the way. A breakthrough is going to take place in your life. Have faith. Trust Jesus. Your Lord God is the best. He is a refuge in times of trouble. He is a mighty fortress and you are in the palm of His hand so this is a win-win situation. Keep your hopes up. Keep your eyes on the Lord your God because He is mighty all the time. He is omnipotent and He won’t fail you. God is with you. God is for you. It doesn’t matter who is against you. It doesn’t matter what problems are against you. You have Jesus. You have the victory. You have love. You have peace. You have joy. You have the best blessings in the world. Thank Him. Thank Him for the victory. Thank Him because He cares for you and He adores you. Remember that the Lord God is amazing and that is always true. Amazing things are going to happen to you. Stay in the Lord. Stay in faith. It is worth it. Things are going to turn around for you. Things are going to get better. God is about to amaze you. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 68:35; John 3:16; Romans 5:8

Choose God

Every day just like everyone I sit in the classroom of life. There are many lessons to be learned and if we pay attention, we can glean some great wisdom and knowledge. My favorite course is the one about living life with Jesus. I have been very interested in learning as much as possible so that my Christian walk is strong and steady. One of the most recent lessons I have received was about choosing God. I was in prayer one morning when I kept hearing “Choose Me.” I had been praying for some time and thoughts came to my mind. Those were negative thoughts. Reminders of some situations I was facing. Every time the thoughts would come, I would hear “Choose Me.” I could choose to go with the thoughts and feel bad for myself or I could choose God. I could choose to believe lies that look so real or I could choose to believe God’s truth that never fails. I have heard that message again a few times since that prayer session. When you think about it, a lot of our Christian walk comes down to making the right decision. Choosing God over the world is always the right decision. Choosing God is how we can make it in this world. Choosing God is how we stand out and how everything works out. Choosing God is how we fight the battle of faith. Choosing God is how we fight the battle of the mind. As this new week begins, I am encouraging you to choose God all week long. You are going to be tempted to give up and to give in to the lies of the enemy but choose God. Stir yourself up and choose God. Jesus didn’t say this life would be easy but He said with Him nothing is impossible.

When I think about what Jesus says in the Bible and I listen to His words more than I listen to the world, amazing things happen. My faith gets a boost. Hope is radiant and joy is my strength. His words fill me with anticipation and with joy. His words fill me with peace and with love. Jesus’ time is the best time. I have some Jesus’ time every day and during those times, I yield to His direction, to His love and to His undivided attention. Yes, friend, the Lord gives us His undivided attention. We are the ones with active minds that make us go all over the place. I choose to have some Jesus’ time. I choose to have some one-on-one time with Him. I choose to start my day with Jesus and to stay close to Him as much as I can all day. We can choose Jesus. When we do, the enemy will do his best to destroy that bond and if he can’t, he will try to distract us so our Jesus’ time is not a regular thing. When I have some Jesus’ time, I have to shut out the world. I isolate myself and I just spend time with the Lord. I often start with praise. Praise is one of the most powerful weapons against the enemy. When the enemy comes at you, go into praise mode. When your mind is going wild and you are getting sad and depressed, turn up the volume of your praise. Fight the flesh and praise. When you praise Jesus, you choose God. When you praise Jesus, you choose hope. When you praise Jesus, you choose power. When you praise Jesus, you always make the right decision.

Choose God all the time. It is not easy but God would never ask us to do something that we couldn’t do. Ask Him to assist you. When you ask God for help, you choose God. It sounds obvious but it is something to remember. You could easily choose to surrender and to let the opposition win but your talking to God, your turning to God is a step in the best direction. Choose to talk to God before you talk to your thoughts. Don’t engage with negative thoughts. Engage with the Holy Spirit. Pray. Open your heart. Take every pain, every doubt and every fear to God in prayer. The next time you are in a bind, the next time you are facing trials, think about your choice. You always have a choice. Choose God by declaring out loud that God is not going to abandon you. Declare out loud that greater is the Lord that is in you than the problems you are facing. Declare that you are more than a conqueror through Christ. Declare that this is not the end and God has already written a happy ending to your story. Declare that God is almighty and He is going to turn things around. Choose to speak positivity over your life. Choose to stand in faith and God will lead your steps. God always knows what He is doing so you can always trust Him. Choose hope today and every day. Choose love today and every day. Choose God and you will learn powerful lessons in your walk of faith. God chose you. Remember that. He chose to save you. He chose to rescue you. He chose to be with you. Don’t get discouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 15:16; Colossians 3:17; 2 Peter 3:9

Life with God

What would I be without the Lord? What would my life be without God? I try not to think about it too much. I remember what it was like and it was ugly. What the Spirit of God wants me to focus on is my life with God. What is it like? What part of my life with God am I not embracing? Am I letting Him be my all? Is He my priority? A life lived with Jesus is the best life one can have. A life lived for Jesus is the life we should be striving for. A life lived with Jesus is not a life without struggles but it is a life with hope, solutions and blessings. I love Jesus and I am so honored and thankful for Him. I love that He is in my life and that He is becoming my life. I am working on making Him a priority in my life and it has been a wonderful journey. I can’t believe how present He is and how loving He is. A life with God is a life of awareness of His love. The first thing we should know and understand is that God loves us and love is what truly defines Him. He is the essence of love, the creator of love, the definer of love. He is love incarnated and when we approach Him, we should approach Him with love in our minds. He is not going to reject us and discriminate against us because we are not perfect. He tells us, “Child, you are welcome here. You are home with Me.” Today I want to encourage you to focus on your life with God and to welcome His love and His faithfulness. He is faithful today and He will always be. Life with God is life with the promises of a new day and the promises of love that conquers all!

Life with God is different for all of us. We all have our specific relationship with Him. I used to compare my life with God with other Christians’ lives with God. It was a big mistake. Comparison kills progress. Comparison hurts. Comparison creates divisions. Comparison slows you down. Your life with God may look very different from your friends’ lives with God but it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. You are the one who cultivates that relationship and God has a special path and journey for you. Trust that and keep your eyes on the Lord and you in this circle of love. Life with God is about God and you in this wonderful covenant. God knows the plans He has for you. Plans to prosper you and to bless you. Love is part of His plan. It is the biggest part of His plan. He wants you to know that you are loved. He wants you to see Him as the Father that He is and to stay close to Him. That is the kind of life He desires for you. If you don’t know His will for your life, know that His will is that you get to know Him more than you know anyone else. His will is that you depend on Him and that you don’t lean on your own understanding. His will is that you grow to understand that love caused Him to save your life and that you should adopt His love and distribute it around you. Life with God is all about love. Without faith you can’t know God and you need love to get to know Him on a deeper level.

Life with God is not a bed of roses but with God in your life, you can go to bed peacefully at night. I used to overthink a lot. I still do it from time to time but the closer I get to Jesus, the more peace I receive and my nights have been amazing. God interferes with the negative thoughts we have. When we let Him in and we give Him control, He removes obstacles in our heads and He gives us hope. This is a continuing process. I have more hope than I did a month ago. His hope has been taking over in my life and I am so grateful for Him. Jesus never said that this life would be easy but He said He would never leave us nor forsake us. I have Him with me all the time and so do you. His Spirit dwells in you, friend. Hope dwells in you. Love dwells in you. Peace dwells in you. His resurrection power dwells in you. Victory dwells in you. Second, third, fourth chances dwell in you. The light of the world dwells in you. Truth dwells in you. That is your life in Christ. That is your life with God. It is a great life. You are highly blessed. Continue to follow Jesus and to serve Him. He loves you, He adores you and He will never abandon you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Ephesians 3:18-19; 1 John 4:18

God will pay you back

When I got back from the trip I mentioned yesterday, everything went very smoothly. The flight was shorter than expected. I went through customs very quickly. My luggage arrived on the belt after I was done with customs. The shuttle I was taking to go home showed up 10 minutes after I had picked up my bags. I was the only passenger on the shuttle which never happens. I was home in no time. This was God paying me back for what had happened on my way to the airport. He made up for the flat tire, the rush and the complicated people I had to deal with. It was payback time and I am very grateful to the Lord for that. It was the best coming home present I had ever received. I don’t remember being able to get home that fast after an international flight. I didn’t see it at first until a friend pointed it out to me. She was so right. Sometimes we go through trials and we have to stay in faith despite the difficulties. Sometimes we have to stay strong and hold on to the promises of the Lord even when it hurts. Sometimes we go through tough times and we have no idea why things are so bad. The enemy gives us a hard time and he wants to see us break. When we trust the Lord and we don’t let our faith be shaken, God restores everything and He pays us back for each difficulty we endured. Today I want to encourage you and remind you that God will pay you back. Your current suffering can’t compare to the blessings that are to come. God will make it happen. He will get you through this rough time. 

Stay in faith during those times when nothing seems to be going your way. I know it is easier said than done but when you do, you are building a fortress of faith. Every trial gives you the opportunity to lay down one more brick. Your Lord is your refuge. He is your strong tower. He is your fortress and you have to embrace that truth and build up your faith in His ability to get you out of any situation. It is not going to be easy and Jesus never said it would be but it will get easier. Your faith will get you where you need to be and every problem will be solved. The fortress you are building will serve you for life. God is holding you in the palm of His hand and He is not going to drop you even if you are going through something very intense. The intensity of your problems doesn’t decrease the power of the Lord. Let the Lord show you how powerful He is. There are times when we need to go through very bad times to discover not only what our faith is made of but also to see how big our God is. Your headache today is going to be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow might not come as soon as you think but it will come. God will pay you back with extreme peace for every ache and pain.

God will pay you back because He restores what the devil has stolen. He will give you peace and joy again. He will replace what the enemy has taken from you and give you something better and greater. Think about how the world was lost because of what happened in the garden of Eden. The Lord made it up to us by sending His Son for our sins and Jesus paid the price for our salvation. Jesus paid us back.  Now, on the cross He took care of your life. This means that every difficulty that will ever take place in your life was taken care of. He knew what you would go through. He saw it all. He experienced it all and He destroyed it all. Your faith can give you victory. Your faith can see you through this. Keep trusting the Lord. Keep believing. Nothing is impossible to God and you are going to see how His power can make things right. He is going to blow your mind and restore your life in an amazing way. Stay strong in the Lord. Stay encouraged. Payback time is coming. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Samuel 26:23; Luke 14:14; Romans 8:18

Speak the name of Jesus

There is power in the name of Jesus and we need to use His name on a daily basis. We use so many names without knowing and those names are either powerless or they have negative power in them. Every time we speak fear and doubt, we speak the name of fear and the name of doubt. If we say “I will never make it” what we are truly saying is “In the name of doubt I will not make it.” When we say “This is too big or too impossible,” we are really saying “In the name of fear, I can’t see this take place.” We put a lot of emphasis on the impossible being impossible when we speak doubt over our circumstances. We need to choose the name we speak very carefully. We need to reject the names of fear, doubt, and all kinds of negativity. They are not helping us. They might feel comfortable but they are very harmful. We can’t speak ten different negative names in our lives and expect good things to happen. When can’t speak in the name of doubt and expect Jesus to bless us and to give us the breakthrough we are waiting for. We can’t speak negativity into our lives and be surprised that we are not seeing deliverance and blessings flowing into our lives. Positivity along with the name of Jesus is what brings the breakthroughs and freedom. I am inviting you to use the name of Jesus all week. Speak His name in all circumstances. You will push joy, love, peace, and hope into your life. His name saves. His name heals. His name sets us free!

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”* The name of Jesus gives us salvation. It set us free. It is by His name that we got saved. Now the power in His name is still available and His name can still save us no matter what is going on in our lives. When we speak His name in faith, things change. Miracles happen. Seas of problems are parted. Blessings flow into our lives. Hope comes back. Triumph is present. The name of Jesus is the most powerful name in the universe. The enemy trembles at the mention of His name. Imagine what would happen if you spoke Jesus’s name all day. You would see things move in the right direction all the time. You will have the confidence that bad things won’t last and that the Lord can fix anything because when we speak His name in faith He listens and He moves in your favor. God is always on the move and when you speak the name of Jesus you experience His movement in your life and it always goes in the right direction. You will see how Heaven collides with earth and how nothing is impossible in His beautiful name!

Just a mention of the name of Jesus makes a way. When I speak His name, I get bold in my faith. I have hope and I know that nothing absolutely nothing can stop the Lord from acting in my life. I might have to speak His name a few times. I might have to hold on to His name for some time but He never lets me down. His name is my refuge, my stronghold, my place of hope and love. I find comfort and peace in His name. I speak His name over the week that is coming. I speak His name over every event that I know will take place during the day including meetings and even grocery runs. I have His name with me at all times. How amazing is that! You, friend, also have the name of Jesus with you all the time. Be sure to speak it and to use it all day. Declare that in His name nothing is impossible and speak blessings into His life. When you are down or when you are unsure of what to do, speak the name of Jesus. Speak the name of Jesus against confusion, against fear, and against doubt. Speak His name against anything that rises above your peace. The enemy is a thief and he tries to steal your peace and your joy. The name of Jesus will restore peace and joy. Don’t hesitate to speak His name. Stay in the Lord and trust His name. It is a very strong tower of protection. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 14:13; Acts 4:12*; Romans 10:13

The blessing will be bigger than the battle

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”* This powerful verse in Romans chapter 8 has been an anchor of my faith for some time now. Lately the Lord has been reminding me that with Him the blessings are bigger than our suffering. What is to come is so good and so excellent that it can’t compare to the hard times we are going through at the moment. Today I want to use that message and encourage you. I want to let you know that your blessings are going to be so amazing that they won’t compare with your current pain and your current circumstances. God has something very powerful for you and it will come in time. Trust Him and you will see His glory. Trust Him and you will see what Jesus does for you. He is going to do something that will leave you in awe and that will touch your body, mind, soul and spirit. It is going to feel like time was suspended and you were in a parallel universe. That is how grandiose it is going to be. God can do all things and He specializes in the impossible. You might be going through the toughest time of your life today and I am very sorry to hear that. However, I am also hearing that you have a God who is faithful and nothing is too big for Him.

There are blessings in the pipeline with a delivery date on them. You don’t have to know when they are coming. All you have to know is that they will come. You see, faith knows. Faith knows that God will bless you and that He is true to His Word. Faith doesn’t always have a timestamp to put on what’s to come but it believes that there was a stamp put on your blessing and it is in the heavenly mail. The mailman of the Lord is on his way and the blessing will be dropped most likely when you least expect it. Expect good things. Expect God things like I enjoy saying. The devil has many things for you to make you stumble but the God things are better and they will restore your life. The enemy will always be after you but Jesus will always be with you. He goes before you and He makes a way for beautiful things to happen. God has blessings for you. Don’t let your current suffering erase the visions that your faith is trying to show you. Focus on Jesus. The blessings will come and the suffering will end.

The blessing will always be bigger than the battle. We all have battles and they can be excruciating. God has fought all our battles. We should stand in faith until the victory is a reality in our world. It is already real but we need to let it come to pass in the natural with hope in Jesus and confidence that He has already won. The battle that is taking place in your life right now is no fun and no one can argue against that. It can keep you up at night and it can deprive you of strength and appetite. You have a God of restoration. What He is going to give you is going to be a thousand times better than the battle. Those feelings of fear and defeat are going to be replaced by hope, joy, peace and victory. Something very good is coming your way. Rejoice today. Get into thanking mode. Let faith guide you and stare at the victory and the freedom that is available to you in the Lord. Stay encouraged, dear friend. Things are not easy now but they are going to get a lot better and God will have the final say. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:18*; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18; 1 Peter 4:13

The positivity challenge

I love getting challenges from God. They are almost meant to help me grow and they are always in line with His Word. One of the recurring themes is positivity. God challenges me to stay positive very often. I am up for the challenge this week and I decided to make it a point to stay positive this week. This goes beyond what we picture as being positive most of the time. I am letting my positive attitude pair up with my faith and I will be expecting good things. I won’t just stay positive when things go wrong. I am going to be positive for things to come. I am going to have an active positivity that will feed off of my faith. The goal is to look at the days ahead with faith and expressing my faith with a positive attitude and outlook. I don’t know what this week has in store. There will be good times and bad times. There will be things that I can’t control but one thing I can control is my reaction to those events. Please join me in this challenge. Make up your mind and stay positive. Take a minute to think about the rest of the week with a positive mindset. God is with you every single day of the week so no matter what happens, you will have Him to back you up and to support you. Your positive attitude fueled by your faith in God is allowing you to win the battles this week. Stay positive! Stay in faith! Stay in the Lord!

Positivity is defined as the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Now, we can be optimistic by nature and always hope for the best. I know some people who are always positive and they don’t know God. Their positivity is great and it is inspiring but it lacks a strong foundation at times and they crumble easily when the wind blows. We as believers have the most powerful foundation there is. Our hope is founded on Jesus. He is the author of our faith and the hope we can rely on. We need to live it up and to make it a daily reality. We should keep standing on our amazing foundation. Let’s stop looking for the next best thing that might keep us steady on our feet. There is nothing and no one better than Jesus. Trends and fads come and go and some seem very appealing but nothing will ever replace Jesus. He is the hope of the world and we can have an optimistic attitude because of Him. Our optimism should stem from our relationship with Him and we should base everything on His promises. He promises to bless us, to protect us and to help us. That is a lot of hope right there. Those are great reasons to be positive.

In Psalm 33, David invites us to hope in the steadfast love of the Lord. His love is constant. It doesn’t vary and He doesn’t run dry. You can be assured that God is going to love you all week long no matter what you do and no matter what happens to you. His steadfast love is going to carry you. You can count on the love that changes everything. You can count on the Lord’s resurrection power that lives in you thanks to His love. Stay positive this week because God has a love for you that will not let you down. His love is going to conquer your mountains. Expect that. Expect great things. Expect miracles. Expect love all week long. Challenge your emotions and your feelings by staying positive in Jesus. You will see that amazing things take place when you stay strong in your faith and when you refuse to yield to any negativity. Your positivity is a great testimony to your faith in the One whose love has won all wars. Stay positive, friend! Don’t lose hope. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Know that God is still on the throne. Your faith is going to take you places that you never knew existed. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:  Psalm 33:18; Mark 9:23; 2 Corinthians 3:12-14