Nothing can break your God

They tried to get rid of Him. They tried to kill Him. They put Him on a cross and they buried Him but it didn’t keep Him from coming back. He didn’t stay in the tomb. He didn’t lose the battle. Our God is indestructible. No one and nothing was able to kill Him. He rose from the dead and He has been alive ever since. Centuries after centuries have not changed a thing. Many centuries later the Lord Jesus Christ is still alive. Have you ever thought about it that way? People come and go but He came and never left. Those three days in hell brought victory. He wasn’t defeated. He is the One who defeated death. Your God is still alive, friend. Your God is still God and nothing will ever change that. No one will ever conquer Him.

 If you are going through a tough season now and your God looks like He is broken because you are in distress, think again. Nothing can break your God. He is alive and well. He is still with you. He is still reigning. God can’t be broken into pieces. You might have that subconscious image in your head but He is not broken. Fears and doubt might be depicting a torn and broken picture of God but God is intact. It’s time you fixed the image of God in your mind. It’s time you realized that He is not broken and He is undeniably greater than all the adversity and the opposition that are against you. God is for you. It doesn’t matter who is against you. The unbreakable God is your God.

Broken dreams and broken promises hurt. We picture one thing and the opposite happens. We are told some wonderful things and then people let us down by not keeping their promises. God gives us dreams and He wants us to dream big. Those dreams can take a long time to come to pass but what God gives us is real and it can’t be broken. God like I said can’t be broken so His dreams and His promises also can’t be broken. He is a solid God. He is the One who can do all things. I know from experience that when some of God’s promises took a while to take place, I felt broken. I felt abandoned and the promises were broken in my head. 

The enemy loves to make us feel like there is something broken in us or around us. He loves to kill, steal and destroy and he does that to our faith and to our dreams. The reality is that God is faithful. The road to our breakthroughs and to our blessings is paved with bad breaks and trials but God’s promises are above all tribulations. God doesn’t give us dreams that He can’t fulfill. God doesn’t make promises and then takes them back. Your worst days can’t defeat your God. Your worst pain can’t defeat your God. Your worst nightmare can’t win against God. Nothing can take God down. He is a wall that no one can tear down. He is a fortress that no one can destroy.

God is our refuge and fortress. No powers of the enemy can go into that fortress. No powers of the enemy can destroy that fortress. God will always stand there in all His glory and there is nothing the enemy can do about it. A fortress is a stronghold. It is also defined as a person or a thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance. God is all of that. He is a stronghold. He is a stronghold of love, hope, peace and joy. He can’t be shaken. He can’t be broken. He can’t be killed. He is the stronghold that will always get you through anything in life. He is the stronghold that not only can’t be broken but He also has the ability to destroy the forces of the enemy. He is a stronghold like no other. 

He has always stood strong. He has always been and He will always be. He can’t be touched by outside influence and disturbance. Find refuge in Him. Stay in Him. Stay within His gates. Remain in Him and He will remain in you. Remember that He can’t be broken. Remove the broken images from your mind. They are lies from the enemy. God will always stand and He will always keep His promises. He is faithful and He loves you. Nothing can break your God. Even your current problems can’t break your God. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 16:1; Psalm 46:1; Ephesians 2:4-6


All you need

If all you have is the Lord, you have all you need. You have all it takes to make it. You have all it takes to succeed. Your needs are met. Your blessings are here. Your victory is guaranteed. You have all you will ever need. You are all set. You can count on the victory. You can expect to walk through life with hope, blessings and love. Think about what it means to have the Lord. Think about what your life was like before the Lord. Think about the lives of those who don’t have the Lord. You have it all. You have an amazing life. Now, it might not look like you have much. You might say that you are lacking this and that. You might feel like you have less than others. 

You might look at your life and say that you are not blessed. The problem is if you look at your life and accept things at face value, you deplete your life of the high value that the Lord has put in your life. God wants you to consider it all joy. God wants you to see life through the eyes of faith. It’s not about what you see in the natural, it’s about what you know through faith. You can rearrange your life by speaking faith. You can see the blessings and the miracles by looking at life through faith. You have all you will ever need and it is time you rewired your thinking. It is time you put things into perspective, God’s perspective. You have all you need and I am here to talk you through this reality.

I have mentioned the financial difficulties I had earlier this year. When I look at how things were then and how they are now, it is like night and day. I went through a long night. My finances were not only in the red but they were in the dark as well. It was as if someone had turned off the light in the financial department and I couldn’t see money anywhere. Money came and went right away. The bills and the needs were bigger than usual. One day I wondered how I would possibly make it. I remember sitting in my car after talking to a clerk at my bank. What the person told me was not encouraging. The enemy wanted me to panic and to give up. I got mad. I was mad. I was mad for being in a situation where I felt that it wasn’t my fault. I will never forget that Friday afternoon.

All I could see was that I didn’t have what I needed. I kept looking at my circumstances. I kept planning for the next few months and the plans didn’t look good. Then the Holy Spirit said what He had to say and what He said was that I had Jesus and I had all I needed. Friend, those words are how I remember God saved the day. Those words meant everything. God’s perspective sounded way better than what my mind was thinking. I took God’s words and ran with them. I drove home and declared that I had Jesus and I had all I needed. I kept declaring that for a few days. That truth set me free. I stopped looking at what I didn’t have and I focused on the One I had. I praised Him. I praised Him harder. I praised Him louder. I had all I needed and more.

All you need is the Lord. All you need is in the Lord. I am not just talking about finances. In every area of your life, you have all you need when you know and recognize that your Savior is all you need. When you put all you trust in the Lord despite your circumstances, your circumstances are in good hands. He holds you and He holds your life. You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are a winner through all circumstances. God makes you win. God makes you succeed. God helps you. God supports you. It doesn’t matter what you go through, you have what you need. Fix your eyes on the Lord and everything will be provided. The Lord is the One that matters all the time.

Your circumstances can be very bad but the Lord is always very, very good. When the enemy shows you what you lack, tell him who you have. Tell him that you have all you need and you are blessed all the time. It’s not about the size of your need. It’s about the size of the One who meets all your needs. You are all set. You have been all set. That reality is in your words. What you say about your situation is important so talk about how the Lord has you in the palm of His hands and He is your provider in everything. Stay strong and stay in faith. With the Lord you already have all you need. Your needs will always be met. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:31; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 9:8

God is not asleep

God is not asleep. God is not taking a break and He is not on vacation. He is an ever-present God and He is always around. You might be thinking today that God is gone and that He has left the building but He is with you. He might be silent but He is always talking. God will never abandon you. God said He would never leave you nor forsake you. He is going to be with you all week long. He is going to take care of you and He is your refuge forever. Don’t let your mind write a scenario where you are on your own and God is not around. You don’t need to “feel God.”  

You just need to know that He is there. He is not taking a nap. When you pray and you turn to Him, you are not bothering Him and you are not waking Him up. Today I want to encourage you to trust that God is going to be with you all week long. Nothing, absolutely nothing can separate you from His love. He is the God who keeps His promises and He promised to bless you, to help you and to stay with you. This week could be a great week or a bad week but your God Almighty is going to be good all week long. Rely on His goodness. Believe He is always around. Talk to Him. Be with Him. He is not asleep. He is very much awake.

I remember a time when I felt that God had left me. I didn’t see anything happening in my life that was good. I couldn’t understand it but the negative thoughts in my mind were telling me that God was not happy with me so He had gone to sleep on me and I couldn’t do anything to wake Him up. It was as if I were on a boat with the Lord like the disciples were with Jesus. A storm came and I tried to wake up the Lord but in my scenario, nothing could wake Him up. He was fast asleep as the storm was fast approaching. I was at a loss and I was scared. I kept thinking that I had done something that made God mad or that disappointed Him. 

Friend, the enemy is full of lies and when we fall for his lies, we fall hard. I fell inside the pit of worry and despair. I got to the point where praying was not something I wanted to do. In my mind, God had tuned me out. God never ever does that. If that is what you are thinking now, remove that lie from your head and replace it with the truth of God’s love. God is with you on the boat and He is alert, very present and He is listening to you. Your faith in Him will calm any storm. Keep in mind that He is not sleeping and He is not ignoring you.

No storm is too big for God. No request is too big for God. No problem is too big for God. No difficulty is too big for God. As you are cruising on the boat of life, you will encounter storms and difficulties but you have to trust and believe that God Almighty is with you on that boat. He is quietly doing life with you and He is calm. Your God is not frantic and He doesn’t panic. Now, when a storm comes your way, the Lord doesn’t change His way. He remains calm and collected. Your anxiety and your fear could be blinding you to the calm composure of the Lord and make you think that He is not there or that He is not helping you. God is on the boat to not only keep you company but He is also there to talk to you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to protect you, to give you hope and to love you unconditionally.

 Unconditional love doesn’t jump the boat. Unconditional love doesn’t take a snooze and turn its back on you. God is with you and you can talk to Him all the time. Develop the mindset that there can always be communication with God and He stays with you through thick and thin. God stays awake when you are asleep. He watches over you at night. He watches over you when you take a spiritual nap and you don’t acknowledge Him. He is always awake. Celebrate that truth. Remember this week that He is with you no matter what. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:20; 1 Peter 5:7

You are blessed

You are blessed. Wherever you go, you are blessed. The Bible says so. The Bible declares that you are always blessed and that God’s blessings are chasing after you. Because of what is going on in your life you might think that you are cursed and that bad luck is after you. God’s blessings are following you, friend. God is with you. His blessings are in your life. You are a magnet for blessings. You are highly favored and highly blessed. Today I want to encourage you to embrace the Lord’s blessings and to trust that His blessings are chasing after you. 

God has many amazing blessings for you that are waiting for you. Faith is what opens the door to the blessings. Believe and trust that the blessings are rightly yours. See yourself as an heir or an heiress to the blessings of God. This is a promise from the Most High God. Claim His promises. Declare what the Bible declares about you. You have Jesus. You have all you need. You have Jesus. You have blessings galore. You have Jesus. You are going to succeed. You have Jesus. Angels are working on your behalf. You have Jesus. You are highly blessed!

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord makes His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lifts up His countenance upon you and gives you peace.”* This declaration of blessings is how the pastor’s wife at my church ends every service. It is a great reminder of God’s blessings in our lives. I love it when she says it to the congregation. I say it to myself and about myself. “The Lord blesses me and keeps me” is what I confess at times when I pray or at random times during the day. I am blessed because God says I am blessed. I listen to what He has to say about me. 

If I spend a lot of time listening to what the world has to say, I end up thinking that I have no blessings. I put myself in the line of desperation. I stand in line waiting for the next bad break to take place. Bad breaks happen to all of us but they don’t take away the fact that we are blessed in the name of Jesus. Your blessings are not conditioned by your life. They are conditioned by the Lord. The one condition to receive blessings is to have received Jesus as our Savior. He is what matters. The world doesn’t dictate our blessings.  Bad days don’t prevent us from being blessed. We are blessed every single day. We might not see the blessings but they are there and more of them come when we stay in faith. 

Say to yourself that you are blessed no matter how you feel and not matter what the thoughts say in your head. Talk to your circumstances and tell them that you are blessed. Tell them that you are not intimidated by the difficulties and the trials. Tell them that the Lord has conquered the world and blessings are your inheritance. Tell them that your blessings are here to stay and they are a great gift from God. Say that you are highly blessed all the time. Speak faith. Speak the truth of the Lord. The more you do, the more it will hit your reality. You are going to experience amazing blessings. You are going to have amazing peace. You are going to have amazing joy. 

You are going to start counting blessings and you will lose track of how many you have. God is a God of abundance. Your faith, your praise, your positive declarations and your thanksgiving bring that abundance into your life. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Seek His face. Seek His kingdom and all those powerful blessings will come into your life. Jesus is the best blessing one can have. When you center your life around Him, you are divinely blessed. Keep trusting Him. Keep following Him. His blessings will chase after you! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Numbers 6:24-26*; John 1:16; Ephesians 1:3


A friend was telling me the other day about all the bad news she keeps getting. She also said that we live in a sad world and things are often depressing. I didn’t deny what she said but as soon as I heard it, something went off in my spirit. God wanted me to react differently to what my friend said. He didn’t want me to go with the flow of depression and negativity. He whispered in my heart the word “celebration.” I didn’t explain it to my friend. I just kept the word in my spirit and meditated on it later. Why would God  talk about celebration when the world talks about depression? There might be a recession coming. For the Lord there is always time for a celebration. No matter what is going on in the world, there is a reason to celebrate. Jesus is the reason. Jesus is the reason for the celebration. We ought to develop a celebration mentality and make celebration part of our daily lives. When I became more serious about the Lord, I started to have daily praise and worship sessions.

 I had church in the privacy of my bedroom. I sang, I danced, I had a celebration. I didn’t care what was going on in my life. All I cared about was that I celebrated Jesus for being the best part of my life. I remember singing at the top of my lungs when my mind was in the dumps. The singing and the glorifying of the Lord took control of my mindset and chased the sadness away. There is power in celebrating Jesus. There is power in praise and worship. There is power in standing on Jesus despite what is going on around us and in us. My daily celebrations are still happening and they have a great impact on my moods, on my feelings and on my emotions. Today I want to encourage you to have daily celebrations. Celebrate Jesus. Don’t glorify the negativity in the world. Lift up your Savior and He will bless you abundantly.

There is always a good reason to have a Jesus celebration. The fact that the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever is a great reason. He came to earth and died for our sins. That is another great reason. He brought salvation into this world. Another awesome reason. He loves us unconditionally. That is a reason that will stand the test of time. God’s promises will never change. God’s power will never dwindle. God’s presence will never leave. God’s Spirit will always assist us. God’s Word will always be the ultimate truth. God will never forsake us. The list goes on and on and it reflects God’s unchanging character and His unchanging mind.

 Yes, friend, God will never change His mind about you and me. We should celebrate that. So many people can be flaky and unreliable. God is always reliable and He sticks to His promises. I love that! I celebrate that. I will continue to celebrate that. When we keep on celebrating the Lord in the middle of a storm, the winds get quiet. When we keep celebrating the Lord when negativity gets loud, the enemy gets quiet. When we resist the enemy and celebrate Jesus, the enemy will flee. Celebrating Jesus is always the right thing to do. When you are at a loss as to what you should do, celebrate Jesus.

Celebrate Jesus before the enemy celebrates your downfall. You are not going to lose the battle of faith when you celebrate the Lord all the time. Remember that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Your daily celebration is a daily confirmation of God’s presence in your life. It is a daily reminder that victory is here and love has prevailed. Keep celebrating the Lord, friend. Have that daily celebration and conquer fear, doubt and worry. Celebrate before you panic. Celebrate before you give up. Celebrate and give it all to the Lord. Rejoice over the Lord. Dwell in His presence. Exalt Him above your problems. Keep putting Him on the pedestal where He belongs. Have a daily Jesus celebration and the enemy will go into depression. Stay strong in the Lord through your celebration. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Keep your eyes on the truth. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you! Celebrate Him!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Psalm 92:1-2; Philippians 4:4

Treasures in the hands of God

I like to think of God’s blessings as treasures, treasures that He holds in His hands. He is generous and He gives us those treasures. Everything from God is good and it is a treasure. God’s love is a vault and many treasures sit in it. I am so grateful for the treasures from Heaven. They come into our lives and they make our lives better. They transform our lives and they take us to beautiful places. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the goodness of God. His salvation is a treasure that changed my life forever. He laid down that blessing upon me and gave me the richest treasure in the world. His treasure of salvation keeps on giving. Every day I discover a new part of the treasure. Every day I receive the benefits of that treasure. 

When I think I have seen it all, I am reminded that that treasures from Heaven are unfathomable and they keep on coming.  God has more treasures in His hands for you than you know. Trust Him with the blessings He has for your life. Trust that He wants to give you more than you can imagine. Trust that you are worthy of His blessings. Trust that His treasures are meant for you and not just for other people. Trust that God is good all the time and His goodness has no end. Trust and receive with your hands of faith. Great things are on their way. All you have to do is thank God for His treasures and praise the Lord every day.

A treasure is a quantity of precious metals, gems and other objects. Here I am talking of precious things from the Lord. Like I said, anything from Him is good. It is very, very good and it surely is precious. God’s treasures are not from this earth. They are above and beyond what we find in this world. Can He bless us with great things from this world? Absolutely and He does but He also has more. If we could get to a place where we saw that God’s blessings are precious tokens from Heaven, we would expect the impossible. There are blessings that are so unbelievable and they change the course of time and impact us in a beautiful way. I love the treasures of Heaven. I love the blessings of the Lord that leave me in awe.


I love how Someone so huge and so powerful loves us, the ones who are so small and so powerless. I love how the treasures from Heaven give us a sense of belonging with the Lord. They are not necessary for us to know that we belong with God but they are bonuses. They are additions that we get for free and that testify to the love of God. Again I need to say that even without treasures from His hands we are sons and daughters of the most high but we are entitled to great blessings. We ought to develop that mindset. The mindset of blessed people who constantly receive blessings directly from the hands of God.

As I was meditating on the treasures of God in His hands, the Lord pointed out that He has treasures in His hands that He particularly loves. He holds treasures that are extremely valuable to Him. He holds treasures that are not objects, that are not things. He holds you and me in the palm of His hands. We are treasures to Him. We count more than anything else. We are precious and we are more important than gold and gems. We are the gold that shines in the heart of the Lord. We are the apple of His eye and He holds us all the time. He doesn’t let go of us. He doesn’t give us away or trade us for something better. We are “the better.”  We are the best in His eyes and we are in His hands where we can find comfort, peace, love, joy and much more. We are in His hands among the treasures from Heaven. Think about that. 

God holds us and He holds many blessings. We are close to the blessings. The blessings are right there by our side. We are with treasures from Heaven. Next time you think that your blessings have left your life, remember that you are in God’s hands with the blessings. All you have to do is grab them with faith and enjoy them. What an amazing God we have! How blessed we are, friend. We are treasures among treasures. God is wonderful and His love endures forever. Let’s praise Him indefinitely. You are a treasure among blessings. Thank God for that! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 14:2; Daniel 10:19; Ephesians 2:10

The plot twists in your life

Your life has a success story in it and it is sponsored by the Lord. He is your success story. He rewrote your story and changed the course of your history. He took what was meant for evil and created a beautiful novel. He became the main protagonist and you play a central part in the story. When God rewrites your story and you let Him take the pen and write what He wants, it is a marvelous story. You and the Lord share this love story that will never end. You have a bond that is growing and a connection that is fantastic. Focus on those realities. Focus on the story that is unfolding before you and that Jesus is writing. You are not the writer of your life. You are not in charge and you are not in control. You play a part by staying in faith and by walking in faith and in love. Your part is crucial. 

God’s part is far from being minimal. It is your faith that is feeding the lines of your story. Your faith makes decisions that impact your story but God is in the background and He is writing and writing. He loves your story. He enjoys you and loves writing for you. Have faith in the best story writer. Believe that for every bad break the Lord has an amazing plot twist. There are many twists in your story and they are very good. Have you noticed them? Have you noticed how the Lord comes in and changes things? Those plot twists are from Heaven and they will always be part of your life. Thank the Lord for the plot twists. They are great winks from Heaven and they change the narrative for the best.

The biggest plot twist in my life was when I got saved. When Jesus became the Savior of my life, everything changed. Before that, my story was a sad story. Before that, hope didn’t visit me very often. Before that, I didn’t see the light. Before that, darkness was prevalent in my life. Before that, my story seemed to have a bad ending. Before that, a series of terrifying cliffhangers perforated the story of my life. At the end of the day, I was left with anguish and fear. Fear dominated my life. Fear was a recurring theme in every chapter. Fear was a major factor in my life and it spoiled everything. When fear is everything you know, you can’t know God and you certainly don’t know His love. Perfect love has no fear in it. God has perfect love for us. I did not understand His love. 

My story was all about survival and I wasn’t fit to survive. Then came the Lord. Then mercy and grace abounded in my life and a huge plot twist took place. Hope showed up. Love entered my life through a door I had not expected to see open. A smile from Heaven kept shining before me. The voice of love spoke gently to me. Joy took a seat on the altar of my life and became my strength. The Lord’s joy brought peace and a lot of hope into my life. Faith replaced fear and salvation came and stayed. That plot twist was the beginning of a new life, a new chapter, a new story, a new relationship.

God became real. God became my best friend. God became my companion. God showed me that He wanted a relationship with me and that twisted the plot of my life. That beautiful relationship has been the center of my life. That great relationship has been paved with plot twists that keep on coming. God has rewritten my life a few times. He has stopped the enemy from ruining my life. He has demonstrated that His love for me was stronger than the hate of the enemy. He has taken passages from my life and given them to swines so to speak so that I was left with amazing storylines that I had never dreamed of. God can do that for you. God will do that for you. God is doing that for you. 

Have faith in His tremendous ability to give your life a plot twist. Trust that He is the same yesterday, today and forever and He is taking care of your life. Your story is a testimony to His love. Share it with the world. Share it and don’t forget to mention all the plot twists when the Lord intervened. Those plot twists are miracles and breakthroughs and they will continue to take place in your life. You have an awesome story. Recognize it and thank God for the plot twists. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 77:14; John 3:16; Romans 8:26

Keep the light on

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”* Friend, you are the light of the world. The light of the Lord is in you. Let that light shine. Let Jesus in you shine so that people can see the light. We live in a world where there is a lot of darkness. The devil, the prince of darkness, is roaming around putting off lights or keeping people in absolute darkness. The world needs the light of Jesus. The world needs your light. Don’t hide it. Don’t put it under a bowl. I understand that it is very easy to keep our lights dimmed or to turn them off. 

Life events and bad breaks push us to dim the light and at times we don’t even feel like switching it on. There is so much power in Jesus, friend. The biggest power in the universe is in Jesus and He is in you. Turn to Him every day. Keep the light on by keeping in contact with Him. That light that He put in you is for you and for others. Today you might need to revive that light. Today you might need to be aware of His light. Today you might need to turn the light back on. Today is a great day to be the light of the world that you are and to brighten people’s day. Be the light. Be the light of Jesus. Be love. Be peace. Be joy. Be the child of God that you truly are. Revive the child of God in you if you need to or keep being that child. 

If we remain in the Lord and He remains in us, our light shines brightly. Staying in the Lord and being doers of the Word is how we keep that beautiful light on. God said “Love Me and love your neighbor as yourself.” That commandment is about shining the light of love and giving it to anyone and everyone. God’s love is the light that can dissipate all darkness. His love is the reason why we are here today. His love is the reason why His Son died for us. His love is the light of salvation that destroyed the darkness of death. His love is shining and giving hope to the world. We need to keep shining and we need to keep loving. So many people around us are miserable and feel unloved. So many people have not seen the light and we might be the only light they will get to know. 

We ought to love unconditionally and to be Jesus to the world. The light of the world is the light that sets people free. When we keep the light on, we keep love on and we keep hope on. There is so much that can be done through the light in us. Let’s not dim it. Let’s not succumb to our circumstances and let them change our lights. When the darkness of the world is pressing against us, we should turn the light up and make it shine brighter. It is in those moments that our praise needs to be louder and our prayers need to be stronger. The precious light of the world is priceless and it was given to us through an incredible sacrifice. Let’s not sacrifice the light and compromise it. No matter what happens, let’s keep the light on. 

Faith plays a big role in keeping the light on. As we know, faith works with love. Without love faith is empty. Your good deeds will amount to nothing if love and faith are not behind them. The light in you can change someone’s life. Your good deeds fueled by the love of God can change someone’s life. Those great deeds are the light of the Lord in action in your life. When you love, bless and help others, you are displaying the light of the Lord. His light is a reflection of your connection to Him. Jesus’ light is extremely bright and we should shine it constantly. When we don’t feel like shining that light, we should jumpstart it and put it on display despite how we are feeling. 

We can raise our hands and praise the Lord until the light is apparent again. We can spend time in the Word of God until the light is visible again. Whatever works for you is what you should do to keep that light on. On days when you are cranky, do something nice for others. On days when you “don’t feel God,” talk to someone about Jesus. On days when everything is dark, thank Jesus. Thank Him for anything and everything. Keep that light on. Keep the love on. You are making a difference in this world! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:14-16*; John 8:12; 1 John 1:5

Bad days

Bad days don’t change God. I have said that before and I will keep declaring it. God is the same all the time. Bad days don’t change His identity and they don’t take away His power. Why are bad days so bad then? How come we can feel like God is distant on bad days? He is not. He is still around. The bad things that happen on bad days blur our vision and chip away at our faith. When things go wrong, our feelings and emotions are heightened. Our flesh is on alert and wide awake. Our minds get bombarded with negative thoughts and with overwhelming thoughts. Bad days magnify our weaknesses. It is on those days that we ought to rely on the Lord more. He tells us that He is our strength when we are weak. Friend, Jesus is your strength on bad days. He is the power you need to make it through all the bad days of your life. Take all the bad days you have had and add all the ones you will have and you will get a season of bad days that is not too bad for the Lord. Jesus can deal with anything and He can do anything. He is the God of miracles and He is the God who can take care of everything that is happening in your life including all the trials and tribulations. If you are having a bad day today, remember that greater is the One who is in you than the one who is causing all the bad things today.

The devil is a defeated foe. He doesn’t act like he is and he wants all us to believe that he has the power to steal, kill and destroy and that no one can stop him. Jesus stopped him. Jesus conquered him. Now, the enemy is the king of this world until Jesus comes back but that doesn’t mean he will destroy you. You have Jesus, the King of Kings on your side. You have the One who put a stop to death. Your Jesus can reverse what the enemy does. Every bad break, every trial and every tribulation can be reversed by the Lord. If the enemy is only here to steal, kill and destroy, keep in mind that the Lord is here for the exact opposite. The Lord is here to give, revive, build and restore. Your bad days are not going to be the end of you. Lift up the name of Jesus, the giver of life and the builder of a better today and tomorrow. When you are having a bad day, turn on the switch of praise and celebration. It won’t be easy and it won’t always feel natural but it is a great way to get out of the funk. Celebrate Jesus today and your day will get better. Bad days are real but they are also a matter of perspective. Change your thinking and your reasoning during a bad day. See the silver lining and keep your eyes on Jesus. Your bad will start looking pretty good in no time.

Bad days are inevitable and the best answer to a bad day is a good reaction or what I call a God reaction. How would God react to your bad day? He would react with hope, peace and joy. Easier said than done. I know but there is power in your spirit for you to get to hope, peace and joy. That power is the Holy Spirit. What He wants is for you to jump on board His train. On His train there are only good things. To get on the train you have to move from the mental space you are in and get into the peace space. A lot of it starts in our thinking. We have to tear down the thoughts that come with the bad day and replace them with words of hope. The Word of God has mountains of words of hope and when I have a bad day, I climb those mountains and I get myself to a higher place where my thinking is positive and my mind is on the Lord. It works so well. Sometimes I have to push myself and make myself do it but once I am there, the bad day looks a lot different. Jesus said we would have bad days but we should be of good cheer because He had conquered the world. The world here includes all the bad days, all the suffering, all the pain, all the problems and tribulations. Jesus will turn your bad day into a great day. Hold on to Him. Put Him first. Don’t focus on the bad that is taking place but keep your mind on Jesus. Bad days will come but Jesus will be there waiting for them with you. You are going to make it through your next bad days in Jesus’ name. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 10:10; John 16:33; Revelation 7:14

Your portrait

Do you ever wonder how God sees you? What would your portrait look like if God were to draw it or paint it for you? Would it look like your self-portrait? I can guarantee you that God’s portrait of you would be very different. It would be a better and well-crafted portrait. You wouldn’t recognize yourself. You would think that God had painted someone else. You would try to see yourself in the portrait and you would find very few similarities. God is never wrong. His vision of you is much better than how you see yourself. To Him, you are a masterpiece. He created you in His image and He loves and adores you. He doesn’t want you to see yourself the way the world depicts you. You are not the world’s creation. You are God’s creation. Get in sync with the creator. Refine yourself in your mind. Define yourself based on God’s definition of your traits and characteristics. He says that you were wonderfully and fearfully made. That says a lot about how He sees you. You are amazing in His eyes and you are not a mistake. You can’t think of yourself following the lies of the enemy. Trust me. The lies of the enemy are abundant because he wants everyone to have low esteem. He hates that we are God’s creation and he will do what he can to destroy that beautiful portrait. You are a child of God, friend and I am encouraging you to change your self-portrait in your head and to see God’s image that is shining in you.

You were made in God’s image. How amazing is that? You might say, “Well how come I don’t look like the models on Instagram?” We are all beautiful in God’s eyes. You see, the world has set standards of beauty based on the flesh. They are based on what we see and how we feel when we see them. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and God is looking at us all the time. He sees beauty in every single person. Everyone you will ever meet is a beautiful creation of the Lord. Now, your mind will not allow you to always see that. Our minds can be very critical and very worldly-directed. God is the right direction for everything. We should always follow His lead and His lead is telling us that we are beautiful in many ways. It is time we learned to see ourselves more like the Lord sees us. We ought to speak about ourselves the way the Lord talks about us. He is the best source of inspiration for that. Let’s get into His Word and learn step by step about the beauty that lies within. Let’s use positive and beautiful words about ourselves so we don’t insult God by saying negative things about who we are. We are not children of the devil. We are children of the most high God!

Your portrait is radiant with a lot of love surrounding it. It is because you are so loved by God. He is with you and in you and He loves you more than you will ever know. Think of your portrait as a painting in a glorious golden frame. It is very precious. It is precious to the Lord. It is worth a lot more than you could ever imagine. There is no price tag in the world that can match your true value. Ask God to reveal His portrait of you to you. Ask Him to open your eyes to what He sees in you. Ask Him to talk to you about you and start using His words about you every day. Ask Him to guide you in this great revelation and take your time to digest what He tells you. You are going to learn a lot about yourself. You are going to appreciate yourself more and to be so thankful for the Lord and for how He made you. Your portrait is filled with God because He made you and He sees Himself in you. Remove the negative chatter in your head by replacing it with the gorgeous words of the Lord. “Gorgeous” is how He sees you. Start your journey of self-discovery today and walk with the Lord your creator. You are going to love what you see in your portrait and you are going to learn how to love others better. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you! He adores you, child of God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 36:5-7Psalm 139:13-14; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7